Gerbera Flower Bouquet

Gerbera Bouquet

Gerberas have been a household name in the world of bouquet delivery and giving  for a long time– even being the fifth most popular cut flower in the world.  Almost all florist around the world offer gerbera flower delivery.  It comes to no surprise after all, with its distinctive double petals that come in bright arrays of colours ranging from red, pink, yellow, orange and white. Native to tropical regions like Africa, America and Asia, Gerberas often bloom during the summer through fall, and are cheerful flowers that are seen to always turn to the sun.


Basic care for Gerberas

Gerberas are blooms that belong to the Asteraceae family, one that is similar to sunflowers and daisies. They often boast an excellent vase life, and make great freshly cut flowers as they are wonderful bouquets to gift to your loved ones. With lukewarm water, shade and a flower foam to keep it upright due to its heavier structure, the Gerberas in your house would look as beautiful and healthy as they do in their initially bought or received bouquet.

gerbera flower bouquet

Giving Beautiful Gerbera Bouquets

While its meanings vary differently by the colour, Gerberas generally symbolize purity, cheerfulness and loyal love. It is even thought in Greece that these flowers have the ability to wish off the absence of sorrow and stress in our everyday lives. With its vibrant and cheerful looks, here are a few of many reasons to include these bundles of joy in your next bouquet purchase!


  1. For Love

The celebration of love has always been a portrayal of purity and bliss, and what better way to communicate this feeling than giving a bright Gerbera bouquet to your loved ones! After all, they don’t represent loyal love for no reason. As blooms that come in a wide array of interchangeable colors, these bouquets are as versatile in its look as they are attractive. Whether it is the elegance for a wedding bouquet, the fun for a dating gift or even the bold for an anniversary, gifting a beautiful Gerbera bouquet is an ideal choice in conveying all your stands for love.


  1. For Better Days

No one can ever guarantee every day to be a good one, but what can be hoped for are the better ones. While a visit to your local florist or getting flowers might not be the solution to your problems, the act of doing so can amount to be the brightening of one’s day. With such vibrant looking blooms, giving a Gerbera bouquet to someone feeling under the weather not only provides them a moment of comfort, but also a reminder of joy and company when seen during the days that follow. To comfort, to console or simply to send regards, Gerberas can no doubt serve to be a gift to wish for the better days.

Gerbera Ivory Colour

  1. For New Beginnings

We all have the chance to see our loved ones welcome something or someone new at one point or another in their lives. Perhaps it’s a new job, a baby shower, or a housewarming; a fresh bouquet of Gerbera flowers is always a wonderful gift for all these forms of celebrations. Symbolizing purity, these bright flowers are great ways of hoping for a pure start of joy and faith for all its recipients. Wrapped in a bouquet or placed in a vase, a bundle of fresh cut Gerberas can become cheerful messages that wish for the best new beginnings.


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