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Preserved Flower Bouquets in Singapore

Though virtually all of us know that a bouquet of fresh-cut flowers is the go-to crowd pleaser and ideal gift for every special occasion or event since they are timeless and bright, they are but fleeting beauties. As such, the purchase of dried and preserved flower bouquets is usually translated as the solution to this well-known flora problem. When placed in a glycerine-mixed bath to rehydrate or simply air-dried, most fresh flowers emerge ready to use, with a significantly longer lifespan. Most importantly, they look just as lovely. Dried and preserved flowers are eye-catching accents to any venue as well as priceless sweethearts as a present to any individual - this is due to the fact that they are flexible, sustainable, and vibrant.

From Mondays through Sundays and public holidays, 24Hrs City Florist offers preserved flower delivery on the same day in Singapore.


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