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Order Flowers for Funeral in Singapore: A Quick And Comprehensive Guide

Condolence Flowers with Messages

When it comes to expressing sympathy and offering comfort during difficult times, flowers hold a significant place. In Singapore, sending condolence flowers is a cherished tradition that conveys heartfelt emotions. Here’s a  quick yet comprehensive guide addressing various aspects of sending sympathy flowers in Singapore, catering to urgent needs, aesthetic choices, and culturally appropriate selections.

Where to Buy Condolence Flowers in Singapore?

Finding a reliable florist is essential for delivering the right message. 24Hrs City Florist is a leading funeral florist in Singapore specialize in funeral flower arrangements since 2004. Order flowers funeral from a  florist that can provide high-quality, thoughtfully arranged flowers that convey your condolences appropriately.

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A Palette of Comfort: Choosing Sympathy Flowers by Colour in Singapore

While condolence flowers offer a universal language of sympathy, their colours carry nuanced meanings that can add depth to your message of condolence. In Singapore, where cultural sensitivity and thoughtful gestures are highly valued, understanding the symbolism behind flower colours can help you express your emotions more effectively. This guide explores the most appropriate flower colours for sympathy arrangements in Singapore, making it easier for you to choose the perfect tribute during a time of loss.

condolence wreath singapore

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A Guide to Sending Condolence Flowers in Singapore

When a loved one passes away, expressing sympathy and support is crucial. One of the most heartfelt ways to do this is through sending condolence flowers. These flowers symbolize comfort and convey emotions that words sometimes can’t. Understanding the search intent behind queries like “condolence flowers” or “funeral flower delivery” reveals a desire to find the perfect floral arrangements to honor the deceased and offer solace.

Condolence flowers offer a traditional and meaningful way to show support and sympathy to grieving families. They serve as a beautiful tribute to the deceased and provide comfort to those who are mourning. This guide will explore the types of condolence flowers, their meanings, and the role of delivery services in ensuring timely and respectful tributes.

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Best Mother’s Day Flowers And Gift Ideas

mother's day flowers

Make this Mother’s Day one she’ll cherish forever with meaningful gestures that reflect your love and appreciation. Mother’s Day is a special occasion dedicated to honoring the incredible mothers in our lives. It’s a time to express gratitude for their endless love and care. Show your appreciation with thoughtful gestures that will make her day unforgettable.

Mother’s Day Flowers

Surprise your mom with a beautiful bouquet of flowers. Despite being a classic choice, flowers never fail to bring joy. Whether it’s a stunning centerpiece or a handpicked bouquet, the gesture will surely warm her heart. Consider accompanying the mother’s day flowers with a heartfelt message card or an invitation to her favorite restaurant, spa, or a leisurely outing. You could also opt for a gift certificate, an ‘ang pow’ (monetary gift envelope), or a personalized thumb drive with a pre-recorded video message. For an extra special treat, plan an all-expense-paid holiday to create lasting memories together. The possibilities are endless when it comes to showing your mom how much she means to you.

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Expressing Sympathy with Flowers and Messages: Sample Condolence Messages

When someone you know has lost a loved one, it’s natural to want to offer your condolences. It can be difficult to know what to say or write. Messages of sympathy and condolences are often difficult to express, but they are important to convey. They translate your feelings into words. Often in such trying and emotional times, speaking may not always necessary the best way. In Singapore, one of the most common ways to convey your sympathy is by sending condolence flowers or funeral wreaths with a message card. While flowers can’t take away the pain of losing someone, they are a thoughtful way to show support and let the grieving family know that they are not alone in their grief. It’s an honourable gesture that shows respect, comfort and kindness. Sending condolence flowers and delivering meaningful sympathy messages can profoundly impact those mourning the loss of a loved one.

Condolence Flowers with Messages

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The Enchanting Symbolism of 99 Red Roses: A Global Journey of Love

Explore the meaning and significance of giving or receiving a bouquet of 99 red roses in different cultures and traditions.

In the world of floral expressions, few gestures can rival the sheer extravagance and passion conveyed by a bouquet of 99 red roses. The deep crimson petals, velvety to the touch, carry a profound message of love and devotion. But beyond their visual allure lies a rich tapestry of symbolism that transcends borders and cultures. Join us on a captivating journey as we explore the meaning and significance of giving or receiving a bouquet of 99 red roses in different cultures and traditions.


99 Rose Bouquet 99 Red Rose with LED Lights Bouquet

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The Language of Flowers in Bouquets

Unveiling Hidden Messages and Timeless Traditions

In the realm of human expression, words often fall short of conveying the depth of emotions that reside within our hearts. This very sentiment has given rise to a unique and enchanting tradition known as the “language of flowers,” or floriography. Floriography is the art of using flowers to communicate messages. This centuries-old allows individuals to communicate their feelings and sentiments through carefully curated flower bouquets, each flower carrying a hidden message known only to those well-versed in this floral lexicon. The meanings of flowers were often based on their appearance, their fragrance, or their association with mythology or folklore.

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Why Sending Condolence Flowers in Singapore is a Time-Honoured Tradition

The loss of a loved one is a profoundly emotional experience that can leave us feeling overwhelmed and saddened. In times of grief, words often fail to express our heartfelt condolences adequately. This is where the custom of sending condolence flowers comes into play, offering a powerful and poignant way to show sympathy, support, and love to those who are mourning. In Singapore, the act of sending “flowers for condolence” has deep-rooted significance, symbolizing empathy, comfort, and the enduring beauty of life amidst sorrow. In this article, we explore the time-honoured tradition of condolence flower delivery in Singapore and unravel the meaningful reasons behind its prevalence.

flowers for funeral

Flowers For Condolence in Singapore

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Unique Graduation Bouquet Ideas for Guys

Graduation is a momentous occasion, marking the culmination of years of hard work and dedication. As friends and family gather to honour the achievements of their loved ones, what better way to express congratulations and pride than with a carefully crafted graduation bouquet? While flowers may traditionally be associated with femininity, there’s an array of creative options available to create stunning and unique graduation bouquets for guys. In this article, we’ll explore the art of selecting the perfect graduation bouquet and share some inspiring ideas to celebrate this special milestone in a distinctive and memorable way.

graduation flowerst for guys

The Timeless Appeal of Preserved Flowers:

While fresh flowers have long been a popular choice, preserved flower bouquets provide an innovative twist, combining elegance, longevity, and a touch of masculinity.

Preserved flowers are real blooms that undergo a meticulous preservation process, allowing them to maintain their natural beauty and freshness for an extended period. These everlasting blossoms offer a distinct advantage over fresh flowers, as they require minimal maintenance and can serve as a cherished keepsake long after graduation day. With their vibrant colours and captivating textures, preserved flowers add a touch of elegance and sophistication to any bouquet.

Masculine Shades and Bold Accents:


graduation bouquet for guys

When creating a graduation preserved flower bouquet for guys, selecting the right colours and accents is key. Opt for blooms in bold and masculine shades like deep reds, purples, blues, or earthy tones. Roses, hydrangeas, and carnations are excellent choices, as they come in a wide range of colours and can be preserved beautifully. Additionally, consider incorporating elements like dried wheat, twigs, or feathers to add texture and a rugged charm to the bouquet.


Personalized Themes and Symbolic Additions:

To make the preserved flower bouquet truly special, infuse it with personalized themes and symbolic additions that reflect the graduate’s interests and achievements. For example, if the graduate is passionate about sports, incorporate small sports-related accessories, such as miniature footballs or basketballs. If they are pursuing a career in music, attach small musical notes or instruments to the bouquet. These thoughtful touches will make the bouquet uniquely meaningful to the graduate.


Graduation Bear Bouquet with Preserved Flowers:

graduation bear bouquet

graduation bear bouquet

Integrating a plush graduation bear into a preserved flower bouquet creates a delightful and playful twist. Choose a bear adorned in a graduation gown and cap, carefully nestled within the vibrant preserved flowers. This combination of a timeless bouquet and a lovable bear captures the joy and celebration of the moment, making it an ideal gift for both young and mature graduates alike.

Customized Arrangements and Display Options:

Preserved flowers offer flexibility in arrangement and display. Consider arranging the blooms in a contemporary geometric vase or a sleek glass dome to create an eye-catching centrepiece or decor piece. Alternatively, select a shadow box or frame where the preserved flowers can be beautifully showcased, serving as a lasting memento of the graduation milestone. The ability to customize the arrangement and display adds an extra touch of personalization to the bouquet.

A preserved flower bouquet for guys presents a unique and sophisticated way to celebrate graduation milestones. With their longevity, vibrant colours, and customizability, preserved flowers offer an enduring symbol of accomplishment and pride. By selecting masculine shades, incorporating personalized themes, and adding playful elements like graduation bears, the bouquet becomes a cherished keepsake that captures the essence of this remarkable achievement. Whether arranged in a contemporary vase or beautifully displayed in a shadow box, a preserved flower bouquet for guys ensures that the joy and significance of graduation are preserved for years to come.

In addition to preserved flower bouquets, there are other unique and delightful options to consider when selecting a graduation bouquet for guys. Let’s explore two more exciting ideas: character bouquets or quirky bouquets, as well as bouquets of chocolates.

Character Bouquets: Adding a Playful Touch

spiderman bouquet - graduation bouquet for guys

spiderman bouquet – graduation bouquet for guys

For a graduation bouquet that truly stands out, consider incorporating character elements that reflect the graduate’s personality or interests. Is the graduate a fan of superheroes, anime, or cartoon characters? Imagine the excitement on their face when they receive a bouquet adorned with small figurines or plush toys of their favourite characters. Whether it’s Spider-Man, Pikachu, or Mickey Mouse, these character bouquets combine the beauty of flowers with a playful touch, creating a unique and unforgettable gift that showcases the graduate’s individuality.

Quirky Bouquets: Embracing Unconventional Beauty

graduation bouquet for guys

graduation bouquet for guys

Quirky bouquets provide an opportunity to break away from traditional norms and embrace unconventional beauty. Consider a bouquet made entirely of succulents or cacti, showcasing their fascinating shapes and textures. These hardy plants not only add a touch of uniqueness but also symbolize resilience and strength—a fitting tribute to the graduate’s journey. Another option is a bouquet consisting of graduation character composed of flowers dressed in graduation hats in whimsical designs and vibrant colours. These handmade creations can be customized to include a chrysanthemum ball dressed with a Smilie wearing a mortar board and tassel or a topper with a custom design topper. Quirky bouquets celebrate individuality and add a distinctive charm to the graduation celebration.


Bouquet of Chocolates: Indulgence and Celebration

For a delectable twist on the traditional bouquet, consider surprising the graduate with a bouquet of chocolates. Each chocolate is carefully arranged to form a stunning bouquet that combines visual appeal with delicious indulgence. You can choose from an assortment of gourmet chocolates, truffles, or even personalized chocolates with the graduate’s name or graduation year. A chocolate bouquet is a sweet treat that not only celebrates the achievement but also satisfies the taste buds, making it an ideal choice for those with a love for all things chocolate.

Whether you opt for preserved flower bouquets, character bouquets, quirky bouquets, or bouquets of chocolates, these unique designs provide a refreshing departure from traditional flower arrangements. They showcase creativity, thoughtfulness, and a desire to make the graduation celebration truly memorable. Remember to consider the graduate’s interests, preferences, and personality when selecting these unconventional bouquets, as they will add an extra touch of personalization and joy to this momentous occasion.


When it comes to graduation bouquets for guys, the options extend far beyond traditional choices. Preserved flower bouquets provide longevity, and a touch of masculinity, character bouquets bring favourite fictional figures to life, quirky bouquets celebrate individuality, and bouquets of chocolates offer indulgence and delight. These unique designs allow for personalization and creativity, ensuring that the graduation bouquet becomes a cherished and unforgettable gift. So, go ahead and explore these distinctive ideas at 24Hrs City Florist online store to find the perfect bouquet that resonates with the graduate’s passions, style, and taste. Let this extraordinary bouquet be a testament to their accomplishments, a celebration of their individuality, and a delightful token of love and support on this momentous day.

The Different Languages of Blossoms: The Art of Giving Flowers, Singapore VS Taiwan

“Die so quickly… so expensive! Buy for what?”

Flowers, although fleeting in their beauty, can sometimes be perceived as a costly indulgence.

It’s a sentiment frequently echoed by Singaporeans, a community well aware of the challenges posed by a high cost of living and heavy reliance on imported resources. In such circumstances, the notion of investing hard-earned money in flowers as gifts or flower bouquets often raises questions about their lasting value. Many locals prefer directing their financial resources towards items that offer long-term utility or practicality in their daily lives, as they strive to maximize the value derived from their expenditures.

Flower gifting in Singapore holds a special significance, intertwined with formal and ceremonial occasions that exude elegance and reverence. Whether it’s a dignified ceremony, a sombre funeral, a joyous graduation, or a heartfelt expression on occasions like Valentine’s Day, flowers assume the role of powerful symbols, representing respect and celebration. This cultural inclination emphasizes reserving floral gifts for these meaningful milestones, underscoring their importance within the local context. By adopting such a thoughtful approach, the act of giving flowers acquires greater weight and symbolism, making it all the more impactful and cherished when shared on these notable occasions.

In Singapore’s diverse cultural landscape, the tradition of flower gifting takes on a distinctive significance, particularly during solemn events such as funerals. Notably, the Chinese and Indian communities demonstrate a greater prevalence of flower offerings, as their funeral rites often extend over multiple days to honour and pay homage to the departed. During these profound moments, flowers serve as a poignant expression of condolence and support, conveying heartfelt sentiments to grieving families. The vibrant blooms provide solace and comfort, symbolizing the enduring beauty that transcends even in times of sorrow.

It is important to acknowledge that the frequency of flower gifting during funerals may vary across different cultural practices. Among the Malay community, funeral proceedings typically encompass a single day, with greater emphasis placed on other forms of support and solidarity. While flowers may play a relatively lesser role in these specific instances, the significance of unity and compassion remains unwavering. Gestures of assistance, presence, and sincere condolences take centre stage, reflecting the unique customs and values of Malay culture.

Within Singapore’s multicultural tapestry, the diverse approaches to flower gifting during significant events showcase the richness and variety of traditions. It serves as a testament to the harmonious coexistence of multiple cultural practices and the respect accorded to each community’s distinct customs.

In my hometown of Kaohsiung, Taiwan, a vibrant and distinct culture surrounding flowers blossoms. Here, an affection for flowers permeates the air, captivating the hearts of its inhabitants. Whether they be faux, fresh or preserved, flowers hold a special place in the lives of the locals. A delightful sight awaits as you step into their homes or offices, where vases adorned with golden Oncidium or graceful pussy willows grace the entrance.

This cherished tradition extends beyond the confines of domestic spaces, as gifting floral arrangements has become a customary practice for a myriad of occasions. From birthdays, housewarmings, graduations, brunches, or even as a simple gesture of respect towards seniors in the workplace, the act of bestowing flowers is considered a genuine token of thoughtfulness. Moreover, it is not uncommon for individuals to indulge themselves by purchasing flowers solely for their personal enjoyment, allowing the vibrant colours and captivating fragrances to brighten their own lives. The act of purchasing flowers has evolved into a wonderfully casual and accessible practice, thanks to the abundance of locally grown blooms that grace the country. This unique combination of proximity and affordability has fostered a culture where acquiring flowers becomes an everyday joy, seamlessly integrated into the tapestry of their life.

Deeply rooted in Taiwanese culture, the profound appreciation for flowers has given rise to a phenomenon in Kaohsiung. Here, amidst the bustling district of Lingya, a captivating spectacle unfolds along Xingzhong 1st Road—a street dedicated entirely to the vibrant world of florists. Known locally as “高雄市苓雅區興中一路,” it stands as a testament between the Taiwanese people and the exquisite beauty of blossoms. Many traditional flower shops are set up here, it is like the headquarters for florists. An array of shops brimming with an abundance of locally grown and meticulously sourced blooms that cater to every occasion and personal preference. There are also shops dedicated to florist tools or equipment. A trip to this floral haven transports visitors into a realm where creativity flourishes.

While February 14th is universally recognized as Valentine’s Day, a day when people worldwide endeavour to obtain flowers for their beloveds, it’s fascinating to explore how different cultures have infused their own unique twists into this cherished tradition. In Taiwan, a practice has emerged (a practice rooted from Japan), with individuals eagerly purchasing flowers on the 14th of March. This special day, often referred to as “White Day – 白色情人節” serves as a delightful counterpart to Valentine’s Day.

Moreover, the celebration doesn’t end there; love and affection are given an extended embrace as people continue to commemorate Valentine’s Day every 14th day of each subsequent month. This recurring observance adds an enchanting rhythm to the year, ensuring that the spirit of love and the joy of gifting valentine’s flowers are celebrated and cherished throughout the calendar. It’s a testament to the enduring power of love and the beautiful ways in which cultures infuse their own distinct Flavors into beloved traditions.

In conclusion, The language of blossoms transcends borders and cultures, weaving a tapestry of diverse traditions and meaningful expressions. In Singapore, flower gifting or sending flowers to someone is intricately linked to formal and ceremonious occasions, reserving floral gifts for these significant milestones underscores their importance within the local context, elevating the act of giving flowers to a symbol of respect and celebration. Meanwhile in Taiwan, a deep-rooted love for flowers permeates everyday life. The abundance of locally grown blooms, coupled with their affordability, has fostered a casual and accessible culture of flower purchasing, creating a vibrant and enchanting atmosphere.


The different languages of blossoms speak volumes about the values, customs, and interconnectedness of communities around the world. From Singapore to Taiwan, the act of giving flowers holds profound meaning, expressing sentiments of respect, celebration, and love. As we embrace and appreciate these diverse traditions, we recognize the enduring beauty of flowers and their ability to touch hearts, bridge cultures, and create lasting memories.

A personal reflection by the writer, YenFei (黄妍妃)

Huang Yen-Fei (黄妍妃) has been working as a florist at 24HrsCityFlorist since 2021, infusing her artistic touch into every floral creation. Simultaneously, she is pursuing her studies in Biomedical Engineering, driven to leverage technology for the betterment of society. Born in Kaohsiung, Taiwan, and raised in the vibrant multicultural environment of Singapore, she tries to bridge the gaps between these cultures. Her ultimate goal is to foster understanding and appreciation for the rich diversity that surrounds us by introducing innovative and captivating practices to both societies.

What Flower Is Appropriate For A Funeral in Singapore?

Funeral Flowers

Funeral Flower Stand

Choosing the Right Funeral Flower in Singapore

Losing a loved one is an emotionally challenging time, and expressing condolences becomes crucial in providing comfort and support to grieving families. One meaningful way to convey sympathy and honour the departed soul is through the thoughtful gesture of sending funeral flowers or condolence flowers. In Singapore, where traditions and customs hold great significance, selecting the right funeral flowers becomes even more crucial. Each flower carries its own symbolism and meaning, making it essential to choose arrangements that convey the appropriate sentiments. Whether you are attending a funeral or sending a floral wreath, this article aims to guide you through the process of selecting the most fitting condolence flowers in Singapore, ensuring that you pay a respectful tribute to the departed soul.

Funeral flowers have long been used to convey emotions and pay tribute to the deceased. Each bloom carries its own symbolism, and understanding these meanings can assist in selecting an appropriate flower for the occasion. Funeral wreaths, also known as condolence wreaths, hold special significance in Singaporean culture as a gesture of respect and remembrance.


Understanding the Cultural Significance

multicultural Singapore

In Singapore, a multicultural society with diverse religious and ethnic backgrounds, funeral customs may vary. It’s important to consider the religious or cultural background of the deceased and their family when choosing funeral flowers. Generally, Singaporeans follow Chinese, Malay, Indian, or Western funeral customs.

Chinese Funeral Customs: Chinese traditions often involve white flowers, symbolizing purity and peace. Chrysanthemums, lilies, orchids, and white roses are commonly used in Chinese funeral flower arrangements.

Malay Funeral Customs: Malays practice Islamic funeral rites, and simplicity is valued. White or yellow flowers are appropriate, with jasmine and roses being commonly used.

Indian Funeral Customs: Hindu funeral traditions in Singapore often include marigolds, which are considered auspicious. Other flowers like jasmine, lotus, and lilies are also used to honour the deceased.

Western Funeral Customs: Western funeral practices generally allow for a wider range of flower choices. Lilies, roses, carnations, and gladioli are commonly seen in Western-style funeral arrangements.


Considerations for Flower Selection

white lily flower

Colour symbolism:

Different colours hold different meanings and symbolisms. White flowers typically represent purity and innocence, while red flowers symbolize love and respect. It’s important to choose colours that align with the emotions you wish to convey.


To a lesser extent, the importance of flower fragrance. Some flowers, such as lilies and roses, have a strong fragrance. While fragrance can be comforting for some, it’s essential to consider the preferences of the grieving family, as certain scents may evoke different emotions.

Size and arrangement:

Funeral flower or condolence flower arrangements can vary in size and style. Wreaths, sprays, and baskets are common choices. Depending on the size of the venue and the wishes of the family, you can choose an appropriate arrangement that fits the space and creates a visually appealing tribute. Condolence flowers of various sizes from small to large condolence flowers are often purchased from the florist online store.


Consider personalizing the arrangement to reflect the deceased’s interests, hobbies, or personality. Adding favourite flowers or incorporating meaningful elements can create a more heartfelt tribute.

Religious symbols:

If the deceased followed a specific religion, incorporating religious symbols into the arrangement can be a thoughtful gesture. Cross wreaths, Om symbols, or other religious icons can be included in the design.

Funeral customs:

It’s important to respect the specific funeral customs of the deceased’s culture or religion. If you are unsure, consult with the family or a local florist who can provide guidance on appropriate choices.


Popular Funeral Flowers in Singapore


Chrysanthemums are the most popular funeral flowers used in Singapore. They symbolize purity and sorrow, white chrysanthemums are commonly used in Chinese and Western funeral arrangements. They represent grief and express condolences.

White Lilies Often associated with purity and the afterlife, white lilies are a popular choice in many cultures. They convey sympathy and the hope for the departed soul’s peaceful journey.

Orchids – Orchids represent eternal love and are commonly used in Chinese and Western funerals. They come in various colours, allowing for personalization while maintaining a respectful sentiment.

Roses – White or red roses symbolize purity, innocence, and love. They are versatile flowers often used in Western-style funeral arrangements to express condolences and affection.

Gladioli – These tall and elegant flowers symbolize strength, integrity, and sincerity. Gladioli are often included in funeral wreaths and sprays to pay tribute to the deceased’s character.


The Importance of Floral Wreaths in Singaporean Culture

Click - funeral flower stand CLick - Condolence Flowers Click - funeral flowers with chrysanthemoms

In Singapore, the practice of sending condolence wreaths holds great cultural significance. Funerals are often elaborate affairs, and floral tributes play an integral role in honouring the departed.

The variety of floral wreaths available allows individuals to express their condolences in a personalized and meaningful manner. Circular wreaths symbolize the continuity of life and the eternal bond shared with the deceased. These wreaths often incorporate a mix of different flowers, each chosen for its unique symbolism. Heart-shaped wreaths, on the other hand, emphasize love and affection, making them ideal for close family members and intimate friends. These wreaths frequently feature lilies, roses or carnations.


Flower Delivery Services for Funeral Wreaths in Singapore

Click - funeral flower with tripod stand CLick - Funeral Wreath Flower Click - Heart Wreaths with roses and lilies

When it comes to delivering funeral wreaths, convenience and reliability are crucial. Fortunately, numerous florists in Singapore offer specialized services for condolence wreaths and funeral arrangements. Florist such as 24Hrs City Florist provides a seamless experience during a difficult time.

Funeral flower florist services cater to various cultural and religious preferences, ensuring the appropriate arrangements are sent. They offer a range of wreath designs, allowing individuals to choose the one that best reflects their sentiments. Additionally, many delivery services provide customizable options, allowing for personalization with favourite flowers or specific colours.


Choosing the right funeral flower arrangement in Singapore requires careful consideration of cultural customs, religious beliefs, and personal preferences. By understanding the significance behind different flowers and their symbolism, you can express your condolences and respect appropriately. Remember to consult with the grieving family or a local florist if you are uncertain about the appropriate choices. The right funeral flowers can provide comfort, pay tribute to the departed soul, and offer solace to grieving family and friends during their time of sorrow.

Floral Tributes in Singapore: A Guide to Funeral Flower Delivery

Funeral Flower Delivery in Singapore: Ensuring Your Condolence Message Reaches Your Loved Ones with Grace, Beauty and On Time

funeral flowers delivery

Losing a loved one is an inevitable part of life, and during such trying times, expressing condolences and support becomes paramount. Funeral flower delivery in Singapore offers a thoughtful and poignant way to pay tribute to the departed souls and extend comfort to grieving families. With a wide array of options, from delicate condolence flowers to grand funeral wreaths, Singapore’s floral industry ensures that every gesture of sympathy is accompanied by grace, beauty, and heartfelt sentiments.


Understanding the Significance of Funeral Flowers:

funeral flowers delivery

The tradition of adorning funeral ceremonies with flowers dates back centuries and transcends cultural boundaries. Funeral flowers serve as a symbolic representation of love, respect, and remembrance for the departed. They offer solace to the bereaved and provide a tangible expression of condolences during a time of immense grief. Whether it is a flower for a funeral or a condolence wreath, each arrangement carries a profound meaning and becomes a testament to the life that was lived.


The Art of Choosing the Perfect Floral Tribute:

same day funeral flower delivery funeral flower delivery

Selecting the right funeral flowers requires careful consideration, as they should reflect the personality and relationship with the departed. Singapore’s florists understand the delicate nature of such choices and provide a wide range of options to cater to diverse preferences and cultural customs and religions. From elegant funeral flower stands, colours, sizes to serene wreath flowers, the selections are designed to convey deep emotions with grace and sensitivity.


Condolence Flowers: Offering Comfort in Delicate Blooms:

same day funeral flower delivery funeral flower delivery

Condolence flowers are gentle expressions of sympathy, designed to provide comfort and solace during times of mourning. These arrangements typically feature serene colours, such as soft pinks, lavender, and whites, symbolizing peace and tranquillity. A flower for condolence can be elegantly designed as a standing floral arrangement or a circular floral wreath, exuding a sense of tenderness and empathy. Such arrangements serve as a thoughtful reminder that even in moments of darkness, there is solace to be found.


Funeral Wreaths: A Grand Gesture of Tribute:

condolence wreath cross wreath

When a grander tribute is called for, funeral wreaths stand as a testament to the magnitude of loss and the enduring memory of the departed. These majestic floral arrangements, often circular in shape, symbolize eternity and the cycle of life. Funeral wreaths are carefully crafted using a variety of flowers, meticulously arranged to create a visually striking display. They serve as a powerful expression of respect and are commonly placed at the centre of funeral services, leaving an indelible mark on the hearts of those in attendance.


The Convenience of Funeral Flower Delivery:

funeral flower box stand heart funeral flower

In a time when emotions run high, funeral flower delivery services in Singapore offer great convenience and peace of mind. These services ensure that your chosen floral tribute arrives at the designated location promptly, allowing you to focus on supporting the grieving family and attending to your personal needs. With most florists providing island wide funeral flower and wreath delivery, the floral arrangements reach their destination seamlessly, without adding any additional burden to an already overwhelming situation.

Imagine a scenario where you walk into a serene chapel adorned with wreaths and funeral flower arrangements. The air is filled with the delicate fragrance of lilies, roses, and chrysanthemums. Each floral tribute tells a unique story, representing a life well-lived and the memories cherished. The floral wreaths, meticulously crafted with vibrant blooms, offer a sense of warmth and consolation to the grieving family.

funeral flower stand large funeral flower stand

In Singapore, the tradition of sending condolence flowers or funeral flower wreaths is deeply ingrained in the culture. These beautiful arrangements are often personalized to reflect the life and passions of the departed. For instance, if the deceased had a deep love for nature, a condolence wreath might be adorned with delicate orchids, lilies or roses, symbolizing beauty and grace. Similarly, a large condolence flowers may incorporate vibrant sunflowers, representing the joy and happiness the departed brought into the lives of others.


Funeral flower delivery services in Singapore

24Hrs City Florist understands the significance of each order. The florist strives to provide a seamless experience, ensuring that the chosen floral tribute reaches its destination with utmost care and promptness. From the selection of fresh, high-quality flowers to the delicate artistry involved in arranging them, every aspect is handled with precision and attention to detail. Each condolence flower design is created to deliver solace and support when it matters most.

The condolence wreath Singapore service, for example, ensures that your gesture of sympathy is conveyed with utmost respect and compassion. From the moment you place the order, the florists understand the importance of timely delivery and the need for a beautiful tribute that captures the essence of your condolences.


The Unique Services of 24Hrs City Florist in Singapore

flower delivery
24Hrs City Florist in one of the few florists in Singapore that offers not just regular hours delivery services but after office hours same day flower delivery anywhere in Singapore. Orders for same delivery can be placed as late as 8pm and on certain circumstances, orders be placed beyond 8pm. As the name suggest, 24Hrs City Florist offers 24 hour flower delivery services which means the delivery of flowers can be made any time of the day depending on when the order is placed. This florist operates 365 days a year and offers funeral flower delivery even on Sundays and public holidays such as Chinese New Year, Christmas, etc.



Funeral flower delivery in Singapore encapsulates the essence of honoring loved ones with grace and beauty. The carefully curated options, ranging from delicate condolence flowers to grand funeral wreaths, cater to diverse cultural customs and personal preferences. By embracing the power of floral tributes, we can offer support, solace, and a sense of shared grief to those who have experienced the loss of a loved one.

How to Harness the Language of Flowers to Convey Profound Emotions

flowers give meaning to our feelings

Flowers have long been regarded as messengers of deep sentiments, conveying emotions that words often fail to express. Whether it’s the vibrant petals of a rose, the delicate blossoms of baby’s breath, or the captivating beauty of a bouquet, the symbolism of flowers is a powerful language in itself. We will explore the art of using flower symbolism to communicate your feelings with utmost grace and eloquence. From flower delivery in Singapore to understanding the significance of various floral arrangements, we will delve into the world of floristry, where emotions bloom into breath-taking expressions.

The Intricate Symbolism of Flower


When it comes to understanding flower symbolism, one must navigate a garden of intricate meanings and interpretations. The perplexity lies in unravelling the hidden messages behind each bloom. Each flower possesses its own unique significance, allowing us to tailor our expressions with precision. From the resplendent rose, which represents love in all its forms, to the ethereal baby’s breath that signifies innocence and purity, every petal holds a story waiting to be whispered.

The Burst of Colours and Fragrances

Just as human emotions vary in intensity and nuance, the language of flowers thrives on diversity. To evoke emotions, it is crucial to embrace the kaleidoscope of colours and fragrances that nature offers. Picture a magnificent bouquet of flowers, meticulously arranged by a florist near you, bursting with hues and scents that ignite the senses. The vibrant reds of roses, the calming blues of forget-me-nots, and the playful yellows of sunflowers create a symphony of emotions, crafting a poetic dance of colours that resonates deeply within.

Forget Me Not Bouquet sunflower bouquet


Crafting Our Thoughts with Flowers

To ensure the human touch let us paint a picture with our words, blending the rhythm of our thoughts with our imagination, just as a bouquet of flowers marries elegance with simplicity. Imagine describing the delicate petals of a preserved flower in Singapore, capturing the essence of time frozen in beauty. Feel the emotions dance within the minds, painting vivid imagery that stirs the recipients’ imagination and engages their emotions.

Understanding the Significance of Bouquets

contemporary bouquet

When contemplating flower symbolism, one cannot overlook the significance of bouquets. These carefully curated arrangements carry profound meanings, encapsulating emotions in a tangible form. A bouquet of roses whispers love, while a composition of baby’s breath exudes purity and tenderness. Florist delivery services bring these exquisite bouquets to your doorstep, bridging the gap between heartfelt sentiments and tangible expressions.

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The Timeless Elegance of Rose Bouquets

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In the realm of flower symbolism, the rose reigns supreme, its beauty and complexity rivalling the intricacies of human emotions. A rose bouquet speaks a language that transcends borders and cultures, symbolizing love, passion, and desire. Just as love unfolds in various shades, roses come in an array of colours, each imbued with its own unique significance. A scarlet rose ignites fiery passion, while a pink rose conveys admiration and gratitude. Whether gifted for a special occasion or as an unexpected gesture, a rose bouquet is a timeless expression of love that transcends time and space.

The Ethereal Grace of Baby’s Breath Bouquets

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Sometimes, the most profound emotions are found in simplicity. This holds true for the delicate baby’s breath bouquet, where the tiny blooms weave a tale of purity, innocence, and everlasting love. As each delicate blossom mingles with its companions, they create a cloud of ethereal grace, capturing the essence of tenderness and sincerity that words often struggle to convey. A baby’s breath bouquet serves as a gentle reminder that love can be found in the simplest gestures and that even the tiniest blooms can leave a lasting impression.

Flower Delivery in Singapore: A Convenient Path to Expressions

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In today’s fast-paced world, expressing our feelings through flowers has become easier and more convenient, thanks to flower delivery services in Singapore. With just a few clicks, you can select the perfect bouquet from the comfort of your own home and have it delivered to your loved one’s doorstep. Whether it’s a grand gesture or a subtle surprise, the act of sending flowers holds a power that transcends distances, bringing joy, comfort, and love to those who receive them.

Preserved Flowers: Capturing Sentiments in Time

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While the beauty of fresh flowers is ephemeral, preserved flowers offer a unique way to immortalize emotions. Preserved flower arrangements in Singapore have gained popularity for their ability to retain the natural beauty of blooms for an extended period. These meticulously crafted floral creations encapsulate cherished moments and allow the recipient to relish the sentiment behind the gift for years to come. A preserved flower arrangement can be a symbol of everlasting love, an enduring reminder of a special occasion, or a tangible representation of heartfelt emotions.

The Melody of Floral Wreaths: From Celebrations to Farewells

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Flowers not only have the power to celebrate joyous occasions but also to console during times of sorrow. Funeral flower wreaths and condolence flowers in Singapore carry a solemn elegance, serving as a heartfelt tribute to honour the departed. These condolence flowers, typically adorned with roses, lilies, or chrysanthemums, offer solace, support, and a visual representation of the love and respect held for the departed soul. The choice of flowers and their symbolism within the wreath holds immense significance, conveying sympathy and providing comfort to those grieving the loss of a loved one.

Floral wreath delivery in Singapore ensures that these poignant expressions of condolence reach their intended destinations promptly, allowing friends and family to feel the outpouring of support during challenging times. Funeral wreaths in Singapore serve as a poignant reminder that even in moments of grief, the language of flowers can provide solace and a shared sense of unity.

Unveiling the Profound Language of Flowers

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To truly harness the power of flower symbolism, it is essential to understand the meanings behind various blooms. For instance, the tulip signifies perfect love, while the daisy represents innocence and purity. Orchids convey elegance and refinement, while sunflowers embody warmth and loyalty. Each flower possesses its own unique personality, allowing you to curate a bouquet or floral arrangement that speaks directly to the emotions you wish to express.

Incorporating a diverse array of flowers within a single arrangement creates an expression that mirrors the complexities of human feelings. Just as life intertwines moments of joy, sorrow, and everything in between, a bouquet that combines different flowers showcases the multifaceted nature of emotions. The interplay of vibrant colours, fragrant blossoms, and varying shapes and sizes cultivates a symphony of sentiments, where every petal plays its part in composing a harmonious expression.

Final Words

Flower symbolism is a captivating language that transcends barriers, allowing us to communicate our deepest feelings with grace, beauty, and eloquence. From flower delivery in Singapore to the selection of bouquets and funeral wreaths, every choice holds significance, painting a vivid picture of our emotions. By embracing the different facets of flower symbolism, we can convey sentiments that touch the hearts of those we cherish.

So, the next time you find yourself searching for the perfect way to express your love, gratitude, sympathy, or any other profound emotion, let the language of flowers be your guide. At 24Hrs City Florist, we offer one the most extensive floral designs and colour to suit every occasion and sentiments. Visit our online store today.

Chocolate Bouquet Delivery in Singapore: The Perfect Gift for Any Occasion

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Nothing says “I love you” or “I appreciate you” quite like a Chocolate Gift. But what if you could take that gift to the next level? Enter the chocolate bouquet – a beautiful, unique, and delicious way to show someone you care. Chocolate bouquet is a delightful gift that can make your loved one’s day special.

What is a Chocolate Bouquet?

A chocolate bouquet is exactly what it sounds like – a bouquet of chocolates! But instead of flowers, the chocolates are arranged in a stunning and creative display, often with decorative elements like ribbons, wrapping paper, and even small toys or trinkets. The result is a gift that’s not only delicious, but also visually impressive and memorable.

A chocolate bouquet is a beautiful and creative gift that consists of various types of chocolates arranged in the form of a bouquet. It could also be a bouquet that combines the beauty of a floral bouquet with the deliciousness of chocolate. A chocolate bouquet is a beautiful and creative gift that is perfect for chocolate lovers. It consists of various types of chocolates arranged in the form of a bouquet, just like flowers.

The chocolates can be of the same or different types, including milk chocolate, dark chocolate, white chocolate, and even truffles. The bouquet can also be customized according to your preference, including the number of chocolates, the type of chocolates, and the design of the bouquet. Unlike traditional floral bouquets, chocolate bouquets can be enjoyed and shared with family and friends, making them a fun and interactive gift.


Benefits of Chocolate Bouquet Delivery in Singapore

There are several benefits of chocolate bouquet delivery in Singapore, including:

Unique and Creative Chocolate Gift

A chocolate bouquet is a unique and creative gift that stands out from the traditional gifts. It is visually appealing and can be customized according to your preference, making it a thoughtful and personal gift.

Delicious and Indulgent

Chocolates are everyone’s favorite, and a chocolate bouquet is a perfect indulgent gift for any occasion. It can satisfy your sweet tooth and provide a luxurious treat to your taste buds.

Convenient Delivery

With chocolate bouquet delivery in Singapore, you can easily surprise your loved ones without leaving the comfort of your home. Select florists who are able to provide same day chocolate and flower delivery service that is fast and efficient, ensuring that your gift reaches your loved one on time.

Perfect for Any Occasion

A chocolate bouquet is suitable for any occasion, including birthdays, anniversaries, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, and even as a thank-you gift. It is a versatile gift that can make any occasion special. It is also a gift that can be shared and enjoyed with family, friends and colleagues, making them a fun and interactive gift.


Types of Chocolate Bouquets Available in Singapore

When it comes to chocolate bouquet delivery in Singapore, there are many different types to choose from. Some popular options include:

Ferrero Rocher Bouquets

Ferrero Rocher Chocolate bouquet

Click here – Ferrero Rocher Chocolate bouquet

These bouquets feature the iconic gold-wrapped Ferrero Rocher chocolates arranged in a beautiful display. Referred to also as – Ferrero Bouquets; They’re a great option for those who love the Belgium made, classic Ferrero chocolate taste. They’re perfect for any occasion, from birthdays, anniversaries to Valentine’s Day to Mother’s Day. Another variation is the Ferrero Rocher flower bouquet, this is a unique twist on the classic chocolate bouquet. These bouquets feature Ferrero chocolates arranged with fresh or preserved flowers, often with decorative elements like ribbons, balloons and colourful wrappings. Ferrero Rocher chocolate bouquet is one of the most popular and best liked.

Chocolate Gift Boxes

chocolate gift box

Chocolate gift boxes are another popular option, featuring a variety of chocolates in a decorative box. These are great for corporate gifts or as a “thank you” to a friend or family member.

Valentine Chocolate Bouquets

valentine chocolate bouquet

Valentine’s Day is the perfect occasion for a chocolate bouquet delivery in Singapore. Many florists and chocolatiers offer special Valentine chocolate bouquets featuring heart-shaped chocolates or romantic decorations.

Birthday Chocolate Bouquets

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A chocolate bouquet makes a great birthday gift, especially for those who have a sweet tooth. There are many florists offering birthday chocolate delivery in Singapore. With a wide variety of chocolate gifts and types and decorations available, you’re sure to find the perfect bouquet for any birthday boy or girl.

Chocolate Hampers

chocolate hamper

chocolate hamper

If you’re looking for a gift that’s a little more substantial, consider a chocolate hamper. These hampers are chocolate gift in a basket featuring a variety of chocolates, often paired with other treats like biscuits or wine.

Chocolate Cake

chocolate cake delivery

chocolate cake

For those who prefer cake to chocolate, a chocolate cake delivery in Singapore is the perfect option. Many florists like offers chocolate cake delivery services in Singapore, with options ranging from simple chocolate cakes to elaborate chocolate creations subject to seasonal availability.

Chocolate Flower Box

chocolate flower box

Click – chocolate flower box

A unique twist on how chocolates are presented in a flower box. Typically the flower box can be a round or a rectangular shape, in it, either chocolates only or flowers and chocolates are arranged often with decorative elements like ribbons, balloons and colourful wrappings.

Flower Bouquets with Chocolate

If you’re looking for a gift that combines the beauty of flowers with the deliciousness of chocolate, a flower bouquet with chocolate is the perfect choice. These bouquets feature a mix of flowers and chocolates, often arranged in a creative and visually appealing way.


Ferrero Rocher Chocolate Gift Set

Tips for Choosing the Perfect Chocolate Bouquet

When choosing a chocolate bouquet, consider the following factors:

Type of Chocolates

Choose a chocolate bouquet that contains chocolates that your loved one enjoys. If they prefer milk chocolates, opt for a bouquet with milk chocolates. For the health conscious, dark chocolates would be a great choice.


Consider the occasion when choosing a chocolate bouquet. If it is for a birthday, choose a colourful bouquet with various chocolates. If it is for Valentine’s Day, opt for a bouquet with heart-shaped chocolates. Whether you’re celebrating a birthday, anniversary, or just want to show someone you care, a chocolate bouquet is sure to put a smile on their face.


The presentation of the chocolate bouquet is also important. Choose a bouquet that is visually appealing and well-presented. You can also add a personal note to make it more special.

Final Words

Chocolate bouquet delivery in Singapore is a unique and delightful gift that is perfect for any occasion. It is a creative way to surprise your loved ones and satisfy their sweet tooth.

Chocolate bouquet delivery in Singapore is a unique and delicious way to show someone you care. Whether you’re looking for a birthday gift, anniversary present, or just want to surprise someone, a chocolate bouquet is sure to satisfy their sweet tooth. Consider the options we listed above, follow our simple ordering process, and enjoy the deliciousness of a chocolate bouquet delivery in Singapore!

Tell us more about what kind of chocolate bouquets you like in the comments below.


Funeral Wreath Singapore: A Guide to Choosing the Right Wreath for Your Loved One

The loss of a loved one is a difficult and emotional time. As friends and family gather to offer their condolences, the display of funeral flowers can provide comfort and express sympathy. In Singapore, the tradition of giving condolence flowers and funeral wreaths is a way to pay tribute and honour the departed. In this article, we will guide you through the process of choosing the right funeral wreath in Singapore.

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Understanding Funeral Wreaths

Before we dive into the specifics of choosing a funeral wreath, it’s essential to understand what they are and their significance. Funeral wreaths are circular arrangements of flowers and foliage that are typically placed on an easel at the funeral service. They are a symbol of respect and a way to pay tribute to the deceased.

Funeral wreaths are circular arrangements of flowers and foliage that are typically placed near the casket or urn during the service. These floral tributes are often sent by family members, friends, and colleagues to express their condolences and love for the deceased. The choice of flowers and colors used in a funeral wreath can vary depending on personal preferences and cultural traditions.

Types of Funeral Wreaths

There are several types of funeral wreaths to choose from, each with its unique features and meanings. Some of the most popular types of funeral wreaths in Singapore include:

Traditional Wreaths: These wreaths are circular in shape and feature flowers and foliage arranged in a symmetrical pattern. They are a classic choice and are suitable for any funeral service.
Heart-shaped Wreaths: Heart-shaped wreaths are a popular choice for funeral services, especially for those with a romantic relationship with the deceased.
Cross-shaped Wreaths: Cross-shaped wreaths are a popular choice for religious funeral services and are often made with white flowers to symbolize purity and peace.
Customized Wreaths: Customized wreaths are unique and personalized arrangements that can include specific flowers, colours, and even messages.

Condolence wreaths, on the other hand, are sent to express sympathy and support to the bereaved family. These floral arrangements are often placed in the home of the family or at the wake. The use of condolence flowers is a thoughtful gesture that can provide comfort during a difficult time.

Choosing the Right Flowers

The choice of flowers for the funeral wreath is an essential consideration. Different flowers carry different meanings and are suitable for different occasions. Some popular flowers used in funeral wreaths include:

Lilies: Lilies are a popular choice for funeral wreaths and symbolize the restored innocence of the soul of the deceased.
Roses: Roses are a symbol of love and are a popular choice for heart-shaped wreaths.
Carnations: Carnations are a symbol of admiration and are often used in funeral wreaths to show respect and honour to the deceased.
Chrysanthemums: Chrysanthemums are a symbol of death in some cultures and are a popular choice for funeral wreaths in Singapore.

Choosing the Right Message

Funeral wreaths can also include a message or a tribute to the deceased. This message can be a simple message of condolence or a personalized message to honour the deceased. Click here to a good list of popular messages for funeral wreaths.


Choosing the Right Funeral Wreath in Singapore

Now that you understand the different types of funeral wreaths and their significance, it’s time to choose the right one for your loved one’s funeral service. Here are some tips to help you make the right choice:

Consider the Deceased’s Personality and Preferences

The funeral wreath should reflect the personality and preferences of the deceased. Consider their favourite flowers, colours, and styles when choosing the wreath.

Consider the Funeral Theme and Setting

The funeral wreath should also match the funeral theme and setting. For example, if the funeral service is in a church, a cross-shaped wreath may be more appropriate.

Consider Your Relationship with the Deceased

Your relationship with the deceased can also influence the choice of funeral wreath. If you were close to the deceased, a customized wreath with a personalized message may be more suitable.

Consider Your Budget

Funeral wreaths can vary in price depending on the type, size, and flowers used. Consider your budget when choosing the wreath and work with the florist to create a beautiful arrangement within your means.

Consider the Delivery and Timing

Finally, consider the delivery and timing of the funeral wreath. Ensure that the florist can deliver the wreath to the funeral home, funeral wake or service location on time.

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click here – custom funeral wreath

Funeral Wreath in Singapore

In Singapore, there are many options for funeral wreath and condolence flower arrangements. 24Hrs City Florist is a reputable and reliable florist that offers a wide selection of wreaths and floral tributes to honour and remember the departed. With same-day delivery and a range of sizes, styles and budgets, this Singapore florist makes it easy to express your condolences and pay tribute to the deceased.

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Click here – funeral wreaths

Funeral wreath Singapore offers a variety of options, including traditional circular wreaths, cross wreaths, heart-shaped wreaths, and standing sprays. The traditional circular wreath is a classic choice and is available in a range of sizes and colours. The cross wreath is a religious symbol and is often used in Christian funerals. The heart-shaped wreath is a beautiful tribute to express love and affection for the departed. The standing spray is a tall and elegant arrangement that is often used to decorate the altar during the funeral service.

When selecting a funeral wreath or condolence flower arrangement, it is important to consider the preferences of the deceased and their family. In Singapore, cultural traditions and beliefs may also play a role in the choice of flowers and colours. For example, white flowers are often associated with purity and are commonly used in Chinese funerals, while red flowers symbolize love and are often used in Indian funerals.

Wreath for funeral Singapore offers same-day delivery to ensure that your floral tribute is delivered in a timely manner. The flower delivery process is seamless, and the florist will work with you to ensure that your message of condolences is expressed in the most respectful and heartfelt way possible. Click here to learn more about the Frequently Asked Questions about sending funeral flowers in Singapore.

In addition to funeral wreaths and condolence flower arrangements, 24Hrs City Florist also offers condolences flower stands. These stands are typically placed near the entrance of the funeral home or at the wake and provide a beautiful and meaningful display of flowers to honour the deceased. With a range of sizes and styles, condolences flower stands are a thoughtful way to express your sympathy and support to the bereaved family.

Funeral wreath flowers can vary in colour and meaning. White flowers, such as lilies and roses, symbolize purity and innocence, while red flowers, such as roses and carnations, symbolize love and respect. Yellow flowers, such as chrysanthemums, represent friendship and loyalty. Pink flowers, such as hydrangeas, carnations and roses, represent grace and admiration.
Flower wreath offered by 24Hrs City Florist offer same-day delivery, making it easy to send your condolences and express your love and support to the bereaved family. The florist allows easy-to-use webstore for you to make your purchase online and at the same time, offers examples of condolence messages as you checkout to make your payment. The florist is always a phone call away and they are glad to work with you to ensure that your message of sympathy is conveyed in the most appropriate and respectful manner possible.

If you are looking for a unique and personalized tribute, you can also opt for a custom-made funeral wreath or condolence flower arrangement. 24Hrs City Florist offers a bespoke service that allows you to design a floral tribute that reflects the personality and preferences of the deceased. From favourite flowers to special colours, the florist can incorporate your ideas and suggestions to create a truly meaningful and heartfelt tribute.
In addition to funeral wreaths and condolence flowers, 24Hrs City Florist also offers funeral standing flowers, casket flower tops, flower beds, etc . With wreath Singapore same day delivery and 4 options of delivery timings each day, 24Hrs City Florist is one of the few florist in Singapore offering same day wreath Singapore same day delivery as late as 8pm daily including Sundays and public holidays all year round.

Choosing the right funeral wreath in Singapore can be a challenging task, but it’s an essential part of honouring the memory of your loved one. By considering the type of wreath, the choice of flowers, the message, and other factors, you can create a beautiful and meaningful tribute that reflects the personality and preferences of the deceased.

Funeral wreaths and condolence flowers are a beautiful and meaningful way to honour and remember the departed. In Singapore, 24Hrs City Florist is a trusted and reliable florist that offers a wide selection of funeral wreaths, condolence flowers, and sympathy baskets to suit your needs and preferences. With same-day delivery and personalized service, 24Hrs City Florist makes it easy to express your condolences and pay tribute to the deceased. Whether you opt for a traditional circular wreath or a custom-made floral arrangement, this florist in Singapore has been providing respectful and heartfelt tribute that honours the life and legacy of your loved one since their establishment in 2004.




1. What is the average cost of a funeral wreath in Singapore?
• The cost of a funeral wreath can vary depending on the size, type, and flowers used. On average, a funeral wreath in Singapore can range from $100 to $500.
2. How do I order a funeral wreath in Singapore?
• You can order a funeral wreath from a local florist in Singapore or online through various florist websites.
3. Can I customize the funeral wreath?
• Yes, you can customize the funeral wreath by choosing specific flowers, colors, and even adding a personalized message.
4. Can I send a funeral wreath to a home instead of the funeral service location?
• Yes, you can send a funeral wreath to a home instead of the funeral service location as a way to express your condolences provided home is where the funeral wake is. Note that it is not customary in Singapore to send funeral wreaths or condolence wreath after the funeral is over.
5. How long does a funeral wreath last?
• The lifespan of a funeral wreath can vary depending on the type of flowers used and the environmental conditions. On average, a funeral wreath can last from a few days up to a week or more with proper care.

How to Care for Your Preserved Flowers?

Preserved Red Rose Bouquet

If you are looking for a way to brighten up your home or office with some beautiful blooms, but don’t want to deal with the hassle of watering, pruning and replacing them every few days, then preserved flowers might be the perfect solution for you.

Preserved flowers are real flowers that have undergone a special process that removes their moisture and replaces it with a natural substance that preserves their shape, color and texture. Unlike fresh or dried flowers, preserved flowers can last for months or even years without wilting, fading or losing their fragrance. Preserved flower bouquet arranged with other preserved flower fillers looks exceedingly real at first glance. That is perhaps why preserved flower bouquets are fast becoming a comparable alternative to fresh flower bouquet.  That explains why preserved flowers in Singapore are growing in popularity.

Preserved flowers are also eco-friendly, as they reduce waste and carbon footprint by using less water, energy and transportation than fresh flowers. They are also low-maintenance, as they don’t need any soil, sunlight or fertilizer to thrive.

However, this doesn’t mean that preserved flowers don’t need any care at all. To understand how best to care for your preserved flowers, it is good to know how they are made and what makes.

The Process of Flower Preservation

There are different methods of preserving flowers, but the most common one is using a chemical preservative. This is how it works:

  • Fresh flowers are cut when they are at the peak of their bloom (where they are the most beautiful).
  • Special non-toxic and non-corrosive chemicals are used to draw out the water content along with proteins, sugar and pigments from the plant cells.
  • The flowers undergo a rehydration process by being placed in an organic mixture made with glycerine and other plant elements. This mixture replaces the sap and gives shape to the flowers.
  • The eco-certified chemical solution gradually rises through the stem until it completely substitutes the sap and preserves the flower.
  • The flowers can also be introduced to different pigments and essential oils to give them smells and colors.

This process can take from a few days to several weeks depending on the type and size of the flower. Not all flowers can withstand this treatment, so only the strongest species such as roses, hydrangeas, carnations etc., are used. And each flower is carefully selected and cut only at the peak of their bloom.

Caring For Your Preserved Flowers

To keep or to ‘preserve’ them as durable and attractive as just they were out from where they are made and to keep them looking their best and extend their lifespan, there are some simple tips that you should follow. Here are some of them:

  • Keep them away from direct sunlight, heat and humidity. Exposure to these elements can cause the colours of preserved flowers to fade or change over time. It can also make them more prone to mould and bacteria growth. Therefore, it is best to place your preserved flower bouquet or arrangement in a cool and dry place away from windows, heaters and air conditioners.
  • Avoid touching, spraying or watering them. Preserved flowers are delicate and fragile, so touching them too often can damage their petals or stems. Spraying or watering them can also ruin their preservation process and cause them to rot. If you want to clean your preserved flowers gently remove dust with a soft brush or hair dryer on low heat.
  • Store them in a cool and dry place when not in use. If you are not planning to display your preserved flowers for a while, it is advisable to store them in a sealed container such as a box or a bag with silica gel packets inside. Silica gel are widely available and they are used for their ability to absorb and retain water vapour which can prevent damage or mould occurring over time in some products. This will prevent moisture from entering and affecting your preserved flowers. You can also wrap them in tissue paper or bubble wrap to protect them from dust and insects.
  • Enjoy them for as long as possible. Preserved flowers can last for up to several years if properly cared for. However, they will eventually deteriorate due to natural aging processes such as oxidation and decomposition. Therefore, it is important to enjoy your preserved flowers while they still look fresh and vibrant.

Preserved flowers are a beautiful way to keep your special memories alive for a long time. There are different ways to display them depending on your preference and style. Here are some ideas based on the search results:

  • You can frame them and hang them on a wall for a stunning and artistic look.
  • You can use them as a centrepiece on a table with a flower in resin or a glass dome for an elegant and sophisticated touch.
  • You can place them as an accent piece on a nightstand or a shelf with a vase or a box for a simple and cosy feel.
  • You can store them in an enclosed glass terrarium or an acrylic box for a modern and creative flair.

Now that you know how to care for your preserved flowers properly let’s take a look at some of the best places where you can buy them online.

One of the most popular florists in Singapore that offers preserved flower delivery is  They have a wide range of exquisite preserved flower bouquets that are suitable for any occasion such as birthdays anniversaries weddings graduations etc. have a variety of designs and colours of preserved flowers that are suitable for any occasion such as Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, birthdays, anniversaries, etc.

Some of their products include My Girl which features pink roses baby’s breath etc.; Prima Dona which features purple roses hydrangeas carnations etc.; Preserved Rose Valentine which features red roses baby’s breath etc.; Skittles which features preserved rainbow roses , baby’s breath etc.; Hot Air Balloon Flower which features preserved white roses hydrangeas baby’s breath, arranged in a preserved flower box with balloon.  Flower Dome featuring preserved flowers arranged delicately inside a glass dome with LED lights; Rustica which features orange roses eucalyptus leaves etc.; Lavender Flowers which features lavender gypsophila etc. also offers 24/7 flower delivery service in Singapore so you can order your preserved flowers anytime and get them delivered within the same day or at your preferred time slot.

As you can see, there are many options for buying preserved flowers online in Singapore. Whether you want to treat yourself or surprise someone special, you can find a preserved flower bouquet or arrangement that suits your taste and budget.

Preserved flowers are not only beautiful but also practical. They can brighten up any space with their natural charm and fragrance without requiring much care. They can also last for a long time, making them a meaningful gift that shows your lasting love and appreciation.

So what are you waiting for? Order your preserved flowers today and enjoy their everlasting beauty!

Why is 20th May Special in Singapore?

flower bouquet

What is the significance of this auspicious day 20 May and how is it celebrated in Singapore?


Singapore is a multicultural society, where people of different ethnicities and religions coexist harmoniously. Among its diverse population, the Chinese community forms the largest group, accounting for about 74% of the total residents. As such, Chinese culture and traditions have a strong influence on Singapore’s social and festive landscape.

One of the most popular occasions for celebrating love among the Chinese community is 20 May, also known as 520 or Chinese Valentine’s Day. But what is the origin and meaning of this special day? And how do Chinese couples in Singapore celebrate it? Here are some answers and insights for you.

The Origin and Meaning of 520


The number 520 may seem like a normal number for you, but for many Chinese people, it has a very special meaning. It is a homophonic word that sounds very close to “I love you” or “wo ai ni” in Chinese. This slang word originated from the internet as a shortcut to express love, like ILY in English. It then became associated with the date May 20th (5.20), which turned into a very romantic day.

Nowadays, 20 May is more important as a day of opportunity for men to express their romantic love for women. That means ladies expect to receive flowers or gifts on this day. This date is also often selected by some Chinese couples for their wedding ceremony. Saying “I love you” to your loved ones as often as possible is the spirit of this day.


How to Celebrate 520 in Singapore


If you want to join the celebration of 520 with your partner, there are many ways to do so in Singapore. Here are some ideas for you:

Send a bouquet of flowers:

Nothing says “I love you” more than a beautiful bouquet of flowers. You can choose from various types of flowers, such as roses, carnations, lilies, orchids, or baby’s breaths. You can also customize your flower bouquet according to your partner’s preferences and personality. To make it more convenient, you can order online and get same-day flower delivery from many flower delivery services in Singapore. Flower bouquets are one of the most common and popular gifts on 520, as they can convey different messages and emotions depending on their types, colors, and numbers.  More about flower later.

Go on a romantic dinner:

Treat your partner to a delicious meal at one of the many restaurants in Singapore that offer romantic ambience and cuisine. You can choose from different types of food, such as Chinese, Japanese, French, Italian, or fusion. You can also opt for a candlelight dinner or a rooftop dining experience with stunning views of the city skyline.

Watch a movie:

If you prefer something more relaxing and cozy, you can watch a movie with your partner at one of the cinemas in Singapore that offer comfortable seats and sound systems. You can choose from different genres of movies, such as romance, comedy, action, or drama. You can also bring some snacks and drinks to enjoy during the movie.

Visit an attraction:

If you want something more fun and adventurous, you can visit one of the many attractions in Singapore that offer exciting activities and experiences for couples. You can choose from different types of attractions, such as theme parks, museums, gardens, zoos, or aquariums. You can also take some photos and selfies with your partner to capture the memories.


How to Choose the Right Flowers

If you want to buy flower bouquets for your girlfriend on 520, there are some things you should consider before making your decision:

– Know her preferences: The best way to choose the right flowers is to know what your girlfriend likes or dislikes. You can pay attention to her favorite colors, styles, scents, or hobbies, or ask her friends or family members for advice.

– Know her personality: The type of flower you choose should match your girlfriend’s personality or character traits. For example, if she is cheerful and lively, you can choose bright-colored flowers like sunflowers or gerberas; if she is gentle and sweet, you can choose soft-colored flowers like carnations or tulips; if she is sophisticated and elegant, you can choose exotic flowers like orchids or lilies.

Buying flowers for your girlfriend on 520 is a thoughtful and sweet gesture that can make her feel loved and appreciated. Remember that it is not about how expensive or extravagant the flowers are, but how sincere and genuine your feelings are.

Here are some of the most popular flowers and their meanings in Singapore:



Roses are the classic choice for expressing love and romance, especially red roses that symbolize passion and devotion. The number of roses in a rose bouquet also matters: one rose means “you are my only one”, nine roses mean “eternal love”, 99 roses mean “forever”, and 999 roses mean “everlasting love”.


Carnations are another popular choice for expressing love and gratitude, especially pink carnations that symbolize admiration and appreciation. They are also suitable for mothers, as they represent maternal love and often the flower given on Mother’s Day in Singapore.


Lilies are elegant and fragrant flowers that symbolize purity and innocence. They are often given to young women or brides-to-be, as they represent happiness and good luck in marriage.


Orchids are exotic and graceful flowers that symbolize beauty and elegance. They are often given to women who have refined taste or artistic talent, as they represent admiration and respect.

Baby’s breaths:

Baby’s breath bouquets are one of the trending and popular  delicate and lovely flowers that symbolize innocence and purity. They are often used as filler flowers or paired with other flowers to create a romantic effect.

Why not arrange for a flower bouquet delivery on this day to your beloved someone.


Final Word

Many Chinese couples in Singapore share their love and happiness on social media platforms such as WeChat, Facebook, Instagram, or TikTok. They may also use digital red envelopes or stickers to send greetings or blessings to their friends or family members who are celebrating this day. Celebrating love on 520 is not only limited to Chinese couples in Singapore. Many other ethnic groups or foreigners who live or work in Singapore may also join in this celebration, as they appreciate the cultural diversity and festive atmosphere of this city-state.

Whatever you choose to do on 520 with your partner, make sure you express your love sincerely and genuinely. Remember that 520 is not just about gifts or dates; it’s about celebrating your relationship and making each other happy.

Sympathy Flowers: Offering Comfort and Support in Times of Grief

condolence flowers

Grief and loss can be overwhelming experiences that leave us searching for the right words to say or the perfect way to offer support. During these times, it’s important to let those who are grieving know that they are not alone and that we are there for them. One of the most meaningful ways to express sympathy is through the use of condolence flowers. In this blog post, we will explore the different types of condolence flowers, the significance of colour in these arrangements, and the etiquette of sending condolence flowers in Singapore.

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Featured among the best florists in Singapore

We recently googled in search for best florist singapore and to our pleasant surprise, we are voted one of Singapore’s best florist on several fronts. We are extremely humbled by all the votes, mentions and features. We would like to share this ‘pleasant discovery’ with our readers and why many have made the to-go florist in Singapore.

Disclaimer: All featured article below are not sponsored nor paid advertorials

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Frequently Asked Questions About Sending Funeral Flowers in Singapore

flower wreath

1. Why do we send flowers to a funeral?

Sending flowers to a funeral is a way to express condolences and offer support to the family and friends of the deceased. It is a traditional gesture that has been practiced for centuries, and it is often seen as a way to honour the life of the person who has passed away.

Flowers are often seen as a symbol of life and beauty, and they can help to bring a sense of comfort and peace to those who are grieving. They can also be used to create a fitting and meaningful tribute to the deceased, and they are often used to decorate the funeral service or burial site.

In some cultures, certain types of flowers have specific meanings, and these can be chosen to convey specific messages or emotions. For example, white lilies are often associated with purity and innocence, and they are often used to express condolences at a funeral. Overall, sending flowers to a funeral is a way to show support and respect for the deceased, and to offer comfort and condolence to the bereaved.

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New Home New Beginning for 24Hrs City Florist

24Hrs City Florist Relocation - 2022

It feels quite surreal to have moved out from a place we fondly regard it as our second home after 16 years. No. 161 lavender street has been a place where it all began, a place we spun off creative ideas and arrangements, a place we practiced our craft, our passion, with the people we feel most at home but more importantly a place we interacted and connected with our customers –   an entrusted privilege we never took for granted.

We spent our initial couple of years from another location at 125 lavender street which was a few door steps away from 161. This move on 14 Nov 2022 would be our second furthest move after 18 years of operations – a place where our flowers are stored, cared for, where our flower bouquets are created, arranged, wrapped and where all our flower delivery are made from to every corner of Singapore.

No. 161 have been our home away from home for most of florists at 24hrs City Florist. We all felt very comfortable building relationships from this little cocoon not just with our customers but within our co-workers.

A testament when many of our past florists who had left us years ago, still drop by our shop every now and then to say hi. We are simple glad and blessed to have an outlet such as this in lavender.

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Gerbera Flower Bouquet

Gerbera Bouquet

Gerberas have been a household name in the world of bouquet delivery and giving  for a long time– even being the fifth most popular cut flower in the world.  Almost all florist around the world offer gerbera flower delivery.  It comes to no surprise after all, with its distinctive double petals that come in bright arrays of colours ranging from red, pink, yellow, orange and white. Native to tropical regions like Africa, America and Asia, Gerberas often bloom during the summer through fall, and are cheerful flowers that are seen to always turn to the sun.


Basic care for Gerberas

Gerberas are blooms that belong to the Asteraceae family, one that is similar to sunflowers and daisies. They often boast an excellent vase life, and make great freshly cut flowers as they are wonderful bouquets to gift to your loved ones. With lukewarm water, shade and a flower foam to keep it upright due to its heavier structure, the Gerberas in your house would look as beautiful and healthy as they do in their initially bought or received bouquet.

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Customer Review

We’re proud to be helping our customers’ floral and gift needs – across all kinds of business sizes and individuals. We are often commented for our extensive variety of flower designs and fast & reliable flower delivery . We are glad to be of service to all our customers who has entrusted their gifting with 24Hrs city florist. We have been providing same day flower delivery in Singapore since 2004 and will continue to do so everyday, even during Circuit Breaker, Sundays and public holidays.

We have spent over 15 years helping individuals and corporate clientele to arrange and deliver their flowers and gifts. We have arranged over 40,000 floral arrangements and deliveries across Singapore and counting. Even during the wee hours of the morning, our customers have come to expect our services to be available. Besides our 24 hour delivery service, our clients often times thank us for just ‘being available’ and providing floral and gift delivery services particularly during Sundays and public holidays. We like to share snippets of our customers’ reviews.

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The Ultimate Guide To Choosing Birthday Flowers

Birthday flowers could be as simple as it sounds, but also have the potential to become a fairly complicated gift to curate. It really depends on what one’s intention behind the gift is. The birthday bouquet could be a traditional, no-questions-asked bouquet to a longtime friend, yet could also double up as a dual meaning gift to someone you’re romantically interested in.

As longtime florist in Singapore,  we’ve had the privilege to be involved in many a situation like this, at all hours of the day. We thus thought it might be useful to share some lessons we’ve learnt from our own experiences and that of our past customers alike, to make your flower delivery experience a much smoother one.

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12 Most Popular Flower Bouquets

Sending a flower bouquet to a loved one can be a tricky thing. Often times, we’re not sure which flower bouquet to send or pick. When that happens, sometimes there’s no harm in choosing a safe bet from a list of 12 most popular flower bouquets. We’re sure there’s good reason why these bouquets made it to the list.

Read on to find out which bouquets made the top 12 most popular flower bouquet list!

1. Rose Bouquet

Red Rose Bouquets

It’s no surprise that rose bouquets are at the top of the list. A symbol of romance and love, roses are often given as expressions of one’s endearing love for another. There’s something classic about a beautifully curated hand bouquet that’s full of blooming roses which is bound to make your loved one who’s receiving the bouquet smile. Today’s bouquet, roses have been crafted to make them more unique – in some occasions, roses are dyed with interesting colours, multi-layered colours, florescent pigmented dye/spray that make rose glows in the dark and spreading or partially peeling down the outer petals of roses for them to look more glorious, a method knows as ‘reflex’.

Blue Rose Bouquet

Blue has always been the colour of desire, love, and inspiration. That is perhaps why it is one of roses’ popular colour. Blue roses are not typically organically grown from the ground unlike most other rose colours – to obtain their pigmented blue petals, some form of colour dye-ing process is required or they are chemically treated with approved floral spray.

Today, there is a variety of ‘blue’ or ‘multicoloured’ rose bouquets, they come not just in a variety of blue hues such as French blue, ice blue, larkspur, tiffany blue and many colours but the method the pigment is treated onto the flowers eg. the fading blueish petals or soft pastel paddle pop colour that looks as good to eat.

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Meaningful Ways to Give Flowers

At some point in time in most romantic relationships, there will be a bouquet of flowers involved. Yet because it is such a mainstay in relationships, we also want to be careful to avoid it becoming viewed as an obligation. Buying flowers is a simple act that doesn’t take much to execute – anyone with spare cash can do it. However, to make your bouquet stand out from the rest, it isn’t more cash that you need, but a thoughtful mind and a bucketful of sincerity. Today we share our two cents worth on what could help you level up your bouquet and re-instill meaning into flower giving. To do so, we shall split the methods into – occasion, delivery, flowers, and associated gifts.


Bouquet of Flowers

By far the best occasion to give is when there’s no occasion at all. Unexpected gifts are the most well-received because the receiver’s expectations are at zero, and with just a simple bouquet, the happiness counter can probably shoot through the roof. Whereas on special occasions, there’s probably already a baseline level of expectation about receiving a gift. Hence to receive flowers on a special occasion becomes a fulfilment of that expectation and not nearly as exciting as receiving a surprise bouquet. A surprise bouquet could be inferred in many ways, but the most common of which would be that you have been thinking of that person (regularly) and wanted to show that you care. With such sweet connotations, a surprise bouquet can melt even the hardiest of flower critics.

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