Few flowers bloom as uniquely as the delphinium. Growing on tall stalks with average 20 or so flowers per stem, the delphinium flower is a crowd favourite amongst florists for adding character, volume and of course, height, to a bouquet. Let’s learn more about the delphinium flower and its meaning, as well as delphinium flower care in this article!

Delphinium flower colors and meaning

The delphinium flower meaning can vary depending on the colour, but some general meanings still hold true for all colors. The delphinium flower and its meaning takes root in its anatomy.

Openness to romance – the soft, romantic edges of its petals and delicate appearance links its strongly with the concept of love and romance. The fact that the flower grows in clusters at the end of a long stem also represent one’s openness and generosity to new emotions and feelings, being the perfect flower to represent a budding romance.

Positivity – historically, people used the delphinium flower to ward off evil spirits and negative energy. This translated into the flower being a symbol of optimism and positivity in modern day context.

Innocence, fragility –  the stalks of the delphinium are fragile and (infamously) known to break in strong wind. As such, when grown in the open, they require conscious protection from harsh winds to grow successfully.

Deep blue delphinium flower – already an uncommon colour in itself, the fact that blue is the most common delphinium colour makes this flower all the more popular. The blue delphinium flower generally represents dignity and grace. The deep blue is also an appropriate colour when used as a remembrance flower.

Light blue delphinium flower – by nature of the light blue colour, these uplifting coloured delphiniums usually represent youth and success, perfect for that friend with a new venture or starting in a new phase of life.

Purple delphinium flower – as with all purple-coloured flowers, the purple delphinium is a good flower for signify royalty and beauty

White delphinium flower – white is the trademark colour to represent purity and innocence, making it ideal as gifts for a newborn, or at weddings and baptisms

Pink delphinium flower – being in pink just further adds to its appeal as a flower of romance, and could definitely be used as a complement to roses for that special someone

Delphinium flower care

Delphinium flower care is, in all honesty, not easy. Delphiniums are high-maintenance flowers that require consistent attention. They need a cool area with mild heat akin to the gentle morning sun – this means that there should ideally be shade from the harsh afternoon sun daily. Humidity is required but only low humidity is ideal. As for the soil, it should be kept constantly moist but well-drained, meaning it should not be soaked with water regularly. The delphinium flower also requires regular fertilization – if you start seeing yellow petals or stunted growth in height, this means the plant is lacking fertilizer. Most importantly, the delphinium stalks are hollow, fragile, and break easily in strong winds – if you anticipate this, consider staking the plants to avoid all your hard work growing them to go to waste. During blooming season, which is usually in spring and summer, consider deadheading your blooms to encourage continual blooming throughout the season.

Delphinium cut flower care

The unique colour and shape of delphinium flowers make them a florist-favourite. Luckily for us, they have an average shelf life of 7-14 days depending on how well the stalks get cared for. As with most cut flowers, here are a few tips to keep the blooms alive for longer:

  • Cut each stalk at a 45 degree angle to promote water uptake
  • Cut out any leaves that will fall below water level
  • Cut out the dried flowers
  • Delphiniums should be placed in a cool area out of direct sunlight
  • Change the water every 2-3 days
  • Keep the flower away from ripe fruits like bananas and apples, that can promote rotting of your petals.
flower arrangement with delphinium flowers

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