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Send Funeral Flower For Condolence ( 2024 )

Looking to send flowers for condolence on same day delivery?  Sending condolence flowers and funeral wreaths is a time-honoured tradition, offering solace to those grieving the loss of a loved one. Thus, finding a florist experienced in crafting condolence arrangements and providing same-day delivery is crucial to ease the stress of the occasion.

24Hrs City Florist is one of the top funeral florist in Sungapore. With Google review rating at 4.8/5 from over 200 plus genuine customers.  We specialise in condolence flowers and funeral arrangements and delivery. Explore our extensive range of condolence arrangements, including funeral flower stands, condolence wreaths and croses. To ensure same-day delivery, kindly place your orders before 8:00 pm. For orders received after this time, delivery will be scheduled for the following day. Please be aware that not all items featured on our website are eligible for same-day delivery. 


Express Your Sympathy with Condolence Flowers (Funeral Flowers) in Singapore

It is never easy to lose a loved one or a close friend. Nobody could ever be prepared for such pain of losing someone dear to them. Grief is difficult to endure at times like this, and with a simple gesture in the form of funeral flowers, such as a funeral wreath or other funeral flower stand, you show the bereaved family that you understand their pain and care. 

Our Top Choices 

Simple Option: Expressing Thoughtful Condolences

Our Sympathy funeral flower stand is our $150 and below selection. They are thoughtfully arranged and offer a dignified and heartfelt choice for conveying your condolences. This category of arrangement, characterised by its elegant simplicity, offers a sincere expression of sympathy. It combines subtle, calming white flowers to provide comfort during difficult times. Some of our popular choices under this option would include Grieving, Calm Remembrance, Sentiments and Heartfelt 1.

Wreath Option: Offering Solace and Support

This flower wreath is designed to provide solace and support during moments of grief. Its gentle white oriental lily, chrysanthemum and gerberas blooms, all in soft white hues, create a comforting atmosphere, offering warmth and understanding. This arrangement extends your heartfelt condolences to the bereaved family, providing comfort when it's needed most. Some of the popular selections are; Wreath Flower, Circle of Life, Heart Wreath Rose and Condolence Cross Pom.

Grand Remembrance: A Lasting Tribute

Our grand and large condolence flower options are a remarkable tribute to the memory of your loved one. These grand arrangements typically come with wider stands and larger arrangements with exotic flowers. They stand as a testament to a life well-lived, expressing admiration and respect. With its impressive size and premium selection of flowers, it serves as a lasting remembrance, honouring the legacy of the departed. Our popular choices include Tribulation, Flower For Condolence, Tranquil Blooms and Honorable Tribute.

Types of Funeral Flower Arrangements

Singapore offers a diverse range of funeral flower arrangements to express condolences and support during times of loss. Some of the most commonly chosen funeral flowers include:

In terms of colour scheme, the most typical flowers for funerals are white with green foliage or simply white. White flowers are popular because they convey innocence, peace, elegance, and beauty. Funeral flowers with a splash of colour, such as purple or yellow, are also very popular.

More information about the types of flowers used as condolence flowers may be found on our website's blog page.

24Hrs City Florist has an extensive collection of condolence flowers – from casket sprays to flower beds. So, take your pick from casket flowers and more and place your orders for flowers designed specifically for those looking for ways to express their condolences and sympathy during these trying times. 

Condolence Flower Wreaths

Products: Wreath Flower, Memorial Flowers, Heart Wreath Rose, Cross E

Condolence flower wreaths are a thoughtful and compassionate way to express sympathy and support during times of mourning. These floral arrangements are crafted with care to convey your heartfelt condolences.

Condolence Flower Stands

Products: Sentiments, Tribulation, Gentle Whispers, Blossoms of Remembrance

Condolence flower stands, traditionally arranged on box stands, offer a respectful way to show sympathy and support during a difficult time of loss and grieving.

Large Condolence Flower Arrangements

Product: Tranquil Blooms, Funeral Flowers Large, Missed Dearly, Flower for Condolence

Our large condolence flower arrangements, some towering as high as 1.8m tall and 1.6m wide, offer an impressive and heartfelt way to express sympathy and condolences. These grand tributes stand as a testament to a life well lived, honouring the memory of your loved one with dignity and respect. 

Other Flower Arrangements

In addition to condolence wreaths and funeral fower stands, there are various other funeral flower arrangements available to convey sympathy and condolences:

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Refund and Return Policy for Funeral Flowers

At 24Hrs City Florist, we understand that circumstances may change, and we are here to assist you. Our refund and return policy for funeral flowers are as follows:

Our commitment is to provide our customers with the best service possible. If you have any concerns or questions regarding our refund and return policy, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Customer Notice and Customer Support

Notice: We are doing our best to source all types of flowers for our products; however, we seek our customers' understanding if fillers or flowers need to be replaced. With a global disruption of flower shipment, specifically with the re-emergence of COVID-19 in other countries, we are experiencing difficulties sourcing flowers.

If you have any questions or concerns or require support, please feel free to reach out to our customer support team. You can contact us at:

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