How flowers can boost mental health

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With having had to bring everything online, our liberty to leave the house however and whenever we want restricted, and our heightened stress over falling sick becoming a default part of life, many have witnessed their mental health taking a toll over the past 2 years of living through the COVID-19 pandemic. It has not been an easy journey for anyone and perhaps this has been mostly compounded by the enforcement of social distancing or stay home notices – relationships with family and friends become harder to maintain, and overall, we come face to face with a sense of isolation and uncertainty. The human connections which may have once grounded us in ensuring our mental wellness has never felt more difficult to come by.  

And so this leaves me to wonder: What are some ways that could help me and my loved ones cope with this new normal? How can each of us, in our own little ways, help boost others’ mental health in these difficult times? I would like to propose using flowers as one possible medium to work past the social restrictions and stress.

Flower Delivery – Gifting Flowers to Others

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In this pandemic, delivering our friends welfare packages in the forms of food or little trinkets is something we are growing accustomed to. Despite social distancing, gift giving has become a way to express our love and care for those around us, especially those going through difficult times. In the same vein, I believe that fresh flowers would make a perfect gift in these trying times. Besides, according to a study done by Jeanette Haviland-Jones under Rutgers University, it would seem that regardless of gender, those receiving flowers as gifts often feel a genuine “instant delight and happiness” and even feel more deeply connected to the giver.

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And overall, the gifting of flowers tends to be more consistently successful in terms of the positive reaction received compared to other kinds of gifts. As such, why not consider sending your friend (or even yourself, if you so wish!) flowers to lift their spirits and allow them to feel a sense of human connection despite the restrictions. This allows those who may be struggling with their mental health to remember that they are not alone or neglected, and that they are still very much loved by those around them.

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Furthermore, at 24hrs City Florist, we believe that “flowers never last but the impression does”. That is, even if our fresh cut flowers may wilt, the emotional impact of buying/ receiving flowers is difficult to forget. Providing this simple gift and offering flower delivery may thus, create a longer lasting impact on another person’s wellbeing than you may imagine.

Flower Arrangement

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Now, of course gifting flowers is fun but why not personalise the bouquet even more by doing up your own flower arrangements? Since exposure to flowers is connected to emotions like happiness, why not make a hobby out of them to help boost your mental health when you are down? The act of intentionally taking the time out to buy the flowers you want and taking creative liberties to make an arrangement of your choice at your own pace can have a calming effect for those who take it up regularly.

Personally, I would recommend combining the act of flower arranging with the practice of mindfulness – to be fully present in the moment and conscious of the purposefulness of each action you take. In its intentionality, mindfulness can help you turn your attention to things that spark joy in your life. Perhaps arranging flowers into a beautiful bouquet can be used as a focus point for your energies or anything causing stress!

Here are some simple arrangement patterns for you to try out!

Or Simply Displaying Them!

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Whether you receive flowers as a gift or arrange them yourself, you would likely want to display them! Luckily, even the display of flowers brings their own mental health benefits. Bringing nature indoors by keeping flowers on display in your room might actually improve your ability to concentrate or relax in times of stress. The wonders of simply looking at the flowers during breaktimes are astounding. Their natural beauty will surely be a welcome break away from the bright screens we may stare at all day in stressful work from home or quarantine settings as they can make your otherwise mundane and boring surroundings more alive and welcoming.

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Flowers have also been also known to act as de-stressing agents. According to a 2014 Japanese study, “The physiological and psychological relaxing effects of viewing rose flowers in office workers”, being exposed to flowers helped office workers calm down, benefitting the overall health of the workers observed. Overall, this corroborates with the many research projects done to show a positive correlation between routinely displaying flowers and reduced feelings of depression or anxiety. They can also mimic existing forms of therapy which require one to spend time among nature, away from the hustle and bustle of daily life.  Studies have shown that perceived happiness levels actually rise when we look at flowers and in some cases, they help alleviate any negative feelings even if for a moment.

Flower Benefits

Clearly, flowers have a unique ability to bring a sense of peace, allowing us to experience mental health benefits while keeping within new COVID regulations. Granted, they are not a replacement for therapy, counselling, or any other form of professional help (which I urge you seek if you require), but in their own way, flowers can bring joy and release on the day to day to make life just that little bit better. In their simplicity, they certainly carry with them a bunch of benefits!

Should you like to place orders for flowers in this time, would love to provide any help we can. With orders open 24h a day, even on Sundays and public holidays, let us help provide the support you and/or your loved ones need in the way we know how! Stay safe!

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