by Yuka Goh,

Many people may avoid purchasing cut flowers for fear of them dying easily. However, here are 10 secrets on how to prolong the lives of cut flowers to make them worth every cent they were paid for.

1. Always make sure that there is fresh water for the flowers every day. Once the water turns murky, it shows that there have been bacteria growth in the water and it will shorten the lives of the flowers.

2. As much as it is important to supply flowers with clean water, the vase must also be clean. Before placing the flowers into the vase, wash the vase with warm water and soap to get rid of bacteria.

3. Sometimes leaves will grow at the lower areas of the stem and will be submerged in the water. Remove these leaves as they promote bacterial growth and thus are detrimental to the lives of flowers.

4. Diluting flower preservatives in the water will also be good in prolonging the lives of cut flowers. Flower preservatives contain bleach which helps to prevent bacteria growth and supplies water and food to the flowers for them to survive and bloom. Flower preservatives can be bought or made at home with some basic household items.

5. It is important to cut the stems of the flowers daily. This will help the flowers absorb water and nutrients efficiently. Avoid damaging the stems while cutting them by using a sharp knife. Cut diagonally for a larger surface area of the stem to be exposed. This also ensures that the stem does not rest flat on the bottom of the vase, thus steady absorption of minerals occur, allowing flowers to survive.

6. It is better to keep cut flowers in a cool place, away from strong sunlight. While sunlight is good for growing flowers, it will cause cut flowers to dry out faster and thus shorten their lives.

7. Do not place cut flowers near ripe fruits. These rip fruits contain chemicals that may cause the flowers to bloom prematurely and cause them to die earlier.

8. It is not advisable to expose the flowers to cigarette smoke as well. The smoke will cause a layer of fine particles to accumulate on the surface of the flower, clogging the stomata of the plants which then affects the respiration and transpiration of the plant. By not smoking around flowers, it will prolong the lifespan of the flowers.

9. Remember to spray the flowers with some water daily. This will help to keep the flowers dewy and fresh.

10. A little bit of love and care will go a long way in keeping your cut flowers alive. Sometimes people forget to change the water and this will lead to the plants dying fast. Always remember that flowers are living things as well, so shower them with care and they will repay you in the form of its exquisite beauty.

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