14 February – the day where people declare their love worldwide internationally. Valentine’s Day or also known as Saint Valentine’s Day is also the day where grand gestures of romance are shown, from sending flower bouquets, gifting teddy bears to penning sweet thoughtful notes. It’s also the perfect day to send flowers to your significant other, crush, friend or simply a loved one. If you’re not sure what is the best type of bouquet or flower is appropriate to send to your loved one, read on to find out more.

Do Singaporeans believe that Valentine’s Day is worth celebrating?

source: sg.YouGov.com

A YouGov survey in 18 countries and territories shows that Valentine’s Day is seen cynically in each one. The study was to show whether they thought Valentine’s Day is celebrated more because it is a ‘proper’ special occasion, or if it was an occasion that people wouldn’t celebrate if it weren’t for pressure from commercial entities like greetings card companies.


Interestingly enough, 45% believe that it is celebrated more due to commercial pressure. In Singapore, 63% believe so as well and this is across genders (both males and females feel the same way). Locally, Singaporeans aged between 18-24 (30%) appear to be somewhat less hostile to Valentine’s Day than older people, saying that it is most likely an occasion worth celebrating.


Skepticism aside, how you celebrate the love you have for your loved ones is personal. People express their love in different ways – be it buying gifts, sending flower bouquets or planning experiences. The key point is knowing how to make your partner feel special.



Having done a poll on Instagram amongst about 40 participants aged between 20 to 40, it wasn’t surprising that the majority (55%) of the polled participants said that they would be purchasing flower bouquets for their significant other. This was closely followed by those who said that they would be purchasing flower bouquets for their friends (45%).


Generally, the most celebrated relationships during Valentine’s Day tend to be romantic ones. This means that on this date, most people tend to send flower bouquets to their wives, girlfriends or crushes. What’s the best flower bouquet, flower type or size to send to your loved one?


  1. For Partner/ Girlfriend / Boyfriend/ Wife:


Express your love by sending your significant other a flower bouquet that symbolises passionate love. The most common type of bouquet would definitely be red roses Symbolising passionate love, red roses is a great way to say “I love you” through sending a flower bouquet.


Depending on how big you would like the gesture to be, you could opt for a small or big bouquet of roses. To some, the bigger the bouquet, the better, whereas for others, smaller bouquets work as well. It depends on your significant other’s preference.

red rose bouquet


While the classic red rose bouquet is timeless, sending a contemporary flower bouquet to your partner is a great idea as well! Opt for a softer romantic pastel coloured flower bouquets or an elegant mix of red or pink roses in a darker wrapping if you would like something different.



  1. For Colleagues / Female Business Associates / Friends


While it might not be as common in Singapore to purchase flower bouquets for colleagues or female business associates, that doesn’t mean that you can’t do so! Sending flower bouquets to colleagues or female business associates could be a great way to build up the friendship. Just be careful not to send flowers that mean passionate love (unless you’re trying to confess something).


Some choices that you could opt for include bright cheery gerberas which symbolise warm friendship. Valentine’s day is definitely not just a day to celebrate just romantic relationships but relationships that matter.


  1. For Mother / Mother-In-Law


We will never forget the first person we love, and for many of us that’s our parents. Surprise your mother by sending her a bouquet of fresh flowers to perk up her day. It’ll be a pleasant and sweet surprise to let her know that she’s on your mind during this special day.


Go for basket arrangements or even hampers that she might enjoy! Else, if you know your mother or mother-in-law’s favourite bloom, why not send it her way on this special day?



Valentine’s Day may be commercialised but that doesn’t mean that it’s a bad reason to show our loved ones that we care about them on this special occasion. While romantic love is usually the most commonly celebrated, platonic friendships and family love is one that is worth celebrating. By sending flower bouquets to those you care about, it will definitely make them feel loved and appreciated.

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