Graduation Day: How To Pick The Ideal Blooms For Graduates

While graduation season for Polytechnic students has quite recently ended, it has just begun for our university students in Singapore! With graduation ceremonies fast approaching, this means that physical and online flower shops will once again be filled with parents and friends looking to find the best graduation flowers for their loved ones. Indeed, giving a bouquet of flowers to someone who has just graduated has since become a traditional way of saying congratulations on their life-changing accomplishment.

On graduation day, you can see graduates begin tossing their caps, signalling the end of their academic life. Thus, giving them a gift that expresses your admiration and pride in them in the form of a flower bouquet is undoubtedly a delight – it only enhances the already triumphant ambience of graduation day.

There are endless possibilities for graduation flower bouquets, but before you experience decision paralysis, consider using these tips to choose the ideal blooms;

1. Go traditional with the classics

When it comes to graduation day, you can never go wrong with a classic bouquet of red roses or sunflowers! After all, it has been claimed that when Spanish conquistadors arrived in South America, they believed the sunflowers to be made of gold. It is hardly surprising that the sunflower is now associated with prosperity and fortune considering its amiable nature and traditionally positive significance – not a terrible thing to wish for those who will soon enter the workforce!

2. Choose their favourite flowers

Choose their favourite flowers

Source: NUS, NTU & SMU Instagram

Finding your graduate’s favourite flowers and including them in the celebration is, of course, the perfect way to mark the end of the school year. Flowers not only instantly give any occasion a jubilant vibe, but they also make for incredibly Instagrammable keepsakes! You may consider choosing graduation bouquets with bold, brilliant colours to remind them of fresh starts and rebirth. Additionally, one can always dry or press the flowers to keep as a remembrance of this achievement.

3. School colours as inspirations

Maintaining the theme of the graduate’s alma mater is an exciting approach to commemorating the end of a school year. Flowers in the school colours not only look fantastic in graduation photographs, but they also honour the academic institution that looked after the graduate for the few years they were there as a student.

Some florists in Singapore, such as 24Hrs City Florist, offer a ‘design your own’ option for bouquets. All you have to do is order a bouquet of roses or other flowers that come in various hues and that you feel might be appealing to the graduate; the florist can then arrange these blooms according to the school’s official colours!

4. Sending smiles and giggles with quirky bouquets

For the new graduates who squirm at the thought of being ‘normal’ and celebrate being unique and different – quirky bouquets might be the spot-on alternative to the classic, traditional, and popular bouquets. If the graduate has a specific cartoon character they love, 24Hrs City Florist might just have the ideal bouquet! Our collection of quirky bouquets feature a variety of adorable and well-loved animals and cartoon character look-alikes that are sure to make the recipient swoon.


A graduation day is seemingly never complete without the presence of beautiful flowers waiting to be appreciated by the new graduates. As you seek to gift your family and friends delightful blooms for their graduation, it is essential that you remember one thing: you do not have to necessarily purchase the biggest and most expensive bouquet for them to appreciate it; sometimes, it is as simple as buying a bouquet of their favourite flowers that you know they will ultimately love.

For the freshest and most beautiful graduation day blooms, 24Hrs City Florist is the florist in Singapore that you can trust! We offer various stunning flowers perfect as gifts to your loved ones on special occasions or for decorating your space. Additionally, we have 24-hour flower delivery in Singapore every day, including Sundays and public holidays – have peace of mind as we work to deliver the bouquets you might have forgotten to order and only did so at the last minute. This way, you can ensure that we are ready to satisfy your floral needs anytime!

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