Between Dried And Preserved Flowers: What’s The Difference?

Over the recent years, dried and preserved flowers have gradually risen in popularity. In fact, if you take a quick peek at your social media feed, such as Instagram or Pinterest, you will likely see photographs and short videos of stunning dried and preserved flower arrangements on occasions like weddings or simply placed in people’s abodes.

If you have yet to know, the existence of dried flowers dates back to around 4,000 years ago. However, their popularity seems to have resurfaced only recently, thanks to the aesthetics of these blooms that the millennials and Gen Z appreciate. While trends come and go, the popularity of these sustainable florals does not seem to be declining anytime soon. Though unfortunately, not many know much about dried and preserved flowers, including what makes them different from one another and why they can be deemed functional.

If you happen to be one of the many individuals who might not know better, fret not – in this article, we share the differences between the two stunning blooms.

Dried flowers

Dried flowers are essentially dehydrated flowers that have been stripped of their natural moisture. Drying once fresh flowers can be achieved through different kinds of methods, with some floral and foliage varieties much easier to dry compared to the others.

The most common and traditional method for drying flowers is the process of air drying. To do so, you simply need to hang the flowers upside-down in a dark, cool, and dry place for an extended period, with the stems spread out to make sure they dry out evenly.

Once completely dried, the flowers usually appear duller as an outcome of the dehydration process. The petals and foliage then become brittle, often wrinkling and shrinking, and the colours will keep on fading as they go through the natural process of ageing. In the end, you will be left with breath-taking, sustainable florals that come in beautiful earthy tones. Although dried flowers are delicate, they can last years when handled gently and kept from direct sunlight and humidity.

Preserved flowers

Preservation is another technique for drying flowers, but its main difference from the other methods is that it uses more refined mechanisms to preserve the blooms. In essence, preserving flowers is a scientific method used to extend the life of fresh florals.

Floral preservation is done by placing the flowers in a unique gel mixture or glycerin solution while they are still in their perfect blooming state. With the use of glycerin, the flowers will not dry out and will instead maintain their lively and graceful form. This is because the glycerin acts as a replacement for the water in the flower, resulting in a bloom that never dries.

The leaves, stem, and petals of a flower will maintain their texture and will not get wrinkled if it undergoes the preservation process. The flower will also feel rubbery and flexible. However, one disadvantage of using glycerin to preserve flowers is that it usually results in the fading of the florals’ colours in time. For this reason, food colouring and dyes are often added to enhance the colour of a preserved flower.

Why use dried and preserved flowers?

Dried and preserved flowers are excellent options for making a multitude of original floral arrangements and designs. Indeed, dried or preserved blooms make lovely additions to a bouquet of flowers. Due to their longevity, they carry plenty of economic value and are considered the best choice for sustainable, eco-conscious folks.

Aside from the obvious convenience of not having to water dried and preserved flowers, these florals are incredibly beneficial for florists in Singapore and beyond as they are available all year round. These flowers can be used every season of the year, and they come in all types of shapes, colours, and sizes.

For event designers, dried and preserved flowers are also a favourite décor option. They allow for a set-up several days in advance without worrying that it might wilt, and their beauty remains astonishing throughout the event. Hence, this is why you might often spot dried and preserved blooms in floral decorations for restaurants, hotels, and even offices.


Dried and preserved flowers might be similar in nature, but they come with their differences. While these differences might not seem much, they are beneficial for instances where you might favour one over the other due to perhaps the way they feel to the touch.

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