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It is a known fact that cut flowers eventually wilt and die, much to the disappointment of everyone. However, did you know that there are some cut flowers that actually last longer than others? Below is a list of five longest-lasting flowers that are sure to amaze you.

1. Chrysanthemums
Chrysanthemums are commonly yellow, although there are other popular colours such as yellow, red, white and pink. Some may be surprised to learn that a single head of chrysanthemum is made up of a bunch of numerous flowers. It can survive up to three weeks, proving that it is indeed a good buy.

2. Cymbidium Orchids
Dubbed the “King of Orchids” , cymbidium orchids are more tolerant to the cold and are found in many colours, shapes and sizes. Besides being famous for its beauty, the cymbidium orchid is a popular among customers due to its long lifespan of two to three weeks.

3. Proteas
Proteas originate from South Africa and have many varieties ranging from different sizes and shapes. The Proteas “Juliet” has modified leaves called bracts instead of petals, which surround the tiny florets, creating a wonderful art piece just by itself. They can last to three weeks or more.

4. Alstroemerias
This flower, commonly known as the Peruvian Lily, can be found in a typical flower shop all year round. It comes in a number of colours, and there will be a few blooms on each stem. This flower can last up to two weeks or even longer, hence are popular among customers.

5. Carnations
Carnations hold many different meanings for each colour, from red to pink to yellow to green. The pink carnations are conventionally given to mothers on Mothers’ Day and signify a mother’s love. There are three different types of carnations- spray, large-flowered, and dwarf-flowered. They can last up to two weeks after being cut.
Of course, all flowers require a daily change of water and a clean vase rid of bacteria. Try to avoid exposing the flowers to heat as they will dry out. Take these precautions and steps, and you will be able to enjoy the beauty of your flowers for a longer time.


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