Tens of years back, there probably was never such a question. Most would have (erroneously) assumed that any lady would be over the moon to receive flowers, or any other form of gift. Because back in those days, the lady’s value was conceptualized to be dependent on the man, and to receive a gift is a representation of being acknowledged by a man.

But the narratives have (fortunately) evolved with time. A woman’s value is shifting away from being dependent on the attraction from a man, and instead centered around one’s own values and achievements.

As such, merely buying a lady a gift any-o-how is no longer going to cut it. A gift without any meaning nor intention is not of value to the lady – if she had wanted the item, she could very well have bought it for herself – why wait around to receive it passively? This understanding helps us to answer the question of whether Singaporean girls like receiving flowers. Reflexively the answer is yes – intrinsically a bouquet of flowers does no harm and will be appreciated for all intended purposes. But gone are the days where just thrusting over a bouquet of flowers is significant enough. For the flowers to really make an impact and be worth its value, there must be thought and intention behind the gift. Thus making the flower delivery an experience rather than a task or duty.

With that established, let’s explore how we can make the gift of flowers increase the bang for your buck.

Giving flowers is easy, it honestly just requires money. But to make it memorable, requires sincerity. Think of how to individualize the flowers to your receiver – tap on her preferences and favourites. Capitalize on the natural language of flowers to convey your own feelings and add on a written note to make it even clearer. Handwritten notes really beat the test of time and could hardly ever go wrong, unlike the masochist attitudes towards women of the past.

Many a time people think that the more expensive or elaborate the bouquet, the better the gift. Well, if you’re really looking to make this bouquet memorable, you would be way better off giving her flowers that she likes, rather than flowers that you think would make you look good in the eyes of the public.

hello kitty flower bouquet

Think things like customized bouquets or unique character bouquets that you can also find here at 24h city florist. And if you ever need help with this whole flower thing, contact the friendly florists at the shop for a helping hand, they would definitely be more than happy to assist!

We should probably also delve deeper into what flowers mean for the modern day lady.

Like any other gift, a well-curated bouquet of flowers first signifies thoughtfulness. It shows you considered her preferences in your selection of flowers. More importantly, it shows you thought about her and wanted to give her flowers hoping that she would like them. That in itself is enough to put a smile on someone’s face.

A bouquet could also convey appreciation, as in “I appreciate you for what you’ve done” and “I appreciate you being here for me/with me”. For many of the ladies working hard to fulfil both career and family responsibilities, a simple gesture like this acknowledges their efforts and could very well give them the motivation to strive on.

And sometimes, receiving a bouquet of flowers could simply just be a nice thing to experience, like a form of pampering of sorts. Regardless of how independent and strong one strives to be, most people regardless of gender, would likely appreciate the occasional indulgence. Sometimes, after working really hard for a really long time, it would be nice to just sit back and be taken care for a short while. That’s the kind of effect the random, ‘just because I want to’ bouquet gift could have on your loved one. With Valentine’s Day approaching, don’t miss this opportunity to give flowers;  not for the sake of giving but giveth from the heart to the soul of your loved one. One may argue sending valentine’s day flowers is so passe these days. But truth to be told, it still means something to most ladies who receive flowers on Valentine’s day.

On the other hand, though, let’s also not forget about the ladies who genuinely would prefer not to receive flowers for various reasons. Commonly people cite practicality concerns and allergies. What can the man do in such situations?

The straightforward answer would be to give the lady what she wants! And if that does not involve flowers, then no point forcing it. Do yourself a favour and give them something that they would appreciate instead. But we do have some tricks to help you win some brownie points though – consider giving her mum flowers on special occasions like the mum’s birthday or Mother’s Day. Your lady might not like flowers, but she will for sure like a man who cares for her parents!

Well, there we have it! The modern day response to whether Singaporean girls like receiving flowers. In all honesty, if you’re reading this and contemplating whether or not to give your lady a bouquet, why not just give it a shot and see how it goes. The very worst that could happen is really just one wasted bouquet, but you will for sure walk away with a better understanding of her and what (not) to do in the future!

Written by Engracia

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