What are the top most common questions florists get from customers in Singapore? It is no mistake flowers are one of the most sought after gifts in Singapore. They are a universal gift for almost any occasion. However, there are still many basic facts about flowers that are still a mystery to many. We are here to help uncover some of these commonly asked questions with easy to understand answers.

Here are the top 20 most common questions florists get from customers:

  1. How to take care of fresh cut flowers? / How to make fresh flowers last long?
  2. How much water do cut flowers need?
  3. How long can flowers last without water?
  4. How to dry flowers?
  5. Do cut flowers need sunlight?
  6. How do I display flowers in a vase?
  7. How do I buy flowers?
  8. How do you press flowers?
  9. How do you revive dying flowers?
  10. How long would flower in a bouquet last?
  11. Can I customize my own bouquet?
  12. Will my flowers die if I leave them in the car?
  13. When can I gift someone flowers?
  14. What type of flowers are suitable as a romantic gift?
  15. Will my flowers attract insects?
  16. Which flowers smell the best?
  17. Why are my flowers dying?
  18. Can I send flower anonymously?
  19. Can I keep flowers in the fridge?
  20. Can I use sugar as a replacement for flower food?

We at 24HrsCityFlorist offers a wide range of flowers. For example, the length of time fresh cut flowers last differ from species to species. Even within the same type of flowers such as roses, different species of roses last longer than others. We endeavour to answer the questions above based on general or more commonly purchased fresh cut flowers in Singapore and not based on any specific types of flowers or species. 24HrsCityFlorist.com is a brick and mortar shop located in lavender street and an online florist offering same day flower delivery anywhere in Singapore. This includes flower bouquet, condolence flowers, opening flower stands, graduation flowers, baby hampers, festive hampers, bridal bouquets, table arrangements and many more.

Question 1: 

How to take care of cut flowers?/ How to make fresh-cut flowers last longer?

Answer 1:

Cut flowers usually require a greater effort for care and maintenance, compared to uncut ones. There are various things that cut flowers require in order to maintain their color and shape. First and foremost is water. Without an adequate supply of water, cut flowers will gradually perish. Next comes flower food. It usually comes in the form of packets which you can buy. A typical flower food usually contains acid, sugar, and bleach. Each of these components has an important use. Acid maintains the pH level of the flower at an optimal level, sugar provides essential nutrients, and bleach prevents the accumulation of bacteria. Other than that, cut flowers also require a cool environment and a place away from direct sunlight to thrive.

Moreover, you should re-cut stems regularly, to eliminate air bubbles in the stem tissue that can hinder water absorption. Leaves are also an important component of flowers and you should not neglect them. You should prune the leaves regularly to prevent any potential water contamination. Last but not least, cleanliness is of utmost importance. That is why you should wash the flower vase every 2 to 3 days and replace the existing water with fresh water.

Question 2:

How much water do cut flower need?

Answer 2:

All flowers are different are there is no exact amount of water that a cut flower needs. However, as a rule of thumb, you should ensure that the water in the vase does not dry up. An adequate amount of water is that which fills up around three quarters of the flower vase. You should note that changing the water daily is recommended, to prevent any potential contamination.

Question 3:

How long can flowers last without water?

Answer 3:

This really depends upon the weather and climate. In Singapore’s warm weather climate, flowers typically last for 3 to 5 days maximum. However, it does not have to remain this way and there are some ways in which you can prolong their lifespan. You can refer to Answers 1 and 2 to find out these methods. 

Question 4:

How to dry flowers?

Answer 4:

Drying flowers yourself is an easy way to preserve them. There are numerous ways to achieve this. These include air drying, microwave drying, pressing, dipping in wax, and using silica gel. You can choose any method that you find suitable. You can visit this link for a detailed step-by-step explanation on how to dry flowers: http://www.24hrscityflorist.com/blog/how-to-make-dried-flowers-bouquet/

Question 5:

Do cut flowers need sunlight?

Answer 5:

Cut flowers are different from uncut ones that are planted in soil. Therefore, they do not need sunlight. This is because they do not need to photosynthesise, as they cannot grow larger. Instead, sunlight can prove to be harmful for cut flowers. Cut flowers tend to wilt faster when exposed to excessive sunlight.

Question 6: 

How do I display flowers in a vase?

Answer 6:

Presentation is key when it comes to flowers. Deciding how to display flowers in a vase can be a hassle, so keep the following tips in mind. Cut the stems diagonally, and arrange them in a criss-cross pattern to ensure that the blooms do not bump into each other. This is a really clean and aesthetic way of displaying flowers. However, this is just a guideline, and not a universal law. You can add a bit of your own touch to the display. You can also look at flower display designs on Pinterest for inspiration.

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Question 7:

How do I buy flowers?

Answer 7:

There are so many types of flowers and hence so many options to choose from! It can be a daunting task to narrow it down. That is where the florist comes into play. You should tell the florist what you are looking for, or atleast give them some sort of an idea. They will be happy to help you, so no need to hesitate. They are specialists in their field and do not expect customers to walk in to the shop, knowing everything there is to know about flowers. You can also seek the florist’s opinion if you are seeking flowers for a specific occasion. 

Question 8:

How do you press flowers?

Answer 8: 

Pressed flowers are a fuss-free way to preserve the beauty of flowers. There are various methods of pressing. One easy way is to sandwich your flower between 2 absorbent sheets and slot it in between a thick book to flatten. Then, put the book under something heavy, such as your mattress, to continue to the drying and flattening process. Be sure to change absorbent sheets once every few days. By doing this, the flower will dry completely within approximately 2 to 3 weeks. 

Question 9:

How do you revive dying flowers?

Answer 9:

Yes, it is possible to revive dying flowers! First of all, snip off about 1 inch of the wilted flower’s stem. Then, add 3 teaspoons of sugar into a vase of lukewarm water before placing in the flowers. If the flowers do not perk up after 3 hours, add another spoonful of sugar. This will help your flowers survive for another 1 to 3 days. Sugar provides the flower with nutrition, which are usually made by the leaves through photosynthesis, when the flower is not dying.

However, sugar has its drawbacks as well. Sugar may introduce and encourage bacteria growth. If the water becomes cloudy, it is a sign that bacteria is present which may inhibit the survival of the flower. When that happens, the water should immediately be changed. 

Question 10:

How long would flower in a bouquet last?

Answer 10:
Generally speaking, flowers in bouquets do not last long. The exact time they lasts varies with the temperature and flower type. For example, on a hot day outdoors, flowers typically for 2 to 4 hours. Indoors, the lifespan is much longer; they may last for 2 to 4 days.

Question 11:

Can I customize my own bouquet?

Answer 11:

Yes, you can definitely customize your own bouquet. In fact, customization is a good way to add some of your touch to the display of the bouquet. Moreover, most florists accepts bouquet customizations so that shouldn’t be an issue. However, to be sure, you should enquire if they provide this particular service. Nowadays, bouquets can be purchased and even customized, on the internet. For example, at 24hourcityflorist, flower bouquet customization can be done on their very own website. Show video

Question 12:

Will my flowers die if i leave them in the car?

Answer 12:

Yes, there are high chances that your flowers will die if you leave them in the car. Flower wilting is susceptible to warm and sunny environments. In hot weather, the damage can be done even quicker. If the car is warm and you are parked outdoors, the flowers may start showing signs of wilting in a couple of hours. To prevent this from happening, you may want to leave the air-conditioning on, if possible.

Question 13:

When can I gift someone flowers ?

Answer 13:

Flower Bouquet

Flowers are considered a universal gift. They can be used as a gift for a wide variety of occasions. These include anniversaries, weddings, graduations, funerals, and many more. However, you should also keep in mind the personality of the recipient, before gifting flowers. There are a wide variety of emotions that flowers can evoke. These include “Will You Marry Me”, “I love you”, “Get well soon”, and “I’m Sorry”, to name a few. One thing’s for sure. An that is flowers have been the most popular types of gifts in the past, and will remain that way in the years to come.

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Question 14:

What type of flowers are suitable as a romantic gift?

Answer 14:

Roses are the most popular type of flowers to use as a romantic gift. This is largely because the shocking red color of roses convey an emotion of desire, love and admiration. A single stem rose is a good option for those people who are on a budget. If you are going with a whole bouquet, be sure to not go overboard with the amount of roses you stuff in it. Everything looks good in moderation, and roses are no different. A good alternative type of flower to roses are tulips. Tulips are a good symbol of love. Another type of romantic flower is pink peony.

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Question 15: 

Will my flowers attract insects?

Answer 15:

Flowers, like most plants, do have the tendency to attract insects. However, the extent to which they attract insects varies from flower to flower. Flowers that smell sweet and have bright colours, tend to attract the most insects.

Question 16: 

Which flowers smell the best?

Answer 16:

Flowers are not only known for their looks, but for their smell as well. Each flower has a unique smell. In fact, smell is one of the identifying characteristics of each flower type. There are certain types of flowers are smell better than the rest. One of the most prominent amongst these are roses. This is one of the most common types of flowers, found in numerous places around the world. In fact, they are even used to make perfumes. Other types amongst the best smelling flowers include Jasmines, Gardenias, and Viburnums.

Question 17:

Why are my flowers dying?

Answer 17:

There are many potential reasons behind this. The most likely reason is that they are not getting enough water, and hence have exhausted their lifespan. Moreover, cut flowers are more prone to die quickly. That is because flowers cannot receive nutrients from the plant itself, and therefore it starts wilting the moment it is cut from the plant.

Question 18:

Can I send flowers anonymously?  

Answer 18:

Whether or not you send flowers anonymously, is up to you. This highly depends upon the occasion and the person that you are sending them to. If you really think that it would be a good surprise, then by all means go for it. Most florists would allow you to do this.

Question 19:

Can I keep flowers in the fridge?

Answer 19:

Yes, you can keep flowers in the fridge. Keeping them in the fridge is a good idea to preserve them. The fridge is especially good for storing cut flowers, as opposed to bloom flowers. However, you should not keep them in the fridge all day long, as that would be overkill. Also, you should make sure that your fridge is set to 40 degrees Fahrenheit or less. Furthermore, you should remove all fruits from the from the fridge before adding in the flowers. The reason behind this is that fruits emit Ethylene gas which can cause flowers to wilt faster. 

Question 20:

Can I use sugar as a replacement for flower food?

Answer 20:

Sugar is a temporary fix. It should not be used as a replacement for flower food in the long run. This is because sugar does not provide all the essential things that a flower requires. Sugar only provides nutrients. Flower food, on the other hand, contains other important components, in addition to sugar. These include acid, which maintains the pH level of the flower, and bleach, which kills bacteria that can harm the flower.

We hope that our answers helped cover any questions you may have! If you have any other burning questions, do not hesitate to ask your friendly florist! We’ll be glad to help.

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