Anyone can pick up a bunch of flowers from the local florists and arrange the flowers on your own. Learn how to arrange pleasant looking vase arrangement using only a bunch of roses and leaves. The other alternatively is to have a florist deliver the arrangement to you. Most local flower shops provide flower delivery or roses delivery in Singapore. Here we like to share with our readers easy simple techniques to create beautiful flower arrangement for your home or office.

All you need is just:
– a bunch of roses
– a bunch of ruscus leaves
– a vase

Bunch of Roses
Typically loose roses bouquet from florists come in pack of 10 or 20 stalks. Buy at least 20 stalks. select any colour of your choice – one that compliments the colour of your vase. For our case, we have chosen red roses. You may use similar flowers with stronger and straight stems such as carnations, ginger flowers, gladiolas, tuberose, chrysanthemums, etc..

Bunch of Leaves
We chosen ruscus for this tutorial because ruscus are hardy leaves and last very long. The dark green colour of ruscus also blends well with most coloured roses. Red and greens or white and greens are the best combination. An alternative to ruscus is coin-shaped eucalyptus leaves. Leaves don’t just fill up the gaps but acts as support to the flowers too.

Preferably a tall one with the spout and bottom larger than the centre (this allows the stems to criss-cross and spread evenly). We have chosen a glass vase because glass is a natural ‘colour’ and goes well with most coloured flowers.

proportionate flower table arrangement

proportionate flower arrangement

You will be amazed by how easy flower arrangement is. Just apply these simple techniques and within 3 minutes wha-la, you got yourself a beautiful floral arrangement. You can either place it on the dining table, foyer table, inside bedrooms or at the office reception or event as a valentine’s day flowers gift.

red rose for valentine's day

Rose arrangement

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