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5 Fun Facts About The Baby's Breath Bouquet

As guests file into the wedding chapel, dainty little blossoms of Baby’s Breath adorn its precincts. On anniversaries and celebrations between lovers, there is a rustling as he/she produces a bouquet full of these flowers from behind his/her back. Sometimes, on social media, one can find their Instagram Stories showing various boomerangs of people’s hands waving a bunch of baby breath bouquet with a note of appreciation. 

Quaint yet simple, this tiny floral wonder holds a special whimsical charm among many. However, how did it acquire its name and versatility for several occasions? Read on to find out more about the Baby’s Breath bouquet. 


1. Multi-continental Chalk-lovers With the Look Of a Million Stars

The Baby’s Breath, also known as “满天星” (mǎn tiān xīng, meaning: a sky full of stars) in Chinese, is a flowering plant. It is usually dotted with multitudes of mini blossoms, thus resembling a cluster of a million stars. These flowers thrive best in dry climates under direct sunlight, and generally require low maintenance. According to many, it earned its English name from its unique aroma; similar to that of a newborn baby’s breath after drinking milk. 

The botanical term for Baby’s Breath is Gypsophila paniculata, which loosely translates to “a lover of chalk with a cluster of loosely branched flowers”. This is a partial nod to the type of soil most preferred by the Baby’s Breath: sweet, alkaline soil thickened by rich amounts of gypsum minerals. 

This species originates from a few continents, namely Australia, Asia, Europe and Africa. However, since its rise in demand, it can now be found in several countries, including Peru and the United States.

Although Baby’s Breath is commonly presented with white flowers (gypsophila elegans), the flowers come in a few variations of pink and yellow shades as well.


2. Baby’s Breath Have Been In Demand Since The Victorian Times 

As expressed by many, the Baby’s Breath delivers a type of vintage and/or classic vibe. This is partly due to their presence and roots in the 19th century, otherwise commonly known as the Victorian era. 

During this period, flowers were very popular among the Victorians, as they often communicated by sending bouquets to one another. This was how the long-standing tradition of flower-gifting, and floriography came about, too! When it came to romance, lovers would send their partners a bouquet of Baby’s Breath; in hopes to renew their silent vows of everlasting love. 

Since then, Baby’s Breath has been among the top few flowers to get snapped up in seconds at the florist’s on Valentine’s Day.

*floriography: the floral language conveyed through giving different types of flowers of various colours, types and sizes. 


3. Dried Baby’s Breath Adds A Classic Touch To Bujos, Letters and Other Handicraft

Wordsmiths, bujo (bullet journalling), letter and handicraft enthusiasts, rejoice as this flower can spruce up your works! 

For example, while penning letters, crafting cards or journalling, you can attach it to certain parts in your narrative. This works especially well for meaningful and memorable moments. However, it is best to use dried Baby’s Breath for your creative needs as it sustains better. 


4. Baby’s Breath Flowers Are A Highly Meaningful Gift 

Despite its seemingly uncomely appearance, the Baby’s Breath actually conveys a thousand meanings. Its symbolism is closely linked to the shared camaraderie from romantic and platonic relationships in different stages of life; from beginning to end. 

The Baby’s Breath also represents several qualities: sincerity, innocence, compassion, fresh beginnings, loyalty and even self-discipline. In the Christian context, the Baby’s Breath represents child-like faith, and the dovelike gentleness of the Holy Spirit. One who receives a bouquet of Baby’s Breath will be delighted to discover that it undoubtedly conveys the treasured relations shared between gifter and giftee. 

5. Baby’s Breath is Perfect for Many Occasions

Now that you’ve picked up a thing or two about Baby’s Breath, why not consider purchasing a bouquet or two for the occasion? 

If you are looking for something to impress your loved one, our Baby’s Breath Big Bouquet will do just the trick. Large and colourful, it is truly a breathtaking sight to behold! Another bouquet which works wonders is our classic Baby’s Breath Bouquet.

A top favourite among many, it caters to nearly all occasions. It is the perfect bouquet for anniversaries, graduation ceremonies, farewell parties and even days to celebrate parenthood! Next, giving your heart to that special someone is now possible with our Heartful bouquet. Meticulously handcrafted and a joy to make, recipients will definitely feel your heartfelt sincerity for them. 

If you would like more choices, please feel free to browse through our collection here. Alternatively, you are more than welcome to contact our friendly florists. They will always be happy to help you with your floral needs! 

In Summary

Arranging for a flower delivery consisting of a baby breath bouquet to someone will definitely win their heart over, or spur them on. Holding multiple meanings suited for plenty of occasions with elegance, it eases the hassle of picking the right flower for special days. Moreover, when dried, it is useful for creative purposes. Small yet mighty, the Baby’s Breath will continue to provide astounding aesthetics to decor, bouquets, and other works of art.

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