Design Your Own Bouquet Online

We recently launched our new online service that allows users to ‘Design Your Own Bouquet’ . It puts the ‘creative’ flare onto the hands of the user and in 3 simple clicks, their customized bouquet is ready for delivery on the same day. We believe we are probably the first florist in Singapore offering such online service.

It took us roughly 6 months to conceptualize this ‘design your own bouquet’ feature and the bulk of time was rendered into ensuring the right style of bouquets fit into the right colour scheme and right combination of wrapping. You may check out this feature directly at our website here:

Patrons of are now capable of customizing their own bouquet with our new release of our latest online feature, ‘Design Your Own Bouquet.’ This novel feature allows people to have a custom bouquet in three simple steps and all can be done on one webpage and have the bouquet delivered same day.

design your own bouquet

design your own bouquet

How It Works
Click on the tab ‘Design Your Own’ and you will arrive at our ‘Design Your Own Bouquet’ page, users are asked to identify three of the major components of the bouquet that they want. First of is the type of main flower, around which the designs and accents will revolve in. There are over five choices of main flowers, each with their own bouquet types associated with them. Main flower type choices include the usual ones like roses, hydrangeas, sunflowers, tulips and more.

Next, users are given the choice of what bouquet type they want their main flower to come in. These designs are reliant on the kind of main flower they have chosen in the previous step. Prices may vary depending on the bouquet type as well as on the accents used in the bouquet.

select your own bouquet

select your own bouquet

Finally, once the customer is satisfied with the floral counterpart of their chosen bouquet, then they are given the chance to choose the type of wrapper that it comes in. The price also varies with the choices, depending on the texture, colour and style of the wrappings. Upon clicking on wrapping choices, guests are given a digital preview of how their custom-bouquet will look like, allowing them to properly customise according to their preferences.

customized from the various wrapping styles

customized from the various wrapping styles

Each bouquet will be hand crafted and arranged by our florists accordingly to the user’s design – this will certainly give it an even more personal touch. After choosing a custom bouquet, interested buyers are given the option to choose the bouquet through a delivery or self-collection from the store.

Benefits of Custom Bouquets
This new feature makes the common social practice of flower-giving even more personal as it allows givers to customise a bouquet according to the recipient’s interests. The main type of flower, as well as the accents, can be customised to accommodate a person’s favorite colours, combinations and more.

As compared to giving pre-packed bouquets from most florists,’s latest offerings has a more personal touch that people are sure to appreciate. Pre-pasked bouquets aren’t usually satisfactory in the sense that the combinations may not work for whoever the bouquet is being given to, or elements that people want to go together aren’t usually in the same bouquet. This feature remedies that as users are given the chance to design their own bouquet orders.

Now, bouquet giving isn’t simply a matter of choosing a bouquet from pre-packed ones, but carefully handpicking each element to perfectly suit the recipient. It communicates a greater sense of interest and thoughtfulness about the person’s preferences, which can then be exhibited by the very personal bouquet choice.

Interested buyers may enjoy this latest online feature from In just a few simple steps, you can design your own bouquets online and have it delivered same day to enjoy a more personal flair.

joanna soh with our diy bouquet

joanna soh with our diy bouquet

How To Wrap A Korean Styled Hand Bouquet

There are many ways of wrapping a Korean styled hand bouquet. Below is just one simple method on how to fold, position and wrap a front facing flower arrangement using a mix of kraft paper and non woven paper. You may use all kraft paper wrappings or a variety of colours plastic wrappings or even burlap wrappings.

how to wrap a Korean styled hand bouquet

how to wrap a Korean styled hand bouquet

Infographic created by

How To Create Blue Roses – Infographic

How to create blue roses

Blue rose symbolizes love, prosperity or immortality. It is much sought after partly because they do not exist in nature. There are genetically modified blue roses however, the easier and cheapest way to attain blue roses for floral arrangements and gifts are either by spray or dye.

Below are the steps to create blue rose by dyeing. The main advantage of dyeing roses is when done properly, the colour spreads out more uniformly all over the petals. As oppose to spray, one may miss out or not able to completely cover the inner layers of the petals.

The intensity of blue varies depending of how the roses are prepared. This include whether the roses are being soaked in water before the dyeing process and the type of ‘blue’ dye used and the mix of dye to water ratio.

infographic- how to create blue roses

infographic – how to create blue roses

Note: Powder blue dye used is Design Master Absorbit – Ice Blue. Absorbit Is a stem powdered dye for colouring blossoms from the inside uut. Each ounce of concentrated powder makes a gallon of colour. Absorbit dye can be used for other types of flowers including poms, carnations and even baby’s breath.
In Singapore, you may get them from the master distributor, Kim Soon at Arab Street.

Here are some of the FAQ we gathered from our youtube video:

Q1: How much of the dye should we add?
A1: There are instructions on the label pasted on powdered dye container. The ratio of dye to water much dependant on how intense the colour blue you want. But do take into account, the thicker the viscosity the more difficult the blue dye is going to be absorbed.

Q2: After rose gets it colour is it Possible to maintain the rose for sometime or it can’t be watered anymore ?
A2: It takes aboout a half a day to dye the roses, there after you may cut the stems and treat them like any other natural roses – meaning the roses need to kept in water.

Q3: How long will they live for though?
A3: Similar to A2 – after the dyeing process , the rose will last as long as any fresh cut roses.

Q4: Are there other colour you can dye a rose?
A4: Yes, the floral powered dye comes in a variety of colours, eg. burgundy red, hot pink, purple, etc.

Q5: How do you get roses that havent been soaked in water?
A5: Typically when you buy them from the grower/supplier, asked them for those roses that are not already soaked in water.

Q6: will it work using food coloring?
A6: We have not tried with food colouring, but technically it should work. We would recommend the flower dye.

Q7: From where can I get the floral powdered dye?
A7: Master Design is from USA – Try or

Q8: Does the color gonna last forever?
A8: Yes the colour will remain until the rose withers

Q9: What other flowers can we dye blue?
A9: You can use this same method on carnations, poms and even baby’s breath.

Q10: I tried it and after 36 hours my roses are still white with only blue spots?
A10: This happens if the roses used have been submerged into water for a very long time before they are dyed. Or the colour mixture of the dye is not right. You can read more about blue roses in Wikipedia.

Q11: Where are blue roses for sale ?
A11: We have a wide range of blue rose bouquets for sale in our webstore. please visit:

Q12: What is blue roses meaning?
A12: The blue roses are flowers to convey a message of mystery, enchantment, charm, uniqueness and a sense of the impossible. Blue can also symbolize new beginnings or a new awakening. You can read more about blue roses in Wikipedia

Blue rose bouquet

Blue Rose Bouquet

blue rose bouquet with rustic wrapping

blue rose bouquet with rustic wrapping

Blue Carnations

Dyed Blue Carnations & Dyed Blue Baby’s Breath

What Flowers and Colours are Typically Suited for Funerals

Traditions have been the pillar of people’s cultures around the world since time immemorial. These customs and beliefs, passed from one generation to another, have been here to guide us in our waking life. Though, beliefs and traditions differ from one culture to another, there are some certain practices that are widely observed despite differences; one of these is funerals.

Funerals are solemn ceremonies connected with the burial and wake of a dead person’s body and this is usually prepared by the family of the deceased. Funerary customs vary widely from one culture to another to remember, honour and show respect to their departed loved one.

Depending on religion and culture, funeral rituals can involve either the preservation or destruction of the body, which reflects the passing of relationship between the body and soul of the deceased.

Additionally, depending on religion and culture, people all over the world have different interpretations on certain gestures of consolation and comfort. If unsure of what to do in such circumstances, it is appropriate to do some research first, or better yet, follow and respect the funeral tradition of the bereaved.

In many Southeast Asian and most East Asian countries, the wearing of white symbolises death. In these societies, it is part of tradition for loved ones and guests to wear white or at least somber colours to show respect. Sending flowers to show support and condolences to the bereaved is also observed.

Appropriate Flowers for Funerals in Singapore
In Singapore, with its cultural background being a mix of Chinese, Malay, Indian and British traditions, funeral rites are followed according to the family or the deceased’s religion or beliefs.
And one of the most common funerary practices – which is to send sympathy flowers during memorial services – is also observed in this country.

The flowers sent convey meaningful messages and feelings when words are not enough to express your thoughts or emotions. This can also aid greatly in the bereavement process of the deceased’s family.

Condolences flowers are normally sent during the wake, usually held within a day or up to about five days, depending on the family’s practice or request. For funerals in Singapore, it is essential to observe the sending of appropriate condolences flowers, so as not to offend or dishonour the remains of the departed. The safest and widely accepted condolences wreaths are commonly given to symbolise the eternity of life. Here are some appropriate flowers for funerals in Singapore:

These are widely used as condolences wreaths as it is known for its hardiness, affordability and its symbolic significance of purity, luck, remembrance and admiration.

Lilies are the most popular funeral flowers because of its symbolic meaning. White lilies are especially used in funerals, as well, since it connotes innocence and pureness of soul. In general, these flowers also symbolise the restoration of peace of the soul of the departed after death.

Another good option for funeral flowers are white roses. Generally, roses signify love as well as grief. For funerals, though, white roses evoke humility, innocence, reverence and youthfulness.

Another popular condolence flower are chrysanthemums, although its meaning varies depending on the country. In some parts of Europe, chrysanthemums are symbolic of death.

However, in Asia, the white chrysanthemum represents lamentation and grief, while the yellow ones are traditional funeral flowers. Additionally, in the US, these flowers symbolise truth. Overall, these flowers are widely accepted as funeral flowers in most countries.

Appropriate Colours for Flowers Suited for Funerals
Actions speak louder than words and sending in flowers conveys a sincerer gesture. Flowers have been used to express emotions such as love, friendship, sympathy and grief. Throughout the world, flowers have played an important role as almost like a second language when words fail. For funerals, flowers serve as a sign of support and consolation to the loved ones of the departed – to ease their grief.
The colour of flowers chosen is also necessary to consider when sending funeral flowers. The funeral flowers’ colour emphasizes the sincerity of thoughts conveyed through the flowers sent.

Also, a certain kind of flower in a loud colour will have a different connotation compared to the same kind of flower in a more somber hue, depending on the country, religion and culture of the people involved. Hence, it is essential to select the appropriate colour of funeral flowers, as well to suit the funeral ceremony.
When choosing the appropriate colour and kind of flowers to send, consider some of these factors to help you pick something appropriate for the ceremony.

Type of funeral flower and arrangement
Depending on your closeness to the deceased and their survivors, choose which type of arrangement is suitable to give. There are casket sprays which cover the casket or table spray and standing flower arrangement which are arranged on a standing box are quite typical of the type of condolences flowers sent in Singapore. Sending these flowers are easy too, there are many florists in Singapore providing same day condolences flower delivery.
Religious considerations

Singapore happens to be accepting when it comes various religions, and they support spiritual harmony. As mentioned before, practices and traditions in memorial services vary depending on religion, culture and country. Some religions like Islam, for example, do not encourage flowers being sent during the ceremony. It is best to follow the customary religious practice of the bereaved to show respect and honour.

Cultural considerations
In some countries, sending brightly coloured funeral flowers are accepted to lighten up the mood, or to cheer up the bereaved. However, in a typical Chinese tradition, sending in funeral flowers in warm colours are not appropriate as these colours, such as red, represents happiness.
To avoid misinterpretation, keep away from warm and dark coloured flowers as these may offend or aggrieve the survivors more. Opt for neutral coloured flowers like white, yellow, purple and pink for memorial services. This way, the flowers sent will aid the bereavement process, instead of causing more emotional harm to the survivors of the deceased.

Life and death is a natural process and as long as we keep the memories we have of our dearly departed, they will always be alive in our hearts. A funeral service for the dead is a good way to celebrate and pay respect to the life we all are living. It makes us appreciate the only life we have and the people who have been part of our lives.

Although, we all have differing beliefs and practices, showing sympathy and condolences is a universal language that we all can understand, no matter where we are living in the world. Still, it is necessary to observe certain customs and traditions during memorial services to show respect to the deceased’s family.

Reiterating your intentions with funeral flowers – depending on religion and culture – is also a meaningful gesture that can definitely help the family of the departed to cope better with the loss.

Top 10 Most Popular Flowers in Singapore

Flowers are beautiful creations of nature that people all around the world have used to express love and care. While often used as gifts, flowers are also used for ornamentation and to add dynamism to home gardens. Each flower is unique and every kind often has multiple varieties too, ensuring that you’ll never have any shortage of flowers to choose from.

red rose bouquet

red rose bouquet

When talking flowers, roses are usually the first that come to mind. Their popularity probably stems from the fact that there is a huge variety to choose from and not just in color, but in terms of size and fragrance as well. Moreover, the red rose is most commonly known as the flower of love.

tulips in kraft paper wrapping

tulips in kraft paper wrapping

Yet another floral favorite for expressing love, tulips are another flower that comes in a large range of variety. Apart from love, tulips are also symbolic for imagination and dreaminess. Tulips are technically part of the lily family and the bulbous plants from which they bloom can also substitute for onions in cooking.

orchid bouquet

orchid bouquet

Orchids are one of the exotic flowers that fascinate a lot of people. There are over 30,000 species of orchids, which makes it a member of one of the largest plant families out there. With three categories, orchids come in many shapes and forms which you are able to choose from to fit your personal preferences.

lily hand bouquet

lily hand bouquet

The most in-demand kinds of lilies are the stargazers and casablancas. These flowers come from bulbs and are often propagated through this means. Each color and type of lily symbolizes different things, though more often than not, it has something to do with purity and refined beauty.

sunflower bouquet

sunflower bouquet

These vibrant beauties take front and center in Van Gogh’s series of paintings, which portray the bright and cheerful appearance of these flowers. Sunflowers are the epitome of simple beauty, with their circular disk surrounded by yellow ray petals, hence, their name. In addition, sunflower oil is premium oil, while its seeds are edible and can be eaten in a variety of ways.

gerbera bouquet

gerbera bouquet

Gerberas typically mean innocence and purity and these beautiful blooms belong to the daisy family. With their lively colors, gerberas are also often taken to convey cheerfulness. These flowers have a long vase life, which makes them ideal for bringing color to homes.

hydrangea bouquet

hydrangea bouquet

This flowering shrub is one of the most unique and lovely flowers and is commonly called as an old-time flower. While most flowers only have one bloom at the end of a stem, the flowers of the hydrangeas are in bunches. Most of the time, these flowers are white, though you will also see some purple, blue, pink, or red varieties.

Birds of Paradise
Yet another exotic flower, the flower of the Birds of Paradise is quite a vision. They get their name from their color as well as from the flower’s shape of a bird in flight. These flowers are seasonal and are only in bloom from September to May. As is evident from their name, these flowers often symbolize the beauty and exquisiteness of paradise.

Known as the king of flowers in Chinese culture, peony flowers are large and fragrant. Its common colorings are red, white and yellow. While blooming in spring, these flowering plants can withstand winters and require very little maintenance. Once established, they will grace your garden each year for a long time.

baby's breath bouquet

baby’s breath bouquet

Baby’s Breath
The botanic name for baby’s breath is Gypsophila paniculata. Baby’s breath normally is not categorized under popular ‘flower’ but it has in recent years made popular with its appearances in several korean dramas. Baby’s breath symbolizes everlasting love, pureness, and innocence. They naturally come in white but today, these flowers are dressed and artificially treated with a wide variety of colours.

All of these popular flowers are just the tip of the iceberg – there are so many different kinds that can be bought to express your care for or to adorn your home, but these are a great start for anyone to appreciate. These flowers are popular for a reason and they remain timeless classics. Sending flowers to someone is just a few clicks away and provide same day flower delivery anywhere in Singapore.


We are proud to have supported SMU indancity in their annual club production Beyond 2017. SMU INDANCITY is a contemporary dance club for those with the passion for mastery of technique and expression of the art form.

SMU indancity

SMU indancity

In 2006, Singapore Management University’s (SMU) was founded with the mission to nurture its dancers’ passion for modern dance through the mastery of techniques and expression of the art form, while at the same time, promoting an appreciation of modern dance amongst the school community.

Led by resident choreographer Dan Kwoh, INDANCITY has grown significantly over years. The club has represented SMU and won numerous accolades at both local and international dance festivals such as the Barcelona Dance Grand Prix

Bouquet by

Bouquet by

A beautiful white oriental lily and chilli red rose bouquet arranged by

Flower Bouquet by

Flower Bouquet by

Our bouquet posted in SMU indancity instagram

Our bouquet posted in SMU indancity instagram

Local Flavour For A Taste Of Love.

From Singapore love quotes

Singaporeans aren’t exactly the poetic type, even if our hearts are in the right places. When it comes to romance, we might have a different approach, but nevertheless, all we want is something endearing to send to our loved ones. What does the average awkward Singaporean do to make up for his lack of courting skills?

You end up with a combination of local phrases with your typical romantic musings, with a dash of humour as well. When people say Singaporeans love their food, they weren’t kidding; our love has seeped into our pickup lines, so we won’t be having trouble in our love lives anytime soon. Here are some of our delectable selections of romantic phrases!

‘You’re the egg to my prata. Without you, I’m kosong.’

‘Skip the sambal chilli, because you’re hot enough for me.’

‘Are you mee goreng? Because you got mee goreng crazy.’

‘People call me Kopi-O, because I’m hot, sweet, and I’ll keep you up all night.’
‘Be the condensed milk to my Kopi because you make life so much sweeter.’
Our train services may not exactly be up to speed, but our romance isn’t as slow and broken! It’s easy to pass the time while trapped in unfortunate situations with a couple of puns, and maybe get a date or two as well.

‘MRT always stuck in the tunnel but at least you’re also stuck in my heart.’

‘Whenever I see you, my heart goes Bedok, Bedok.’

‘If you are Marsiling, I am your fan.’

‘Only Eunos how much I love you’

‘Are you an EZ-link card reader? Because I really want to tap that.

Not forgetting these romantic and playful phrases that only Singaporeans will get, of course! There’s a bit of wit and a lot of teasing in each and every one of these cute lines!

‘Are you a parking ticket, because you have fine written all over you.’

‘You blossom like a flower; I so stunned like vegetable!’

‘Please be the metal cable to my cable car!’

‘Are you Orchard? ‘Cos I’ve got my ION you.’
‘Is your name Hui Ting? Because I’ve been hui ting for you all my life.’
If you’ve got a young lady with you who isn’t too pleased about that argument you just had, you can always turn on your attentive and romantic side with these magic words.
‘Let’s go shopping – I’ll pay.’

With those few words, you’ll no doubt be saved from her wrath. What a perfect time to get some flowers for her too!

Who says we can’t be hopeless romantics? We think that these quirky lines are more than sufficient to prove that we can be real flirts when we want to. You could even slap one of these lines on one of our beautiful bouquets ordered from an Singapore Florist, and bring a smile or a giggle to the lucky recipient! Up your flirting game with these teasing phrases and you’ll be on the best date you’ve ever had (or even get lucky). Try them out today!

Article written by Sze Teng for

24hrs City Florist Shop At Lavender Street

Do you know that 24Hrs City Florist shop is located within Lavender Place building designated by URA Architectural Heritage award winning site.

Lavender Street

Lavender Street

The building consisting of two-storey shophouses and a handful of modern four-storey shop/flat developments. The architecture of the shophouses reflect the wide variety of architectural styles that were prevalent in Singapore then – Late, Transitional and Art Deco styles are evident.

Due to the rubber boom from 1900 to 1930, the newly-rich started a building frenzy in a bid to show off their wealth through their new buildings. The owner’s wealth was reflected in the extent of façade ornamentation and elements of European architectural styles and features used. In addition, many of these designs also featured distinct Eastern and local influences.

Old 161 Lavender Street

Old 161 Lavender Street

A row of 11 beautifully tiled and plastered Art Deco style shophouses at 161 Lavender Street was originally the premises of the Lee Rubber Company and owned by Lee Kong Chian. Lee was a supporter of Dr Sun Yat Sen’s Nationalist cause and this explains the plaster reliefs of soldiers carrying the Nationalist flag of the Republic of China on one corner façade pediment. This project won a URA Architectural Heritage Award in 1995 and demonstrates the sensitive integration of a new 4-storey rear extension – Nestled within the Jalan Besar Heritage Trail

Heritage Trail Singapore

Heritage Trail Singapore

The Jalan Besar Heritage Trail is a tale of two former swamps. First, we trace the urban development of a floodplain that once existed on the north bank of the Rochor River. Next, we chart the stories of the communities and cultures that sprung up around the muddy basin of Singapore’s longest waterway, the Kallang River.

Jalan Besar Heritage trail

Jalan Besar Heritage trail

The remnant swampland around Jalan Besar and the tidal flats of the Kallang Basin have long been reclaimed. Shophouses, temples and churches now occupy land once overgrown by mangrove trees and nipah palms. Farmland has given way to schools, hospitals and a stadium. And once bustling villages sustained by coastal trade have vanished as industries, housing developments and parkland emerged to add a new dimension to life on the eastern reaches of the Lion City.

Gone too, but certainly not forgotten, are New World and its gaudy host of performers who sang, danced and performed for citizens in an era when live entertainment was the only form of recreation in town. In between sets, the audience probably sipped soft drinks brewed and bottled by beverage factories located in the neighbourhood, which are, similarly, a mere memory today. Little missed, however, are the less pleasant elements of the area: the cattle and pig slaughterhouses, municipal refuse facilities, sawmills, oil mills, rubber factories and brick kilns that once polluted the rivers and almost certainly overpowered the senses of those who wandered too close.

florist at lavender street

florist at lavender street

24Hrs City Florist – A Truely Unique Singapore Florist

True to it’s name, 24Hrs City Florist is a florist located in central Singapore within the garden city of Singapore that provides 24hr flower delivery services anywhere in the island nation.

So what makes 24hrs City Florist so unique? Well, to start off, this is probably the only flower shop in Singapore with a physical storefront that opens and operates daily from 9am to next day 6am consistently throughout the year. This is especially convenient for those who are in need of floral gifts when most florists in Singapore are closed.

Similarly, their floral services are available on Sundays and public holidays. Yes, that includes Christmas and Chinese New Year too. For those who had the experience of wanting a floral arrangement during these holidays would appreciate how useful and important their service can be.

Hence, it comes as no surprise, that 24Hrs City Florist has been featured in various publications which includes an article entitled “Sleepless In Singapare” in the Sunday Times on 11 Nov 2016 as one of the retailers in Singapore offering late night serices.

sleepless in singapore

Besides their long opening hours, 24Hrs City Florist offers a very wide range of fresh floral arrangements and I am not talking about just in quantity but also in variety, styles and designs.

Again, when it comes to uniqueness, 24Hrs City Florist creates ‘character arrangements’ depicting well known characters such as Minion, Cookie Monster, Elmo, Angry Bird, Spongebox Squarepants, Hello Kitty, Pokeball and many more using fresh floral! It doesn’t come as a surprise that this flower shop was singled out and was featured in local Chinese Variety show called ‘Bengpire’ in Aug 2016 as one of the interesting retailers offering not just services past mid night but also unique character bouquets in Singapore. Their full range of character-bouquets can be found here.

Spongebob Squarepants

Spongebob Squarepants

Although 24Hrs City Florist is known for her after office hour services and character-arrangements, did you know, this flower shop was initially a specialist florist for funeral flower arrangements. Their history could be traced back as early as 2000 when their floral arrangements were mainly on candle table spray, flower bed, casket top, floral crosses and floral photo frames. There is no wonder why until today, this florist offers a wide range of sophistication of funeral and condolences floral arrangements not many other florists offer. A cursory look into their website revealed that they have a huge range of condolence floral arrangements from a simple floral condolence stand to a 1.5m long stretched floral arrangements to heart-shape condolence stands to memorial wreaths.

Memorial Wreath

24Hrs City Florist has been keeping up with trends too. In recent times, they have introduced an extensive range of Korean styled hand bouquets, Conical bouquets, and flowers-to-go floral carry bag and mini garden arrangement they called them ‘cherish box’.

Song Song Korean Style Hand Bouquets

Flowers-To-Go Floral Bags

Cherish Box – Fresh Floral Arrangement In A Box

Conical Bouquet

Author: Unknown

Voted One Of The Best Florists In Singapore

We recently googled in search for florists in Singapore and to our pleasant surprise, we were voted one of Singapore’s best florist on several fronts. We are extremely humbled by all the votes, mentions and features

Voted on of the best 10 florists in Singapore by

We were voted as one of 10 best florists in Singapore at

Voted by as top 10 flower shops in Singapore

We were also voted as’s top 10 flower shops in Singapore

Pick as one of the best boutique florists in Singapore by honeykids

We were also featured as one of the best florists in Singapore at Honeykids and as one of Singapore’s Fab Flower Shops – certainly tell that we’re their go-to for emergency gifts and events as well. When you just have to get your hands on THAT present or decoration, it’s us they think of first. It’s easy to forget that a party’s coming up when you’re buried under stacks of work, and that anniversary might have slipped your mind. Getting stuck in a search for last minute gifts isn’t the most pleasant place to be, which is why we’re your best bet for preventing that midnight disaster.

Voted as one of Singapore’s Fab Flower Shops by

Voted as one of the 10 best florist delivery in Singapore

Our bouquets have also caught TheBestSingapore’s eye, and for good reason! Quirky character bouquets with colours splashed all over are bound to attract the hordes, and they were no exception! Whether you’re a Sesame Street fan, a lover of the short, hustling Minions, or a sucker for anything to do with the ever adorable Hello Kitty, chances are, there’s something in our store for you. We are again voted as “10 best flower delivery services in Singapore with stunning designs

Things to do in Singapore at 3am

Moreover, when it comes to nightlife, some say that there’s a distinct lack of exciting activities in Singapore. Local site TimeOut has heard your irked cries, and has listed down a couple of activities for those who are constantly supporting #TeamNoSleep, one of which is none other than the friendly florist you’re browsing through. If you to got a floral gift for someone after office hours or even after mid night, we’re here for your floral needs. From classy boutique flowers to sturdy and elegant preserved flowers to the latest Korean style, you have a good variety of options to select from, such that you might even lose track of time just picking a theme for your blossoms. Buying a bouquet with us will light up your night! As with many of our happy customers captured in our @SleeplessInSingapore in intagram. You can’t go wrong with smart advice from a site as trustworthy and hip as TimeOut!

So when you’re mourning the lack of fun things to do in Singapore, don’t forget about us! 24Hrs City Florist always has something for you, be it a small token to freshen up your day, or a sizeable but endearing flower piece for a more extravagant event. We’re there without fail for your most memorable moments, your greatest gatherings and for the absent minded ones, even your most urgent functions and anniversaries.

If there’s someone who needs a reminder of your admiration, love, care, thought or remembrance we are here to be of service to you. If you’re in need of a hand bouquet, table centrepiece, condolence flowers or even a gift basket, we have you covered.

Your uncertainty ends here, because has everything you need for those occasions! In a quaint corner of Lavender street, we do our magic almost 24/7, just so you can get your ideal flowers any time! Our reliable delivery service can reach you in almost any place, with our blossoms as bright and fresh as ever.

We feel appreciated and honoured at the same time. We will continue to serve the best we can and provide the unique floral service our customers have come to expect.

Hipster vs Traditional Florists

At the mere mention of ‘hipster’, one can picture a sashaying woman donning an oversized top and ripped shorts, pinching the edge of her sunglasses with a smirk, simply the epitome of stylish. Meanwhile the mainstream or old fashioned trail behind, deemed unable to find their unique style like the former.

hipster florist

hipster florist

Despite all that exaggeration, it’s not entirely untrue; it seems the younger generation find anything labelled ‘hipster’ more appealing. Bouquets carrying that air of sophistication are sure to gather admiring glances and of course, the likes on one’s Instagram. Hop onto the bandwagon and you’ll find yourself immersed in splashes of rainbow colours, unicorn vibes, and galaxy patterns, even finding Korean styles imbedded in sweet bouquets that many show off on social media.

Youths are easily drawn in by anything hipster, not wanting to fall into the monotony of mainstream trends, instead hoping to seem unique; don’t even try to deny it! Well, young florists have heard their call for something more distinct, and style their lovely flower bundles according to the trends they so desire. Using pastel flowers, pale DIY wrapping paper, burlap, kraft paper, netting and giving bouquets an air of rusticism turns their art intoinstaworthy works.

Being unwilling to conform also means young florists use a large variety of flowers, many which traditional florists might not use. Are chrysanthemums doomed to be mere funeral flowers? Are white and pastel flowers the only ones to accompany a bride down the aisle? That doesn’t seem to be the case any more, if those new to the florist scene have anything to say about it. Even succulents and fruits have a part to play in their new, exotic bouquets, breathing new life into typical flower arrangement styles. Such deviation from the norm has been welcomed by flower lovers everywhere, and have attracted crowds to appreciate the art of flower arrangement.

But that doesn’t mean old school has to be kicked to the curb. Traditional florists have integrated the styles hipsters appreciate into their own work, and their bouquets are just as amazing as any other. With their experience in the field, there are a lot more than the effort that goes into a stylish arrangement, and their flowers are sure to be your picture perfect gift. Merging your typical professional touch and the hipster trends of today, they are able to maintain the beauty of bouquets yet infuse modern elements into their art. With such a poignant combination of past and present, what better way would you rather have your bouquet?

Then again, one cannot let the passion of both types of florists and flower shops go unnoticed either. Behind the rosy glow of floristry is hours of hard work and pricked hands and even to the point of making sure that the ‘flower delivery‘ services are delivered promptly to the recipients. Though times may change, florists have learnt to adapt accordingly and stay nimble ready to respond to the consumers’ demands. Whether hipster or traditional, young or old have their own unique traits that everyone can appreciate. Whatever your reason for buying flowers, just know that every bouquet comes with a loving touch and well thought, crafted by the people who have an unlimited love for flowers!

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A Word For Your Thousand Actions

bouquet with a message

bouquet with a message

written by

There comes a time when you’re grasping a card in your hand, scratching at your head helplessly as you wonder what on earth you’re supposed to write in order to please the lucky receiver of your gift. For those who aren’t poetically inclined, finding the perfect phrase to accompany your heartfelt present can be absolutely daunting.

A beautiful bouquet is important but equally important is the message that comes with it. A beautiful message can touch the heart of the receiver and in some occasions, bring tears to her eyes. A fresh floral gift accompanied by a good message almost certainly will draw smiles and bring cheer to the recipient. It doesn’t hurt to give a little and care a bit more. Turn somebody’s day around for the better is never wrong. Here at we don’t just want to provide elegant bouquets or bouquet delivery, but we want to help reach out to people and help touch the hearts and minds of people you care most for.

We hope by listing some of our favorites here could unlock the creativity within. Start inspiring and encourage others because in return you will be encouraged too.

Love & Romance & Valentine’s

“i realized how much i miss you, only after you had gone away. I don’t know what to do or say.. but to send you these flowers for today..”

“Somewhere between all our laughs, long talks, studpid little fights and all our lame jokes.. i fell in love”

“I now understand how it really feels like when they say.. ‘absense makes the heart grow fonder'”

“I will love you forever. LOL! I can’;t live that long”

“”I hate looking at the stars because I look at the same ones as you do , wihtout you”

“Love is missing someone whenever you’re apart, but somehow feeling warm inside because you’re close in heart”

Here are some love quotes adopted from popular korean dramas:

“If you’re really in love, appearances aren’t important. The best house is the one you build in each other’s hearts” – Winter Sonata

“With you, my heart has found its rhythm” – Angel Eyes

“You told me to forget you. You hoped that I forget you, right? I’m sorry. I wanted to forget you, but I couldn’t do it.” – The Moon That Embraces The Sun

“When you love a woman, she becomes a drink. She becomes the moon. She becomes the song. Then she turns into your world.” – Flower Boy Ramen Shop

“People who love each other end up reuniting. No matter how far apart they are, they will reunite in the end. Love is something that returns.” Stairway to Heaven

“To feel love again, you only need a moment” – It’s Okay, That’s love

“At times, the road seems far and you may shed tears with a say heart, but until the day everything becomes a memory, let’s be each’s resting place.” – Heirs

“In life, the thing that is important other than spirit is love. Even if you are poor, if there is love, you become a millionaire.” – Goong

“The best miracle of all miracles is making the heart of the person you love beat.” – Good Doctor

“Love is when you give half of yourself. And in that space, fill it with half of the other person.” – Flower Boy Next Door.

“Because of you I laughed, got mad, fought, and felt pain. It was all a first for me. I didn’t think i had a heart. I tried so hard not to let anyone in but you were the first person that I ever let into my heart.” – Bride of the Century

There are many ways to expressing your heart felt emotions to the person you like. But there are times when loving someone is to do what’s best for her and that includes leaving her and letting her go. It’s painful to do so especially when you can’t tell her the real reason why you are doing so. For words that cannot be expressed, flowers are the next best option.

There’s nothing better than receiving a romantic message along with a gorgeous bouquet or a box of chocolates. Nope, this doesn’t have to happen only on Valentine’s, for this sweet message will make her melt immediately, at any time, any day.

“If my love were an ocean, there would be no more land. If my love were a desert, you would see only sand.”

You don’t have to be the next Robert Frost to come up with poems. Take this simple verse, print in delicate font and deliver it to your partner in a dainty, intricately designed card, and there you go, a card that ensures your lover knows how deep your feelings are!

“No matter where I went, I always knew my way back to you. You are my compass star.”

This affirmation of your love is easily understood, and will make your partner realise their importance in your life. Doesn’t simply reading this make you want to sigh dreamily?

Mother’s Day or Father’s Day

“Mothers hold their children’s hands for a short while, but their hearts forever.”
“May your Mother’s Day be filled with as much happiness as you brought to my childhood!”

From young till now, you’ve never doubted your mum’s faith in you, so of course you’d like to show that you appreciate her sturdy presence. These sincere phrases are definitely able to capture that thought in these sweet words.

“Mum, thanks for putting up with a spoiled, ungrateful, messy, bratty child…
… like my sibling!”

Got a sister or brother and want to one up them? Inject a little humour into your message to spruce up what would usually be a mushy message! If you’re preparing to surprise your dad instead, simply replace the necessary words; these phrases are sure to touch the hearts of either parent.


“When people tell you not to believe in your dreams, and they say ‘Why?’, say ‘Why not?’ ”
“Wherever you go, no matter what the weather, always bring your own sunshine.”

Put away all those cliché quotes about success and failures, because all you need is a little encouragement in your gift to a to-be graduate. With a firm tone, your message will show how much confidence you have in that person, and adding a challenge in can help to ignite that fiery passion as the graduate enters the workforce.


“Birthdays come around every year, but friends like you only come once in a lifetime.”

It’s rare to find people who understand everything about you indeed, and you should very well let your friends know that. On their special day, show them how special they are with the touching message on your card.

“Don’t just count your years, make your years count.”

For a more serious tone to guide your reckless friend, send this along with your gift; the best of friends are the ones who speak the truth, no matter what. They’ll thank you for your thoughtfulness soon enough

With this bounty of caring and sincere phrases, you’ll never end up speechless when writing to your loved ones!

bouquet with a  message

bouquet with a message

Gift card and messages can be selected during checkout in our shopping cart process. – florist located in Laverder Street, Singapore offering 24Hrs flower delivery anywhere in Singapore. Visit our specialty bouquet store offering rustic bouquet at

A Piece of Mother Nature for Mother’s Nurture

mother's day

mother’s day

After burying yourself in your work load day after day, it’s easy to become all too engrossed, forgetting about the ones that await you at home. With Mother’s Day coming up, have you prepared the celebration necessities?

Whenever you stumbled upon obstacles that drag you down, you know you’ve always got your mother to count on for support. Be it simple words of encouragement or a piping hot bowl of homemade food, she finds a way to tell you she has your back. You can tell her that too, and you can’t go wrong by sending your message in a bouquet!

Celebrating Mother's Day with Flowers

Celebrating Mother’s Day with Flowers

No mum can resist the appeal of beautiful flowers bundled up just for her! Mushy ‘I love you’s and sincere ‘Thank you’s can be conveyed in that single gift, for flowers have always carried sentiments and various meanings. You don’t even need to be well-versed in the language of flora or be a fan of the vintage to appreciate the aesthetic of a glorious bouquet propped up in a vase. Just a single glance can be so soothing, and exactly what mums need to let them know that they are admired. Has she been rushing about her work days just like you? She’ll need a breather from the mundane and tumultuous city. Or maybe she was surrounded by bumbling children, cleaning up the little messes they make while hushing their screeches and gurgling. A little appreciation would be nice for the free babysitting. Even if she has merely been idle at home, slowly going about her day with old friends, she could use the reminder that you’ll always have her in your thoughts and in your heart.

gift and flowers

gift and flowers

If you tire of the cliche flowers as gifts, you can always try sending one of our different arrangements. Our sweet sets of preserved flowers give a fresh perspective to what it means for your love to last long. Without needing your daily fuss and watering to sustain itself, preserved flowers are able to maintain their fresh appearance, frozen in time while your mother gushes over them.

preserved flowers for mom

preserved flowers for mom

If you’re tired of roses, why not give our tulips a shot? Intense pink and red ones are available, not to mention the other bright, colourful blooms,like sunflowers, that will light up the entire bouquet, or maybe include the popular mascot of Mother’s Day, carnations. Incorporate a plushie or even a box of sweet treats into your bouquet, or go for a trendy Korean style, with their pastel wrapping paper, delicate arrangements, and their soft baby’s breath that give the whole bouquet a lovely and innocent look. Only the most vivid and warm blossoms can match the beauty of a mother’s love!

carnations arranged in mason jar

carnations arranged in mason jar

This Mother’s Day, you don’t need to wrack your brain for ideas. You can’t go wrong with flowers, and you know florist provides the freshest ideas of flower gifts for any occasion. Choose a bouquet from our website and leave it to us to create the gift that will sweep mums everywhere off their feet!

At we offer customized mother’s day floral arrangement and gifts. We provide 24hrs flower delivery to anywhere in Singapore.

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Graduation – The Day The Seedling Sprout

graduation bouquet called alumni

graduation hand bouquet

In a sea of black and navy blue, the graduates huddle and nervously adjust their robes. Some are tense, some are excited, but everyone knows that this is a milestone they can be proud of, an event that sets in stone the reward they have put in so much effort for. With their mortarboards on and looking sharp, they are ready to reap the fruits of their painstaking labour.

Graduation day marks the start of a student’s intrepid foray into the workforce. Finally free from the chains of academic pursuit, it is most definitely a day to be remembered. While looking smart and polished is key, a splash of colour to match the upbeat mood would serve to differentiate one from the crowd, not to mention create the ideal setting for instaworthy pictures to commemorate the occasion. There’s no better way to congratulate a graduating student for a job well done during graduation than a brilliant bundle of extravagant flowers!

Mo Yeon Bouquet

Mo Yeon Bouquet

Classy bouquets can come in all forms and flowers when you make a purchase with us. An korean inspired graduation bouquet would be our Mo-Yeon Bouquet named after the Mo-Yeon in The Descendants of the Sun popular Korean TV series. When you think of a flower that brings the most cheer, you’d likely think of sunflowers, and we’re never short on those bright yellow blooms in our elegant bouquets. Roses add a sentimental touch; they’re certainly not just for romantic occasions, for their vibrant crimson pairs up nicely with the sunflowers. A scattering of statice adds a bit of calm to the intensity of the duo, the cool purple soothing the fiery, warm colours. With the final padding of smooth elongated leaves and little specks of emerald green and white, you have the bouquet of your dreams!

sunflower graduation bouquet

sunflower graduation bouquet

Bundling all these beauties up in pitch black wrapping ensures that the graduation bouquet adheres to the formality of the ceremony while still exuding sophistication and refinement. Isn’t such a gift exactly what the graduates would need?


Think of those days spent burning the midnight oil, staring at a screen or sheet of paper with hooded eyes, their mug of coffee already cooled during the countless hours of ‘mugging’. After all the sleepless nights and stressful days leading up to their big exams, the graduates you see on that day need the comfort and that proverbial pat on the back that only you can provide. A little piece of nature brought to them in a fancy bouquet tells them it’s time to chill, and shows that you’re right with them, as you have been along every step that they took during their journey of education.

These graduates may be taking the plunge into the deep waters of society, but knowing that they’ve got friends and family right beside them can make it much less unnerving. Graduation flowers or graduation bouquets are a great reminder of their loved ones’ presence and support, a wish for only the best for the receiver. On that special day, you shouldn’t miss out on a dazzling bouquet to spice up any glamorous graduation pictures. Just remember, be careful to toss your mortar but not the flowers!

You can send flowers and arrange for flower delivery in Singapore from

graduation pooh bear

graduation pooh bear

Preserved Flowers

preserved flowers

preserved flowers arranged by

Quite possibly the epitome of beauty, fresh bouquets are always enticing to look at.

Alas, almost as if such beauty was forbidden, flowers have been blessed (or cursed) with a short lifespan — what starts off as blooming, bright and vivacious may end up as a noxious pile of matter in a matter of weeks or even days. Though we still appreciate the aesthetic of any bouquet, no matter how long we want to maintain these bouquets, they never seem to last as long as we hope, even if we had showered them with love and care.

Enter the preserved flowers. A solution for the fruitless task of self-preserving your flowers (and your sanity), these angelic blossoms are the closest you can get to the best of both worlds. Using unique preservation techniques, the beauty of the bouquet is maintained but yet its longevity is extended as well. Why dwell on the usual dry, passé and short-lived flowers when you can easily pick up a preserved flower arrangement, prop it in your living room and admire it for as long as you wish? A beautiful flower is always a fine conversation piece. It could add a fresh touch to your usual interior style or spice up any room you want. Want to tell someone how much you admire them? Just pick a quality preserved flower piece and send it to them with your sincere thoughts displayed on clean, crisp card.

No, this isn’t the kind of dried flower that crumbles easily. A complex chemical treated method ensures that freshly cut flowers don’t end up dehydrated, and that they can keep their lovely natural look while staying strong through the days to come. Less care is needed after the process is complete, so you are able to keep a fuss-free floral piece right in the comfort of your home. Today’s modern preservation techniques from Japan and Korean deliver top-notch blooms, texture, colour and even fragrance.

Here @24hrsCityFlorist , we arrange preserved flowers ourselves. In fact, we have some fantastic preserved flowers arrangement that you might just fall in love with – they are unique and available only from

preserved rose in hanging glass vase

preserved rose in hanging glass vase

Hop on the trend of unicorn and mermaid vibes as you immerse yourself in these gorgeous pastel colours! Nothing says you’re thinking of your loved ones better than a baby pink preserved rose lying atop layer after layer of lovely pastel sand. Just one look at those soft colours and you’ll be taken back to relaxing days spent chilling by the beach. Give the set up a generous sprinkling of violet, green and peach hydrangea petals and you’re ready to present this floral piece in a glass cylinder to brighten someone’s day! What’s more, with Mother’s Day coming up, there are few gifts that can compare to a preserved flowers!

preserved pink rose

preserved pink rose

These enchanting, preserved flowers are a great fit for any occasion, and sure to stun the crowds.There are truly countless possible designs with these flowers, such mysterious yet intriguing arrangements that are frozen in time! With such breathtaking designs, you’ll have eternal beauty at your fingertips! provides preserved flower delivery in Singapore. View the various design arrangements.

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Ever blossoming, the Korean trend flourishes in Singapore

Perhaps it started with the popular Goblin K-drama, where a simple buckwheat flower was used to send a love message to the receiver. Or maybe it was Descendents of the Sun that stole everyone’s breath with its intensity and bittersweet romance. Either way, Koreans dramas have set alight a blazing trail that many locals have gladly stepped onto, where fans hold Korean styles and products in high esteem.

The popularity of Korean dramas K-pop created the Korean wave that swept across not just Singapore but most of the world, and fans of the pop culture have only grown as people catch onto trends. Die hard fans probably know every aspect of the pop culture like the back of their hand. If you’re clueless in this area, we can get you up to speed right here.

Korean lady with bouquet

Korean lady with bouquet

With a fluffy bouquet in hand, given by a mysterious yet kind stranger, the female protagonist graduates with a smile. The pure white cotton combined with the simple brown wrapping paper gives off a dreamy aura, where the pale colours are a delightful mix with the solid greens nestled among the blooms. Though winter brought along the cold and caused trees to barren, the bouquet has given a touch of warmth and made her day a little more special.

Soft Toy

Soft Toy

Not your typical furry animal plush, but still immensely adorable. Without their romantic interests by their sides, the male protagonists from Descendents of the Sun dragged these indignant toys along as companions on their dates. Their mischievous smiles, smooth fur and stout legs make them cuddly girlfriends indeed; no wonder the men were so enamoured! 327484968131_n-2.jpg

You might not expect the huge DotS toy to fit into a bunch of flowers, but you can still find a “인형꽃다발”, which is a doll bouquet. Gaining traction among fans of the Korean style is a bouquet featuring small stuffed character dolls and adorned with various colourful flowers. Such doll bouquets can contain all kinds of famous characters, like Pokemon or Disney’s Lilo And Stitch. Adjusting the flowers to keep with the colour scheme and using delicate craft paper creates a magnificent bouquet that is cute yet stylish. Pastel pinks and blues make such sweet gifts; just look!

Baby’s breath is a rather significant blossom in the Korean bouquet scene, possibly because of it’s tiny and silky white blooms. Even its name suggests its innocent theme, adding an idyllic touch to any bouquet. In the above picture, combining it with light brown wrapping paper makes the bouquet minimalistic, and enable the focus to remain on the adorable Pikachu in the centre. Finishing off with wisps of white craft paper at the bottom compliments the rusticity of the gift!

If you think it’s a little plain to have simply white flowers, or that the plush toy is a little too large, Singapore’s very own 24hourscityflorist has the perfect posy for you! These durable baby’s breath can be dyed some vibrant colours and bundled into elegant bouquets as such.​ (I’d suggest a picture that’s more candid and doesn’t have the watermark?)

What says classy more than sky blue and lilacs? These cool colours can sooth any temper and brighten the darkest of days! Combined with that snowy white, the flowers mimic a picturesque garden right in your hands. Black wrapping completes the sophisticated bouquet, with a simple knot, and it’s ready to be sent to the lucky receiver! Korean baby’s breath bouquets or a bunch of forget me not flowers bouquet are certainly a heavenly sight to behold.

Few are truly strangers to the Korean fad going round, but perhaps the idea of even bouquets having a Korean style is new. With the influx of romantic dramas, fans might have picked up on the message and decided to take action; sending beautiful blooming bestowals for their loved ones! Gifts featured in the shows also end up being a suitable choice for sending to other fans of the shows. Shopping for presents on special occasions can be such a chore, but Korean style arrangements and bouquet wrapping is a surefire way to show your sentiment. With delicate flowers like baby’s breath, Korea’s wrapping style of using kraft paper and their minimalistic arrangement, the gorgeous bouquets are great presents to show your appreciation!

Remember how they say ‘If it didn’t appear on social media, it didn’t happen at all’? If you’re going to join in the trend, better make it Insta-worthy, right? Many Instagram users have hopped right onto the Korean trend by posting their most elegant flower bouquets under soothing lighting and posing happily with their gifts. No doubt the quaint bouquets and their unique arrangement with rustic or pastel wrapping have caught the eyes of many youngsters. Since western pop culture dominate the mainstream, particularly that of America, hipsters have moved onto Korean trends. Veering away from typical western styles, Korean flower arrangements have been deemed hipster, and getting one of your own shows how sophisticated you are, rather than lagging behind in trends.

While western bouquets are usually facing skywards, with the blooms in their best view when seen from above and more tightly knit, Korean bouquets have flower that are more spread out and front facing, viewed best from the front when held vertically. This arrangement allows them to be placed in a box and presented that way, and if it’s a doll bouquet, the receiver catches sight of it immediately, brightening their day at once. Korea’s wrapping paper being kraft papers makes the bouquets artisan, and the occasional use of burlap provides a more rustic feel. Though both types can act as beautiful presents, the Korean wave means that Korean flower arrangements adhere to the hipster culture and might be viewed as the classier choice.

24 Hrs City Florist will never fail to deliver the most gorgeous flowers for you and your loved ones. With local flavour blended into the popular Korean style bouquet, you’re sure to leave with a smile. Some of the best Korean flower arrangements in Singapore can be found here with us! Whether you’re a traditional or a hipster bouquet, Korean styled bouquets are for everyone and anyone!

Note: provide 24 hours flower delivery anywhere in Singapore. specilizes in custom made korean bouquets.

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Rendezvous Ready

Rendezvous Ready
by Ong Sze Teng

valentine's day checklist

valentine’s day checklist

Just as we’ve left our enthusiastic Christmas cheer and upbeat New Year greetings behind, the month of love has crept upon us. Valentine’s day never fails to drive men running for the next florist or chocolatier, and restaurants and cafes unleash promotions in the name of love.

14 Feb

14 Feb

Everyone knows that the festivities aren’t complete with some form of heart shaped gifts, dove or cupid emblems, and pink and red hues painted all over gifts. But surely there’s more to Valentine’s Day than simply romance and gifts? After all, showing affection to a loved one can be done anytime, anywhere. In the first place, February 14 was never a day for demonstrating one’s love for another. In fact, the whole celebration started in the third century in Rome, and ironically, is started when a stern ruler labeled love as an unnecessary emotion.


Valentine’s Day History

Records state that Emperor Claudius II had the notion that men were restricted from giving their utmost in battle, if their mind was on their wives or lovers. With a sweep of his hand, marriage was banned. Of course, this law did not pass without stirring fury and disappointment. Who could live without finding their soul mate? The concept was exactly as ridiculous as it sounded, and a certain brave, young priest called Valentine thought as much. Enraged, Valentine rebelled by marrying young couples, secretly defying the rule of Emperor Claudius II.

Yet, nothing escaped the eye of the emperor. Into prison went Valentine. Little snippets of records even suggest that Valentine himself ended up in a relationship with his jailer’s daughter. With Valentine already sentenced to death, no doubt they had little time to develop any further. Talk about star-crossed lovers. His parting words? “From your Valentine”, now a common phrase that gets butterflies fluttering in the receiver’s tummy.

It would be hundreds of years later, for his death on February 14 to be marked as a day to honour him, and for Valentine to be declared a Saint. There we go; Saint Valentine’s Day.

But why did people start giving flowers to each other? Well, Victorians had assigned different meanings to different flowers, and were able to communicate with simply those plants and not a single word. Talk about mysterious. Cards may have seemed like a better alternative, but they felt a message with your name on it was bad luck, was the start of gifting flowers with a somewhat secretive, romantic card.

No one’s a stranger to roses during Valentine. But why are they the go-to flower for any bouquet? Roses were the favourite flower of Venus, the Roman goddess of love, so what better way than using the very symbol of love for a day that celebrates it?

Rose Bouquet

Valentine’s Day Rose Bouquet – Flower Delivery

With the passage of time came the commercialization of the occasion. Valentine’s Day had evolved into gifts oozing in magenta and scarlet, and flowers or chocolates bundle in ribbon. It’s more about getting the most extravagant present than the most thoughtful one.

There’s nothing inherently wrong with that, but it’s about time Valentine’s became more about thought than only extravagance. A handpicked bouquet along with an elegant card is one way to show how you feel.
handpicked bouquet. Florist Delivery
Couples will never miss out on the opportunity to please their other half during an occasion like Valentine’s. Sometimes, the pressure can be an obstacle in making the day a memorable one, as one would be too focused on picking out imperfections to ensure everything goes smoothly. These suggestions might make the planning a little easier.

One simple date can make your lover’s Valentine’s. As long as it’s time well spent with a loved one, how can anyone argue about a wholesome date. Grab a few finger foods like sandwiches, pastries, or chips and settle them into a picnic basket. A quick ride to the park will take you to the bicycle rental area, where the both of you can get a tandem bike, a two-seater for riding together, or separate ones for riding side by side. Scenic trails lined by rustling trees and the occasional roadside blossom make the ride a quiet enjoyment. If you’re near the sea, you might even catch the sunset. Find a clear patch of grass to lay your mat and open up your treasure chest of goodies, and enjoy your little feast. By then you might be able to catch a sprinkle of stars in the obsidian sky above, which is the kind of romantic scene right out of movies. Plus, it’s easy on the wallet. Kidding. But we merely state the truth.

couple in sunset

couple in sunset

For the music fans, a small band gracing their presence with a classical song or your partner’s favourite tune would be perfect. A room could be booked away from prying eyes, where the your violin or singing quartet could saunter in and play before your partners surprised eyes. As long as there’s elbow room, you could also request for then to pop up in a diner while others look on enviously at the sweet sonnet.

For a deeper dive into romance, a high class meal at a classy restaurant will do the trick. Treat your partner like a prince or princess when your initial comment of ‘just bringing you to a cafe’ turns out to be an ‘atas’ location fit for royalty. Intricately designed dishes and flavourful premium selections will leave you and your partner munching in satisfaction, till the very last bit. Who doesn’t love food? A little antique wine wouldn’t hurt anyway too. To top it off, secretly send in a small bouquet of roses with the last dish. The look on your lover’s face as the waiter leaves with a smirk is one you’ll remember forever.


Dating and dining – flowers delivered to her.

Although jealousy has little space in a relationship, a small serving of it can be healthy as it shows how much you want to be The One for your partner. Perhaps you’ve heard about the lady killer in the office who’s just a tad too flirty with your girl. Or you’ve heard countless complaints about that other chick that won’t stop boasting about her Louboutin shoes from her man. Time to up your game with a little announcement of her status. 99 roses make a huge bouquet, and it’s impossible for it to go unnoticed in an office setting among nosy colleagues. Be it in person or through a delivery, she will be nothing short of surprised when she receives the gigantic arrangement. Other girls will be singing praises of the lucky lady’s boyfriend while guys stare on at the territorial gift. Said lucky lady will be more than happy to show that her heart is already reserved.

A truly romantic gesture would be a candle lit, homemade dinner. It doesn’t have to be some Michelin Star worthy dish, as the fact that you bothered to make time for such an intimate setting. When your girlfriend or boyfriend comes home to your surprise, you’ll be in for a great night. After a leisurely meal with idle chat and murmurs of sweet nothings, you can lead him or her away from the table and smoothly point out the trail of luxurious scarlet petals. Leading from the living room, it curves into the bedroom where another group of scattered petals paint the clean sheets. Your night will go out with a bang for sure.

trail of petals

trail of petals

Else wise, you might find that your long relationship is already written in stone, and you’re more than ready to take the next step. There’s no better time to propose than Valentine’s Day! If you two have always wanted to make that great Europe tour, suggest taking a break from the hustle of city life and pack your bags. Besides the obvious Paris, there are other places to pop the question. A quaint countryside cottage would make an adorable engagement photo, and the seaside offers the violet and magenta painted sky as a backdrop. Friends who are in on the plan can hang fairy lights and prop up flower garlands in a park before you lead your partner to the location under the guide of a walk. When the time comes, ‘yes’ will already be on the tip of their tongue.

Date night on Valentine’s can be a memorable event, but the gesture is all the more touching. When you and your lover are caught up in a world of your own, there’s little that can break that intimate connection.

But you haven’t settled the question of what kind of flowers should go into the bunch, have you? Let’s see; roses, roses, or roses? Valentine’s doesn’t have to only be about roses. With a whole array of flowers blooming all over the world, there are plenty of flowers to choose for your bouquet. Though each kind of flower can represent different things, there is no changing the beauty they exude.

variety of flowers for delivery

Variety of Flowers for delivery

The language of love may have once been used to bring across certain romantic messages, but today, with elegant cards and photo captions doing the work, flowers need not be mere message carriers. The joy of simply receiving beautiful flowers is immense, and a simple bouquet can be a great way to express thoughtfulness. A well-arranged bouquet can also mimic the endless blossom of a garden. Great for brightening your day!

Different combinations of flower species can even induce different moods! As Valentine’s Day is all about the sweetness of gifts, certain kinds can go unnoticed. Fret not, for we can broaden your perspective of flowers!

Bold colours and large bloom mixed into a Valentine’s bouquet can give a playful aura. Think of it as a friendly jab or a joke for breaking the ice; such an arrangement is sure to lighten up the mood. Vibrant pinks, yellows and blues can be placed at varying heights to create the image of flowers bursting to meet you, like free spirits rising in excitement. Tulips, carnations and delphinium are some flowers that come in various colours which stand out, making them great choices for a whimsical bouquet.

scarlet rose bouquet

scarlet rose bouquet

For the introvert who loves the peace and quiet, there’s always the calm, soothing bouquet. Does your significant other need a little stress relief, or a quick break from their hectic lives? Cool colours in a posy mixed with ferns are easy on the eyes and might soothe the receiver. With commonly purple and blue coloured larkspur or hydrangea, it’s like looking into the depths of the sea of the vast, cloud speckled sky. The sapphire and violet of such calming apologies bouquets may even appease even the fiercest of fires! (Though you now know you shouldn’t spark such flames again.)



Blending hot colours together lights the bouquet up immediately. It’ll light the recipient’s face up as well, as this sort of sensual conveys a deep love. Vibrant lilies and berries can be arranged to create a picture of passion, putting in place an amorous aura. Your affection will be made clear in such fiery flowers, and the bouquet can still make an eye catching centerpiece!

red rose and lily bouquet

red rose and lily bouquet

Hot favourites would be the most romantic combinations of pastel pins and purples. Such soft colours make the bouquet look cuter, or sometimes, elegant. Classic roses are often used in these fairy-tale like bunches, but lilacs and hyacinths can be used as well. A touch of baby’s-breath completes the picturesque bouquet. Simply stunning.

pastel coloured bouquet

pastel coloured bouquet

Other charming gifts like smiley flower plushies and little bundles of artifical flowers are alternatives some look at. But let’s face it, you want to show how real your love is, and the best way is to present an artfully arranged bouquet, wrapped in dreamy paper and bound with silky ribbon. That’s how to display exactly how you feel: a gorgeous spray of fresh flowers.

A recipient’s personality and the occasion can play a huge part in determining the most suitable arrangement, which is why we try our best to please customers and their lovers with our versatile bouquets. With plenty of attractive bundles to choose from, 24Hrs City Florist will never fail to please you! For flower delivery anywhere within Singapore.

Introducing The Fun And Amusing World of Character Bouquets started creating character flower arrangements or bouquets with a bit of ‘character’ since 2011. As a request from our customer, we attempted our first hello kitty character bouquet. Hello kitty is the popular ‘cat with no mouth’.

Hello Kitty Bouquet
Hello Kitty is a fictional character produced by Sanrio, a Japanese company. Hello Kitty is created by Yuko Shimizu and currently designed by Yuko Yamaguchi. She is depicted as an anthropomorphic white Japanese Bobtail cat-inspired character with a red bow. Originally hello kitty was made for pre-adolescent females, since the, the market has broadened to include consumers of all ages. Hello kitty is found in a variety of products ranging from school supplies to fashion accessories and high-end consumer products such as diamond necklaces. And now in the form of a fresh flower bouquet.
At the launch of our hello kitty bouquets, they were well received. Guys who know their girl friends are into hello kitty, sent this bouquet at the delight of the recipients. Even our celebrity DJ, Glen Ong ordered a hello kitty bouquet for his then girl friend (now wife) Jean Danker. provided the flower delivery right to Mediacorp at Caldecott.

Puppy Bouquet
Inspired by the hello kitty bouquet, together with our senior florists, we decided to create and arrange a more generic and with a more mass appeal yet at the same time a well-loved character bouquet. That’s how our puppy bouquet was born. We conducted some research in the internet and found some puppy bouquets but none showed one arranged in a hand held bouquet. There were some European florists that use chrysanthemums to arrange puppy arrangements but given the taboo we Asians regard chrysanthemum flowers, we decided to use the next best flowers with lots of petals and at the same time keeping the cost low. Carnations was the obvious answer, and hence forth, carnations have been the-facto flowers we will use for most of our character arrangements. To our surprised, the puppy bouquet was and is still very well received. Firstly, the puppy is cute and very adorable. Puppy bouquet can be sent for any occasions from sending a love message to an apology message to birthdays and even get well wishes. That’s when we adopted the puppy into a basket arrangement too. The puppy bouquet has become our all seasons bouquet. We posted our puppy bouquet in Pinterest just over 2 years ago and has now garnered over 300 pins and re-pins.

Smiley Bouquet
We continue to experiment on other types of character bouquets. The smiley bouquet was one that was created soon after the puppy bouquet. That is none other then the well known ‘smiley’ bouquet made popular by the emoji we have come to recognize its frequent appearance in our daily casual texting. The smiley bouquet is a very simple but equally amusing bouquet, arranged with bright yellow carnations and with the eyes and mouth labelled with laminated imprints. Just like what the name says, the smiley bouquet brings about not just a smile but also a certain ‘emoji’ to the person who received it.

Angry Bird Bouquet
Following the smiley, we started receiving ‘customized’ request from customers. One we were challenged to attempt was Angry Bird. This once very popular character is a video game franchise created by Finnish company Rovio Entertainment. The series focuses on multi-colored birds who try to save their eggs from green-colored pigs. The character was originally released in Dec 2009 by for Apple iOS and by 2014, the game was downloaded over 3 billion times collectively. An undisputed great runaway hit during those years. Having feature angry bird character bouquet in our webstore, we have come to realized, a majority of our customers who bought the bouquet had similar message to the recipient – that is, requesting the recipient not to be angry and asking for forgiveness. Angry Bird bouquet is now known to be our popular ‘I’m sorry’ bouquet and is now featured under our Apology segment.

Elmo Bouquet
Soon after, we had another request from our customer to arrange Elmo- a Muppet character on the popular children’s television show Sesame Street. He is a furry red monster with a falsetto voice that many of use grew up learning and loving it. Our Elmo Bouquet which depicts The Elmo character has been like an evergreen favourite character to many – yes, even the younger generations.

Piggy Bouquet
Our next attempt on a new character bouquet was meant to appeal more to our local Chinese audience. The criteria was to have a character that is likeable, adorable, universal and most importantly a character most young girls would love. We literary created Piggy Bouquet from thin air. No, not the piglet from Winnie the pooh nor Ms piglet who appears in the television programme The Muppets. Piggy bouquet is your common everyday plumpish rosy pink piglet that could represent someone with a sensation appetite or someone who live to sleep – attributes that perhaps every one of us could have once possessed.

Panda Bouquet
The piglet bouquet would give rise to our next creation which is the Panda Bouquet. The panda bear or simply panda, is a bear native to south central China. It is easily recognized by the large, distinctive black patches around its eyes, over the ears, and across its round body. Needless to say, this adorable creature is well loved the world over not just for its cute and clumsiness but also its rarity. True to its popularity, the panda bear has its own following and the many panda fans around the world are testimony to how liked this bear is. In Singapore Sept 2012 , the popularity is fueled by the arrival of the male and female panda bears kai kai and jia jia. Singapore gone pandamania from then onwards.

Minion Arrangement
Unless you have been hiding under the rock for a long while, the Minions invaded Singapore in 2013 and melted the hearts and souls of many Singaporeans particularly the young at heart. No amount of scientific theories are able to explain how a bunch of yellow cuteness in the blue jumpsuit could sweep over Singapore with such impact leaving many of us even talking banana banana potatooo. It is totally 99% adorable, 1% despicable. First it was the minion toys, then the minions came in the form of huge plush figurines, tee shirts, mugs, hair clips and nail-art. Today, even the food that we eat not even spared from minionmania. Confectionaries and bakery stores and eateries are now capitalizing on this minion craze by offering minion-inspired cakes and minion cupcakes. How about minion flower arrangement we thought? In 2014, we hatched a plan to create precisely this yellow lump of head using yellow carnations and a specially made one-eye goggle to depict the despicable minion eyes. And the catchword we promoted with is “ Tell her she is One in a Minion! “ . Our minion table arrangement has connected many hearts, shed tears, bought warmth and built peace for the people who shared it with.

Fat Cat Bouquet
It wasn’t until 2015 we spotted an adorable cupcake decorated into an extremely fat cat with long whiskers and pointy nose. So adorable, it was sinful just eating it. We thought if the bakers can create a fat cat out of a cupcake, why we can’t create a fat cat out of a flower arrangement? The challenge had led us to design a somewhat spherical head made out of white carnations and pinned a nose with a few long cable ties to form the all familiar cat’s whiskers. Once done, we adored it very much and called it Fat Cat Bouquet.

Cookie Monster

Cookie Monster Bouquet

Cookie Monster Bouquet

In 2016, we experimented with dying carnations flowers and gotten just the right tone of blue for the inception of what is now known as our eye catching Cookie Monster Bouquet. With the signature big eye balls and his favourite chocolate cookies, cookie monster bouquet now looks very much like cookie monster – a character most of us would recognized. Just like Elmo, Cookie Monster is a Muppet in the long-running children’s TV show Sesame Street. He is best known for his voracious appetite and his famous eating phrases, such as “Me want cookie!”, “Me eat cookie!” and “Omm nomm nomm nom” (said through a mouth full of cookies). We wondered what would be a good phrase to tag on our newly created cookie monster bouquet. At first, we thought of the phrase “me want you, me eat you..” was too much of a caveman calling for a mate. Eventually we settled for something that would please the recipient when she receive a uniquely arranged Cookie Monster bouquet with a tagline that reads “I won’t trade you for all the cookies in the world.. “ still with a cookie sticking out of the mouth.

Pokeball Bouquet
Another game app that took the world by storm including Singapore is Pokémon GO. This is an augmented reality app created by Nintendo. Pokémon Go features a GPS-enabled map of the player’s real-world surrounding. After tapping on the creatures, the app opens up the smartphone’s camera, showing the Pokémon seemingly moving in the real world. Pokemon Go involves the capturing and training of a variety of fictional creatures called ‘Pokémon’ and using them to battle other trainers. PokeBall is a type of item that is critical to a Trainer’s quest, used for catching and storing Pokemon. We figured, a Pokeball was simple enough to create using fresh carnations and the tagline would simple be ‘Toss this Pokeball and tell her ~ “I choose you!” . You now have Pokeball Bouquet.

We at 24hrsCityFlorist will continue to create fun character bouquets and we hope our customers will come to adore them as much as we like creating them. We provide florist flower delivery anywhere in Singapore.

24Hrs City Florist at Singapore Garden Festival

kick start of singapore garden festival 2016

kick start of singapore garden festival 2016

24Hrs City Florist was invited by Nparks to participate in the Floral Window competition for the Singapore Garden Festival (SGF) recently held at Marina Square from 2 to 3 April 2016.

The Floral Windows to the World has always been a key highlight of Singapore Garden Festival (SGF) since it was started in 2006. It showcases colourful and creative cut flower displays, complemented by stunning set design and lighting. Visitors to the show have a chance to admire the enchanting display of beautiful flowers, creatively and delicately designed by celebrated local and international floral designers.

SGF16 participants

SGF16 participants

24Hrs City Florist was delighted to send our very own florist warrior Wen Yen Lynn to represent the company. We decided to adopt a simple minimalistic design with vibrant colours. Thus, the floating cup design was conceptualized and submitted for approval.



Lynn in competition

Lynn in competition


We are humbled to be selected and given the opportunity to participate along side the many more experienced and established floral designers from the many well known flower design schools.

Merit Award

Merit Award

We take this opportunity to congratulate the winners and finalist of the qualifying rounds for Floral Windows to the World & the Table-top Floral Display competitions which were announced yesterday 3 April 2016. We wish them the best and every success in their quest to represent Singapore in the up and coming International competition during Singapore Garden Festival happening from 23 to 31 July 2016

floating cup by

floating cup by

Flowers And Emotions

by Jerry

Have you ever wondered why flowers since time immemorial still make the world’s best gift today? What is it about flowers that make people want to constantly associate themselves with?

People & Flowers

Flowers and us


The intrinsic nature of flowers – the fact that flowers are not everlasting; they wither and die, reminds us that life is such and is worth cherishing every moment of it especially those special ones. Nothing last forever in this world except time. We live only once in this life, for every good moment that comes by, we are compelled to celebrate it. It is in our innate nature to want to do so. Simply because we are by nature somehow pre-programmed to subconsciously know that special moments are unique and they will not occur exactly the same way again. To make these special moments last, we celebrate them so that they own a place in our memories for years to come.

flowers bond people together

Special bond between people and flowers


There is another draw to flowers that other gifts don’t come close to match. Humans reconcile flowers to be part of this world of evolution. The fact that when we look at flowers, the colour, the bloom and their fragileness, our inner sanctum of our being triggers that unexplained sense of joy, delight and hope. Even at times of sorrow and hurt, flowers are nature’s way of reminding us that life is precious, life is beautiful and we should treasure it and make the best of it. The beautiful blossoms of flowers give us a sense of wonder, a sense of hope, telling us there will always be sunshine after the rain and that exciting times await us.

flowers heal

flowers heal


Flowers ignites our sense of love and passion. It is precisely the nature of flowers, that women are drawn to. The enchanting beauty, colours and smell of flowers trigger a string of emotions, the collective joy, love, care and hope flowers represents. They serve as a voice to conveying our hearts’ desire and feelings in ways words cant. If a picture tells a thousand words, flowers tell a million.

flowers bond people together

flowers bond people together

More Are Buying Flowers From Their Mobile Phone

More Are Buying Flowers From Their Mobile Phone

Ordering flowers through online has always been fast and easy. In recent times, an increased number of people are making their floral needs from online – in particular, from mobile phone or smartphones. In line with the growing number of smartphone users worldwide which is estimated to be close to 2 billion in 2016. This number is poised to increase.



Singapore ranks the highest smartphone penetration in a recent global survey conducted by Deloitte’s Global Technology, Media and Telecommunications. This statistic shows the number of smartphone users in Singapore estimated to reach 4.3 million 2017. According to a global study called Consumer Barometer released by Google, Singapore is the number one smartphone adopter in the world at 85 per cent.

mobilecommerce usage

mobilecommerce usage

With more and more people accessing the Internet via a smartphone or tablet, it comes as no surprise that Singapore Shopping on mobile devices poised to overtake shopping on computers.

M-Commerce got another boost from the local Singapore Banks when they started to reissue their Debit Visa/MasterCard in 2010. This has extended a new segment of card spenders previously not able to obtain credit cards.

There is what online shoppers in Singapore look for:

1. Seamless shopping from site to store
2. Feacebook first
3. Spend more for free Shipping
4. Flexibility & Control are key
5. Fuss free returns

A recent survey conducted by Singapore Polytechnic suggests that while females shop online more often, it is the men who spend more on online purchases.

singapore online shopping habits

singapore online shopping habits

Online Shopping Habits in Singapore

– A majority of respondents (71.3%) browse for products and services online between 8pm to 12am.
– A significant share of respondents (35.3%) browse for products and services online one to six times a week, while 32% do so one to three times a month.
– A significant share of respondents (45.2%) purchase products or services online one to three times a month.
– Apparel, shoes and accessories is the top purchase category among Singapore youth, followed by movies, music and video games.
– Top purchase categories for male youth include apparel, technology and movies. Top purchase categories for female youth include apparel, beauty and travel.
– Females browse online more often but males spend more than females on online purchases.
– More females (20.4%) browse online daily compared to males (14.5%).
– However, 50.6% of male respondents spend more than $100 a month compared to 41.3% of females.
– Females are more likely to browse online while they are at work/school, in public places and while commuting.
– 38% of female respondents browse online while they are at work or in school, compared to 29.3% of male respondents.
– 25% of females browse online in public places compared to 19.5% of males.
– 41.6% of females browse online while commuting compared to 28.8% of males.

Motivations For Online Shopping

– 95.8% of respondents agree that they shop online to get items or brands that are not sold in Singapore.
– 90.7% of respondents agree that they shop online to get a wider selection of items or brands.
– 88.1% of respondents agree that they shop online because they can shop anytime and at any location.
– Other motivations for shopping online include being able to purchase items without friends or family knowing (59.5%), and being able to purchase items while keeping one’s identity private (57.9%).
– More male respondents (64%) shop online to purchase items without friends or family knowing, as compared to only 55% of females.
– More male respondents (61.8%) shop online to purchase items while keeping one’s identity private, as compared to only 54.1% of females.
– Lower prices rather than higher quality products is a greater draw to shop online. 85.9% of respondents agree that they shop online to find cheaper items, as compared to physical stores. In contrast, only 47.3% of respondents agreed that they shop online to find higher quality products.

Sales Tactics

– Special deals online, peer influence and social media attract more youth to purchase online.
– 54.7% of respondents have purchased from stores which offer free gifts, shipping or discount codes.
– 42.3% of respondents have purchased from stores which are popular among their friends.
– 40.2% of respondents have purchased from stores which they liked on social media or are subscribed to.
– Endorsements by celebrities is the least effective strategy. Only 11.4% of respondents have purchased from stores endorsed by their favourite celebrity.
– More female respondents (47.6%) purchase from online stores that they liked on social media or are subscribed to, as compared to 32.5% of males.
– More male respondents (29%) purchase from online stores that stock limited edition items, as compared to 15.1% of females.
– More youth aged 20 and above purchase from online stores that offer special deals and are popular among their friends.
– Almost half of youth aged 20 and above purchase from online stores that are popular among their friends, compared to only 32.8% of youth aged 15 to 19 years old.
-More than half of youth aged 20 and above purchase from online stores that offer free gifts, shipping or discount codes, compared to 42.4% of youth aged 15 to 19 years old.

Hand Bouquet Singapore

Hand bouquet is a gathering of a collection of flowers, fillers and forliage in a creative hand held arrangement. Hand bouquets are normally arranged such that they can be handheld and carried by a person. Handheld bouquets are classified by several different popular shapes and styles, including nosegay, crescent, and cascading bouquets. hand bouquets are often given for special occasions such as birthdays or anniversaries, weddings and Valentine’s Day. They are commonly use to also express one’s love to another too.

Hand Bouquet Singapore – In Singapore, the round, biedermeier, sheaf bouquets are most popular. There are a wide and creative ways of hand bouquet arrangement ranging from the type of flowers used and the different variety of wrapping styles and colours used. The most popular flower types are ROSES and red rose bouquet and pink rose bouquet are among the popular picks. Blue rose bouquet and exotic flower bouquet has recently gaining preference too.

hand bouquet singapore

hand bouquet singapore

red and pink rose bouquet

red and pink rose bouquet

blue hydrangea hand bouquet

Blue hydrangea hand bouquet

Infographic on type of hand bouquets

Wreath Delivery In Singapore

24Hrs City Florist was established in 2004 located at 161 Lavender Street, Singapore – providing fresh flowers arrangement for all occasions. We specialized in providing funeral and condolences flowers delivery to anywhere in Singapore. From Funeral floral photo frame, table arrangements, flower beds, casket spray, floral cross, condolences flower stand, condolence wreath and condolence bouquets.

We provide 24 hours round the clock wreath delivery in Singapore. For same day delivery, orders can be made as late as 8pm. We provide same day free delivery during office hours from 9am to 5pm from Mondays to Saturdays. We have a very wide variety of condolence all-fresh flowers design arrangements ranging from $100 to the majestic $1000 floral stands. All flower designs found in our website are created by our experienced and professional florists. Purchase from our website are made so much easy by selecting Occasion>Condolence Flowers> we have over 100 over designs in our website. Sample condolences messages are also available in our blog as guides to writing your condolences messages in our blog.

We accepts same day delivery of condolence wreath as late as 8pm. Orders can be made online or phone in at our hotline : <65> 6396 4222

wreath delivery

wreath delivery singapore

Condolence Message

Messages of Sympathy and Condolences are often difficult to express, but they are important to convey. They will help you to translate your feelings into words as it can be difficult to know what to say during these tough situations.

Listed below are samples condolence messages we have collected over the years and would like to share them with you as a guide and hopefully they bring you good ideas on what and how to convey your condolences to the bereaved family. These messages are generally being printed on the message card together with your condolence flowers or condolence wreaths.

compiled by Lynn Kok from

condolence message

condolence message

1. In Loving Memory of Mr./ Ms./ Mrs.
2. We will miss you always.
3. With Deepest Sympathy.
4. Our Deepest Condolences & Heartfelt Condolences.
5. Our heartfelt condolences on the passing of your beloved father.
6. We are deeply saddened to hear of the loss. Please accept our heartfelt condolence to you and your family.
7. Our Deepest Condolences on the passing of your father. May he find eternal peace & rest.
8. We were deeply saddened by the news of passing. Our heartfelt condolences to you and your family.
9. With love and remembrance.
10. Forever Remembered, Forever Missed.
11. Our collective hearts are heavy with sympathy.
12. Our thoughts and prayers are with you during this difficult time.
13. May loving memories ease your loss and bring you comfort.
14. May the love of so many who care for you, be a comfort to you at this time.
15. Words seem inadequate to express the sorrow felt by the loss of My heart is with you.
16. We will always cherish the beautiful memories of .
17. will be greatly missed but his/her warmth, kindness, and gentle spirit will be remembered forever.
18. You and your family are in our prayers. Sorry to hear of your loss.
19. With deepest sympathy & heartfelt condolences on the demise of your beloved .
20. May memories of and the love of family surround you and give you strength in the days ahead.
21. We were saddened to hear the news about . Our deepest condolences. Our thoughts are with you. We hope, in time, all the good memories will comfort you.
22. Please accept my/our sincere condolences on your loss. May those beautiful yesterdays always remain in your heart, and your sorrows gently fade away.
23. Whilst I cannot physically be with you in time of deep sorrow, my spirit is there with your family. Our special friend will always be remembered for his/her courage. With deepest sympathy.

Biblical Sympathy Messages and Verses

24. May you find comfort, peace, and encouragement. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers.
25. Words cannot express my sadness. May the comfort of God help you through this difficult time.
26. Please accept my/our sincere condolences on your loss. May God be with you in this hour of grief.
27. During this time of deep sorrow, know that you are not alone. We are praying that the God of all comfort will fill your heart with His peace and love.
28. May He who knows your sorrow bring peace, comfort, and healing to your soul.
29. “I am the resurrection and the life. He who believes in me will live, even though he dies; and whoever lives and believes in me will never die.” John 11:25-26
30. “He will wipe every tear from their eyes. There will be no more death or mourning or crying or pain, for the old order of things has passed away.” Revelation 21:4
31. “Blessed are those who mourn, for they will be comforted.” Matthew 5:4
32. “No eye has seen, no ear has heard, no mind has conceived what God has prepared for those who love him.” 1 Corinthians 2:9
33. “When you go through deep waters, I will be with you.” Isaiah 43:2
34. “Come to me, all who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.” Matthew 11:28
35. “The memory of the righteous is a blessing.” Proverbs 10:7
36. Our heartfelt condolences on the loss of your loved one. May the Lord comfort and bless you and your family during this time.
37. Our deepest condolences on the passing of your beloved husband & father.
38. “He makes me to lie down in green pastures ; He leads me beside the still waters.” Psalm 23:2

condolence message for christians

condolence message for christians

Where to buy flowers in Singapore

Where to buy flowers in Singapore ? Where else, from florist like us at . We are a florist sg with a flower shop located at 161 Lavender Street #01-05 opens from 9am to the next day 6am everyday including Sundays and public holidays. We have a wide variety of flower arrangements to choose from for any occasion or reasons.

Where to find us by public transport?

Nearest MRT stations are Lavender MRT (EW11) and Boon Kheng MRT (NE9).
From Lavender MRT: Take either bus no 133 or 145 from Lavender MRT (away from Bugis) and alight on the 3rd bus stop in front of Eminent Plaza (Bus Stop No.BO7351). Our outlet is at the building next to Eminent Plaza, about 10meters from this bus stop.
From Boon Kheng MRT: Take bus no. 133 towards Lavender Street and alight on the first bus stop at Lavender Street in front of the Esso Petrol Station. Out outlet is opposite the Petrol Station.

By Bus
Bus Stop No. BO7351 at Eminent Plaza on Lavender Street is the nearest bus stop to our outlet. Buses No. 13,67,133 and 145 ply through Lavender Street. Walking distance to our shop.
Buses Stop No.BO7329 at Hoa Nam Building is the alternative bus stop at Jalan Besar. Buses No. 22,23,64,65,66,67,130,139,147,857 ply through Jalan Besar. Walking distance to our shop.

Funeral Flowers & Condolences Flowers

Funeral Flowers & Condolences Flowers

funeral flowers


According to a study conducted, after family, friends, and eulogy, flowers rank first among those who have lost a family member or friend as the most meaningful aspect of funerals. Furthermore, at a time of loss, recipients rank flowers and sympathy cards as the most meaningful of gifts. Those surveyed believe fresh flowers are a critical component of funerals, providing a necessary diversion, something to talk about, and a bright environment at a sombre time.

Asked to identify gifts and memorials that helped a great deal with grief, a majority of surveyed respondents named flowers. Respondents also agreed strongly that looking at the cards to see who sent flowers is a comfort.

Flowers show respect for the deceased, as well as loving support to the family and friends, especially when you cannot be there in person. Flowers also make for a more pleasant atmosphere, helping those present feel as comfortable and welcome as possible. With flowers at a service, you help create a lasting and beautiful memory for those who have gathered to mourn the loss of someone dear.

Even when a charity or other organization has been selected to receive financial contributions in memory of the deceased, flowers are considered by most to be an appropriate expression of additional sympathy and support.

Flowers can reflect many religious beliefs, including eternal life and rebirth. Your floral consultant is well aware of the differences between faiths and will assist you in this regard.

There is a wide variety of floral tributes for every budget. Among them: table arrangements; standing arrangements; sprays; casket drapes; flower beds; wreaths; and other designs which reflect a more personal aspect of the deceased, such as favoured flowers, colours, and styles. Here, too, your professional florist can advise you.

Among floral sympathy expressions, distinctive fresh flower designs with stands are becoming increasingly popular as they are presentable, respectfully appropriate and easily placed in a funeral wake with taking much of a foot print.

In Singapore, funeral flowers or condolences flowers are normally delivered to the wakes (normally held at residences or funeral houses or parlours). Wakes (a vigil held by the immediate family members of the deceased) can be held within a day to about 5 days depending on the wishes and practices of the family. After the vigil, the casket is then transported to the crematorium. Funeral flowers can be sent to any race or religion (except to the Muslim community) as they are universally accepted. In Singapore, it is not a practice to send flowers to the homes after the funeral, hence it is best to send during the wake before the funeral is over. For more information about funerals in Singapore, please visit the National Environment Agency Website at:

Guide for choosing the right condolence flowers:

Choosing the right colour for a flower arrangement :- There is no right or wrong colour. Keep in mind that funeral arrangements are meant to give people something to look at while they are remembering the person they have lost. Order a flower arrangement you feel is best suited to this occasion. Typically if you are unsure of the deceased religion or culture, white/cream and green colours are standard for condolences and funerals. Occasionally, a dash of purple or yellow flowers to the predominantly white and green colours could make condolence flower arrangement stands out. Many times you can leave this up to your florist.

Choosing the right size for your sympathy flowers: – Any sized flower gift you send to the funeral will be appropriate. There are often end tables for smaller flower displays, pedestals for medium displays and larger flower arrangements sometimes come with their own stand.

Giving your flower arrangement a personal touch: – As your florist if they have any suggestions for making your sympathy flower arrangement special. They may have special items they can mix in with the flowers particularly if you know the deceased or family well. For example, golf club figurines a golf fan or a doll or stuffed toy for a child. You can also incorporate your own memorial objects into the arrangement. If you don’t have the opportunity to give them to your florist personally, you can still add your personal touch to the flower arrangement once you arrive at the funeral home. The family normally takes these arrangements home, so they’ll notice the special touch you’ve added.

How To Tell A Girl You Like Her?

5 Simple Steps To Remember When You Want To Tell A Girl That You Like Her. – Guide For First Timers Giving Flowers

give her flowers

give her flowers

Most Asian guys are rather ‘shy’ when it comes to trying to verbalize their interest to a girl. Fortunately, God gave us this thing called flowers to help them ‘express’ their sentiments towards the girl in a non-verbal manner. Even for those who are verbally more expressive, an accompaniment of a bouquet makes the task even more romantic.

Flowers have been the universal language of love since time in memorial and they will remain so for many years to come.
However, when it comes to flowers, guys are generally clueless. In a very Singaporean way of saying – guys can be rather ‘sotong’ when it comes to giving flowers to a girl. The truth is, guys are just not into flowers as much as they are into electronic gadgets. So, it does make a guy stands out if he knows a thing or two about flowers and it does goes a long way to impressing her with the right choice of bouquet of flowers.

The good news is that it doesn’t take a lot of money nor any scientific floral knowledge to pick the right arrangement of flowers. Here are 5 simple pointers to remember when trying to buy flowers for a girl.

Step 1: Learn Something About The Girl

Guess what's her favourite colour?

Guess what’s her favourite colour?

The first thing you need to do is to learn more about the girl. The simplest of method is to observe what colour she likes. You can do this by observing what colour of dress she often wears. What colour bag, phone, shoes, purse, notebook and sometimes even the colour she paints her toe or finger nails with. Chances are the answers are all around. And obviously a major plus, if you know what kind of flowers she likes!

Step 2: When Is The Best Time To Give Her Flowers?


There is no one best time to give flowers. There is no better time to give her flowers than now if you have a strong desire to tell her that you like her. Not everyone is impulsive. And there are many opportunities for you to give flowers. Consider some occasions that may help your giving of flowers more timely, appropriate and more gentlemanly.

  •  Her Birthday – This is the most common and most casual occasion to give flowers
  •  Get Well -An opportunity to show that you care for her and wish her a speedy recovery.
  • Apology – An occasion which you want to say sorry for the things you have done wrong or upset her (not that you intentionally planned)
  • Congratulate her on her promotion or achievement or graduation – celebrate with her and show that you are proud of her achievement
  • Special Date – your third date or an anniversary or a significant day to mark an event that both of you share.
  • Encouragement – an occasion to remind her you have her in your thoughts, supporting her in times of distress or anxiety
  • Valentine’s Day – this is by far the best time to give flowers and to tell her you like her.

Step 3: Choosing The Right Flowers

Choosing the right flower

Choosing the right flower

There is no need to perform an encyclopaedic search into the meaning of flowers. If you are attempting to give her flowers for the first time, give her favourite flowers. If you don’t know her favourite flower, give her flowers with her favourite colour.
Roses with their abundance heritage and history have been long a symbol of love and romance. They convey messages of love without words. Although each colour of rose offers a distinct meaning but it not uncommon to give her a rose bouquet of her favourite colour. And thankfully, roses do come in quite a variety of colours.

Step 4: What Do You Want To Say?

write your message in a card

write your message in a card

If you are personally giving her flowers, tell her what the flowers are for when you are handing the bouquet to her. An example: ‘Happy birthday, hope you like the flowers’. Or ‘I just want to tell you how much I enjoyed getting to know you..”

If you choose to send flowers to her which most guys would rather do especially on their first foray into giving flowers. A gift or message card would be appropriate to accompany it with the bouquet.

flowers with message card

rose with message card

How do you want to say also much depends on what do you want to say. Not such a good idea to present to her a long love letter/poetry (pouring out your emotions) particular if is your first bouquet to her. A more casual approach would leave you more room to observe her reaction towards your gift. Keep your message short and sweet. Avoid anything generic or cheesy and make it sincere. Even a few well-chosen words will go farther than some over-quoted sonnet. Some examples would be:

  • ‘It is wonderful getting to know you. I hope there are more wonderful opportunities to meet you again’
  • An angel once asked why I care for you so much. I told her I care for you so much because … I can’t find a reason not to.
  • There’s no special reason for these flowers; I just want to steal a single moment of your busy life and hope I can make you smile when I say: I Miss You.
  • I admit I’ll never be the perfect one. I’ll never always be there. I may fail to make you smile at times, but there is one thing I could do. I could be the person I am, for you.
  • What makes some people more special than others? It’s not just the happiness you feel when you meet them, but the anguish you feel when you miss them.
  • Certain people touch your heart in a way that you just can’t stop thinking about them; that is the kind of person you are; so far, yet so near, so simple, yet so desirable.
  • You can’t see the sun when it rains, but you know it’s there. I hope we can both be like the sun, who don’t always see each other, but who are always there for each other.
  • They say, as long as at least one person cares for you, life isn’t a waste. So when things go terribly wrong and you feel like giving up, please remember you still have me.
  • Life is full of beautiful things: soft sunsets, colourful rainbows, delicate blossoms, love & laughter, quiet moments, and a wonderful someone, like you.
  • My life was a jigsaw puzzle until you came along and filled in the missing pieces.
  • A time may come when I can’t smile anymore; but don’t worry about me, I know what to do. I’ll just close my eyes and think of you. No one else could make me smile, the way you do.
  • A date is a mere formality I need to complete before I can tell you what you really mean to me.
  • It’s difficult to imagine now, hard to believe for a minute, that I once led a life, that didn’t have you in it.
  • Between a million yesterdays and a million tomorrows, there’s only one today. And I would never let it pass without telling you – I’m thinking of you.

Step 5: How Do You Give Her Flowers?



If this is your first date, a single stalk of rose is appropriate. It shows that you are the romantic kind without going overboard. A single stalk of her favourite colour rose can’t go wrong else, red or pink rose is as good.

If rose doesn’t do it for you, a beautiful daisy (also known as gerbera) is as good especially for a casual date…let’s say a picnic or a walk in the park, by the beach, etc.. Heck, being spontaneous and simply handing her any type of single flower is perfect on a date when you’re out and about. It’s easy for her to hold (compared to a bouquet). You’ll definitely score brownie points for being thoughtful.

You’ll want to bring her flowers if you have met in person or know her to a certain extent…and if you are picking her up at her home. Now here’s the ‘universal’ dating rule: Save the bouquet for when you have had at least 3 to 4 dates. A bouquet holds some meaning for a woman. She knows that they cost a fair bit (If you buy the right kind) and a whole bouquet which generally says “I really like you”. So save that for when you can legitimately say that…and that would be after you’ve had a few dates and have gotten to know her much better.

Do remember to the dating rule that screams: “Women love flowers…you don’t have to be in love with a woman to give them to her…Just give them to her every now and then (on special dates or special occasions) to remind her that you are thinking of her. Relax. Flowers don’t have to mean commitment. Women know when an arrangement simply means that you care. Don’t be afraid to give flowers because flowers make a women feels good and happy like no other gift.

A final tip, if you really like her and feel cumbersome (or embarrassed) to carry a bouquet around to meet her for a date, another good time to give her flowers is have the flowers delivered to her office (and see how much attention you’ll get because of the attention she got.) or her home and have a card that reads something like “I really enjoyed spending time with you…You’re more beautiful than these flowers”.


Remember guys, there is no one perfect formulae that will guarantee to win the girl’s heart. That’s what make life more exciting. However, with some knowledge about giving flowers, you are now this much more successful than before. Ultimately, it is also about the journey to wooing your desired girl. Be Spontaneous. Be light-hearted. And most of all, be a gentleman.

Why Men Should Continue To Give Flowers Even After Marriage

why men should continue to give flowers even after marriage

why men should continue to give flowers even after marriage

The sight, aroma and touch of a bouquet of flowers melts a ladies’ heart. Men know this and that is why they will give their favorite lady a lovely arrangement of flowers during courtship days. The blend of happy colours and sysmatrical shapes of the blooms represents fresh new life of spring and new hope. A thoughtful bouquet enhances the individual blooms when set against fillers and complementary leaves. It is a sampling of creation at its best. It conveys the message that the lady recipient is lovely, is worthy and is loved.

When a lady is loved for who she is during courtship days, surely she is even more appreciated after marriage. She has to adjust to a new home and the responsibilities that come with managing a household. When babies arrive, these are a totally awesome and new experience to take care of. A lady gives of her time, her heart and her soul in raising children. She has to do all this even while continuing to nurture a relationship with her husband.

So husbands can do their part by showering the love of their life with words of kindness, thoughtful deeds, loving caresses and massages, the gift of creatively arranged bouquet of flowers. Schedule in time to go on a date to tell her how amazing she is, how much you grow deeper in your love for her. Keep the flames burning. There is no reason why romance can’t continue after the wedding and arrival of babies.

Guest Blogger: Audrey Phung- Aug 2014.

Rose Colours & Meanings

Every flower has a wonderful story to tell, the rose, however stands alone in its abundant history and colour meaning. Roses have been used for hundreds of years to convey messages without words, they have long been known to represent confidentiality – the Latin expression sub rosa (literally “under the rose”) means something told in secret.

Regardless of colour, their beauty and subtle fragrance convey a message guaranteed to elicit delight from the recipient and envy from others.

While no woman would turn down a dozen red rose bouquet, add a little extra sentiment to your silent message of affection with the choice of rose colour, we’ve put together an infographic depicting the meanings associated with the different colours of roses.

Rose Colours & Meanings

Rose Colours & Meanings

Infographic created by

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Why Flowers Make The Best Gifts

Flowers Are best Gift

Flowers Are best Gift

For as long as anyone can remember, flowers have been given as a gift for all sorts of different occasions. Valentine’s Day is perhaps the day where flowers get the most play, with rose bouquets in particularly high demand, nut they truly are the perfect gift for any occasion. Roses are a perfect example of how flowers can be used to convey a specific motion or feeling. Red roses are all about love and passion, while yellow roses are often used to convey friendship and feelings of gratitude. There truly is a rose for all occasions, but that can also be said for any flower.

When you visit a florist, you can’t help but smile as you catch sight of the flowers on display and smell the delightful scents that each give off. It’s not surprising that you feel this way, as research has shown that flowers have a way of making people feel happy, even when they are feeling at their very lowest point. It is perhaps because of those feelings that flowers have become commonly used during funerals. Condolences flowers are a very common gift, and while their color and beauty may seem at odds with the sadness of the event, it is also the traits that they bring that can make the day a little brighter for all involved.

If you are trying to think of a gift that will let someone know that you are thinking about them, flower delivery is perhaps the best way to do so. While the flowers themselves are often enough to get the recipients heart racing, the fact that you can attach a card with a personal message makes it all the more special. Even though the flowers were delivered by someone from the store you purchased them at, the recipient is often left feeling as though it was you who handed them over personally.

Flowers are a great way to fill a space and make people feel at home in their new house. This is especially true if the new home does not yet have all the furnishing and accessories in place. A bare room can take on a whole new vibrancy once colorful flowers have been added into the mix. These types of flower gifts convey the blooming of a new life in a new place, which is also why flowers ate a great gift for Mother’s who have just given birth.
The gift of flowers in one that bring almost instantaneous joy to the person receiving them. We have all become so caught up in the fast paced world that we live in that we often forget to take a moment to stop and look at the beautiful things nature provides. Simply looking and smelling flowers from a Singapore florist can take you out of that hectic schedule and back to nature, even if only for a few moments. That is a feeling you can’t really get anywhere else, and is just one of the reasons why flowers make a great gift.

Graduation Bouquet Singapore

graduation bouquet

Graduation bouquet

Black hats tossed in air. Euphoria fills the air. Graduation day is a special celebration.It is the occasion of receiving or conferring an academic degree or the ceremony that is sometimes referred to where students become graduates.

It is the coming of age, the arrival of accountability, maturity and responsibility, a juncture where youth meets adulthood. The feeling which makes the heart go aflutter. The journey has just begun. Rejoice the beginning of a long journey in the career called life.

Graduation is a joyous occasion for the young graduate and the family. It is also the time to collect wisdom and advice before you start a new life.

Just like when we remember the first day we step foot in school. Most of us would agree that the days we spent in high school were certainly the best days of our lives. It was in school that we began to learn to be independent, made our first friends , competed to excel in studies and in sports, and learned our first lessons about life . Memories come flooding back when you recall various milestones we have achieved. And graduation is certainly an important milestone to mark and be celebrated as in many years to come, we look back on this day, sharing the moment with your friends, children and love ones with pictures recording frozen memories of yesteryear.

July is when graduating university students from NUS, NTU, SMU marked their accomplishment and success. Capture and mark this momentous day with flowers and gifts. Visit our website at Flowers have always been part of graduating celebration, adding colour and freshness into the moment. Here at 24hrscityflorist we provide a wide variety of graduation bouquets. Convey your congratulations with flowers – they afterall still the best gift for graduation.

5 Long Lasting Flowers

by Yuka from

It is a known fact that cut flowers eventually wilt and die, much to the disappointment of everyone. However, did you know that there are some cut flowers that actually last longer than others? Below is a list of five longest-lasting flowers that are sure to amaze you.

1. Chrysanthemums
Chrysanthemums are commonly yellow, although there are other popular colours such as yellow, red, white and pink. Some may be surprised to learn that a single head of chrysanthemum is made up of a bunch of numerous flowers. It can survive up to three weeks, proving that it is indeed a good buy.

2. Cymbidium Orchids
Dubbed the “King of Orchids” , cymbidium orchids are more tolerant to the cold and are found in many colours, shapes and sizes. Besides being famous for its beauty, the cymbidium orchid is a popular among customers due to its long lifespan of two to three weeks.

3. Proteas
Proteas originate from South Africa and have many varieties ranging from different sizes and shapes. The Proteas “Juliet” has modified leaves called bracts instead of petals, which surround the tiny florets, creating a wonderful art piece just by itself. They can last to three weeks or more.

4. Alstroemerias
This flower, commonly known as the Peruvian Lily, can be found in a typical flower shop all year round. It comes in a number of colours, and there will be a few blooms on each stem. This flower can last up to two weeks or even longer, hence are popular among customers.

5. Carnations
Carnations hold many different meanings for each colour, from red to pink to yellow to green. The pink carnations are conventionally given to mothers on Mothers’ Day and signify a mother’s love. There are three different types of carnations- spray, large-flowered, and dwarf-flowered. They can last up to two weeks after being cut.
Of course, all flowers require a daily change of water and a clean vase rid of bacteria. Try to avoid exposing the flowers to heat as they will dry out. Take these precautions and steps, and you will be able to enjoy the beauty of your flowers for a longer time.


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Wreath Delivery – Condolence Flower Singapore

It is not always easy to learn of someone you know who has recently lost a loved one. Let alone what to say to the person. Sending flowers is an expression of thoughtfulness that brings both comfort and beauty to a sad occasion. Flowers are typically delivered to the funeral parlour home to be displayed during services and at the wake.

When words are simply not enough, flowers are universally recognised as a beautiful tribute of life and symbol of compassion.’s condolences flower range offers a fine, stately and perfectly selected array of flowers designed to express sympathy. Flowers are a thoughtful way to honor a beautiful life. Our condolence flowers category is designed to show a variety of styles and budget appropriate for sending an expression of sympathy. The guide will help you communicate with your florist to select an item that best expresses your feelings.

Wreath Delivery

Wreaths are common flower arrangements appropriate for funerals. They are often bought from florists and delivered to the family at the wake, may it be at the parlour or home. Wreaths stand are normally placed alongside other condolence flowers around the casket – depending on where the family wish to have them placed too. A message card containing the message from the sender is placed over a wreath, sending sentiments of a relationship.

A colorful wreath might be appropriate for a woman or someone you know appreciated color. A all neutral colour suitable for anyone would be the standard condolence wreath colour — white with greens. — is an elegant form of honor.

Fresh Cut

Fresh cut flowers are the most popular and appropriate choice for condolence wreath and sympathy bouquets. They provide soothing scents to the area and serve a purpose throughout the bereavement services. Cut flowers can be placed on herse during the final journey to the at the crematorium . White flowers are commonly sent as sympathy offerings because they signify purity, peace and love. Simple white blooms flatter the surroundings at any bereavement ceremony. Common colours include white fresh cut flowers such as lilies, white roses, orchids and chrysanthemums. These fresh flowers typically able to stay fresh over the period of the wake – depending also where the wake is held. Longer lasting flowers particularly Chrysanthemums are long lasting flowers and normally able to stay fresh even after the funeral.


Choice of colours remain normally white or cream with greens. However, coloured condolence flower arrangement is common too as they stand out from the rest. More often , a slight dash of pink or purple are suitable for a females. Some funeral flowers are given based on the deceased favorite flowers or colours. And in some instances, colourful arrangement are given to reflect the flamboyant personality of the deceased. Occasionally, the deceased favourite soft toys or object is arranged together with the flower arrangement such as in a case where the deceased is a child, the favourite doll (eg. hello kitty) is being arranged together with the condolence flower arrangement.

Flowers sent to the family are sympathy expressions of comfort, peace and hope. They say “I’m thinking of you.” During times of sorrow, sympathy flowers or locally known as funeral wreaths are messengers of hope. At these sensitive and delicate times, can be trusted to provide the perfect floral tribute to express your deepest condolences.

At we provide fresh flowers condolences flower delivery anywhere in Singapore 7 days a week, all year round.

condolence wreath

Grand Condolence Stand

Father’s Day – 15 June 2014

As we celebrated Mother’s day last month, fathers are not forgotten either. This Sunday, June 15 is Father’s day. Father’s Day is a celebration honoring fathers and celebrating fatherhood, paternal bonds, and the influence of fathers in society. Father’s was first celebrated in the 20th century in the United States to complement the popularity of Mother’s Day. Today, many countries celebrate Father’s Day on the third Sunday of June, though it is also celebrated widely on other days.

Father's Day 2014

Father’s Day 2014

Father’s Day is a great time to remind Dad , he has a place in your heart. True to some extend, dads are notoriously hard to buy gifts for. After all, the classic tie can only be presented so many times ,which incidentally ranks as the most popular of all Father’s Day gifts. Golf clubs and hammers—don’t ask—are also popular presents.

At we try to provide a wider range of FOR HIM gifts and added, wines, champagnes, chocolates, perfumes, and now, even SPA treatment experience, Watches and electronic gadgets.


father’s day

Singapore is the 2nd Cheapest Place To Send A Rose Bouquet

In March 2014, Singapore was ranked the most expensive city in the world by the Economist Intelligence Unit’s (EIU). Singapore is also the most expensive city to buy a car. But among the most expensive lifestyle in the world, we are glad, Singapore has also one of the cheapest products and one of which is sending a bouquet of flowers to someone!! (study compiled by Deutsche Bank.)

Sending a bouquet of roses to your loved one’s doorstep will cost US$73.99 (SGD93), the same price as Brazil and the second cheapest in the world. Only France, Germany and South Africa offer the service at a cheaper rate – US$67.14. Deutsche Bank collated the data from prices posted on the Internet and from secondary sources.

– See more at:

2nd least expensive place to send flowers

2nd least expensive place to send flowers

At, our 12 stalks rose bouquet starts from as low as SGD85 (FREE delivery during office hours) –

Condolence Flowers Etiquette in Singapore

In times of mourning, whether it’s a friend, family member, or the loved one of a friend or family member, often the best way to convey your condolences is by sending flowers. Sending flowers in memory of the deceased to the funeral parlour or home wake is a thoughtful way to show your bereavement and support of the family.

Generally, condolences flowers are arranged in a solemn soothing colours, however, a coloured theme flower arrangement can be customized to suit the sender’s request. condolences flowers can be arranged with a specific colour or flower in respect to the deceased favourite colours or flowers.

The purpose of condolences flowers in a funeral is to provide comfort, and help lift the spirit of the family of the deceased. You will also want to take the culture and faith of the deceased into consideration before sending flowers. What may be appropriate for one culture may be inappropriate for another. If you aren’t sure, ask the closest family member you know.

Common practices according to faith:

Catholic – Most flowers and arrangements are acceptable. In Singapore, it is normal to send condolences flower stands – these flower arrangement can be arranged on metal-stand or a box-stand. A funeral floral cross may be also suitable.

Christian – Most flowers and arrangements are welcome at both the memorial service and the funeral. Most flowers and arrangements are acceptable. In Singapore, it is normal to send condolences flower stands – these flower arrangement can be arranged on metal-stand or a box-stand. A funeral floral cross may be also suitable.

Buddhist – Most flowers and arrangements are appropriate. Most flowers and arrangements are acceptable. In Singapore, it is normal to send condolences flower stands – these flower arrangement can be arranged on metal-stand or a box-stand. Scrolls and blankets are occasionally delivered instead.

Hindu – Although floral arrangements are acceptable at a Hindu funeral. Most flowers and arrangements are acceptable. In Singapore, it is normal to send condolences flower stands – these flower arrangement can be arranged on metal-stand or a box-stand.

Muslim – General flowers are not sent. The appropriateness of flowers varies in the Islamic religion, so ask family members before sending them. Many people of this religion prefer that you send money to a charity in lieu of flowers. If you choose to order flowers for an Islamic funeral, keep the arrangement simple and elegant.

Jewish – Although you may send flowers to the family members’ homes, flowers at the funeral home are not typically displayed. Some of the more contemporary Jewish funerals allow flowers at the entrance of the synagogue. If you are in doubt, you should probably refrain from sending flowers and opt for a fruit basket sent to the home of the family instead.
Members of the Immediate Family

Husbands, wives, children, sisters, brothers, parents, and grandparents may order any type of floral arrangement they like. However, there are certain types that are reserved for immediate family members. Keep in mind that flowers from family are typically placed closest to the casket during the viewing or wake. In some cases they may be inside the casket with the deceased.

A casket spray or wreath or flowerbeds is generally from the immediate family. Other arrangements from the spouse, children, or parents may include table arrangements, and heart-shaped arrangements.

Extended Family Members

Other members of the family such as aunts, uncles, nieces, nephews, cousins, and even close friends also have a wide range of options. The traditional standing flower stands is often chosen for the most impact.
Close Friends and Business Associates

Close friends and business associates of the family of the deceased may want to send flowers to show that they are thinking of them during their time of grief. Some of the best options for friends include standing flower stands, wreaths, basket arrangements, bouquets in vases. Typically in Singapore, condolences flowers are not sent after the funeral is over. It is also uncommon for flowers to be delivered to the offices of the family member. Flowers are sent during the wake.

Why Flowers Are Still The Best Gift Till Today?

Why flowers are still the best gift till today? Flowers have long been given as gifts since time in memorial. Flowers have long been a symbol of love and care. Traditionally, a man gives a woman flowers to express his interest in her or his love for her. It is still being practiced and perhaps will continue to be so for many more years to come. However, the gift of flowers have extended its role and meaning beyond romance.

Today, people give flowers to one another to celebrate a special personal occasion or an event, an anniversary, a mother’s day, a birthday, graduation and some observed holidays. People also send flowers to express their sympathy, apology, or to wish someone well. Flowers have become and still is the universal gift for any occasion and in any season. That is why people till today gives flowers as gifts.

why gift flowers?

why gift flowers?

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10 Tips on How to Prolong the Lives of Cut Flowers

by Yuka Goh,

Many people may avoid purchasing cut flowers for fear of them dying easily. However, here are 10 secrets on how to prolong the lives of cut flowers to make them worth every cent they were paid for.

1. Always make sure that there is fresh water for the flowers every day. Once the water turns murky, it shows that there have been bacteria growth in the water and it will shorten the lives of the flowers.

2. As much as it is important to supply flowers with clean water, the vase must also be clean. Before placing the flowers into the vase, wash the vase with warm water and soap to get rid of bacteria.

3. Sometimes leaves will grow at the lower areas of the stem and will be submerged in the water. Remove these leaves as they promote bacterial growth and thus are detrimental to the lives of flowers.

4. Diluting flower preservatives in the water will also be good in prolonging the lives of cut flowers. Flower preservatives contain bleach which helps to prevent bacteria growth and supplies water and food to the flowers for them to survive and bloom. Flower preservatives can be bought or made at home with some basic household items.

5. It is important to cut the stems of the flowers daily. This will help the flowers absorb water and nutrients efficiently. Avoid damaging the stems while cutting them by using a sharp knife. Cut diagonally for a larger surface area of the stem to be exposed. This also ensures that the stem does not rest flat on the bottom of the vase, thus steady absorption of minerals occur, allowing flowers to survive.

6. It is better to keep cut flowers in a cool place, away from strong sunlight. While sunlight is good for growing flowers, it will cause cut flowers to dry out faster and thus shorten their lives.

7. Do not place cut flowers near ripe fruits. These rip fruits contain chemicals that may cause the flowers to bloom prematurely and cause them to die earlier.

8. It is not advisable to expose the flowers to cigarette smoke as well. The smoke will cause a layer of fine particles to accumulate on the surface of the flower, clogging the stomata of the plants which then affects the respiration and transpiration of the plant. By not smoking around flowers, it will prolong the lifespan of the flowers.

9. Remember to spray the flowers with some water daily. This will help to keep the flowers dewy and fresh.

10. A little bit of love and care will go a long way in keeping your cut flowers alive. Sometimes people forget to change the water and this will lead to the plants dying fast. Always remember that flowers are living things as well, so shower them with care and they will repay you in the form of its exquisite beauty.

Chinese Valentine’s Day 2013

The Chinese Valentine’s Day is on the seventh day of the 7th month in the traditional Chinese lunar calendar, whose name is “七夕” (Qixi). The Chinese Valentine’s Day for 2013 is on 13th of August.

Chinese Valentine’s Day originated from a romantic fable about two lovers: the seventh daughter of the Goddess of Heaven and a simple cowherd. It is said that the cowherd from the mundane world and weaving goddess from heaven loved each other. But love between the goddess and human beings was forbidden. They were separated by the Milky Way according to the command of the Queen Mother of the West.

But the Queen Mother of the West also showed her mercy to the couple. They were permitted to meet once a year, and the cowherd and weaving goddess became the stars of Altair and Vega. They could meet on the seventh night of the seventh lunar month every year. The magpies were moved by their true love and the birds formed a bridge for the couple to meet every year.

Qixi festival

Qixi festival

Their beautiful tale is wildly known in China and the Qixi festival is passed down as a tradition from generation to generation. Every year on the Qixi Festival, many lovers would pray for their love and happiness. Now a days in China, lovers release hung ming lanterns, and make good wishes of faithful love between them. So why not celebrate Valentine’s day twice this year? Celebrate this day with your love one with Chinese Valentine Flowers today. Fresh flowers are still the most common and meaningful gift for Chinese Valentine’s Day. We hand crafted this special Chinese valentine bouquet for this special occasion.

chinese valentine bouquet

Chinese valentine bouquet

Chinese Valentine Bouquet

Chinese Valentine Bouquet



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Actual Sizes of Flowers & Images In Our Website

We are writing this article to explain the images and sizes displayed in our webstore. Firstly 99% of the products featured in our webstore are created by our in-house professional florists. Hence the images of all the flowers arrangements featured in our webstore are the property of

The images displayed in our webstore are captured by digital cameras are actual flowers of the arrangement , never digitally doctored to enhance the sizes of flowers. The sizes of flowers are as they are. Some arrangement may appear larger than actual because they are captured in closer proximithy (smaller gap between the object and the lens of the camera). Below is an example of 2 different images of bouquets. On the left is the image of a 6 stalks red rose bouquet and of the right is a image of hydrangea, lily and rose bouquet. The bouquet on the right , though may seem smaller than the one on the left is actually about 5 x times larger than the bouquet on the left.

actual size of flowers

actual size of flowers

Deepavali Hampers | Diwali Hampers 2012

Deepavali (also: Depawali, Dipavali, Dewali, Diwali, Divali, Dipotsavi, Dipapratipad ) marks the beginning of the Hindu New Year. Deepavali, literally means “row of lights,” is celebrated by Hindus around the world and is the most important festival in Hinduism. It celebrates the victory of Goodness over Evil and Light over Darkness – it ushers in the new year.

In Singapore, this festival is endearingly called the Festival of Lights falls on 13 November 2012 and is a public holiday. New clothes are worn during Deepavali and sweets and snacks are shared. Some Indian communities also begin the financial year on Deepavali for auspicious reasons. A traditional way to celebrate Deepavali in Singapore is to have your hands painted with henna art. Henna is a flowering plant used to dye skin, hair, fingernails and even leather and wool. These temporary tattoos are often done for free by local artists.

During Deepavali, the streets of Little India are artfully decorated and lit up in bright brilliant colours, transforming it with colourful arches and lights. Festive bazaars and cultural activities such as the Indian Heritage and Craft Exhibition, Street Parade, Countdown Concert are also held. The festive stalls are decorated with wares such as fragrant flowers, garlands used during prayers, traditional oil lamps and beautiful Saris with intricate brocade patterns and glittering gems. Colourful Indian outfits, intricate costume jewellery and traditional arts and craft are also on sale. Deepavali hampers and gifts are exchanged during this period too.

Deepavali Hamper

Chinese Valentine’s Day – 23 Aug 2012

Today may be a common day for most of you, but for Chinese people, it has special meanings. It is the Double Seventh Festival, which is considered the Chinese Valentine’s Day. There’s a beautiful but sad story behind.

Long ago, there was a boy, clever, diligent and honest. Orphaned at an early age, he was very poor. However, he adopted an abandoned old buffalo, which proved to be very loyal and helped him a lot. The two enjoyed a good relationship so villagers came to know him by the name of the Cowherd.

At the same time, the youngest of the seven celestial princesses had grown tired of the secluded life in the heavenly palace. She longed for a mundane life she often saw down beneath her. That was a very pervert idea to cherish in heaven. Yet, determined to pursue her own happiness, she sneaked out and descended onto the earth and to the sudden happiness of the Cowherd with whom she had fallen in love.

They married and had a lovely boy and a girl. While the Cowherd worked in the fields with his old pal the buffalo, the heavenly princess weaved at home to help support the family. Villagers all admired her excellent weaving skill. She was now well-known as the Weaving Girl.

The family lived peacefully and happily until the girl‘s celestial royal family found her missing and traced her to the village. (By the way, it is popularly believed that a day in heaven accounts for years on the earth. The years she had spent with the Cowherd was but a day or so by the celestial calendar.)

The Celestial Empress was in such a wrath that she gave her daughter only two choices: to go back home or see her husband and children destroyed. She had no choice but to leave.

The old buffalo suddenly began to speak to the astonished young man, saying that he was dying in no time and asking him to use his hide as a vehicle to catch up with his wife. And off he sailed to heaven taking his young son and daughter in two baskets.
Fearing that the young man would catch up, the empress took out her hair spin and drew a big river across the sky, known to the Chinese as the Silvery River (the Milky Way in the West). She wanted to separate the family forever.
However, all the magpies in the world, deeply touched by the story, came to their rescue. Each year, on the seventh day of the seventh month, they would flock together to form a bridge so that the family may enjoy a brief reunion.

The day, 7th July of lunar calendar, became a traditional festival as the story hands down. And impressed by the story, a famous poet in Song Dynasty named Qin Guan wrote a beautiful poem for them:

Clouds float like works of art;
Stars shoot with grief at heart.
Across the Milky Way the Cowherd meets the Maid,
When autumn’s Golden Wind embraces Dew of Jade,
All the love scenes on earth, however many, fade.
Their tender love flows like a stream;
This happy date seems but a dream.
Can they bear a separate homeward way?
If love between both sides can last for age,
Why need they stay together night and day?

Every human will die and every story will be forgetten someday, but the pursuit for love and freedom will never fade.
Happy Chinese Valentine’s Day to everyone and hope the world would be just like the old saying, all shall be well, and Jack shall have Jill.

Hari Raya Hampers

We introduce our 2012 Hari Raya Hampers this year with new products and packaging. Visit our Hari Raya Hamper offering

For delivery of raya hampers, best to place latest by 15 Aug to ensure delivery before 19/20 Aug 2012 – which is the predicted hari raya day.

raya hamper

raya hamper


A short write up about Hari Raya:

After 30 days of dawn-to-dusk fasting during Ramadan, the first three days of Hari Raya Aidilfitri are celebrated on a grand scale. While Hari Raya Aidilfitri celebrations are colourful and fascinating, you should take note that the fasting month leading up to the holiday is probably the best time to experience the Malay culture and heritage.

For Muslims, the month of Ramadan is devoted to worship, charitable deeds and acts of compassion. To purify one’s body and soul, they practice abstinence from food and drink during the day. When the sun sets, families and friends often gather to break the fast with evening prayers and meals, and the streets of Geylang Serai and Kampong Glam come alive with performances and street bazaars. If you’re in Singapore during Ramadan, this is the best times to soak in the festivities. Head to the Malay Village in Geylang Serai or make your way to Kampong Glam, an area that was once home to Singapore’s Malay royalty. Both ethnic enclaves attract Singaporeans of all races, and wherever you’re from, you’re welcome to take part in the celebrations.

Besides the glittering street light-ups and traditional decorations, you’ll find street stalls that open from early afternoon till late into the night, selling a wide variety of traditional food, fashion, textiles and handicrafts. From tailor-made traditional dresses known as ‘baju kurung’ to hand-woven cushion covers, from affordable Persian carpets to delightful flower arrangements, you’re bound to find a keepsake of the festivities. In Geylang Serai, you’ll also find stalls that personalise key chains and door signs for the home, all engraved and painted by hand on finely-crafted wood.

The main attraction of the bazaars is, of course, the food. A trip to the bazaars is simply not complete without sampling the variety of traditional Malay cakes and pastries called ‘kueh-kueh’. Take your pick from sweet snacks like pineapple tarts, ‘ondeh-ondeh’ made with palm sugar filled centres, and ‘putu piring’, a steamed dessert served with grated coconut.

When Hari Raya Aidilfitri arrives, Muslim families often dress in the same colour to signify their unity. The men wear a loose shirt with trousers known as ‘baju Melayu’ and the women wear the quintessential ‘baju kurung’. If you’re lucky enough, you might get an invite to a home-cooked Hari Raya Aidilfitri feast. A wide variety of spicy dishes are traditionally served during the three-day celebration, including spicy beef ‘rendang’, vegetable curry ‘sayur lodeh’ and Malay rice cakes called ‘ketupat’.

If you’re in Singapore during Ramadan, don’t miss the opportunity to experience the rich Malay heritage, and when Hari Raya Aidilfitri comes around, celebrate this festive moment with gifts, hampers and greet everyone with a joyous “Selamat Hari Raya”.

Puppy Bouquet – Rekindling Those Puppy Love Moments

Puppy Bouquet – Rekindling Those Puppy Love Moments

We wanted to create someonething different from the regular bouquets we have been making all these years. We gather our florists and told ourselves that it must be firstly, unique, adorable yet appealing to the masses. A bouquet that speaks of love with a tinge of playfulness. We had to be bold and sassy. We decided on to create a puppy bouquet. Admittedly, our first few attempts needed more tweaking and after a few trials, we finally perfected the puppy bouquet we could confidently say we are really proud of. We introduced our puppy bouquet along with our puppy love theme.

puppy bouquet

puppy bouquet

Here’s a written review from our florist Jaslyn:

What comes to your mind when you come across the term “Puppy Love”?

Thinking back, most of us have found this experience to be a memorable and perhaps, cute one. One that would make us smile whenever we think about it. One most of us have been through during our younger days. An infatuation, a what seemed like an irresistible attraction… that racing heart, sweaty palms, cold feet, and stammering when that very special someone makes a conversation.

The Puppy Love bouquet designed and created by the florists in 24Hrs City Florist have seamlessly nailed the idea of making one feel the indescribable affection all over again. The clever and outstanding design has made it hard to take one’s eyes away. Whether or not the receiver of this bouquet has a puppy, he or she would be so drawn to it that everyone we know whom have received it have expressed that they feel more inclined to taking care of the flowers as compared to receiving a classic flower bouquet.

Order Funeral Flowers | Wreath Singapore Delivery

There is no eternity in life, the end of the road of every cherished moment with a lost friend, a family member, or our beloved ones.

As we remember the past with joy, laughter, and sometimes, sorrow during the most challenging times with our loved ones, the best thing we could ever do is to send them a quiet wish of eternal peace. It’s as if we bid them well as they transcend into a paradise of infinite serenity. And often, we symbolize our love with a floral gift.

singapore wreath delivery singapore funeral flower delivery singapore florist

Well-practiced, well-revered traditions of funeral floral arrangements are as old as history itself. From around the world, funeral rituals are practiced in many colours and shapes imaginable. It’s as if flowers are the universal language used when words fail in the moment of silence. Often condolence wreaths or funeral flowers are delivered when you are not able to personally able to attend the wake or service.

When flowers are arranged in a neat and orderly fashion, nothing in your floral gift could be seen as inappropriate. Among the most popular choices of flower arrangements are condolences flower stands, wreaths, crosses and hearts. Smaller table arrangements and hand bouquets, shref are also a good and more affordable option.

And when flowers become the only channel we use to speak to the departed, different floral colours convey different meanings. White, for example, represents perpetual peace, purity or a new beginning. Purplish blue, on the other hand, gives an essence of calmness and comfort. These two colours are the most ideal choices when arranging funeral fresh floral bouquets and baskets. Other floral colours include yellow for friendship, lavender for elegance, purple for honour and royalty, and pink for gentleness and subtle joy.

Order funeral flowers made easy. Heard of a friend who’s parent passed away and you are unable to attend the wake – the next best alternative is to order funeral flowers from us and we will deliver it for you on the same day. You can place your order from our website at or call us at our hotline at: (65) 6396-4222.

If it is your first time placing an order for funeral flowers, call us, our florist will be more than happy to assist you in selecting the right condolence wreath Singapore. In Singapore, funeral flowers that are delivered to the wake are sometimes called ‘wreath’, in general it is referred to as a condolence flowers. Condolence flowers comes in various shape and sizes in the form of a floral stand – fresh flowers arranged on a metal stand or a box/wooden stand. These stands are the most common sent as sympathy tribute to the bereaved friend or family.

funeral flowers

funeral flower stand

Wreath Singapore – or otherwise know as funeral flowers or condolence flowers can take in the shape of a wreath itself (flowers arranged in a circular mould or in some instances, a table of fresh flower arrangement or a hand held bouquet.

The colour selection of wreath or funeral flowers are generally solemn however, in certain circumstances, people so send colourful floral arrangement as a tribute to the deceased flamboyant personality. The colour red or pink are occasionally delivered as funeral flowers to the family of the deceased who may be a lady. Toys or dolls can be added as part of the flower arrangement in the event of a younger person who passed away. As solemn as a funeral rite ought to be, floral arrangements do not need to be sober and bland. Sometimes, mixing bright colours could portray our warmest and sincerest thoughts to the departed. Yes, losing someone may be a very painful process. But on a more profound note, we celebrate life and the memories we shared with the ones we’ve lost. And sometimes, a subtle grin appears in our faces as streams of uplifting memories come to mind.

Generally, is you are unsure of the type of wreath and colour of flowers to sent, the best choice is always the most common choice, which is the condolence flower stand with white or cream flowers.

Often, the best time to send flowers is at the wake when the service is ongoing, when the family of the deceased expects friends and other family members to arrive to pay their final respect to the decease. These flowers offer a comforting reminder that you are there to share their grief. Flowers also give a soothing effect with their colours and radiance.

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Giving Flowers Say A Lot Of About The Sender

Rutgers University researchers examine what the gifts we choose say about who we are and whether they affect how we are perceived. The research reveals that those who send flowers, in comparison to other gifts, are viewed as caring, successful, and emotionally intelligent people.

Flower Givers Perceived as Successful and Caring

sending flowers

Giving Flowers

Birthdays, congratulations, thank you, get well, I love you, thinking of you, sympathy. Each day, millions of gifts are exchanged by people who want to send thoughtful regards to deserving friends and loved ones. According to the research, the presents we pick to convey our special messages say a lot about us.

Rutgers University researcher Jeannette Haviland-Jones, Ph.D., director of the university’s Human Emotions Lab, explored what the gifts we choose say about who we are and whether they affect how we are perceived. The research reveals that those who send flowers, in comparison to other gifts, are viewed as successful, caring and emotionally intelligent people. More specific findings include:

Both men and women who give flowers are perceived as happy, achieving, strong, capable and courageous people;

Men and women come across as more emotionally intelligent; they give the impression they can effectively express their feelings and take time to understand the feelings of others; and Female floral gifters are viewed as more appreciative of beauty and nature.

sending flowers

Flowers Are Message of Love & Care

“Our findings show that you can influence and change what people think of you in a significant way through the gifts you give,” says Haviland-Jones. “That news is particularly important to those interested in enhancing friendships and romances, even business relationships.”

Discovering the scientific power of flowers is not new to Haviland-Jones. Previous Rutgers University research conducted by her team found that flowers create instant delight and happiness, and increase enjoyment and life satisfaction. Specifically, upon receiving a gift of flowers, the female study participants responded with true smiles and reported positive moods that lasted for days. The presence of flowers also led to increased contact with family and

mother's day

Any time is a good time to give flowers

“Flowers have evolved to activate positive emotional responses from people,” says Haviland-Jones. “Each bloom has the potential to put a smile on our face and sway our opinion of a friend, colleague or loved one. That’s powerful.”

M.J. Ryan, award-winning author of the Random Acts of Kindness book series and The Giving Heart, uses cutting-edge science to bring out the best in people. In her books, she teaches individuals how gratitude and generosity can result in greater happiness, health and feelings of human connectivity.

“Gift recipients experience compelling connections with givers, and the positive link is particularly evident in the exchange of flowers,” says Ryan. “In my everyday work with individuals, CEOs and leadership teams at some of the world’s top global companies, I see the powerful implications of gratitude and appreciation.”

According to Ryan, a simple call to the florist can make a big impact beyond conventional gifting occasions. Some of her favorite, unexpected gifting opportunities include surprise recognition for a job well done; an “I miss you” gift for an out-of-town family member; and an advance “thanks for hosting us” gesture before visiting a friend’s house.

mother's day

mother's day

“A successful person is not necessarily someone with a lot of money and material goods, but rather someone who is in tune with people and knows how to touch their hearts,” says Ryan. “I can think of no other item besides flowers that evokes such positive feelings and perceptions for both the giver and the recipient.”

sending flowers

Flowers Communicate Romance


Send Flowers Birthday & Gifts

Birthday Flowers

Birthday flowers are ascribed by tradition for those born on any given date in the year in Europe and the West. Here are a list of the more commonly know birthday flowers. Click here to send flowers birthday

January – Hydrangea, Imperial Lily
February – Yellow Rose, Amaryllis, Calla Lily
March – Rose Geranium, Ivy,
April – Daisy, Peach Blossom, Tulip
May – Sweet William, Carolina rose,
June – Red Tulip, Peony,
July – White Rose, Magnolia
Aug – Burgundy Rose, Daffodil
Sept – Iris, Lily Of The Valey, Cabbage
Oct – Red Rose
Nov – Yellow Lily
Dec – Canation, Chrysanthemum

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Send Flowers to Surprise Someone You Love

Want to surprise someone? Why don’t you surprise someone by sending flowers to your beloved at midnight and see how the recipient will react while receiving flowers? Sending flowers at midnight is a good way to make someone feel good and warm. It will create the feeling of surprise and freshen the heart and soul of recipient. We use flowers for different purpose such as gifts, decoration, sympathy, congratulation, etc. Be it anniversary, birthday, wedding ceremony or any other celebration time, flowers are considered as the perfect gift for every occasion.

Flowers can be gifted in several form and arrangements, according to the occasion and the requirements. Flowers are best gift to express yourself without saying anything. Flower can be gifted on any occasion as a gift without thinking twice. There is nothing comparable to flowers. This is best creation of nature that has its own attractiveness. The beauty and fragrance of flowers is warm and inviting. You can express any emotion with flowers whether it is best wishes or sympathy.

Giving flowers to someone reflect gifting the beauty of graceful designs, delight of colors and pleasure of sweet fragrance in his life. Flowers go beyond all the boundaries and barriers and spread their message of love and fragrance of goodness despite caste, creed, gender, and nationality. Even the illiterate people can also understand the language of flowers.

With the boom of the Internet, it becomes easy and convenient to send flowers to anytime when you want. Due to the ease and comfort of online shopping, it becomes the obvious choice of people when it comes to making their flower purchase.

Questions To Ask On a First Date

Conversation starters can literally save your life on a first date.


Well, as you know, going on a first date can be very scary and intimidating. Our minds are overcome with fear and insecurities and we cave in to those emotions.

We’re scared of being rejected, we’re afraid of failure, we’re nervous about saying the wrong thing at the wrong time and we’re anxious about what our date will think of us.

All these anxieties are totally human and completely understandable – but they produce devastating results: they paralyze us and greatly inhibit our ability to behave normally and confidently like we do with our family and with our closest friends.

Our personal fears lead us to the most uncomfortable situation where we feel a terrible lack of confidence, all stressed out, angry and frustrated. The bottom line is that we’re doomed to end up in the most annoying, embarrassing and even humiliating situation, which we all know as that “awkward silence”.

Believe it or not, most of us do have the capacity to carry on a fluid, easy-going and enjoyable conversation with people we have known for years – so, with the right approach, it shouldn’t be any different with the woman we’re on a first date with.

And the right approach is… conversation starters!

Preparing a list of topics and questions that you can use on the first date can do wonders for your dating skills.

When you have an arsenal of conversation starters – it’s very easy to keep the conversation going.

You always have something to say, you develop a lively conversation like there’s nothing to it, you’re not nervous, “stuck” or “blocked” and you can avoid the awkward silence disaster pretty easily.

Here are 10 conversation starters that you can use on your next first date:

·Has any book had a major impact on you?
·What was the best bargain you ever found?
·What’s the most annoying thing someone could do on a first date?
·What’s the most unusual thing you know how to do?
·Is there anything you can’t say “no” to?
·What food could they not pay you enough to eat?
·Who are your cult heroes? Why?
·What was the craziest thing you ever did when you were a kid?
·If you could have any job in the world, what would it be?
·What would be the title of your biography?

There are so many conversation starters that can work for you fantastically. They can serve as a great base for a flowing, lively, enjoyable conversation that can let your date learn about the “real you” while you leave all the pressure, anxiety and fear behind you.

Don’t leave home to go out on a first date empty-handed. Sit down, prepare some great conversation starters, memorize and practice them and your chances for a great date will increase drastically

Written by: Avishai Fuksman – author of “The Date Saver”

How To Make A Girl Fall In Love With You

Let’s get started. Getting a girl of your dreams is much like getting the car of your dream. But unlike a car which you can always bargain for, there is nothing like a 20 percent discount in courting the girl of your dreams, she’s so sweet a thing to be discounted, you dearly are in love with her and your feelings for her can only be communicated not by the words of the mouth, but by the words of the heart. Getting the girl actually depends on how big your heart is – faint heart, never won fair lady.

The first dating idea for any man is to make a good impression. In your doing so, you don’t have to talk, dress or do the common things that all the Toms do to get a decent girl’s attention. Be unique, that’s all you need. Be a man of his own style. Dress decently – indecency can make one be mistaken for arrogance; watch your language – obscene language gives the impression of immaturity, being uncultured and cheap; be a man of good habits – don’t drink or smoke like any other loser.

How to make her fall in love with you? Take your time. Add some romance to your dating style. When in College I had a crush on the most beautiful lady in our first year lot. Though all senior guys were out to get that girl, I managed to divert her attention from the other guys. I wrote her three letters without disclosing my identity and slid into her room secretly; all I said was ‘Yours Secret Admirer.’ The first letter contained the meaning of her name, this I got by playing around with the initials of her name to make meaning. The second was a funny message that could only be read backwards and it was all about her physique and her smartness. In the third letter I told the girl to be ready to receive a rose flower
from her admirer, but only if she could be kind enough to phone him using a number that I had included in the letter. The girl did phone me that very night, and her first words to me were, “Hallo Secret Admirer.” So, the story of our love affair came to be. Later she told me that was so creative of me, no one had approached her in that manner. I made her fall in love with me and made a date in the romantic manner.

Befriending and understanding the girl you are out to get is the next important thing. This is what I also did. You have to understand that as a lady, she loves to be loved, adores to be adored and needs to be needed. This will move you closer to the girl and you’ll get to know what she’s into, what she likes and dislikes, and what her style is. Love is built upon friendship and it always leaves individuals better off having known each other should they break up. I and my College steady were to break some time later but to date, we are the best of buddies. Be sure that bringing out the selflessness friend in you will make her create room for you in her heart.

A shoulder to lean on and some good friend that she can always turn to is all that a lady wants. Please don’t hesitate to be helpful and supportive. Be that friend who rekindles her zeal of hardworking and restoring hope back into her life when she looses hope. This above all other things will make you her daily vitamin simply because you bring out the best in her in terms of personality and character. In you, she’ll have found that friend whom she can open up to, share with and advice each other on the rights and wrongs, the dos and don’ts of life. Don’t forget to always be there to celebrate the good times, and to lend an ear when the girl needs you to listen as a friend.

Make the girl feel special; because she’s someone’s friend – your friend, and let her know that she too has touched your life in a unique way like no one else could. Compliment her for her company and for being there when you needed her, when you felt sad and all alone. Show appreciations for the comfort the girl offers you and for making you smile.

In your day to day talks, share your dreams, your world, and every aspect of your life with your girl. Always dream with her, build with her, and always cheer her on and encourage her. Tell your girl how you always think about her even when you try not to think about her. Let the girl know that she’s your first thing in the morning and the last thing when you go to bed at night.

Her knowing that you were thinking of her when you slipped beneath the softness of your blanket and gave in to the bliss of sweet dreams, will make her go ‘my my’ and her heart will sing your name all the year round.

You have to be creative and constructive to keep girl’s interest in you so full of life. I remember one time I told my girlfriend to be to imagine we are both deaf and dump. We then sat opposite each other on the table and started sharing our feelings for each other using eyes and hand signs. It turned out to be some fun. There was also this time that we were in the library and we decided we are not going to speak to each other verbal, so I wrote a love note on a paper and passed it across the table to her, she replied and on and on we carried on our love on paper conversation till we almost exhausted a whole rim of paper. At sometime, I noticed that some guys sited with us on the table were enjoying our ordeal than their studies. Such are the things that made the girl embrace my world. I remember her suggesting that we play deaf and dump two years after we broke up, can you imagine that?

Never fail to phone her, even when she least expects it. I once called some girl that I was interested in at four o’clock in the morning. When inquiring of what I was doing up so early, I told her I was in thirteenth heaven, where people think of their loved ones when they can’t sleep. Wow! First thing early the next morning, she was at my door with a king-sized hug for me. No matter how many dates you take her, don’t make any elbow – exceeding moves after any date, just drop her home and with a friendly handshake, wish her good night. Don’t kiss her when she expects you to. Your respect as a gentleman will be earned on how patient you are with her when it comes to such matters as kissing her and accessing her inner graces.

The writing is on the wall that you want her, but you can’t have her just yet. Increase your demand. Try to show her that men are also hard to get at times. Make her realize that when she feels a little dizzy, a little tired, a little sad, a little sick, a lot bored and very much cold, she’s actually missing vitamin you. By this time, she’ll be so much into you and since love is truthful and is characterized by open and honest communication, honestly promise her your everlasting devotion, loyalty, respect, and your unconditional love for a lifetime. Prove to her that you’ll always be there for her, to listen and to hold her hand, and that you’ll always do your best to make her happy, and feel loved.

Remember, patience is the key to her heart; be like that gardener watching a fruit as it hangs on the tree, day after day admiring it, but, exercising tremendous self-discipline, neither feeling the fruit, nor pinching it, nor testing it to see if it is ready. And then, one day he holds out his hand and the fruit simply drops into it, ripe, warm and eager to be eaten.

The patience and self-control which you practice will make you more attractive and charming. This will qualify you as her daily vitamin and win you that heart hers.

I wish you to meet the girl of your dreams ASAP, make her fall in love with you, and make her feel the happiest girl in the world!

By: Vlad Karl – writer of dating, friendship and love relationship columns

Thanks Mum!

When you came into the world, she held you in her arms. You thanked her by wailing like a banshee.
When you were 1, she fed you and bathed you. You thanked her by crying all night long.

When you were 2, she taught you to walk. You thanked her by running away when she called.

When you were 3, she made all your meals with love. You thanked her by tossing your plate on the floor.

When you were 5, she walked you to school. You thanked her by screaming, “I’M NOT GOING!”

When you were 9, she paid for piano lessons. You thanked her by never bothering to practice.

When you were 11, she took you and your friends to the movies. You thanked her by asking to sit in a different row.

When you were 15, she came to you, looking for a hug. You thanked her by having your bedroom door locked.

When you were 17, she was expecting an important call. You thanked her by being on the phone all night.

When you were 19, she paid for your college tuition, drove you to campus, carried your bags. You thanked her by saying good-bye outside the dorm so you wouldn’t be embarrassed in front of your friends.

OUCH!! We won’t go on! This humorous account of being a mum simply highlights all the things our mothers do for us (and that we do for our own children) that often go un-noticed. It truly is a role worthy of appreciation!

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