Looking for suitable candidate to join our florist Team. Candidates with the following abilities:

1. must have a genuine passion and interest in flower arrangement.
2. able to work evening shifts from 5pm or 6pm to 10:30pm (weekdays)
3. able to commit to regular weekly schedule
5. approximately twice a week on long term basis (at least 9 to 12months)
6. must be able to work (at least 8hours a day) on 12,13 & 14 Feb next year and must be able to work on mother’s day week in May.
7. experience in flower arrangement and sales and customer service preferred
8. have initiative and ability to work independently
9. familiar with using PC/Android/ipad/internet.
10. possesses strong interpersonal skills

Candidates without experience but meet all the requirements listed above will be considered to undergo a florist apprentice program once selected.

Many flower shops in Singapore do not offer jobs to those without relevant flower arrangement experience. The main reason is because of the very high attrition rate for non-experience candidates. A majority of these candidates do not understand or appreciate what it takes to be a flower arranger or a florist working in a commercial/retail florist industry. It is a very expensive and time consuming exercise for any florist to train a new employee only to be told by the employee that he/she is no able to continue with the florist job.

As florist, we often hear candidates as saying that they wish to join the florist because ‘i have interest in flowers’ or ‘i like flowers’ worse – reasons such as “i want to give it a try”. As a florist shop like us, these reasons alone are not good enough. We are looking beyond just someone who have an ‘interest’ or ‘try it out first” attitude. We want someone who have a deep passion and a sense of seriousness to want to learn about flower arrangement.

joining a flower shop

joining a flower shop

We will consider all applications. However, we will only consider applicants who are able to meet the requirements listed above. Please email your resume containing the following information below to career(at)24hrscityflorist.com

Please specify your
1. Full name
2. Age
3. Sex
4. Citizenship (note, we can only consider Singaporeans, PRs, DPs)
5. Current Job and location of office

People who wish to join the floristry industry must have the interest and passion but more importantly the deep sense of desire to want to learn flower arrangement. Pay will naturally NOT be your 1st priority if you see and appreciate the value you will obtained from the skills & experience you will cultivate and the variety of opportunities presented to you if you join 24hrs City Florist. We encourage our candidates to do some research and discover for themselves the course fees required to enrolled into professional flower arrangement course in Singapore. Some notable floral schools in Singapore include: Nobleman School of Floral Design

If you are shortlisted, you will be requested to come for an interview. If you are offered a position, a mutually agreed scheduled will be planned for you. You will be inducted into our flower apprentice programme and be invited to join our team as a freelance assistant florist hereafter.


The programme is essentially an on-the-job training. You will not only be taught flower arrangement but also other aspects of a retail-florist such as handling of day-to-day operations, customer inquiries, processing of orders and arrangement for deliveries. The handling of customer service is an essential part of our programme and every part timer is expected to be able to acquire this ability quickly and confidently.

All florists, be it junior of senior have to learn how to clear, condition and keep the flowers and foliages in a systematic manner. Different flowers are treated differently and are kept in the designated fridges. The proper handling and treatment of fresh cut flowers will determine the life span of flowers. Hence it is highly important, for all our assistant florists to understand the significance of treating flowers. At the same time, keeping any flowers wastage to the minimum.

florist training workshop

training workshop

How fast and how much you can learn from this programme very much depends on how much and how fast you can absorb. We have a minimum timeframe and standard for each apprentice to acquire flower arrangement skills. There are basically 3 broad categories of arrangement that are important for all assistant florist to quickly acquire :

1. hand bouquet
2. table arrangement
3. condolence/opening flower stand

our existing assistant florists have been achieving the ability to do all 3 categories on average within – 3 to 6 months from induction on a part time basis. All our assistant florists and florists are required to join our valentine campaign during the Valentine Season.

Opportunities to learn are aplenty at 24hrscityflorist.com – but opportunities are given to those who show initiative and their capabilities working in our florist shop.

    Assistant florist who demonstrates the discipline, dedication to their work schedule, inquisitive, initiative and the ability to handle the day-to-day operations will be given unprecedented opportunities. We believe in nurturing people who deserved to be nurtured.

One has to learn how to crawl before learning how to walk and likewise, learning how to walk before learning how to run.

in turn you will learn how to create an eye-pleasing floral arrangement, how to care for flowers, how to match colours and flowers and greens, You will grow as a person as you overcome challenges, sharpen your interpersonal skills, learn to rise up and exceed to customer expectations.

You will gain a meaningful working experience few flower shops are able to provide. The satisfaction of not just cultivating a skill set but a family of friends and colleagues.

after a long day's work

Valentine Season

fellow colleagues & friends

fellow colleagues & friends

Sharing Of Experiences Working at 24Hrs City Florist

ValerieHello my colleagues and potential colleagues if you’re reading this ^.^ Welcome to the big family of 24hrscityflorist. I chanced upon the part time job as florist apprentice when i ran a job search online. Jerry is the one rare bosses who do not mind employees who do not have any background in floristry since training is hard work. Instead, he looked out for people with passion and love for flowers.

I was full of apprehension on my first day but it all went away cos Jerry, Belle and Lynn are the most patient people on earth and I’m grateful to them. They taught me the basics of clearing and looking after flowers, floral arrangements and different wrappings with a smile always.

Did I mention I started off with ZERO experience? but over three months under their guidance, I learnt to make three roses bouquet to six, nine, 12 and 24. I also learnt to make interesting bear bouquets and puppy bouquets.

Valentine’s Day was also an eye opener as I met many part timers like me and everyone cooperating happily to finish the delivery and walk in orders. There is a sense of accomplishment when you see people buying your bouquets handmade with love and knowing you made someone smile today.

I really enjoy my work here and look forward to learning more!! Thank you for making me feel like I have another home outside my home. Hahahahaa

~ Valerie Early Childhood Teacher – loves everything cute.

ArttiAn educational journey was my time in 24hr florist. I remember my first day working as an assistant florist, i didn’t know anything more than the name of flowers and the enthusiasm to learn. With the guidance of all my senior florists i can now say i can de-thorn, cut and arrange flowers and greenery to make decorative displays, matching it with containers, ribbons, boxes and other accessories.

I helped my customers to select the best kind of flowers for any occasion. If you enjoy being around flowers, plants and gifts and you like working with customers to help make their events and floral arrangements special and willing to learn new skills this is the place.

Thank you everyone here who made this memorable and fun one.

~ Vanessa Artii – Makeup Artist

elaineI enjoyed working in 24hrs city florist because of the environment and of course the great colleagues and boss i had.

They had taught me a lot. They had taught me patience is the key to everything I do.

I had 0% knowledge on flowers when i first joined but after joining for a year plus, i had learnt what the flowers & fillers names and what they represents. I could also suggest and help customers what they could buy for their love ones.

Because of the nature of my full time profession, I enjoyed serving customers. To see each and every customer being satisfied and smiling while walking out of the shop with a bouquet in hand brings me joy.

~ Elaine Han, Project Supervisor – avid Arsenal Fan

Separately, we are currently looking for suitable candidates who are determine to be a full time career florist.

1. Candidate need not have experience but must have the interest, passion & gumption to be a career florist.
2. Understand the role, discipline and commitment as a florist in terms of working in a retail environment, working hours, special days (eg. valentine’s day/mother’s day/holidays/etc).
3. Committed to learn and practice as an apprentice florist
4. Be able to interact with customers and provide customer service
5. Be able to work as team as well as be team leader.
6. Be very familiar with computers and the internet.

Interested please contact us

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