While condolence flowers offer a universal language of sympathy, their colours carry nuanced meanings that can add depth to your message of condolence. In Singapore, where cultural sensitivity and thoughtful gestures are highly valued, understanding the symbolism behind flower colours can help you express your emotions more effectively. This guide explores the most appropriate flower colours for sympathy arrangements in Singapore, making it easier for you to choose the perfect tribute during a time of loss.

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White: Purity, Peace, and Reverence

White remains the most popular colour for sympathy flowers in Singapore. It symbolizes purity, innocence, and peace, offering a sense of serenity during a difficult time. Popular white flowers for funerals and wakes include lilies, chrysanthemums, and orchids. These blooms convey respect for the deceased and express your heartfelt condolences to the grieving family.

When to choose white:

For any funeral or wake service, regardless of the deceased’s age or religion. If you want a classic and timeless expression of sympathy.

Cream and Ivory: Softness and Elegance

Softer shades of white, like cream and ivory, exude elegance and a touch of warmth. These colours can be particularly comforting when sending funeral flowers to express sympathy for the loss of a loved one, especially a child or a young adult. Popular choices include cream roses, carnations, and tulips.

When to choose cream or ivory:

To express a gentle and heartfelt message of condolence. When sending flowers for a young person’s funeral.

Pink Condolence Flower Stand Pink Condolence Flower Stand Light Pink Condolence Flower Stand

Pink: Compassion, Affection, and Remembrance

Soft pink flowers represent compassion, affection, and a tender remembrance of the deceased. Light pink carnations, roses, and lilies are popular choices. While pink signifies joy in other contexts, its gentler shades are considered appropriate for expressing sympathy in Singapore.

When to choose pink:

To convey a message of love and fond memories for the deceased. To express sympathy to a close friend or family member of the deceased.

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Blue: Tranquility, Hope, and Serenity

Blue flowers like hydrangeas and irises offer a sense of calmness and tranquility during times of grief. They symbolize hope and can express a belief in a peaceful afterlife. While less common than white or pink, blue flowers can be a thoughtful choice for those seeking a more unique and serene expression of sympathy.

When to choose blue:

To offer a message of comfort and peace to the grieving family.
For those who believe in a spiritual afterlife.

Purple: Respect, Dignity, and Sorrow

Purple flowers signify respect, dignity, and deep sorrow. Lavender orchids and roses are popular choices for expressing heartfelt condolences. Opting for deeper shades of purple conveys a sense of mourning and acknowledges the profound loss experienced by the grieving family.

When to choose purple:

To express your deep sorrow and respect for the deceased. For funerals of individuals who held positions of authority or were highly respected.

Green: Renewal, Growth, and Everlasting Memory

While not as common in sympathy arrangements, green flowers can symbolize renewal, growth, and the everlasting memory of the deceased. Plants like spider plants or peace lilies offer a more subtle and enduring expression of sympathy.

When to choose green:

To express a message of hope and renewal for the grieving family.  For those seeking a more alternative sympathy tribute.

Yellow: Friendship, Warmth, and Memories

While traditionally associated with joy, yellow flowers can also symbolize friendship and cherished memories. Opt for softer shades like pale yellow roses or lilies to convey warmth and a gentle remembrance of the deceased. However, it’s important to use yellow cautiously, as brighter shades might be misinterpreted as a celebration.

When to choose yellow:

To express a message of warm memories and friendship for the deceased (use with caution). For close friends or family members of the deceased, where the context is clear.

Beyond Colour: A Final Touch

Remember, the power of a sympathy arrangement lies not just in the colour but also in the overall composition and message. Here are some additional tips for sending condolence flowers in Singapore:

Personalization: A heartfelt message on a ribbon adds a personal touch. Include a simple expression of sympathy or a cherished memory of the deceased.
Seasonal Beauty: Choose flowers that are in season and suited to Singapore’s climate for optimal longevity.
Respecting Traditions: If unsure about flower preferences for different religions, research beforehand.
Delivery Options: Many florists offer same-day delivery, ensuring your flowers arrive promptly.

Finding a Reputable Florist:

Utilize online directories or social media platforms to find florists in Singapore offering sympathy flower arrangements. Look for florists with positive reviews and a wide variety of flower options.

Dignified Send Off Through Flowers

Even a simple gesture of sending sympathy flowers, chosen with care and consideration, can make a significant difference during a difficult time. By understanding the symbolism behind flower colours and using this guide, you can ensure your message of condolence reaches the grieving family in a way that is both appropriate and meaningful.

Flowers have not only been known to surprise people in times of joy and happiness for centuries, but they also have the innate ability to comfort someone in times of bereavement without having to say a word. Funeral flower stands, funeral wreaths and casket sprays have traditionally been the dignified way to pay one’s final respects and condolences to someone.

Funeral Flower

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In Singapore, with its cultural background being a mix of Chinese, Malay, Indian and British traditions, funeral rites are followed according to the family or the deceased’s religion or beliefs.

And one of the most common funerary practices – which is to send funeral flowers during memorial services – is also observed in this country.

Large Condolence Flowers Stand

Large Condolence Flowers Stand

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The flowers sent convey meaningful messages and feelings when words are not enough to express your thoughts or emotions. This can also aid greatly in the bereavement process of the deceased’s family. Many local florists offer same day flower delivery and can be purchased online.

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Condolence flowers are normally sent during the wake, usually held within a day or up to about five days, depending on the family’s practice or request. For funerals in Singapore, it is essential to observe the sending of appropriate condolences flowers, so as not to offend or dishonour the remains of the departed. The safest and widely accepted condolence wreaths are commonly given to symbolise the eternity of life. Here are some appropriate flowers for funerals in Singapore:

Flowers For Funeral

It is known by most people that each flower type holds a different significance, and that the types of flowers you choose affect the message you are trying to convey to somebody. In all the funeral flower stands, wreaths, and sprays that are offered by us, one of the commonly used flowers we include are white and yellow chrysanthemums. Known as the universal ‘flower of death’, it is almost exclusively saved for wakes and funerals due to its solemnity and its significant meaning of comfort and grief for a loved one.


One other flower that is popular amongst our funeral flower stands and wreaths is the carnation. The white carnation signifies purity, similar to that of the white lily, while the pink carnation signifies thoughts of remembrance. Carnations are widely used as condolence flowers as it is known for its hardiness, affordability and its symbolic significance of purity, luck, remembrance and admiration.


Lilies are the most popular funeral flowers because of its symbolic meaning. The white lily, also known as the Lilium candidum, signifies restored purity and innocence, and the departure of the soul from the body. It comes as no surprise that many opt for the lily to be present in the funeral flowers and wreaths due to its favourable meaning. 


Another good option for funeral flowers are white roses. Generally, roses signify love as well as grief. For funerals, though, white roses evoke humility, innocence, reverence and youthfulness


Another popular condolence flower are chrysanthemums, although its meaning varies depending on the country. In some parts of Europe, chrysanthemums are symbolic of death.

However, in Asia, the white chrysanthemum represents lamentation and grief, while the yellow ones are traditional funeral flowers. Additionally, in the US, these flowers symbolise truth. Overall, these flowers are widely accepted as funeral flowers in most countries.

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Appropriate Colours for Flowers Suited for Funerals

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Actions speak louder than words and sending in flowers conveys a sincerer gesture. Flowers have been used to express emotions such as love, friendship, sympathy and grief. Throughout the world, flowers have played an important role as almost like a second language when words fail. For funerals, flowers serve as a sign of support and consolation to the loved ones of the departed – to ease their grief.
The colour of flowers chosen is also necessary to consider when sending funeral flowers. The funeral flowers’ colour emphasizes the sincerity of thoughts conveyed through the flowers sent.

Also, a certain kind of flower in a loud colour will have a different connotation compared to the same kind of flower in a more somber hue, depending on the country, religion and culture of the people involved. Hence, it is essential to select the appropriate colour of funeral flowers, as well to suit the funeral ceremony.
When choosing the appropriate colour and kind of flowers to send, consider some of these factors to help you pick something appropriate for the ceremony.

Type of funeral flower and arrangement

casket spray
heart shaped wreath

Depending on your closeness to the deceased and their survivors, choose which type of arrangement is suitable to give. There are casket sprays which cover the casket or table spray and standing flower arrangement which are arranged on a standing box are quite typical of the type of condolences flowers sent in Singapore. Sending these flowers are easy too, there are many florists in Singapore providing same day condolences flower delivery.

Religious considerations

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Singapore happens to be accepting when it comes various religions, and they support spiritual harmony. As mentioned before, practices and traditions in memorial services vary depending on religion, culture and country. Some religions like Islam, for example, do not encourage flowers being sent during the ceremony. It is best to follow the customary religious practice of the bereaved to show respect and honour.

Cultural considerations

In some countries, sending brightly coloured funeral flowers are accepted to lighten up the mood, or to cheer up the bereaved. However, in a typical Chinese tradition, sending in funeral flowers in warm colours are not appropriate as these colours, such as red, represents happiness.
To avoid misinterpretation, keep away from warm and dark coloured flowers as these may offend or aggrieve the survivors more. Opt for neutral coloured flowers like white, yellow, purple and pink for memorial services. This way, the flowers sent will aid the bereavement process, instead of causing more emotional harm to the survivors of the deceased.

Your presence is felt at the wake

Life and death is a natural process and as long as we keep the memories we have of our dearly departed, they will always be alive in our hearts. A funeral service for the dead is a good way to celebrate and pay respect to the life we all are living. It makes us appreciate the only life we have and the people who have been part of our lives.

Although, we all have differing beliefs and practices, showing sympathy and condolences is a universal language that we all can understand, no matter where we are living in the world. Still, it is necessary to observe certain customs and traditions during memorial services to show respect to the deceased’s family.

For many people, sending a funeral flower helps with grieving the loss of their loved one while being able to still pay their respects to the close family of the one who passed on. Funeral flower helps them find acceptance as well as close the chapter, leaving all sorrowful thoughts behind. 

Reiterating your intentions with funeral flowers – depending on religion and culture – is also a meaningful gesture that can definitely help the family of the departed to cope better with the loss.

The funeral flowers that florists offer can be delivered same day and directly to the site where the wake or funeral is held. For enquiries please contact the florist – 24HrsCityFlorist.com

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