8 Inspiring Quotes That Will Inspire You

graduation flowers

graduation moments

Graduation season is in full swing, and that means a whole new chapter of life to many of the graduates who are going to take on the tough and often times harsh reality of working life. But with some inspiring words from those who had persevered, overcame, accomplished individuals & true entrepreneurs among us – those who seize opportunities and make great things happen. They are words of wisdom and the advice they impart is often timeless. Below we’ve rounded up 8 of the most memorable addresses of all time.

1. “Don’t let the noise of others’ opinions drown out your own inner voice. And most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want to become. Everything else is secondary.” — Steve Jobs, Stanford University, 2005

2. “What I want to talk to you about today is the difference between gifts and choices. Cleverness is a gift, kindness is a choice. Gifts are easy–they’re given after all. Choices can be hard. You can seduce yourself with your gifts if you’re not careful, and if you do, it’ll probably be to the detriment of your choices.” –Jeff Bezos, Princeton, 2010

3. “It doesn’t matter how far you might rise. At some point you are bound to stumble. … If you’re constantly pushing yourself higher … the law of averages, not to mention the Myth of Icarus, predicts that you will at some point fall. And when you do I want you to know this, remember this: There is no such thing as failure. Failure is just life trying to move us in another direction.” –Oprah Winfrey, Harvard 2013

4. “Use your knowledge and your heart to stand up for those who can’t stand. Speak for those who can’t speak. Be a beacon of light, for those whose lives have become dark. Fight the good fight against global warming. Be a part of all that is good and decent. Be an ambassador for the kind of world you want to live in” –Julie Andrews at University of Colorado Boulder (2013)

5. “If you’re a Democrat, spend some time talking to a Republican. And if you’re a Republican, have a chat with a Democrat. Maybe you’ll find some common ground, maybe you won’t. But if you honestly engage with an open mind and an open heart, I guarantee you’ll learn something. And goodness knows we need more of that, because we know what happens when we only talk to people who think like we do — we just get more stuck in our ways, more divided, and it gets harder to come together for a common purpose. ” Michelle Obama at Eastern Kentucky University (2013)

6. “Failure meant a stripping away of the inessential. I stopped pretending to myself that I was anything other than what I was, and began to direct all my energy into finishing the only work that mattered to me. Had I really succeeded at anything else, I might never have found the determination to succeed in the one arena I believed I truly belonged.” J.K. Rowling at Harvard (2008)

7. “A lot of the time the experts, the people who are supposed to be able to tell you what to do, will tell you that you can’t do something even when you know you can. And a lot of the time it’s your friends … who tell you you can do it.” –Mark Zuckerberg, Belle Haven Elementary School (yes, really), 2011

8. “We can make market forces work better for the poor if we can develop a more creative capitalism–if we can stretch the reach of market forces so that more people can make a profit, or at least make a living, serving people who are suffering from the worst inequities. … You have more than we had; you must start sooner, and carry on longer.” –Bill Gates, Harvard, 2007

Mini Baby’s Breath Bouquet Bulk Order

We do arrange mini baby’s breath bouquets but for minimum order of 5 bouquets per purchase.
You may choose from the various colours available – blue, purple, pink, yellow, white a mix of any 2 colours:

coloured mini baby's breath bouquet

mini baby’s breath bouquet

Below are the various bulk prices. All bulk orders must be placed at least 1-week in advance of collection/delivery date:

1. Mini Baby’s Breath – $30/bouquet (for order between 5 to 30 bouquets) for delivery/collection outside window period of 10 to 17 Feb
2. Mini Baby’s Breath – $25/bouquet (min order 31 and above) for delivery/collection outside window period of 10 to 17 Feb
3. Mini Baby’s Breath – $20/bouquet (min order 100 and above) for delivery/collection outside window period of 10 to 17 Feb

Note 1: Delivery anytime (no specific timing) between 9am to 5pm at $25 per location per every 30 bouquets or less.

Note 2: To confirm order, payment must be made in full in advance. We accept credit card payment (visa/mas/amex) over the phone.

Note 3: Prices stated above are subject to change without prior notice. All flowers are subject to seasonal availability. Please call us at 6396 4222 for inquiries.

Single Stalk Rose Bulk Purchase

It is this period of the year again – love and romance is in the air. It is generally this time of the year too, we get many inquiries on the sale of single stalks rose for bulk purchase. We have compiled a list of frequently asked questions. Prices are valid for minimum order of 100 stalks and above. Delivery charges are not included. Our roses can be either from China. Roses from other countries will be quoted separately.

We sell generally 3 types of ‘single’ stalk rose. They are:

1. Bare stalk with no wrapping (roses are de-thorned)
2. Simple clear plastic wrapping (roses are de-thorned and come with tube, tied with ribbon)
3. Premium sleek holder (rosose are de-thorned and come with tube, tied with ribbon)

1. Bare stalk with no wrapping ( min 100 stalks, applicable for red/pink/white roses. Roses come de-thorned):

bare single rose

bare single rose

1.1 China Rose – length 30cm to 45cm – $3/stalk (delivery/collection latest by 8 Feb)
1.2 China Rose – length 50cm to 60cm – $5/stalk (delivery/collection latest by 8 Feb)
1.3 China Rose – length 30cm to 45cm – $7/stalk (delivery/collection latest by 10 Feb)
1.4 China Rose – length 50cm to 60cm – $9/stalk (delivery/collection latest by 10 Feb)

2. Simple clear plastic wrapping (min 100 stalks, applicable for red/pink/white roses. Roses come with tube, tied with ribbon):

plastic-wrap single rose

plastic-wrap single rose

2.1 China Rose – length 30cm to 45cm – $5/stalk (delivery/collection latest by 8 Feb)
2.2 China Rose – length 50cm to 60cm – $7/stalk (delivery/collection latest by 8 Feb)
2.3 China Rose – length 30cm to 45cm – $10/stalk (delivery/collection latest by 10 Feb)
2.4 China Rose – length 50cm to 60cm – $12/stalk (delivery/collection latest by 10 Feb)

3. Premium black sleek holder (total length with holder 60cm, applicable for red/pink/white roses. Roses come de-thorned with tube):

holder single rose

holder single rose

3.1 China Red/Pink/White Rose – $10/stalk (delivery/collection latest by 8 Feb)
3.2 China Red/Pink/White Rose – $12/stalk (delivery/collection latest by 10 Feb)
3.3 Kenya* Red Rose – $25/stalk (delivery/collection latest by 8 Feb)
3.4 Ecuador* Red Rose – $30/stalk (delivery/collection latest by 8 Feb)
3.5 Holland* Red Rose – $40/stalk (delivery/collection latest by 8 Feb)

Important Note:
We do not take orders for delivery or collection between 11 Feb to 15 Feb. Delivery charges is applicable – for every 100 stalks to ONE location is $25/trip during office hours. Prices are subject to change without prior notice. All roses are subject to stock availability. We recommend to place your order as early as possible.

Confirmation of order: Order for the above delivery dates must be made at least 2 weeks before the of delivery/collection date. To confirm, payment must be placed in full. We accept credit card payment over the phone. For other inquiries, please call us at 6397 4222

*for Kenya, Ecuador, Holland roses min order is 10 stalks. Not available for delivery/collection from 9 Feb to 15 Feb.

Disclaimer: Roses are shipped from overseas. We do not control the size of their blooms, Hence we do not guarantee the stage of their blooms. They normally come in semi-bloom condition.

Design Your Own Bouquet Online

We recently launched our new online service that allows users to ‘Design Your Own Bouquet’ . It puts the ‘creative’ flare onto the hands of the user and in 3 simple clicks, their customized bouquet is ready for delivery on the same day. We believe we are probably the first florist in Singapore offering such online service.

It took us roughly 6 months to conceptualize this ‘design your own bouquet’ feature and the bulk of time was rendered into ensuring the right style of bouquets fit into the right colour scheme and right combination of wrapping. You may check out this feature directly at our website here: https://www.24hrscityflorist.com/design-your-own.html

Patrons of 24HrsCityFlorist.com are now capable of customizing their own bouquet with our new release of our latest online feature, ‘Design Your Own Bouquet.’ This novel feature allows people to have a custom bouquet in three simple steps and all can be done on one webpage and have the bouquet delivered same day.

design your own bouquet

design your own bouquet

How It Works
Click on the tab ‘Design Your Own’ and you will arrive at our ‘Design Your Own Bouquet’ page, users are asked to identify three of the major components of the bouquet that they want. First of is the type of main flower, around which the designs and accents will revolve in. There are over five choices of main flowers, each with their own bouquet types associated with them. Main flower type choices include the usual ones like roses, hydrangeas, sunflowers, tulips and more.

Next, users are given the choice of what bouquet type they want their main flower to come in. These designs are reliant on the kind of main flower they have chosen in the previous step. Prices may vary depending on the bouquet type as well as on the accents used in the bouquet.

select your own bouquet

select your own bouquet

Finally, once the customer is satisfied with the floral counterpart of their chosen bouquet, then they are given the chance to choose the type of wrapper that it comes in. The price also varies with the choices, depending on the texture, colour and style of the wrappings. Upon clicking on wrapping choices, guests are given a digital preview of how their custom-bouquet will look like, allowing them to properly customise according to their preferences.

customized from the various wrapping styles

customized from the various wrapping styles

Each bouquet will be hand crafted and arranged by our florists accordingly to the user’s design – this will certainly give it an even more personal touch. After choosing a custom bouquet, interested buyers are given the option to choose the bouquet through a delivery or self-collection from the store.

Benefits of Custom Bouquets
This new feature makes the common social practice of flower-giving even more personal as it allows givers to customise a bouquet according to the recipient’s interests. The main type of flower, as well as the accents, can be customised to accommodate a person’s favorite colours, combinations and more.

As compared to giving pre-packed bouquets from most florists, 24HrsCityFlorist.com’s latest offerings has a more personal touch that people are sure to appreciate. Pre-pasked bouquets aren’t usually satisfactory in the sense that the combinations may not work for whoever the bouquet is being given to, or elements that people want to go together aren’t usually in the same bouquet. This feature remedies that as users are given the chance to design their own bouquet orders.

Now, bouquet giving isn’t simply a matter of choosing a bouquet from pre-packed ones, but carefully handpicking each element to perfectly suit the recipient. It communicates a greater sense of interest and thoughtfulness about the person’s preferences, which can then be exhibited by the very personal bouquet choice.

Interested buyers may enjoy this latest online feature from 24HrsCityFlorist.com In just a few simple steps, you can design your own bouquets online and have it delivered same day to enjoy a more personal flair.

joanna soh with our diy bouquet

joanna soh with our diy bouquet

Sponsorship Consideration



We regularly have request for sponsorship for flower bouquets. We are pleased to consider sponsoring a flower bouquet if the company or school whom we provide the sponsor to are able to reciprocate with the following:

1. A permanent dofollow backlink from a blog or website accessible by public with the respective school’s domain. eg. http://www.nus.edu.sg/blog/dance/etc…
upon agreement, you have to show to us that you have authority to do such a post before we send you the sponsored flower.

2. A post on your company or school or club’s instagram with a minimum of 1000 followers

3. A post on your company or school or club’s facebook.

All three are our non-negotiable criteria for our sponsorship consideration

If your company or school (for certain) are able to provide all of the above, you may write to us using our contact us on our website to tell us what you like us to sponsor.

Thank you

How To Wrap A Korean Styled Hand Bouquet

There are many ways of wrapping a Korean styled hand bouquet. Below is just one simple method on how to fold, position and wrap a front facing flower arrangement using a mix of kraft paper and non woven paper. You may use all kraft paper wrappings or a variety of colours plastic wrappings or even burlap wrappings.

how to wrap a Korean styled hand bouquet

how to wrap a Korean styled hand bouquet

Infographic created by 24hrscityflorist.com

How To Create Blue Roses – Infographic

How to create blue roses
by 24hrscityflorist.com

Blue rose symbolizes love, prosperity or immortality. It is much sought after partly because they do not exist in nature. There are genetically modified blue roses however, the easier and cheapest way to attain blue roses for floral arrangements and gifts are either by spray or dye.

Below are the steps to create blue rose by dyeing. The main advantage of dyeing roses is when done properly, the colour spreads out more uniformly all over the petals. As oppose to spray, one may miss out or not able to completely cover the inner layers of the petals.

The intensity of blue varies depending of how the roses are prepared. This include whether the roses are being soaked in water before the dyeing process and the type of ‘blue’ dye used and the mix of dye to water ratio.

infographic- how to create blue roses

infographic – how to create blue roses

Note: Powder blue dye used is Design Master Absorbit – Ice Blue. Absorbit Is a stem powdered dye for colouring blossoms from the inside uut. Each ounce of concentrated powder makes a gallon of colour. Absorbit dye can be used for other types of flowers including poms, carnations and even baby’s breath.
In Singapore, you may get them from the master distributor, Kim Soon at Arab Street.

Here are some of the FAQ we gathered from our youtube video:

Q1: How much of the dye should we add?
A1: There are instructions on the label pasted on powdered dye container. The ratio of dye to water much dependant on how intense the colour blue you want. But do take into account, the thicker the viscosity the more difficult the blue dye is going to be absorbed.

Q2: After rose gets it colour is it Possible to maintain the rose for sometime or it can’t be watered anymore ?
A2: It takes aboout a half a day to dye the roses, there after you may cut the stems and treat them like any other natural roses – meaning the roses need to kept in water.

Q3: How long will they live for though?
A3: Similar to A2 – after the dyeing process , the rose will last as long as any fresh cut roses.

Q4: Are there other colour you can dye a rose?
A4: Yes, the floral powered dye comes in a variety of colours, eg. burgundy red, hot pink, purple, etc.

Q5: How do you get roses that havent been soaked in water?
A5: Typically when you buy them from the grower/supplier, asked them for those roses that are not already soaked in water.

Q6: will it work using food coloring?
A6: We have not tried with food colouring, but technically it should work. We would recommend the flower dye.

Q7: From where can I get the floral powdered dye?
A7: Master Design is from USA – Try amazon.com or directfloral.com?

Q8: Does the color gonna last forever?
A8: Yes the colour will remain until the rose withers

Q9: What other flowers can we dye blue?
A9: You can use this same method on carnations, poms and even baby’s breath.

Q10: I tried it and after 36 hours my roses are still white with only blue spots?
A10: This happens if the roses used have been submerged into water for a very long time before they are dyed. Or the colour mixture of the dye is not right. You can read more about blue roses in Wikipedia.

Q11: Where are blue roses for sale ?
A11: We have a wide range of blue rose bouquets for sale in our webstore. please visit: https://www.24hrscityflorist.com/blue-rose/

Q12: What is blue roses meaning?
A12: The blue roses are flowers to convey a message of mystery, enchantment, charm, uniqueness and a sense of the impossible. Blue can also symbolize new beginnings or a new awakening. You can read more about blue roses in Wikipedia

Blue rose bouquet

Blue Rose Bouquet

blue rose bouquet with rustic wrapping

blue rose bouquet with rustic wrapping

Blue Carnations

Dyed Blue Carnations & Dyed Blue Baby’s Breath

Top 10 Most Popular Flowers in Singapore

Flowers are beautiful creations of nature that people all around the world have used to express love and care. While often used as gifts, flowers are also used for ornamentation and to add dynamism to home gardens. Each flower is unique and every kind often has multiple varieties too, ensuring that you’ll never have any shortage of flowers to choose from.

red rose bouquet

red rose bouquet

When talking flowers, roses are usually the first that come to mind. Their popularity probably stems from the fact that there is a huge variety to choose from and not just in color, but in terms of size and fragrance as well. Moreover, the red rose is most commonly known as the flower of love.

tulips in kraft paper wrapping

tulips in kraft paper wrapping

Yet another floral favorite for expressing love, tulips are another flower that comes in a large range of variety. Apart from love, tulips are also symbolic for imagination and dreaminess. Tulips are technically part of the lily family and the bulbous plants from which they bloom can also substitute for onions in cooking.

orchid bouquet

orchid bouquet

Orchids are one of the exotic flowers that fascinate a lot of people. There are over 30,000 species of orchids, which makes it a member of one of the largest plant families out there. With three categories, orchids come in many shapes and forms which you are able to choose from to fit your personal preferences.

lily hand bouquet

lily hand bouquet

The most in-demand kinds of lilies are the stargazers and casablancas. These flowers come from bulbs and are often propagated through this means. Each color and type of lily symbolizes different things, though more often than not, it has something to do with purity and refined beauty.

sunflower bouquet

sunflower bouquet

These vibrant beauties take front and center in Van Gogh’s series of paintings, which portray the bright and cheerful appearance of these flowers. Sunflowers are the epitome of simple beauty, with their circular disk surrounded by yellow ray petals, hence, their name. In addition, sunflower oil is premium oil, while its seeds are edible and can be eaten in a variety of ways.

gerbera bouquet

gerbera bouquet

Gerberas typically mean innocence and purity and these beautiful blooms belong to the daisy family. With their lively colors, gerberas are also often taken to convey cheerfulness. These flowers have a long vase life, which makes them ideal for bringing color to homes.

hydrangea bouquet

hydrangea bouquet

This flowering shrub is one of the most unique and lovely flowers and is commonly called as an old-time flower. While most flowers only have one bloom at the end of a stem, the flowers of the hydrangeas are in bunches. Most of the time, these flowers are white, though you will also see some purple, blue, pink, or red varieties.

Birds of Paradise
Yet another exotic flower, the flower of the Birds of Paradise is quite a vision. They get their name from their color as well as from the flower’s shape of a bird in flight. These flowers are seasonal and are only in bloom from September to May. As is evident from their name, these flowers often symbolize the beauty and exquisiteness of paradise.

Known as the king of flowers in Chinese culture, peony flowers are large and fragrant. Its common colorings are red, white and yellow. While blooming in spring, these flowering plants can withstand winters and require very little maintenance. Once established, they will grace your garden each year for a long time.

baby's breath bouquet

baby’s breath bouquet

Baby’s Breath
The botanic name for baby’s breath is Gypsophila paniculata. Baby’s breath normally is not categorized under popular ‘flower’ but it has in recent years made popular with its appearances in several korean dramas. Baby’s breath symbolizes everlasting love, pureness, and innocence. They naturally come in white but today, these flowers are dressed and artificially treated with a wide variety of colours.

All of these popular flowers are just the tip of the iceberg – there are so many different kinds that can be bought to express your care for or to adorn your home, but these are a great start for anyone to appreciate. These flowers are popular for a reason and they remain timeless classics. Sending flowers to someone is just a few clicks away and 24hrscityflorist.com provide same day flower delivery anywhere in Singapore.


We are proud to have supported SMU indancity in their annual club production Beyond 2017. SMU INDANCITY is a contemporary dance club for those with the passion for mastery of technique and expression of the art form.

SMU indancity

SMU indancity

In 2006, Singapore Management University’s (SMU) was founded with the mission to nurture its dancers’ passion for modern dance through the mastery of techniques and expression of the art form, while at the same time, promoting an appreciation of modern dance amongst the school community.

Led by resident choreographer Dan Kwoh, INDANCITY has grown significantly over years. The club has represented SMU and won numerous accolades at both local and international dance festivals such as the Barcelona Dance Grand Prix

Bouquet by 24HrsiCityFlorist.com

Bouquet by 24HrsiCityFlorist.com

A beautiful white oriental lily and chilli red rose bouquet arranged by 24HrsCityflorist.com

Flower Bouquet by 24HrsCityFlorist.com

Flower Bouquet by 24HrsCityFlorist.com

Our bouquet posted in SMU indancity instagram

Our bouquet posted in SMU indancity instagram

Local Flavour For A Taste Of Love.

From Singapore love quotes

Singaporeans aren’t exactly the poetic type, even if our hearts are in the right places. When it comes to romance, we might have a different approach, but nevertheless, all we want is something endearing to send to our loved ones. What does the average awkward Singaporean do to make up for his lack of courting skills?

You end up with a combination of local phrases with your typical romantic musings, with a dash of humour as well. When people say Singaporeans love their food, they weren’t kidding; our love has seeped into our pickup lines, so we won’t be having trouble in our love lives anytime soon. Here are some of our delectable selections of romantic phrases!

‘You’re the egg to my prata. Without you, I’m kosong.’

‘Skip the sambal chilli, because you’re hot enough for me.’

‘Are you mee goreng? Because you got mee goreng crazy.’

‘People call me Kopi-O, because I’m hot, sweet, and I’ll keep you up all night.’
‘Be the condensed milk to my Kopi because you make life so much sweeter.’
Our train services may not exactly be up to speed, but our romance isn’t as slow and broken! It’s easy to pass the time while trapped in unfortunate situations with a couple of puns, and maybe get a date or two as well.

‘MRT always stuck in the tunnel but at least you’re also stuck in my heart.’

‘Whenever I see you, my heart goes Bedok, Bedok.’

‘If you are Marsiling, I am your fan.’

‘Only Eunos how much I love you’

‘Are you an EZ-link card reader? Because I really want to tap that.

Not forgetting these romantic and playful phrases that only Singaporeans will get, of course! There’s a bit of wit and a lot of teasing in each and every one of these cute lines!

‘Are you a parking ticket, because you have fine written all over you.’

‘You blossom like a flower; I so stunned like vegetable!’

‘Please be the metal cable to my cable car!’

‘Are you Orchard? ‘Cos I’ve got my ION you.’
‘Is your name Hui Ting? Because I’ve been hui ting for you all my life.’
If you’ve got a young lady with you who isn’t too pleased about that argument you just had, you can always turn on your attentive and romantic side with these magic words.
‘Let’s go shopping – I’ll pay.’

With those few words, you’ll no doubt be saved from her wrath. What a perfect time to get some flowers for her too!

Who says we can’t be hopeless romantics? We think that these quirky lines are more than sufficient to prove that we can be real flirts when we want to. You could even slap one of these lines on one of our beautiful bouquets ordered from an Singapore Florist, and bring a smile or a giggle to the lucky recipient! Up your flirting game with these teasing phrases and you’ll be on the best date you’ve ever had (or even get lucky). Try them out today!

Article written by Sze Teng for 24hrscityflorist.com

24hrs City Florist Shop At Lavender Street

Do you know that 24Hrs City Florist shop is located within Lavender Place building designated by URA Architectural Heritage award winning site.

Lavender Street

Lavender Street

The building consisting of two-storey shophouses and a handful of modern four-storey shop/flat developments. The architecture of the shophouses reflect the wide variety of architectural styles that were prevalent in Singapore then – Late, Transitional and Art Deco styles are evident.

Due to the rubber boom from 1900 to 1930, the newly-rich started a building frenzy in a bid to show off their wealth through their new buildings. The owner’s wealth was reflected in the extent of façade ornamentation and elements of European architectural styles and features used. In addition, many of these designs also featured distinct Eastern and local influences.

Old 161 Lavender Street

Old 161 Lavender Street

A row of 11 beautifully tiled and plastered Art Deco style shophouses at 161 Lavender Street was originally the premises of the Lee Rubber Company and owned by Lee Kong Chian. Lee was a supporter of Dr Sun Yat Sen’s Nationalist cause and this explains the plaster reliefs of soldiers carrying the Nationalist flag of the Republic of China on one corner façade pediment. This project won a URA Architectural Heritage Award in 1995 and demonstrates the sensitive integration of a new 4-storey rear extension – Nestled within the Jalan Besar Heritage Trail

Heritage Trail Singapore

Heritage Trail Singapore

The Jalan Besar Heritage Trail is a tale of two former swamps. First, we trace the urban development of a floodplain that once existed on the north bank of the Rochor River. Next, we chart the stories of the communities and cultures that sprung up around the muddy basin of Singapore’s longest waterway, the Kallang River.

Jalan Besar Heritage trail

Jalan Besar Heritage trail

The remnant swampland around Jalan Besar and the tidal flats of the Kallang Basin have long been reclaimed. Shophouses, temples and churches now occupy land once overgrown by mangrove trees and nipah palms. Farmland has given way to schools, hospitals and a stadium. And once bustling villages sustained by coastal trade have vanished as industries, housing developments and parkland emerged to add a new dimension to life on the eastern reaches of the Lion City.

Gone too, but certainly not forgotten, are New World and its gaudy host of performers who sang, danced and performed for citizens in an era when live entertainment was the only form of recreation in town. In between sets, the audience probably sipped soft drinks brewed and bottled by beverage factories located in the neighbourhood, which are, similarly, a mere memory today. Little missed, however, are the less pleasant elements of the area: the cattle and pig slaughterhouses, municipal refuse facilities, sawmills, oil mills, rubber factories and brick kilns that once polluted the rivers and almost certainly overpowered the senses of those who wandered too close.

florist at lavender street

florist at lavender street

An Honour To Have President of Singapore @ Our Shop

Mdm Halimah Yacob, our then Speaker of Parliament was at our shop in May 2017 to buy a bouquet for a friend in Hospital.

mdm-halimah-yacob at 24hrscityflorist.com

We like to take this opportunity to congratulate her in being Singapore’s 8th President. Mdm Halimah Yaacob sworn in as the new President on September 14. She’s Singapore’s first female president from the first election reserved for candidates from the Malay community in Singapore. A well liked, humbled and unassuming person, precisely our experience in our brief encounter with her. Our best wishes to her as she brings her presidency to the people of Singapore.

Speaker of Parliament Mdm Halimah Yaacob sworn in as the new President

24Hrs City Florist – A Truely Unique Singapore Florist

True to it’s name, 24Hrs City Florist is a florist located in central Singapore within the garden city of Singapore that provides 24hr flower delivery services anywhere in the island nation.

So what makes 24hrs City Florist so unique? Well, to start off, this is probably the only flower shop in Singapore with a physical storefront that opens and operates daily from 9am to next day 6am consistently throughout the year. This is especially convenient for those who are in need of floral gifts when most florists in Singapore are closed.

Similarly, their floral services are available on Sundays and public holidays. Yes, that includes Christmas and Chinese New Year too. For those who had the experience of wanting a floral arrangement during these holidays would appreciate how useful and important their service can be.

Hence, it comes as no surprise, that 24Hrs City Florist has been featured in various publications which includes an article entitled “Sleepless In Singapare” in the Sunday Times on 11 Nov 2016 as one of the retailers in Singapore offering late night serices.

sleepless in singapore

Besides their long opening hours, 24Hrs City Florist offers a very wide range of fresh floral arrangements and I am not talking about just in quantity but also in variety, styles and designs.

Again, when it comes to uniqueness, 24Hrs City Florist creates ‘character arrangements’ depicting well known characters such as Minion, Cookie Monster, Elmo, Angry Bird, Spongebox Squarepants, Hello Kitty, Pokeball and many more using fresh floral! It doesn’t come as a surprise that this flower shop was singled out and was featured in local Chinese Variety show called ‘Bengpire’ in Aug 2016 as one of the interesting retailers offering not just services past mid night but also unique character bouquets in Singapore. Their full range of character-bouquets can be found here.

Spongebob Squarepants

Spongebob Squarepants

Although 24Hrs City Florist is known for her after office hour services and character-arrangements, did you know, this flower shop was initially a specialist florist for funeral flower arrangements. Their history could be traced back as early as 2000 when their floral arrangements were mainly on candle table spray, flower bed, casket top, floral crosses and floral photo frames. There is no wonder why until today, this florist offers a wide range of sophistication of funeral and condolences floral arrangements not many other florists offer. A cursory look into their website revealed that they have a huge range of condolence floral arrangements from a simple floral condolence stand to a 1.5m long stretched floral arrangements to heart-shape condolence stands to memorial wreaths.

Memorial Wreath

24Hrs City Florist has been keeping up with trends too. In recent times, they have introduced an extensive range of Korean styled hand bouquets, Conical bouquets, and flowers-to-go floral carry bag and mini garden arrangement they called them ‘cherish box’.

Song Song Korean Style Hand Bouquets

Flowers-To-Go Floral Bags

Cherish Box – Fresh Floral Arrangement In A Box

Conical Bouquet

Author: Unknown

Voted One Of The Best Florists In Singapore

We recently googled in search for florists in Singapore and to our pleasant surprise, we were voted one of Singapore’s best florist on several fronts. We are extremely humbled by all the votes, mentions and features

Voted on of the best 10 florists in Singapore by Alvinology.com

We were voted as one of 10 best florists in Singapore at Alvinology.com

Voted by Flipit.com as top 10 flower shops in Singapore

We were also voted as Flipit.com’s top 10 flower shops in Singapore

Pick as one of the best boutique florists in Singapore by honeykids

We were also featured as one of the best florists in Singapore at Honeykids and LittleSteps.com as one of Singapore’s Fab Flower Shops – certainly tell that we’re their go-to for emergency gifts and events as well. When you just have to get your hands on THAT present or decoration, it’s us they think of first. It’s easy to forget that a party’s coming up when you’re buried under stacks of work, and that anniversary might have slipped your mind. Getting stuck in a search for last minute gifts isn’t the most pleasant place to be, which is why we’re your best bet for preventing that midnight disaster.

Voted as one of Singapore’s Fab Flower Shops by LittleStepsAsia.com

Voted as one of the 10 best florist delivery in Singapore

Our bouquets have also caught TheBestSingapore’s eye, and for good reason! Quirky character bouquets with colours splashed all over are bound to attract the hordes, and they were no exception! Whether you’re a Sesame Street fan, a lover of the short, hustling Minions, or a sucker for anything to do with the ever adorable Hello Kitty, chances are, there’s something in our store for you. We are again voted as “10 best flower delivery services in Singapore with stunning designs

Things to do in Singapore at 3am

Moreover, when it comes to nightlife, some say that there’s a distinct lack of exciting activities in Singapore. Local site TimeOut has heard your irked cries, and has listed down a couple of activities for those who are constantly supporting #TeamNoSleep, one of which is none other than the friendly florist you’re browsing through. If you to got a floral gift for someone after office hours or even after mid night, we’re here for your floral needs. From classy boutique flowers to sturdy and elegant preserved flowers to the latest Korean style, you have a good variety of options to select from, such that you might even lose track of time just picking a theme for your blossoms. Buying a bouquet with us will light up your night! As with many of our happy customers captured in our @SleeplessInSingapore in intagram. You can’t go wrong with smart advice from a site as trustworthy and hip as TimeOut!

So when you’re mourning the lack of fun things to do in Singapore, don’t forget about us! 24Hrs City Florist always has something for you, be it a small token to freshen up your day, or a sizeable but endearing flower piece for a more extravagant event. We’re there without fail for your most memorable moments, your greatest gatherings and for the absent minded ones, even your most urgent functions and anniversaries.

If there’s someone who needs a reminder of your admiration, love, care, thought or remembrance we are here to be of service to you. If you’re in need of a hand bouquet, table centrepiece, condolence flowers or even a gift basket, we have you covered.

Your uncertainty ends here, because 24HrsCityFlorist.com has everything you need for those occasions! In a quaint corner of Lavender street, we do our magic almost 24/7, just so you can get your ideal flowers any time! Our reliable delivery service can reach you in almost any place, with our blossoms as bright and fresh as ever.

We feel appreciated and honoured at the same time. We will continue to serve the best we can and provide the unique floral service our customers have come to expect.

Introducing SpongeBob SquarePants

spongebob squarepants

spongebob squarepants

Ms Hannah Chia contacted us and challenged us to create Spongebob SquarePants flower arrangement. Our first reaction was that just impossible given the squarish shape of Spongebob. After much brainstorming and improvisations, we finally created this:

spongebob squarepants flower arrangement

spongebob squarepants flower arrangement

We are delighted to have Hannah posting our SpongeBob SquarePants flower arrangement in her instagram.

spongebob squarepants

spongebob squarepants

24hrsCityFlorist.com is a Singapore florist providing 24hrs flower delivery.

A Piece of Mother Nature for Mother’s Nurture

mother's day

mother’s day

After burying yourself in your work load day after day, it’s easy to become all too engrossed, forgetting about the ones that await you at home. With Mother’s Day coming up, have you prepared the celebration necessities?

Whenever you stumbled upon obstacles that drag you down, you know you’ve always got your mother to count on for support. Be it simple words of encouragement or a piping hot bowl of homemade food, she finds a way to tell you she has your back. You can tell her that too, and you can’t go wrong by sending your message in a bouquet!

Celebrating Mother's Day with Flowers

Celebrating Mother’s Day with Flowers

No mum can resist the appeal of beautiful flowers bundled up just for her! Mushy ‘I love you’s and sincere ‘Thank you’s can be conveyed in that single gift, for flowers have always carried sentiments and various meanings. You don’t even need to be well-versed in the language of flora or be a fan of the vintage to appreciate the aesthetic of a glorious bouquet propped up in a vase. Just a single glance can be so soothing, and exactly what mums need to let them know that they are admired. Has she been rushing about her work days just like you? She’ll need a breather from the mundane and tumultuous city. Or maybe she was surrounded by bumbling children, cleaning up the little messes they make while hushing their screeches and gurgling. A little appreciation would be nice for the free babysitting. Even if she has merely been idle at home, slowly going about her day with old friends, she could use the reminder that you’ll always have her in your thoughts and in your heart.

gift and flowers

gift and flowers

If you tire of the cliche flowers as gifts, you can always try sending one of our different arrangements. Our sweet sets of preserved flowers give a fresh perspective to what it means for your love to last long. Without needing your daily fuss and watering to sustain itself, preserved flowers are able to maintain their fresh appearance, frozen in time while your mother gushes over them.

preserved flowers for mom

preserved flowers for mom

If you’re tired of roses, why not give our tulips a shot? Intense pink and red ones are available, not to mention the other bright, colourful blooms,like sunflowers, that will light up the entire bouquet, or maybe include the popular mascot of Mother’s Day, carnations. Incorporate a plushie or even a box of sweet treats into your bouquet, or go for a trendy Korean style, with their pastel wrapping paper, delicate arrangements, and their soft baby’s breath that give the whole bouquet a lovely and innocent look. Only the most vivid and warm blossoms can match the beauty of a mother’s love!

carnations arranged in mason jar

carnations arranged in mason jar

This Mother’s Day, you don’t need to wrack your brain for ideas. You can’t go wrong with flowers, and you know florist provides the freshest ideas of flower gifts for any occasion. Choose a bouquet from our website and leave it to us to create the gift that will sweep mums everywhere off their feet!

At 24hrscityflorist.com we offer customized mother’s day floral arrangement and gifts. We provide 24hrs flower delivery to anywhere in Singapore.

written by Ong Sze Teng of 24HrsCityFlorist.com

Graduation – The Day The Seedling Sprout

graduation bouquet called alumni

graduation hand bouquet

In a sea of black and navy blue, the graduates huddle and nervously adjust their robes. Some are tense, some are excited, but everyone knows that this is a milestone they can be proud of, an event that sets in stone the reward they have put in so much effort for. With their mortarboards on and looking sharp, they are ready to reap the fruits of their painstaking labour.

Graduation day marks the start of a student’s intrepid foray into the workforce. Finally free from the chains of academic pursuit, it is most definitely a day to be remembered. While looking smart and polished is key, a splash of colour to match the upbeat mood would serve to differentiate one from the crowd, not to mention create the ideal setting for instaworthy pictures to commemorate the occasion. There’s no better way to congratulate a graduating student for a job well done during graduation than a brilliant bundle of extravagant flowers!

Mo Yeon Bouquet

Mo Yeon Bouquet

Classy bouquets can come in all forms and flowers when you make a purchase with us. An korean inspired graduation bouquet would be our Mo-Yeon Bouquet named after the Mo-Yeon in The Descendants of the Sun popular Korean TV series. When you think of a flower that brings the most cheer, you’d likely think of sunflowers, and we’re never short on those bright yellow blooms in our elegant bouquets. Roses add a sentimental touch; they’re certainly not just for romantic occasions, for their vibrant crimson pairs up nicely with the sunflowers. A scattering of statice adds a bit of calm to the intensity of the duo, the cool purple soothing the fiery, warm colours. With the final padding of smooth elongated leaves and little specks of emerald green and white, you have the bouquet of your dreams!

sunflower graduation bouquet

sunflower graduation bouquet

Bundling all these beauties up in pitch black wrapping ensures that the graduation bouquet adheres to the formality of the ceremony while still exuding sophistication and refinement. Isn’t such a gift exactly what the graduates would need?

(Referencing http://www.24hrscityflorist.com/sweet-sunshine.html)

Think of those days spent burning the midnight oil, staring at a screen or sheet of paper with hooded eyes, their mug of coffee already cooled during the countless hours of ‘mugging’. After all the sleepless nights and stressful days leading up to their big exams, the graduates you see on that day need the comfort and that proverbial pat on the back that only you can provide. A little piece of nature brought to them in a fancy bouquet tells them it’s time to chill, and shows that you’re right with them, as you have been along every step that they took during their journey of education.

These graduates may be taking the plunge into the deep waters of society, but knowing that they’ve got friends and family right beside them can make it much less unnerving. Graduation flowers or graduation bouquets are a great reminder of their loved ones’ presence and support, a wish for only the best for the receiver. On that special day, you shouldn’t miss out on a dazzling bouquet to spice up any glamorous graduation pictures. Just remember, be careful to toss your mortar but not the flowers!

You can send flowers and arrange for flower delivery in Singapore from 24hrscityflorist.com

graduation pooh bear

graduation pooh bear

Preserved Flowers

preserved flowers

preserved flowers arranged by 24hrsCityFlorist.com

Quite possibly the epitome of beauty, fresh bouquets are always enticing to look at.

Alas, almost as if such beauty was forbidden, flowers have been blessed (or cursed) with a short lifespan — what starts off as blooming, bright and vivacious may end up as a noxious pile of matter in a matter of weeks or even days. Though we still appreciate the aesthetic of any bouquet, no matter how long we want to maintain these bouquets, they never seem to last as long as we hope, even if we had showered them with love and care.

Enter the preserved flowers. A solution for the fruitless task of self-preserving your flowers (and your sanity), these angelic blossoms are the closest you can get to the best of both worlds. Using unique preservation techniques, the beauty of the bouquet is maintained but yet its longevity is extended as well. Why dwell on the usual dry, passé and short-lived flowers when you can easily pick up a preserved flower arrangement, prop it in your living room and admire it for as long as you wish? A beautiful flower is always a fine conversation piece. It could add a fresh touch to your usual interior style or spice up any room you want. Want to tell someone how much you admire them? Just pick a quality preserved flower piece and send it to them with your sincere thoughts displayed on clean, crisp card.

No, this isn’t the kind of dried flower that crumbles easily. A complex chemical treated method ensures that freshly cut flowers don’t end up dehydrated, and that they can keep their lovely natural look while staying strong through the days to come. Less care is needed after the process is complete, so you are able to keep a fuss-free floral piece right in the comfort of your home. Today’s modern preservation techniques from Japan and Korean deliver top-notch blooms, texture, colour and even fragrance.

Here @24hrsCityFlorist , we arrange preserved flowers ourselves. In fact, we have some fantastic preserved flowers arrangement that you might just fall in love with – they are unique and available only from 24HrsCityFlorist.com

preserved rose in hanging glass vase

preserved rose in hanging glass vase

Hop on the trend of unicorn and mermaid vibes as you immerse yourself in these gorgeous pastel colours! Nothing says you’re thinking of your loved ones better than a baby pink preserved rose lying atop layer after layer of lovely pastel sand. Just one look at those soft colours and you’ll be taken back to relaxing days spent chilling by the beach. Give the set up a generous sprinkling of violet, green and peach hydrangea petals and you’re ready to present this floral piece in a glass cylinder to brighten someone’s day! What’s more, with Mother’s Day coming up, there are few gifts that can compare to a preserved flowers!

preserved pink rose

preserved pink rose

These enchanting, preserved flowers are a great fit for any occasion, and sure to stun the crowds.There are truly countless possible designs with these flowers, such mysterious yet intriguing arrangements that are frozen in time! With such breathtaking designs, you’ll have eternal beauty at your fingertips!

24HrsCityFlorist.com provides preserved flower delivery in Singapore. View the various design arrangements.

Written by: Ong Sze Teng for 24HrsCityFlorist.com

An Centre Piece Befitting For a Princess

We are thrilled and honoured to be entrusted to arrange a table centre piece as a gift to a royalty. The arrangement of exotic fresh cut flowers of cymbidium, mokara, hydrangea, acapulco lily, calla lily, Ecuadoran rose, erygium, leuc safari sunset and australian wild flowers.

table centre piece

Table centre piece arranged by 24hrscityflorist.com

24HrsCityFlorist – Singapore florist located in 161 lavender street providing 24hrs flower delivery anywhere in Singapore.

Ever blossoming, the Korean trend flourishes in Singapore

Perhaps it started with the popular Goblin K-drama, where a simple buckwheat flower was used to send a love message to the receiver. Or maybe it was Descendents of the Sun that stole everyone’s breath with its intensity and bittersweet romance. Either way, Koreans dramas have set alight a blazing trail that many locals have gladly stepped onto, where fans hold Korean styles and products in high esteem.

The popularity of Korean dramas K-pop created the Korean wave that swept across not just Singapore but most of the world, and fans of the pop culture have only grown as people catch onto trends. Die hard fans probably know every aspect of the pop culture like the back of their hand. If you’re clueless in this area, we can get you up to speed right here.

Korean lady with bouquet

Korean lady with bouquet

With a fluffy bouquet in hand, given by a mysterious yet kind stranger, the female protagonist graduates with a smile. The pure white cotton combined with the simple brown wrapping paper gives off a dreamy aura, where the pale colours are a delightful mix with the solid greens nestled among the blooms. Though winter brought along the cold and caused trees to barren, the bouquet has given a touch of warmth and made her day a little more special.

Soft Toy

Soft Toy

Not your typical furry animal plush, but still immensely adorable. Without their romantic interests by their sides, the male protagonists from Descendents of the Sun dragged these indignant toys along as companions on their dates. Their mischievous smiles, smooth fur and stout legs make them cuddly girlfriends indeed; no wonder the men were so enamoured!

http://cdn.koreaboo.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/12/15350649_1200451680008057_5986443 327484968131_n-2.jpg

You might not expect the huge DotS toy to fit into a bunch of flowers, but you can still find a “인형꽃다발”, which is a doll bouquet. Gaining traction among fans of the Korean style is a bouquet featuring small stuffed character dolls and adorned with various colourful flowers. Such doll bouquets can contain all kinds of famous characters, like Pokemon or Disney’s Lilo And Stitch. Adjusting the flowers to keep with the colour scheme and using delicate craft paper creates a magnificent bouquet that is cute yet stylish. Pastel pinks and blues make such sweet gifts; just look!

Baby’s breath is a rather significant blossom in the Korean bouquet scene, possibly because of it’s tiny and silky white blooms. Even its name suggests its innocent theme, adding an idyllic touch to any bouquet. In the above picture, combining it with light brown wrapping paper makes the bouquet minimalistic, and enable the focus to remain on the adorable Pikachu in the centre. Finishing off with wisps of white craft paper at the bottom compliments the rusticity of the gift!

If you think it’s a little plain to have simply white flowers, or that the plush toy is a little too large, Singapore’s very own 24hourscityflorist has the perfect posy for you! These durable baby’s breath can be dyed some vibrant colours and bundled into elegant bouquets as such.
http://www.24hrscityflorist.com/korean-baby-s-breath-bouquet.html​ (I’d suggest a picture that’s more candid and doesn’t have the watermark?)

What says classy more than sky blue and lilacs? These cool colours can sooth any temper and brighten the darkest of days! Combined with that snowy white, the flowers mimic a picturesque garden right in your hands. Black wrapping completes the sophisticated bouquet, with a simple knot, and it’s ready to be sent to the lucky receiver! Korean baby’s breath bouquets or a bunch of forget me not flowers bouquet are certainly a heavenly sight to behold.

Few are truly strangers to the Korean fad going round, but perhaps the idea of even bouquets having a Korean style is new. With the influx of romantic dramas, fans might have picked up on the message and decided to take action; sending beautiful blooming bestowals for their loved ones! Gifts featured in the shows also end up being a suitable choice for sending to other fans of the shows. Shopping for presents on special occasions can be such a chore, but Korean style arrangements and bouquet wrapping is a surefire way to show your sentiment. With delicate flowers like baby’s breath, Korea’s wrapping style of using kraft paper and their minimalistic arrangement, the gorgeous bouquets are great presents to show your appreciation!

Remember how they say ‘If it didn’t appear on social media, it didn’t happen at all’? If you’re going to join in the trend, better make it Insta-worthy, right? Many Instagram users have hopped right onto the Korean trend by posting their most elegant flower bouquets under soothing lighting and posing happily with their gifts. No doubt the quaint bouquets and their unique arrangement with rustic or pastel wrapping have caught the eyes of many youngsters. Since western pop culture dominate the mainstream, particularly that of America, hipsters have moved onto Korean trends. Veering away from typical western styles, Korean flower arrangements have been deemed hipster, and getting one of your own shows how sophisticated you are, rather than lagging behind in trends.

While western bouquets are usually facing skywards, with the blooms in their best view when seen from above and more tightly knit, Korean bouquets have flower that are more spread out and front facing, viewed best from the front when held vertically. This arrangement allows them to be placed in a box and presented that way, and if it’s a doll bouquet, the receiver catches sight of it immediately, brightening their day at once. Korea’s wrapping paper being kraft papers makes the bouquets artisan, and the occasional use of burlap provides a more rustic feel. Though both types can act as beautiful presents, the Korean wave means that Korean flower arrangements adhere to the hipster culture and might be viewed as the classier choice.

24 Hrs City Florist will never fail to deliver the most gorgeous flowers for you and your loved ones. With local flavour blended into the popular Korean style bouquet, you’re sure to leave with a smile. Some of the best Korean flower arrangements in Singapore can be found here with us! Whether you’re a traditional or a hipster bouquet, Korean styled bouquets are for everyone and anyone!

Note: 24hrsCityFlorist.com provide 24 hours flower delivery anywhere in Singapore. QwertyBloooms.com specilizes in custom made korean bouquets.

Source: Article is written by Ong Sze Teng for 24HrsCityflorist.com

Jing Jing from Vietnam

Jing Jing from Vietnam, bought a lily bouquet from 24hrscityflorist.com outlet at lavender street to celebrate her’s friend’s birthday. We like to thank you and hope she has a wonderful experience visiting in Singapore.

JingJing from vietnam

JingJing from vietnam

Introducing The Fun And Amusing World of Character Bouquets

24hrsCityFlorist.com started creating character flower arrangements or bouquets with a bit of ‘character’ since 2011. As a request from our customer, we attempted our first hello kitty character bouquet. Hello kitty is the popular ‘cat with no mouth’.

Hello Kitty Bouquet
Hello Kitty is a fictional character produced by Sanrio, a Japanese company. Hello Kitty is created by Yuko Shimizu and currently designed by Yuko Yamaguchi. She is depicted as an anthropomorphic white Japanese Bobtail cat-inspired character with a red bow. Originally hello kitty was made for pre-adolescent females, since the, the market has broadened to include consumers of all ages. Hello kitty is found in a variety of products ranging from school supplies to fashion accessories and high-end consumer products such as diamond necklaces. And now in the form of a fresh flower bouquet.
At the launch of our hello kitty bouquets, they were well received. Guys who know their girl friends are into hello kitty, sent this bouquet at the delight of the recipients. Even our celebrity DJ, Glen Ong ordered a hello kitty bouquet for his then girl friend (now wife) Jean Danker. 24HrsCityFlorist.com provided the flower delivery right to Mediacorp at Caldecott.

Puppy Bouquet
Inspired by the hello kitty bouquet, together with our senior florists, we decided to create and arrange a more generic and with a more mass appeal yet at the same time a well-loved character bouquet. That’s how our puppy bouquet was born. We conducted some research in the internet and found some puppy bouquets but none showed one arranged in a hand held bouquet. There were some European florists that use chrysanthemums to arrange puppy arrangements but given the taboo we Asians regard chrysanthemum flowers, we decided to use the next best flowers with lots of petals and at the same time keeping the cost low. Carnations was the obvious answer, and hence forth, carnations have been the-facto flowers we will use for most of our character arrangements. To our surprised, the puppy bouquet was and is still very well received. Firstly, the puppy is cute and very adorable. Puppy bouquet can be sent for any occasions from sending a love message to an apology message to birthdays and even get well wishes. That’s when we adopted the puppy into a basket arrangement too. The puppy bouquet has become our all seasons bouquet. We posted our puppy bouquet in Pinterest just over 2 years ago and has now garnered over 300 pins and re-pins.

Smiley Bouquet
We continue to experiment on other types of character bouquets. The smiley bouquet was one that was created soon after the puppy bouquet. That is none other then the well known ‘smiley’ bouquet made popular by the emoji we have come to recognize its frequent appearance in our daily casual texting. The smiley bouquet is a very simple but equally amusing bouquet, arranged with bright yellow carnations and with the eyes and mouth labelled with laminated imprints. Just like what the name says, the smiley bouquet brings about not just a smile but also a certain ‘emoji’ to the person who received it.

Angry Bird Bouquet
Following the smiley, we started receiving ‘customized’ request from customers. One we were challenged to attempt was Angry Bird. This once very popular character is a video game franchise created by Finnish company Rovio Entertainment. The series focuses on multi-colored birds who try to save their eggs from green-colored pigs. The character was originally released in Dec 2009 by for Apple iOS and by 2014, the game was downloaded over 3 billion times collectively. An undisputed great runaway hit during those years. Having feature angry bird character bouquet in our webstore, we have come to realized, a majority of our customers who bought the bouquet had similar message to the recipient – that is, requesting the recipient not to be angry and asking for forgiveness. Angry Bird bouquet is now known to be our popular ‘I’m sorry’ bouquet and is now featured under our Apology segment.

Elmo Bouquet
Soon after, we had another request from our customer to arrange Elmo- a Muppet character on the popular children’s television show Sesame Street. He is a furry red monster with a falsetto voice that many of use grew up learning and loving it. Our Elmo Bouquet which depicts The Elmo character has been like an evergreen favourite character to many – yes, even the younger generations.

Piggy Bouquet
Our next attempt on a new character bouquet was meant to appeal more to our local Chinese audience. The criteria was to have a character that is likeable, adorable, universal and most importantly a character most young girls would love. We literary created Piggy Bouquet from thin air. No, not the piglet from Winnie the pooh nor Ms piglet who appears in the television programme The Muppets. Piggy bouquet is your common everyday plumpish rosy pink piglet that could represent someone with a sensation appetite or someone who live to sleep – attributes that perhaps every one of us could have once possessed.

Panda Bouquet
The piglet bouquet would give rise to our next creation which is the Panda Bouquet. The panda bear or simply panda, is a bear native to south central China. It is easily recognized by the large, distinctive black patches around its eyes, over the ears, and across its round body. Needless to say, this adorable creature is well loved the world over not just for its cute and clumsiness but also its rarity. True to its popularity, the panda bear has its own following and the many panda fans around the world are testimony to how liked this bear is. In Singapore Sept 2012 , the popularity is fueled by the arrival of the male and female panda bears kai kai and jia jia. Singapore gone pandamania from then onwards.

Minion Arrangement
Unless you have been hiding under the rock for a long while, the Minions invaded Singapore in 2013 and melted the hearts and souls of many Singaporeans particularly the young at heart. No amount of scientific theories are able to explain how a bunch of yellow cuteness in the blue jumpsuit could sweep over Singapore with such impact leaving many of us even talking banana banana potatooo. It is totally 99% adorable, 1% despicable. First it was the minion toys, then the minions came in the form of huge plush figurines, tee shirts, mugs, hair clips and nail-art. Today, even the food that we eat not even spared from minionmania. Confectionaries and bakery stores and eateries are now capitalizing on this minion craze by offering minion-inspired cakes and minion cupcakes. How about minion flower arrangement we thought? In 2014, we hatched a plan to create precisely this yellow lump of head using yellow carnations and a specially made one-eye goggle to depict the despicable minion eyes. And the catchword we promoted with is “ Tell her she is One in a Minion! “ . Our minion table arrangement has connected many hearts, shed tears, bought warmth and built peace for the people who shared it with.

Fat Cat Bouquet
It wasn’t until 2015 we spotted an adorable cupcake decorated into an extremely fat cat with long whiskers and pointy nose. So adorable, it was sinful just eating it. We thought if the bakers can create a fat cat out of a cupcake, why we can’t create a fat cat out of a flower arrangement? The challenge had led us to design a somewhat spherical head made out of white carnations and pinned a nose with a few long cable ties to form the all familiar cat’s whiskers. Once done, we adored it very much and called it Fat Cat Bouquet.

Cookie Monster

Cookie Monster Bouquet

Cookie Monster Bouquet

In 2016, we experimented with dying carnations flowers and gotten just the right tone of blue for the inception of what is now known as our eye catching Cookie Monster Bouquet. With the signature big eye balls and his favourite chocolate cookies, cookie monster bouquet now looks very much like cookie monster – a character most of us would recognized. Just like Elmo, Cookie Monster is a Muppet in the long-running children’s TV show Sesame Street. He is best known for his voracious appetite and his famous eating phrases, such as “Me want cookie!”, “Me eat cookie!” and “Omm nomm nomm nom” (said through a mouth full of cookies). We wondered what would be a good phrase to tag on our newly created cookie monster bouquet. At first, we thought of the phrase “me want you, me eat you..” was too much of a caveman calling for a mate. Eventually we settled for something that would please the recipient when she receive a uniquely arranged Cookie Monster bouquet with a tagline that reads “I won’t trade you for all the cookies in the world.. “ still with a cookie sticking out of the mouth.

Pokeball Bouquet
Another game app that took the world by storm including Singapore is Pokémon GO. This is an augmented reality app created by Nintendo. Pokémon Go features a GPS-enabled map of the player’s real-world surrounding. After tapping on the creatures, the app opens up the smartphone’s camera, showing the Pokémon seemingly moving in the real world. Pokemon Go involves the capturing and training of a variety of fictional creatures called ‘Pokémon’ and using them to battle other trainers. PokeBall is a type of item that is critical to a Trainer’s quest, used for catching and storing Pokemon. We figured, a Pokeball was simple enough to create using fresh carnations and the tagline would simple be ‘Toss this Pokeball and tell her ~ “I choose you!” . You now have Pokeball Bouquet.

We at 24hrsCityFlorist will continue to create fun character bouquets and we hope our customers will come to adore them as much as we like creating them. We provide florist flower delivery anywhere in Singapore.

Thank You For Sending The Pokeball Bouquet

We wish to thank Isabel for posting at our facebook for the pokeball bouquet we assisted to arrange and delivery on behalf of her friend. It was truly our pleasure to part of making your day. Have a good one!

FB comment from recipient, Isabel.

FB comment from recipient, Isabel.

Isabel with her pokeball bouquet

Isabel with her pokeball bouquet

Florist delivery by 24HrsCityFlorist.com

Condolence Flower Elegance

A combination of ivory and champagne roses arranged with white oriental lilies , white orchids and a clever touch of purple eustoma. Arrangement comes with a stand laced with a translucent white organza.

elegant condolence stand

elegant condolence stand

Wreath Singapore designed by 24hrscityflorist.com

Visit from Mediacorp Artistes

Surprise to discover a flower shop that is open late into the night! Mediacorp artistes: Wang Wei Liang (Lobang) & Huang Zhen Long (Desmond Ng) were at 24Hrs City Florist Outlet in Lavender Street.

mediacorp artistes @ 24hrscityflorist.com

mediacorp artistes @ 24hrscityflorist.com

christine and mediacorp artistes

christine and mediacorp artistes

Serving the artistes at our flower shop at night

Artistes discovering a flower shop in operation at night

Lily With Wang Wei Liang & Huang Zhen Long

Lili With Wang Wei Liang & Huang Zhen Long

Looking For Suitable Candidates To Join Of Team

Looking for suitable candidate to join our florist Team. Candidates with the following abilities:

1. must have a genuine passion and interest in flower arrangement.
2. able to work evening shifts from 5pm or 6pm to 10:30pm (weekdays)
3. able to commit to regular weekly schedule
5. approximately twice a week on long term basis (atleast 9 to 12months)
6. must be able to work (at least 8hours a day) on 12,13 & 14 Feb next year.
7. experience in flower arrangement and sales and customer service preferred
8. have initiative and ability to work independently
9. familiar with using PC/Android/ipad/internet.
10. possesses strong interpersonal skills

Candidates without experience but meet all the requirements listed above will be considered to undergo a florist apprentice program once selected.

Many flower shops in Singapore do not offer jobs to those without relevant flower arrangement experience. The main reason is because of the very high attrition rate for non-experience candidates. A majority of these candidates do not understand or appreciate what it takes to be a flower arranger or a florist working in a commercial/retail florist industry. It is a very expensive and time consuming exercise for any florist to train a new employee only to be told by the employee that he/she is no able to continue with the florist job.

As florist, we often hear candidates as saying that they wish to join the florist because ‘i have interest in flowers’ or ‘i like flowers’ worse – reasons such as “i want to give it a try”. As a florist shop like us, these reasons alone are not good enough. We are looking beyond just someone who have an ‘interest’ or ‘try it out first” attitude. We want someone who have a deep passion and a sense of seriousness to want to learn about flower arrangement.

joining a flower shop

joining a flower shop

We will consider all applications. However, we will only consider applicants who are able to meet the requirements listed above. Please email your resume containing the following information below to career(at)24hrscityflorist.com

Please specify your
1. Full name
2. Age
3. Sex
4. Citizenship (note, we can only consider Singaporeans, PRs, DPs)
5. Current Job and location of office

People who wish to join the floristry industry must have the interest and passion but more importantly the deep sense of desire to want to learn flower arrangement. Pay will naturally NOT be your 1st priority if you see and appreciate the value you will obtained from the skills & experience you will cultivate and the variety of opportunities presented to you if you join 24hrs City Florist. We encourage our candidates to do some research and discover for themselves the course fees required to enrolled into professional flower arrangement course in Singapore. Some notable floral schools in Singapore include: Nobleman School of Floral Design

If you are shortlisted, you will be requested to come for an interview. If you are offered a position, a mutually agreed scheduled will be planned for you. You will be inducted into our flower apprentice programme and be called assistant florist hereafter.


The programme is essentially an on-the-job training. You will not only be taught flower arrangement but also other aspects of a retail-florist such as handling of day-to-day operations, customer inquiries, processing of orders and arrangement for deliveries. The handling of customer service is an essential part of our programme and every part timer is expected to be able to acquire this ability quickly and confidently.

All florists, be it junior of senior have to learn how to clear, condition and keep the flowers and foliages in a systematic manner. Different flowers are treated differently and are kept in the designated fridges. The proper handling and treatment of fresh cut flowers will determine the life span of flowers. Hence it is highly important, for all our assistant florists to understand the significance of treating flowers. At the same time, keeping any flowers wastage to the minimum.

florist training workshop

florist training workshop

How fast and how much you can learn from this programme very much depends on how much and how fast you can absorb. We have a minimum timeframe and standard for each apprentice to acquire flower arrangement skills. There are basically 3 broad categories of arrangement that are important for all assistant florist to quickly acquire :

1. hand bouquet
2. table arrangement
3. condolence/opening flower stand

our existing assistant florists have been achieving the ability to do all 3 categories on average within – 3 to 6 months from induction on a part time basis.

Proudly showing off their bouquets

Proudly showing off their bouquets

florists at work

florists at work

Opportunities to learn are aplenty at 24hrscityflorist.com – but opportunities are given to those who show initiative and their capabilities working in our florist shop.

    Assistant florist who demonstrates the discipline, dedication to their work schedule, inquisitive, initiative and the ability to handle the day-to-day operations will be given unprecedented opportunities. We believe in nurturing people who deserved to be nurtured.

One has to learn how to crawl before learning how to walk and likewise, learning how to walk before learning how to run.

in turn you will learn how to create an eye-pleasing floral arrangement, how to care for flowers, how to match colours and flowers and greens, You will grow as a person as you overcome challenges, sharpen your interpersonal skills, learn to rise up and exceed to customer expectations. You will gain a meaningful working experience few flower shops are able to provide. The satisfaction of not just cultivating a skill set but a family of friends and colleagues.

florist team 2017

florist team 2017

fellow colleagues & friends

fellow colleagues & friends


Sharing Of Experiences Working at 24Hrs City Florist






vanessa say

vanessa say


We are currently looking for suitable candidates who are determine to be a full time career florist.

1. Candidate need not have experience but must have the interest, passion & gumption to be a career florist.
2. Understand the role, discipline and commitment as a florist in terms of working in a retail environment, working hours, special days (eg. valentine’s day/mother’s day/holidays/etc).
3. Committed to learn and practice as an apprentice florist
4. Be able to interact with customers and provide customer service
5. Be able to work as team as well as be team leader.
6. Be very familiar with computers and the internet.

Interested please contact/whatapp: 9-Three-Eight-6-3-Four-Five-Four or email your resume to us.

24Hrs City Florist at Singapore Garden Festival

kick start of singapore garden festival 2016

kick start of singapore garden festival 2016

24Hrs City Florist was invited by Nparks to participate in the Floral Window competition for the Singapore Garden Festival (SGF) recently held at Marina Square from 2 to 3 April 2016.

The Floral Windows to the World has always been a key highlight of Singapore Garden Festival (SGF) since it was started in 2006. It showcases colourful and creative cut flower displays, complemented by stunning set design and lighting. Visitors to the show have a chance to admire the enchanting display of beautiful flowers, creatively and delicately designed by celebrated local and international floral designers.

SGF16 participants

SGF16 participants

24Hrs City Florist was delighted to send our very own florist warrior Wen Yen Lynn to represent the company. We decided to adopt a simple minimalistic design with vibrant colours. Thus, the floating cup design was conceptualized and submitted for approval.



Lynn in competition

Lynn in competition


We are humbled to be selected and given the opportunity to participate along side the many more experienced and established floral designers from the many well known flower design schools.

Merit Award

Merit Award

We take this opportunity to congratulate the winners and finalist of the qualifying rounds for Floral Windows to the World & the Table-top Floral Display competitions which were announced yesterday 3 April 2016. We wish them the best and every success in their quest to represent Singapore in the up and coming International competition during Singapore Garden Festival happening from 23 to 31 July 2016

floating cup by 24hrscityflorist.com

floating cup by 24hrscityflorist.com

Our Team @ 24Hrs City Florist

Our florist team , headed by our Florist Manager, Belle Tan who holds a diploma in floristry management and a graduate from the Nobleman School of floral design with more than a decade of commercial florist experience. Together with a team of dedicated florists and flower arrangers , we continue to encourage, spur and infuse creativity into their work – inspiring them to continue to sharpen their skills and designs.

florist delivery

florist team 2016

Our dedicated team members formerly come from a wide range of creative, professional & service backgrounds such as product design, games development, academic, architecture, accounting, cabin crew and sales. Our offerings range from lush bouquets of seasonal blooms to the very exotic, free-style table arrangements that feature not only creative flower arrangement but also appealing arrangements too.

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Romantic Gesture with Flowers & Balloons

We are delighted to coordinate and arrange a very romantic moment for our client who wants welcome home and surprise his girl friend with flowers and balloons in an hotel room.

Decorated with 2 huge flower hand bouquets with a jumbo teddy bear with 100 pcs of latex metalic gold and white baloons

flowers & balloons in hotel room

flowers & balloons in hotel room

flowers & balloons in hotel room

flowers & balloons in hotel room

flowers & balloons in hotel room

flowers & balloons in hotel room

Impress Her With 99 Stalks Rose Bouquet

That’s just what our customer did, he ordered a 99 stalks red rose hand bouquet for a very special occasion. Asked why he chosen a 99 stalks red rose bouquet, his reply was simply, “she loves red roses and 99 stalks represents ‘i love your forever.., is big and impressive”. We needless to say more…

99 stalks rose bouquet

to impress – give her a 99 stalks rose bouquet

Happy Deepavali – 10 Nov 2015

Deepavali 2015

Deepavali 2015

Deepavali, or Diwali, is a five-day Hindu festival that begins on the shortest day of the year during the period between mid-October and mid-November. Deepavali this year falls on 10 Nov 2015. Deepavali celebrates light overcoming darkness and is also known as the Festival of Lights. This festival is a one-day public holiday in Singapore and is the most important celebration of the Hindu year. During this festive atmosphere, cheers, wishes and gifts are exchanged or given. We have our 2015 deepavali hampers ready for order now:

Deepavali Hampers

Deepavali Hampers

Red Roses

Roses have been in existence for about 32 million years, and have been used for numerous reasons since the ancient civilizations including the Greeks, Romans, and Persians. Roses have been bred to be colorful, fragrant, and hearty for thousands of years.

Roses are the perfect way to declare or convey one’s feelings of romantic love. Whether in celebration of an anniversary, wedding, Valentine’s Day or even just to say ‘i love you’ day, there is no mistaking the implication of passion, desire and above all, love, associated with red roses. The classic red rose is often the best choice for expressing your deepest affection for that special someone. The quantity can also have a special meaning.

No of stalk of roses Meaning

A single bloom of red rose love at first sight or “I still love you”
A single rose in any colour indicates simplicity and gratitude
2 roses mutual feelings
3 roses “I love you”
7 roses “I’m infatuated with you”
9 roses “We’ll be together forever”
10 roses “You are perfect”
11 roses “You are My Treasured One”
12 roses “Be mine!”
13 roses “Friends forever”
15 roses “I’m truly sorry”
20 roses “I’m truly sincere towards you”
21 roses “I’m dedicated to you”
24 roses “Forever yours”
25 roses Congratulations
36 roses “Remembering our romantic times”
40 roses “My genuine love for you”
50 roses Unconditional love
99 roses “I will love you all the days of my life”
101 roses “I’m completely devoted to you”
108 roses “Will you marry me?”
999 roses “I love you till the end of time”

Today, rose flower are given in the form of a simple single stalk rose, to a regular round red rose bouquet to red roses being arranged in variety of shapes, styles and sizes.

dozen red rose bouquet

dozen red rose bouquet

We at 24hrscityflorist.com created this heart shape red rose hand bouquet which we think best capture the ‘trilogy’ of red roses:

1. Flower rose – the universal symbol of love and romance.
2. Colour red which expresses your deepest affection for that special someone.
3. Heart shape – means giving your heart to someone.

heart shape rose bouquet

heart shape rose bouquet

And if one is to impress, we arranged this majestic 99 stalks red rose hand bouquet

99 stalks rose

99 staks red rose bouquet

And if 99 stalks red roses is not large enough, checkout this 250 stalks of bright red rose basket arrangement.

250 stalks red rose basket arrangement

250 stalks red rose basket arrangement

Chinese Valentine’s Day is on 20 Aug 2015

Chinese Valentine's Day 2015

Chinese Valentine’s Day 2015

This year’s Chinese Valentine’s Day (七夕节快乐) falls on 20 Aug 2015 – which is tomorrow. Chinese Valentine’s Day, Qixi falls on the seventh day of the seventh month in the Chinese lunar calendar. The traditional festival celebrates the once a year meeting of the weaver girl and the cowherd in Chinese mythology, whose forbidden love had them banished to opposite sides of the sky. You can read more about the myth here.

Flying Cup Fresh Flowers Arrangement by 24HrsCityFlorist.com

Inspired by the various topiary flower flying cup decors, we decided to craft a similar flying cup or floating cup using fresh flowers instead of artificial ones like most others do. It looks beautiful and unique, with the coffee cup “flying” or “floating” in the air, pouring a flow of fresh flowers onto a plate. Simply breath taking..

flying or floating cup fresh flower arrangement

flying or floating cup fresh flower arrangement

Flower arrangements at British Club Singapore

We had the privilege to provide our fresh flower arrangement services for a dinning function at British Club Singapore in June 2015. Our customer has provided the photos taken just before the function commenced. We were delighted that our customer was happy with the arrangement.

Table Arrangements by 24HrsCityFlorist.com

Flower Arrangement by 24HrsCityFlorist.com at the British Club Singapore

Whatapp from Happy Customer

Whatapp from Happy Customer

Table arrangements were made out of 5 mini floral arrangements of red roses and eustomas and white orchids and 2 glass vase arrangements red roses and pink carnations.

Forgiveness Day – Forgive and Forget

Forgiveness Day

Forgiveness Day

Forgiveness day is a day to forgive and be forgiven, Forgiveness Day is a chance to set things right. To Forgive, one has to put aside old differences, move beyond grievances and hurts and start afresh. Forgiveness be definition is the process of ceasing to feel resentment, indignation or anger against another person for a perceived offense, difference or mistake, or ceasing to demand punishment or restitution. And to be forgiven, one has to make the initiative to ask for apology. An apology is an act of expressing regret or asking pardon for a fault.

There is already a International Forgiveness Day in August, founded by the Worldwide Forgiveness Alliance, but the Global Forgiveness Day on 7th July was founded by CECA (Christian Embassy of Christ’s Ambassadors), though really both days have essentially the same message; to forgive!

In honor of countless benefits of forgiveness, people all over the world united to celebrate Global Forgiveness Day annually on 7th of July. Almost everyone has been hurt by the actions or words of others. Unintentionally or not, they can make you feel angry, resent, bitter or indignant. Sometimes you will hold on to thoughts of revenge. However, decide to let go of those feelings is always the better way. It doesn’t mean that you ignore the person’s responsibility for hurting you but remit them without excuses. It’s when you embrace forgiveness and move forward. Forgiveness not only makes you happier and healthier but also higher self-esteem.

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