Flowers, beautiful and intricate as they are, go through different stages of life. They start out as flower buds before blooming and ultimately, fade and wilt away. This mirrors our own life cycle where every single person goes through various seasons and stages. We are born, live life to the fullest and when our time is up, death becomes our final destination.

One thing is certain. Nature – through flowers – show us that such a cycle is inevitable. Every moment from birth to death is beautiful in its own way. Flowers are the one constant gift that accompanies us through the different stages of our life, be it the ups or downs. If you know a loved one who has recently lost someone dear, and would like to express your deepest condolences, why not send a thoughtful flower wreath or stand? Do read on to find out when is the right time to arrange a flower delivery for a condolence flower stand or to find out which type of arrangement would be best to send to the grieving family.

The presence of flowers at all stages of life

When we think of flowers, we’re reminded of all the different occasions we had received them. Congratulatory flower arrangements are usually sent to new parents and mothers who have just given birth, flower bouquets or gift baskets or table arrangements during birthdays and special occasions such as Mother’s Day and graduations.

From the day we’re born, we gradually grow up and celebrate many birthdays. When we start to reach our teenage years and become young adults, we start to develop crushes and fall in love for the first time. This is when many young teenage girls experience how it’s like to receive a bouquet from a crush for the first time, and where many boys also learn how to send or give flower bouquets for the very first time. Red rose bouquets may also bring up fond memories where you had received a flower bouquet from your crush/loved one. What many don’t realise is that flower bouquets have been a constant through all the occasions, and are an integral part of our life.

Come Valentine’s Day, flowers are a staple literally everywhere as well. Receiving and giving flower bouquets doesn’t necessarily have to just for Valentine’s Day and could also remind you of a special anniversary or milestone in your relationship with your partner. In each year itself, there are also certain occasions like Mother’s Day where some make it a habit to send flower bouquets to their treasured Mothers.

From a young adult, we then slowly grow up, attend college and graduate. Flowers are once again, by our sides as we look forward towards a future full of fresh opportunities and optimism. Capturing one of life’s milestones with graduation flowers is something most of us has experienced as well – where your loved ones turn up with a huge bouquet of congratulatory flowers to celebrate your achievement.

graduation bouquet

After graduation, one of the next huge life changing milestones in our lives is getting hitched. Sometimes, a special classic floral arrangement may also remind you of the time you were proposed to. As you say yes and get married to the love of your life, you think of the romantic bridal bouquets that made your day all the more special. What comes next…when we move on to the next phase of life and give birth to our first-born child. This is the time where many celebrate with baby hampers and wish their loved ones well.

Life definitely has its ups and downs. Along life’s path, we get sick sometimes and when we get hospitalised, that’s when we receive flowers which contain well wishes for a speedy recovery. Cheery flowers sent by our loved ones motivate us and cheer us on even through the rough patches of life.

Lastly, as we age and progress towards our golden years, we start getting ready to meet our maker. Accepting the death of a loved one is never easy and this is when condolence flowers delivery are sent to express one’s deepest condolences and honour the life of a loved one.

What bouquets would then be the most suitable to celebrate and mark the different stages of life? Here’s some suggestions on how to choose the most appropriate one for the occasion.

Baby Hampers

How else better to celebrate new life than by gifting a beautiful and fresh floral bouquet accompanied with practical gifts like birds’ nest or Eu Yan Sang essence of chicken or even cheery decorations such as balloons! Choose flower arrangements that have bright colours or pastel or cute arrangement designs. Bright coloured gerberas are most commonly used along with lush green leaves. Else, another nice choice would be a soothing colour palette that’s easy on the eyes.

Baby Hampers & Baby Gifts

Not only are flower arrangements or baby hampers a practical gift, it’s also fuss free as you can arrange for the delivery directly to the new parents in hospital without any hassle. It’s a great and simple way to say congratulations!


Flower arrangements which are sent across as birthday gifts can be varied. The sender has the freedom to choose the recipient’s favourite flower and the arrangement style, whether a table arrangement or hand bouquet. Usually, one would pick the recipient’s favourite style, flower colour and type of bloom. Beauty is subjective and favourites differ from person to person. It can range from quirky arrangements to romantic hand bouquets.

birthday gifts

Another popular occasion where one is likely to receive a flower bouquet is undoubtedly…Valentine’s Day.

Valentine’s Day Flowers

We had previously written an article about what women really want for Valentine’s Day. And yes, flowers were and still are one of the most popular gifts during the romantic occasion. Needless to say, roses which have become nearly synonymous with love are a hot favourite every 14th February.

Apart from 14th February, flower bouquets are also sent during other romantic occasions such as proposals. Blooms are also a common accessory at weddings.


When a young adult transitions into a full adult and enters the working world, one major milestone in his/her life is Graduation.

Usually given by loved ones as a form of congratulations, there are tons of different graduation flowers. Usually bright and cheery, they stand out amongst a sea of black graduation gowns. Comprising a mix of various flowers, they range from sunflowers to hydrangeas, baby breath and can even be one’s favourite flower.

graduation bouquets


Weddings: Usually consisting of feminine and romantic flowers such as roses, lilies and peonies, an elegant flower arrangement is generally the most favourite choice amongst brides. Some brides and grooms also match their bridal flowers to their wedding theme colours. Some prefer pops of colours whereas other grooms and brides prefer more muted colours that ooze elegance.

bridal bouquets

Get Well Soon

Get well soon flowers: We are bound to fall ill at some points in our lives. And when we get hospitalised, flowers and teddy bear bouquets are gifted to lift up our spirits and motivate us to recover quickly. In such get well soon hampers, it usually consists of cheery flowers accompanied by health tonics, balloons or teddy bears for a personal touch.

get well soon floral gift baskets

Condolence Flowers

While death is never easy, sending a condolence flowers to someone who is mourning the loss of a loved one is a thoughtful and considerate action. In such a situation, it’s normal to be flustered and confused about your actions, and you might be wondering if it’s appropriate or insensitive to send a condolence wreath to the bereaving family.

condolence flowers

What types of condolence floral arrangements work?

We had a previous article on what available condolence floral arrangements there were and to advise on which particular flower species and types convey the appropriate emotions and meanings for such a solemn occasion. The grief and pain that one feels from losing someone dear to them is incomparable and it’s important to respect boundaries during such a period. Sometimes, it’s not easy to express your condolences in words. Sending the right condolence flower is thus a great way that shows the family or individual that you care and that your thoughts are with them during this difficult time.

Choosing the right floral arrangement and type is thus essential and it is also important to take into consideration the religion and beliefs that the family believes in. What would most families like to receive when it comes to condolence flowers?

We had previously mentioned in an article that in Singapore, condolence flowers are usually accepted by most religions, except Muslim families. As such, do take note of such important practices and ensure that you are sensitive in expressing your sympathy.

One might ask if there’s a right condolence floral arrangement to be sent to females or males. Generally, there is no right or wrong floral arrangement for either gender. The common basis is that condolence flowers are sent out of respect to honour the loss of one’s life and to celebrate the beauty that had come with it. Nonetheless, here’s some advice if you’re concerned about not choosing the right condolence flower for the two genders.

For females: Traditional funeral flowers for women are often more stylised and may include heart-shaped designs. Some condolence stands for women include feminine colours such as light pinks and lavenders, and traditional flowers such as white roses are used.

For males: Any respectable white floral arrangement would be suitable. Depending on how well you knew the individual, you can also opt for a more conservative/traditional flower bouquet/stand or if you knew that the individual preferred variety and unconventional arrangements, then choose an all-white floral arrangement that honours him in the best possible way.

The rule of thumb is to choose a condolence floral arrangement which looks presentable and pleasant in the eyes of the grieving family. If you’re close to the family of the deceased, you can also ask florists to make personalised arrangements to specially honour him/her. You could include special flowers or unique blooms in there that hold specific meaning to the relationship both of you shared.

One special exception would be for children. If you’re attending a child’s funeral or wake, you can also choose to arrange for a flower delivery or purchase toys such as teddy bears to accompany your condolence flowers. This may help comfort the parents or family of the deceased child.

condolence wreath for child

Does the size of the condolence wreath/stand matter?

A funeral flower wreath or floral stand is definitely one the most popular condolence flower arrangement used in Singapore. Generally, funeral wreaths are arranged in oval or circular shapes and placed on the stand. They’re usually also decorated with simple phrases to offer condolences such as: “My Condolences” or “Deepest Sympathies”.

It is common to attach a heartfelt condolence message to the family.  If you’re not sure what to write, here’s some sample condolence messages to refer to. Try to include a handwritten note or card, and do take note to include your full name or contact details so that the family can contact you to express their thanks when they’re more settled.

large condolence flowers stand

Size wise, most condolence floral stands are approximate 1.6 metres tall, so you don’t have to worry about it being an odd height. While most common funeral wreaths are slender and tall in nature, there are some which are longer and have a bulkier base. This is subjective, so do choose one which you find would suit the specific recipients and family.

Should you send condolence flowers during or after the funeral?

It is common to usually send funeral flowers on the first few days of the funeral itself. Whilst this mostly depends on how long the funeral is held for and when you hear about the news, funeral wreaths and stands are one of the most common condolence gifts as they can be purchased and delivered on the same day itself.

Nevertheless, if you missed the funeral or only heard about his/her passing after the funeral was held. Depending on the family, it is still acceptable to send such condolence flowers to the family’s house a few days, up to a week after the funeral has passed. Do bear in mind, some Chinese families may not accept anymore condolence flowers after the funeral. Hence, it is always good to send them during the funeral. Sympathy flowers are a great way to encourage the family to heal and to remind them that they are loved and cared for.

Grieving is a long process and sending flowers (preferably not condolence flowers/wreaths)  to their home after the funeral has ended would also be a great way to inject reassurance in their lives and beauty in their homes. Always a good idea to check with the preference of the bereaved family that you wish to send flowers too. You could also choose to accompany your floral delivery with food – nutritional hamper baskets with health food or fruits would also be a good choice. 

Else, the most important thing to take into account to support a grieving family would be to be a pillar of support for them. Be it physical or emotional support, being physically present for the funeral or attending the wake would mean a great deal to them. In such times, having a shoulder to cry on or a listening ear would be much appreciated by those grieving.

Things to take note of when you’re sending condolence flowers:

Please ensure that you have the right address of the recipient and send condolence flowers to the wake before the funeral ends. You can purchase condolence flowers for delivery.

It is also important to get the spelling of the person you wish to send the condolence to and also the name of the deceased if applicable to avoid the family members from  spending time questioning who had sent the flowers.

Most families in Singapore would keep the message cards that came along with each condolence flower arrangement so they could later acknowledge who sent flowers and some families would go to the extent of sending a thank you note to each and every sender of the condolence flowers. However, for the flowers themselves, they will leave the flowers at the wake to be thrown away.

It is not an easy period to go through and with funeral preparations and the chaos and time of turmoil which followed after, it is easy to lose track of who had expressed their condolences. Take time to slowly read through the condolence notes and thank those who had taken time and effort out of their busy schedule to be present at the funeral.  

condolence flower bouquet

Death is never easy

From birth to death – every moment counts. Losing a loved one is painful beyond words and when someone we love going through the grieving process, it is important to understand that grieving is a natural reaction. It takes time, and he/she would appreciate our support in such times. At such solemn times, flowers are a good way to offer comfort to those you care about.

Do remember to be sensitive and caring to the individual and offer any assistance you can.

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Written by: Elizabeth Tan

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