Choosing Hypoallergenic Flowers For Your Allergic Loved Ones

Like everywhere else, Singapore is no stranger to various types of allergies. In fact, recent studies show that approximately 24 per cent of Singaporeans experience some form of allergic rhinitis, typically that which most people call seasonal allergies. This subset of allergic rhinitis is also known as hay fever and is mainly caused by the pollen from certain flowers and plants drifting in the air during certain seasons. In Singapore’s temperate climate, high pollen levels are produced seasonally and vex those suffering from allergies.

While this information may not seem to matter to you now, it will be once you decide to send someone a beautiful bouquet for any occasion. Knowing if your recipient is allergic can make the difference between your gift being well-received and appreciated or outright rejected and possibly causing harm as it triggers an allergic reaction. To ensure the latter outcome does not happen, get acquainted with the best hypoallergenic flowers to give to someone with allergies!

1. Orchids

Orchids come in a stunning array of shapes, colours, and patterns to suit any event with excellent longevity. What’s more, their pollen is sticky in nature, meaning they do not get carried into the air and affect people – ideal for your allergic loved ones!

2. Roses

The iconic rose is yet another floral option for those enamoured by its lovely beauty and symbolism but not the allergies it may bring. While roses still contain pollen, they are not small enough to be carried in the air and cause an allergy attack, hence why they are classified as hypoallergenic.

3. Hydrangeas

Hydrangeas are one of the select pollen-free flowers and thus ideal in a hypoallergenic bouquet. Their large and round shape that exudes fullness and elegance and the beautiful colours that these blooms are blessed with makes them a perfect choice for special events such as weddings and marriage proposals.

4. Tulips

The tall and slender tulips can be found in a variety of bright and beautiful colours and look stunning in all kinds of bouquet designs. These pollen-free blooms are a wonderful option to give to someone with allergies or to plant in your own garden!

5. Peonies

Peonies are among the most popular with flower lovers, even those with allergies, given their soft petals, myriad colour options, and fragrant natural scent. What makes them hypoallergenic mainly lies in their layered petals, which trap the pollen and make it less likely to be dispersed into the air.


Sending a gift of flowers should be met with bright smiles and words of appreciation, not an unexpected allergic reaction that sours the mood. By engaging a reputable florist in Singapore, you can request a dazzling hypoallergenic flower arrangement that is sure to be well-received by those you intend to send your best wishes.

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