Sunflower Bouquets: Why Are They Popular For Graduation?

Graduation is a special day for most students as it signifies both the end and beginning of significant chapters in their lives. Suppose a family member or a friend of yours is about to receive their diploma or degree soon. In that case, you may want to start thinking about the graduation flower bouquet to give them as a congratulatory gift on their big day.

graduation flower bouquet

In truth, giving flowers on graduation day has become a popular tradition observed by many people not only in Singapore but across the globe. This is not surprising considering that flowers usually have profound meanings attached to them. And when it comes to graduation ceremonies, sunflowers are often the best flower to choose! In this article, we share why sunflowers are a popular choice and in demand on graduation day.

The beauty of sunflowers

The beauty of sunflowers

The scientific name for sunflowers is ‘helianthus’, which is derived from the Greek words’ helios’ (sun) and ‘anthos’ (flower). The moniker of this lovely flower is so fitting, as sunflowers greatly resemble the sun. The head of a sunflower typically has a massive and almost black centre that consists of hundreds of tiny florets, which subsequently develop into seeds arranged in a spiral shape.

Although some types of sunflowers have red or orange petals, these flowers normally come with brilliant yellow petals. Their leaves are often big and rough with sharp and jagged edges. On the other hand, their stems are typically coarse with hair. Most sunflowers are only 1½ to 3½ metres tall, but some varieties can grow as tall as 8 metres.

Why sunflowers are popular during graduation

1. Uniqueness

Not many people choose to incorporate sunflowers into their desired bouquet of flowers. Unlike other flowers, the enormous bloom of a sunflower occupies a lot of room. It usually sits in the middle, surrounded by filler flowers. With that said, this is the best option for a graduation bouquet as it reflects the graduate’s individuality and distinction. Moreover, the appearance of a sunflower emits brightness, which is appropriate for graduation day.

2. Meaning

Giving a sunflower to a graduate solely due to its aesthetics does not provide justice to the several meanings this flower holds. In Chinese culture, sunflowers are believed to bring good luck, prosperity, and safety. Hence, they are ideal for new graduates who are about to enter the workforce, face another academic challenge, or embark on their next adventure. Sunflowers can also signify friendship and enduring ties, thus making one a perfect gift for a graduating friend.

3. Longevity

Sunflowers retain their freshness longer than other flowers. When cut and placed in a vase with adequate water, they often last for at least a week or longer. They generally do not wilt too quickly, which is ideal for a protracted graduation ceremony. In addition, most florists advise buyers to break down the arrangement of sunflowers and place them in a water vase to prolong their life.

4. Impression


If you want a room filled with happiness, place a couple of sunflowers in a vase and put them up front. Indeed, sunflowers are joyful flowers that give the impression of brightness, bliss, and high spirits. They are usually given during graduation to help decrease the sad feeling of ending an important journey in life. Giving sunflowers will definitely bring a smile to a graduate and provide them with a sense of relief that although a journey has ended, a new one will surely begin.


Sunflowers are undoubtedly among the brightest and most beautiful flowers you can find on the face of the earth. With its brilliant appearance, profound meaning, outstanding longevity, and positive impression, you can never go wrong with giving a bouquet of sunflowers to a beloved family member or friend who is graduating. A sunflower bouquet will surely make their special day even more special!

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