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Hydrangea Flower

Hydrangeas are a popular flower in Singapore. Hydrangeas are also known as Hortensia and are a largely cultivated flower in Eastern Asia. These flowers are usually arranged in two different ways: the mophead or the lace cap. Mophead arrangements have large flowerheads resembling pom-poms. Lace cap arrangements have round flowerheads surrounding smaller flowers in the core. This flower has an extensive history in the Asian region. In Japan, a tea is derived from the plant in celebration of Buddha. In Korea, herbal teas are made from these plants. Generally speaking, hydrangeas are associated with heartfelt emotions in both a positive manner.

Hydrangeas are beautiful and popular flowering plants that have gained popularity in recent years due to their stunning blooms and versatility in gardening. They come in different colors and shapes, making them perfect for any garden or floral arrangement.  Cut hydrangea flowers are often arranged in hydrangea bouquet is a variety of bouquet styles, size and colours.

History of Hydrangeas

Hydrangeas have been around for centuries and have been used for various purposes. In Japan, hydrangeas are a symbol of gratitude, and in Victorian times, they were used to convey frigidity and heartlessness. Today, hydrangeas are widely used in gardening and floral arrangements.

What is the meaning of hydrangea flowers?

Hydrangeas have different meanings in different cultures. In Japan, they represent gratitude, while in Korea, they are a symbol of apology. In the United States, hydrangeas are associated with heartfelt emotions and are often used in bridal bouquets.

Hydrangeas are native to Asia and the Americas and have been around for centuries. The flower's name is derived from the Greek words "hydor" and "angeion," which mean "water" and "vessel," respectively. The name is a reference to the shape of the flower's seed capsule, which looks like a water pitcher.

Care For Hydrangeas

If you've cut hydrangea flowers and want to keep them fresh and vibrant for as long as possible, there are a few tips to keep in mind. First, make sure to cut the stems at an angle with a sharp, clean pair of scissors or pruning shears. This will help the flowers absorb water more easily. Next, remove any leaves that will be below the water line in the vase, as they can rot and cause bacteria to grow. Place the cut hydrangeas in a vase filled with cool water and add a flower preservative to help keep them fresh. Change the water every two to three days and recut the stems at an angle to help them absorb water more easily. Keep the vase out of direct sunlight and away from heat sources, as both can cause the flowers to wilt more quickly. With proper care, your cut hydrangeas can last up to two weeks or more.

Hydrangea Flower

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