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The Therapeutic Nature of Flowers & Plants

It is a well-known trialled and tested method that gifting flowers can help you get half the job done when you’re trying to make someone happy. Be it trying to pacify the partner, congratulating someone on a job well done, or wishing a loved one a happy birthday,  or wishing someone to get well soon, or sending a condolence message – florists all around the world have been offering plants and flowers delivery since ancient Egypt which dates back to 2,500 BCE.  The act of giving flowers have long had a very prominent place in these practices and occasions. I thought about what it is about flowers that can put people in such a happy place. Perhaps it is the aesthetic sight of a bouquet that lifts one’s spirits, or the thought behind the bouquet that makes us feel appreciated. Yet there are many other things in our midst that can mimic those traits of a gifted flower bouquet – so why specifically are flowers so attractive to us?

Turns out, being aesthetically pleasing is not the only reason flowers appeal to us. Flowers don’t just appeal to our eyes – they have tangible impact on our physiological well-being too. A 2014 experiment conducted in Japan found that office workers experienced an increase in parasympathetic activity upon viewing a vase of roses for 4 minutes. Parasympathetic activity essentially comes from the rest-and-digest system of the body, and is activated when our mind is in a relaxed and unthreatened state. The study reported that the heart rates of the participants in the experiment group was lower than that of the control group (which did not view any flowers in the room). From this study, they drew the conclusion that looking at flowers could potentially be a simple method to decrease stress levels and in turn improve the health of office workers.

That’s not all. In 2008, an interesting clinical trial was published in the journal HortTechnology , and the trial showed that the presence of plants and flowers in the ward enhanced the recovery of post-appendectomy patients. Patients who were warded in rooms decorated with flowers were recorded to have taken fewer painkillers, which could imply that the flowers in the room helped to lower the patients’ perception of pain. These patients also had reportedly lower blood pressure and heart rate, possibly alluding to the positive physiological responses that flowers and nature can trigger in one’s body.

Apart from positively influencing our physiological state, flowers are also solid candidates for improving one’s psychological well-being. A 2012 Harvard Medical School study found that having fresh blooms at home can potentially increase one’s ability to feel compassion, reduce anxiety and worry, and decrease likelihood of depression. Such improvements in mood also translated to heightened work productivity and attitude, for participants were more enthusiastic and energetic about their job.

Another manifestation of the psychological benefits of flowers lies in the popularity of floral therapy. Floral therapy essentially encompasses a multitude of ways in which flowers can be used to heal. For example, one form of therapy could be engaging in floral arrangements. It could be as simple as gathering a bunch of stalks and going about arranging them in whatever way you please – it is the process of creating this artwork that soothes the mind and relaxes the body. Alternatively, people have also learnt to capitalize on the positive impact that flowers have on our other non-visual senses. These come in the form of floral fragrances, such as essential oils or perfumes made from floral scents. There is of course a cheaper alternative to experience such floral therapy – one simply has to walk into a flower garden to understand how therapeutic floral fragrances can be for the mind. Another 2013 study conducted in Japan examined the psychophysiological responses of 26 Japanese males to Japanese plum blossom fragrance. Physiological impact was determined by measuring the brain’s signals, while psychological impact was measured by conducting verbal surveys to evaluate the participants’ mood, emotions and mental images. What this study did differently from other prior studies was to use the floral scent natural diffused by the plant, instead of essential oils and fragrances. The findings of this study were very interesting – they found that olfactory stimulation with floral scents could evoke a physiological effect in the sympathetic nervous system in ways that were similar to excitement. Psychologically, the fragrance of the plum blossom also managed to reduce depressed feelings while eliciting joyous, stimulating and active images. All these just goes to show that there is scientific basis to the well-known positive impacts of flowers, gardens and nature as experienced by us in our everyday lives.

Yet despite knowing the positive impacts of flowers and nature on our body, I still wondered about why humans were attracted to flowers in the first place. What drew us to these beautiful artefacts of nature, before we even knew about all its positive benefits? Turns out, there is a theory called the biophilia hypothesis that could very well answer my curiosities. The biophilia hypothesis suggests that humans have an innate tendency to affiliate ourselves with nature, and this natural attraction stems from our evolutionary past, when people used to live in close proximity with nature. Evolution essentially favours anything that promotes survival, and considering the aforementioned positive benefits of nature, it makes sense that our bodies and minds have become attuned to seeking out nature for our own longevity.

Probably unbeknownst to many of us, this affiliation with nature has manifested in the very nitty gritty of our everyday lives. Take the omnipresence of animals in worship, the use of animals in idioms (“let the cat out of the bag”), and most obviously, the prevalence of household pets. Sadly, with much gentrification and urbanisation, huge parts of nature have been taken away from people, and many of us have moved away from nature in search for jobs and aspirations.

Living in small, land-strapped cities like Singapore and Hong Kong also means it is crazily expensive to live in areas large enough to set up mini-gardens and orchids in the backyard. As such, for the majority of us, our connection with nature has been reduced to just measly weekend trips to the park. Perhaps this is also why biophilic design has been rising in popularity in the interior design field of late – incorporating small bits and pieces of plants and flowers into our homes is the modern city dweller’s way of reconnecting with our intrinsic affiliation for nature.

source: Heatherwick studio-designed Eden Tower in Singapore

Luckily for us in Singapore, our founding father, the late Mr Lee Kuan Yew, had the foresight to envision a ‘Garden City’ concept for Singapore all the way back in the 1960s. While his motives were mainly political – he believed that a green city would lead foreign investors and tourists to view us as a city led by an efficient, organized and committed team, and hence attract investments and tourism – he did understand that widespread, complimentary access to greenery was a social leveller.

For a budding city where hard, gruelling work was required from most in order to flourish, a little access to nature and flowers probably did wonders to people’s mental health. Mr LKY’s plans were manifested in the iconic ECP expressway from Changi Airport into the city. Every of Singapore’s visitors will be greeted by lush greenery on both sides of the road and a scenic view of the sea as they make their way towards Singapore’s city centre. Without a doubt, this road has truly become a unique part of the travelling experience to Singapore. Back on the ground, Singaporeans were also not forgotten in the quest for a garden city. The 1960s saw an intensive tree planting programme, the 1970s witnessed dedicated park creation plans, and from the 1990s onwards, there was strategic building of park connectors and nature reserves to enrich the garden city experience and increase the accessibility of these little havens of nature to the everyday Singaporean.

Our government has not been the only one to tap on the concept of biophilia. Looking inwards, our Singapore hospitals have also been a forerunner in the incorporation of biophilic design into the hospital architecture. Khoo Teck Puat hospital (KTPH), Ng Teng Fong General Hospital (NTFGH), and Jurong Community hospital (JCH) are the three pioneering healthcare institutions in Singapore which took the first applaudable step in this direction. As previously mentioned, exposure to plants in the wards have proven to reduce patients’ perception of pain, their blood pressure and their heart rate. Another 1984 study of patients post-gall bladder surgery in a hospital in the United States also showed similar results when they had a window view of trees during their stay, as compared to patients with windows facing a brick wall. At NTFGH, it was the desire to create a healthy and healing environment for patients that drove the design process, as mentioned by Mr Foo Hee Jug, chief executive officer of NTFGH. At this hospital, there are 15 beautiful gardens for patients to access, and most windows in the wards give patients a view of calming greenery.

Khoo Teck Puat Hospital in Singapore

KTPH took it a step further and created a place where both patients, staff, and members of the wider Yishun community could enjoy and share the space together. CPG Corporation, the Singapore-based design firm which won the deal to design the new KTPH, had a goal to ‘deinstitutionalize’ the concept of a hospital and make it ‘look, smell, and feel’ unlike one. The planning team also wanted to ensure that the new hospital would add value to the residents in the Yishun area – not only be serving their healthcare needs, but also by enriching the landscape and biodiversity of the suburb. To date, they have definitely met and surpassed their goal. Just to throw in some impressive statistics – KTPH’s ‘biodiversity replacement initiative’ successfully brought in over 700 species of native plants, 100 species of fishes, 24 species of dragonflies, 60 species of butterflies, and 66 native species of birds to the area. In addition, there is a huge rooftop farm that is responsible for some of the fresh produce that forms the patients’ meals. When one first enters the hospital compounds, it is common to do a double take and question if you’re in the right place. The fragrances of the flowers mask the typical icy smell of medicine and chemicals, the chirping sounds heard in the lobby are a welcoming jingle, and the waterfall and outdoor bridges generously decorated in greenery all contribute to making one feel like they are in a park instead. The design team did such a good job at deinstitutionalizing the hospital, that when the hospital first opened in 2010, many students were spotted heading over to study!

KTP Hospital

The most impressive aspect of this hospital is its ability to bring people from both the hospital and the vicinity to use the shared space cohesively. The design team had aspired to ensure that there were no physical barriers between the hospital and the adjacent park and pond, and their efforts have indeed proven successful. One can find people jogging along the 1km path around the pond situated beside the hospital, and Yishun residents practising tai chi on the platform outside the hospital. The hospital cafeteria is also frequented by not just patients and their families, but the residents as well.

The impressive works of these three hospitals have definitely shown that it is possible to bring nature closer to home. While the definite relationship between biophilic design in hospitals and patient’s recovery has not yet been formally established due to the limited number of hospitals worldwide with such designs, the positive outcomes shown by our own healthcare institutions are a significant food for thought. It shows that humans really do find a natural attraction and affiliation with nature wherever we are.

Fort Canning Tunnel – One of Singapore’s most instagrammable attractions

Now I hope these case studies have helped us understand a little better our intrinsic attraction to flowers and nature. The next time you receive a bouquet of flowers or spot a bush of wildflowers along the way, we hope you’ll take the time to appreciate the flowers with as many of your five senses as possible – admire them, smell them, touch them, and listen to the sounds they make when the petals rustle against the leaves or the bouquet wrapper. The calming effects of these little specks of beauty amongst our routine life are sure to be felt, both immediately and in the long term.

This opinion piece is written by Engracia Loh for 24hrscityflorist.com

How To Keep Lilies Fresh

Lilies have been long known to be great gifts and beautiful decorations with its modest but eye-catching colours and look. As flowers that bloom commonly during the late spring or summer, receiving lilies from a flower delivery, or giving them as flower bouquets are no doubt crowd favourites during celebratory events and commemorations, often being tied to the meaning of purity and devotion. However as much as such hand bouquets carrying these fresh cut flowers are pleasing to hold on to, lilies are very fragile and delicate types, and ones that are easy to grow but hard to keep.

With that in mind, the longevity and extended freshness of these elegant-looking centerpieces is still a feasible one. As flowers that require as much care as they are nice to look at, here are 4 tips to ensure a lasting freshly-cut lily in your home:

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10 Lesser Known Flowers For Bouquets

Flower bouquets are one of those gift staples that, despite being relatively mainstream, cannot really go too wrong. Unless we choose a flower unbefitting of an occasion, flower bouquets could be one of the safest bets for the clueless gift giver. Yet it is this very convenience of bouquets that could potentially make one appear thoughtless and overly casual with our choice of gifts. This is definitely a downfall that we want to avoid – why spend such amounts on a gift that would make you look bad? This however does not mean we give up on flower bouquets – after all, flowers are one of the most beautiful gifts that has endured the test of time. What we need to do, is ensure that we are making a bouquet with sincerity. It does pay off to spend some effort picking the right combination of flowers, with the appropriate symbolizations, that can best convey your thoughts to the receiver. With the humongous variety of flowers available, it is not difficult to customize your bouquet and make it unique to your receiver. In this article, we will introduce 10 less common flower types that you can consider including in your bouquet delivery to make it stand out.

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Why Do People Give Graduation Flowers?

Final year students over the world are once again graced with graduation season, but this year things are obviously not the same. Amidst the global pandemic, not only have classes and examinations been brought online, graduation certificates, that sacred piece of paper for which students spend close to 25 years of formal education on, are being sent out via mail. Convocations have been cancelled, brought online, or postponed (!) to the following year. We’re not sure about how many people appreciate going back for a graduation ceremony one year after the actual graduation, but it will likely make for a good get-together amidst everyone’s new stage of adulthood. This article is a tribute to all the graduates of 2020 who will be missing out on what we understand is deemed as one of the most important milestones in their lives.

The lack of physical graduation ceremonies should, however, not stop us from commemorating this important milestone. The internet is an amazing resource – worldwide, schools have capitalised on it to bring their convocation online, with students who are now back in their home countries simultaneously logging in to attend a virtual ceremony. On our part, we can similarly easily set up video calls with our graduating friends to send our congrats, and better still, tap on online delivery services to surprise them with graduation gifts. This is a great way to let our friends know that we haven’t forgotten about their achievements, and are here to celebrate with them in spirit. For ideas on graduation gifts, check out this previous article on the best graduation gifts new grads will love. There may be a multitude of plausible gifts, but when thinking about graduation gifts, one of the first things that come to our minds might possibly be a beautiful flower bouquet. It could almost be said to be a mainstay in all graduation pictures – apart from the gown and the certificate, one would be hard-pressed to find a graduate without a bouquet nestled snugly in their arms. If you are thinking of gifting your friend that graduation bouquet, there are many flower delivery services that could easily do you the favour. But hold up! Before you delve into a fervent search for flowers for your graduating friend/child/relative, let’s take some time to find out the why behind flower gifting at graduation ceremonies. That way, you could make your gift a lot more meaningful to the receiver and ensure that this pseudo-graduation becomes even more memorable.

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5 Tips To Keeping Cut Hydrangeas Last Longer

Hydrangea is a very popular cut flower because of its lush and colourful blooms. Hydrangea originated from Southern and Eastern Asia, in countries such as Japan, China, the Himalaya and Indonesia, as well as North and South America. They usually bloom in abundance between March to September. However, like any other fresh cut flowers, hydrangea wilt very quickly and more so compared to other types of fresh cut flowers.  If not treated correctly, cut hydrangeas may start wilting as soon as within a day or even hours. But fret not, as there are ways you can keep fresh cut hydrangeas for a longer time.

A close up of a flower

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hydrangea flower

Here are 5 tips on how you can make these exquisite flowers last longer in your home! :

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How To Wrap A Rose Bouquet – Easy & Simple

Rose bouquets are one of the most popular choices when someone places order for a flower delivery. sending flower deliveries. Widely known to symbolise love and passion, it’s also a classic choice for many who just love a classic bloom.

If you’re someone who loves roses or if you enjoy gifting rose bouquets to your loved ones, why not do something special and try wrapping your own bouquet instead? It’s simple and easy! Read on to find out the steps and tips on how to do so. We also have a comprehensive video tutorial for you to refer to.

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15 Flowers That Symbolise Love To Add Into Your Bouquet

XXX flowers = XXX meanings

From a time immemorial to our contemporary souls today, flowers have been alluded meanings by ancient traditions and folk cultures. Perhaps back then when people were not quite as preoccupied with work, school and modern-day shenanigans, they could afford the luxury of time to compose mythical narratives and concoct imaginative parables, creating the notion of flower symbolism that we know of today. While some lexical semantics have faded in tandem with history, others have withstood the test of time and continue to be memorialised and perpetuated amongst flower-lovers or anthophiles (a term to describe people who adore flowers, apparently) today.

As far as romanticism is concerned, a significant lot of flowers have been accorded with metaphors for love, affection and adoration. Love can be interpreted in a multitude of ways — love for a partner, love for friends and love for family — which resultantly, opens up a plethora of different flowers symbolising the varying spectrums of love.

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Ways to express your love through flowers

Giving of Flowers

Flower gifting should hold a spot amongst the universal love languages. It is an act so commonly associated with the expression of love (be it romantic love, friendship, familial love), that if you see a person holding a flower bouquet, an immediate assumption would be that this lucky gal (or guy) is being appreciated by someone else. Unfortunately, it is also this very universality of flower bouquets that has made flower gifting seem uncreative, cliched and insincere at times. Especially with the younger generations priding themselves on innovation and uniqueness, we are afraid that flower gifting might sadly become a dying art. That would be an absolute shame because flowers and the meanings they carry are still one of the most beautiful forms of communication around. To bring back some of the former glory to this spectacular gift of nature, we have come up with some unique ways to express yourself through flowers.

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A Reflection on Flower-Giving This Mother’s Day

I grew up in Singapore within the warm embrace of flowers. My grandmother’s name was Rose, and just like the flower, she was beauty and grace. She named our house ‘Rose Ville’, and what a fitting name it was! The garden was filled with flowers and plants of various colours and types, and every day, my grandmother would tend to the garden as she would a child – lovingly and patiently. I remember rolling on the grass and breathing in the scent of the blossoming flowers as my grandmother worked. I remember too the smell of roses scattered on top of her coffin as I said my final goodbyes. In my mind, roses will always be a gentle reminder of her dedication and grace. 

Flowers are special creatures. They carry with them the memory of something or someone special. Deeply imprinted in my mind is the image of my mother coming home after a long day of work, clutching a huge bouquet of roses for my grandmother for Mother’s Day. ‘Happy Mother’s Day, Ma. I got this from a florist near me’, she said, somewhat sheepishly. Our family was unused to extravagant displays of affection. ‘Why did you buy this, it will only die!’, my grandmother scolded in Cantonese, but I distinctly remembered her flustered smile and the way her fingers slowly caressed the flowers. As a kid observing this strange proceeding from behind the wall, I was enlightened – ah, Mother’s Day is a time of gifting flowers to your mother! I felt slightly awkward that I had not realised that earlier and crept up the stairs to feign sleep in bed.

Mother’s Day Flower Basket
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From cradle to grave -flowers for every season of life.

Flowers, beautiful and intricate as they are, go through different stages of life. They start out as flower buds before blooming and ultimately, fade and wilt away. This mirrors our own life cycle where every single person goes through various seasons and stages. We are born, live life to the fullest and when our time is up, death becomes our final destination.

One thing is certain. Nature – through flowers – show us that such a cycle is inevitable. Every moment from birth to death is beautiful in its own way. Flowers are the one constant gift that accompanies us through the different stages of our life, be it the ups or downs. If you know a loved one who has recently lost someone dear, and would like to express your deepest condolences, why not send a thoughtful flower wreath or stand? Do read on to find out when is the right time to arrange a flower delivery for a condolence flower stand or to find out which type of arrangement would be best to send to the grieving family.

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Making The Bold Move To Becoming A Florist

We all talk about taking off from work to pursue our dreams but how many of us are actually courageous enough to pursue your dreams as your career? Staying in a safe corporate job might seem stable, but for those who are looking to take a bold step into the unknown and chase your dreams of being a florist – read on to find out what other Singapore florists have done, and how to start turning your dreams of working with flowers into reality? 

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What is flower therapy and why is it good for you?

Flower bouquets are most commonly associated with “romance” and “gifts”. Usually, having a florist for delivery a bouquet of roses to your special someone is akin to professing your love for her. However, apart from viewing flowers as merely something material, have you ever found time to stop and smell the roses? It just might do you good.

Flower therapy is basically how flowers and blooms nourish your soul and keep you feeling refreshed. While it is a known fact that flower bouquets make excellent gifts for various occasions, they also stir up positive emotions in individuals and serve as great mood lifters. Research has also proven that blooms enrich our lives and reduce the stress levels in our lives. Read on to find out more about why flowers make the best gifts, which flowers are most suitable for which occasions and how flowers have the power to fill our lives with much joy.

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How To Make Fresh Flowers Last Longer?

Looking for a way to make your flower bouquet to last longer? Freshly cut flowers don’t last forever and it’s perfectly normal to want to enjoy your flowers longer. Be it a bouquet sent by a loved one or freshly cut flowers you bought for yourself, read on to find out easy yet effective tips on how to keep your blooms looking fresh.

The truth about fresh flowers

Freshly cut flowers, like any other living thing, has a lifespan. But that doesn’t mean that it has to be a short one. We all understand the pain of spending a hefty sum on a beautiful bouquet of flowers, only to have it wilter within the next three days. However, did you know that you can extend your flower’s lifespan by taking proper care of your blooms?

Here at 24hrscityflorist.com would like to share with you our experience with handling, conditioning and keeping fresh cut flowers as long as possible especially in the tropical heat of Singapore. 24hrscityflorist.com provides fresh flower delivery together with same day flower bouquet delivery anywhere in Singapore.

First off, the type of flowers matter. Different types of freshly cut flowers have different lifespans. Here’s a list with their estimated lifespans.

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The Difference Between Dried And Fresh Flowers

dried flower bouquet

Flowers have such beauty. However, a fact of nature is that beauty fades and so do flowers. It’s nature’s way of telling us that nothing lasts forever. The question then arises, what would be a great alternative to fresh flowers if we would want something to last longer? Heard about dried flower bouquets? If you want to know the difference between fresh and dried flowers, how long do dried flowers last and the symbolism of dried flowers, then do read on to find out more.

Freshly cut flowers are gorgeous. Not only do they look amazing, they smell great too. There’s also something symbolic about having fresh blooms in one’s house or sending a fresh flower bouquet to someone. Fresh blooms symbolise hope, brightening up rooms at home and lifting one’s mood. Flowers also come in all shapes, colours and types – making it the perfect accessory for your home.  Today, one just need to google and you can choose a wide ranging flower arrangements and flower bouquets and send it for a flower delivery from any online florist. However, sadly, freshly cut flowers last about a week or so on average.

That prompts many to ask what the alternatives to fresh flower bouquets would be. Dried flower bouquets, which are equally as trendy as fresh flower bouquets, would be a cost-efficient and effective solution. Not only do they still retain the beauty of the blooms, they also last longer and are more cost efficient.

fresh flowers
fresh flowers
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Most Common Questions About Flowers in Singapore

What are the top most common questions florists get from customers in Singapore? It is no mistake flowers are one of the most sought after gifts in Singapore. They are a universal gift for almost any occasion. However, there are still many basic facts about flowers that are still a mystery to many. We are here to help uncover some of these commonly asked questions with easy to understand answers.

Here are the top 20 most common questions florists get from customers:

  1. How to take care of fresh cut flowers? / How to make fresh flowers last long?
  2. How much water do cut flowers need?
  3. How long can flowers last without water?
  4. How to dry flowers?
  5. Do cut flowers need sunlight?
  6. How do I display flowers in a vase?
  7. How do I buy flowers?
  8. How do you press flowers?
  9. How do you revive dying flowers?
  10. How long would flower in a bouquet last?
  11. Can I customize my own bouquet?
  12. Will my flowers die if I leave them in the car?
  13. When can I gift someone flowers?
  14. What type of flowers are suitable as a romantic gift?
  15. Will my flowers attract insects?
  16. Which flowers smell the best?
  17. Why are my flowers dying?
  18. Can I send flower anonymously?
  19. Can I keep flowers in the fridge?
  20. Can I use sugar as a replacement for flower food?

We at 24HrsCityFlorist offers a wide range of flowers. For example, the length of time fresh cut flowers last differ from species to species. Even within the same type of flowers such as roses, different species of roses last longer than others. We endeavour to answer the questions above based on general or more commonly purchased fresh cut flowers in Singapore and not based on any specific types of flowers or species. 24HrsCityFlorist.com is a brick and mortar shop located in lavender street and an online florist offering same day flower delivery anywhere in Singapore. This includes flower bouquet, condolence flowers, opening flower stands, graduation flowers, baby hampers, festive hampers, bridal bouquets, table arrangements and many more.

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Expressing Sympathy To The Family Of The Decease in Singapore

When a loved one is no longer with us, finding the right words to comfort someone grieving is always difficult and can make the most articulate of us feel tongue-tied. It often feels like an obstacle course of etiquette and taste. Most of us feel that even the most heartfelt condolence messages may be inadequate and superfluous. But we should keep in mind that while there is nothing you can do to take their pain away or be enough to cheer up a grieving friend of family member, careless words could hurt them further.

flower delivery

Sending condolence flowers or flower wreaths is a great way to let the recipient know that you are keeping them in your thoughts. Condolence and funeral floral stands also help to honor and celebrate the life of those who have passed, and would be much appreciated by the family. While there are no hard and fast rules as to what types of flowers to send in sympathy, there are certainly many traditional favorites and those that are favored for their muted colors and formality. Some flowers may symbolize certain emotions or facilitate expression. Individual flowers also communicate slightly different meanings. There are a few florists in Singapore offering 24 hours condolences flower delivery.

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Peony Flower

Poeny Flowers

What are peonies?

As the ice thaws and the sun peeks out from the clouds, the peony flowers come out to play! Peonies, sometimes mistaken for garden roses, is a flowering plant native to both the East and the West – namely Asia, Europe, and the western parts of North America. There are over 30 species of peonies. Peonies are perennial flowers that only bloom at certain times of the year, namely in spring and summer. They are known for their large, lush, billowy, overlapping petals, and can come in a variety of colors – pink, red, cream, and the more uncommon yellow. The scent of the peony flower, which is regarded for its soft, feminine, fresh and sparkling qualities, is also a popular fragrance component.

Can you grow peonies in Singapore?


The short answer is no. Peonies flourish best in temperate climates, as opposed to our tropical one. They require long periods of dormancy each cycle; whereby the plant is not dead but does not bloom as it is in a resting state to conserve energy. In order for this to happen, very cold temperatures are required, to the point whereby the ground freezes. So unless the peony plant is placed in a very controlled environment with optimal growing conditions, it is unable to bloom in Singapore. Have no fear though, many florists on our sunny island still carry and deliver various types of peonies seasonally!

This elegant peony flower bouquet, consisting of dark pink and cream blooms, are available for order at 24hrCityFlorist. Flower delivery services available.

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The Significance Of Flowers In The Indian Culture

You might not know this, but India is a country full of colours. Colours play an important part in every Indian household. For example, all the colourful and rich spices which they use for cooking, their clothing such as saree and suits are very colourful, even their Gods wear colour attire such as lord Shiva, Krishna and so on, their festivals includes a lot of colours such as Holi and even the flowers which they use of prayers (also known as “pooja”) and also for cooking are of wide range and colourful. Yes! Flowers can be used for cooking which you will get to know as you read this article.

Let me specifically tell you how flowers, something most of us tend to associate with gifts, florists and romance only which seems very underrated in most of the countries, play a significant role in the Indian Cultures.

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Top 5 Bouquets Singaporean Ladies Love

Flowers have always been a way to express all kinds of sentiments, be it romantic, platonic or even a form of condolence. There is a bouquet suited for every occasion – which makes flowers such versatile gifts. On top of that, new innovative bouquet arrangements are always emerging, making sure that flowers never become a cliché.

It is a widely-known fact that different flowers represent distinct emotions. When put together as a flower bouquet, they can send across a plethora of messages. The classic red rose is a prime example of this. Typically when presented in a bunch, they symbolise a timeless love. However, they can portray other images when paired with other flowers. When arranged in a bouquet with fresh springtime tulips, the image of a light, youthful romance is painted.

The characteristics of a flower bouquet are wrapping style, choice or type of flowers and foliage, as well as miscellaneous items that can be added to spruce up an individual bouquet.

We anonymously surveying 50 Singaporean ladies. 27 of them were between the ages of 18-24, 13 of them were between the ages of 25-34 and 10 of them were between the ages of 35-44. After analysing the results of the survey, we compiled a list of five bouquets that are known to impress.

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What Flowers and Colours are Typically Suited for Funerals

Traditions have been the pillar of people’s cultures around the world since time immemorial. These customs and beliefs, passed from one generation to another, have been here to guide us in our waking life. Though, beliefs and traditions differ from one culture to another, there are some certain practices that are widely observed despite differences; one of these is funerals.

condolence wreath singapore

condolence wreath singapore

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Heart Shaped Wreath Fit For A Child

Be fitting for a loss child – a heart warming and gentle tribute – a delicate arrangement of chrysanthemums and pink carnations with a plush bear.

heart shaped wreath

heart shaped wreath with plush bear

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