4 Types Of Flowers That Flourish In Singapore's Climate

Singapore is known for having a commonly tropical climate with high humidity all year round – primarily since it is located near the equator. However, its humid climate does not prevent this beautiful island nation from being a haven of fresh and stunning flowers. Indeed, you can find plenty of beautiful bouquets of flowers islandwide.

While there are many popular flower bouquets one can choose from, unfortunately, not all types of flowers are able to withstand the humidity that comes with Singapore’s climate. They may be pretty to the eyes, but ultimately, they will not last long. If you are planning to send a bouquet to a loved one via flower bouquet delivery in Singapore, let this article serve as a guide for some of the most lovely flowers that flourish in Singapore’s humid climate to consider when picking your next floral gift!

1. Sunflowers

Although it can generally be challenging to maintain flowers in their best condition at home for a long time due to Singapore’s humid climate, this is not so much of a problem when it comes to sunflowers. Sunflowers are heat-tolerant flowers that will flourish with enough water and proper care. For this reason, sunflowers are known for adapting well to most conditions worldwide. Hence, if you would like a flower bouquet that will last a long period of time, these cheery yellow blooms are an excellent choice to consider.

2. Daisies 

Daisies are an all-time favourite in Singapore not just because of their sophisticated and delicate look but also because they thrive in the sunniest spots and humid weather. The bright yellow centre of these gorgeous-looking white flowers also releases a subtle sweet scent that is sure to make your loved one’s day brighter and spruce up their home. Daisies make great additions to any flower bouquet, but they can also be fantastic standalone flowers due to their natural beauty.

3. Lilies

Lilies, particularly calla lilies, are tropical florals that will prosper in heat and are even tolerant to drought. These flowers usually prefer humidity, moisture, and a reasonably warm environment to keep themselves blooming. To keep calla lilies longer lasting, it is vital to keep them in partial shade and ensure they are not watered too aggressively. Choosing the right colour is also essential if you plan to give a bouquet of calla lilies as a gift since their colours represent different meanings.

4. Hydrangeas

While hydrangeas usually prefer moist soils, they are also pretty much heat-tolerant. However, it is essential not to place them in direct sunlight, as it will most likely cause them to wither and die. On the contrary, providing hydrangeas with plenty of water is a great way to help extend their shelf life. Like lilies, hydrangeas also come in various colours, with each colour representing different things. Hence, choosing the right colour is also crucial. 


Despite its humid climate, Singapore is undoubtedly home to many wonderful flower bouquets that will warm the hearts of your beloved when they receive one. If you want to give your loved one a bouquet that can last long and withstand Singapore’s hot and humid weather, sunflowers, lilies, daisies, and hydrangeas are some of the best florals you should consider.

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