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Hello Kitty Bouquet..

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Panda Bouquet..

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Panda Kinda Love..

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Puppies In Love..

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Rainbow Sunshine..

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Chubby Bunny..

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Snowman ..


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Sending Giggles and Smiles Through Our Quirky Bouquets (DELIVERY TO SINGAPORE ONLY)

Flowers have always had a reputation for being classic and traditional. Here at 24hrscityflorist.com, we push the boundaries with our quirky bouquets! Full of colour and life, this collection of flower bouquets imitate the likes of famous cartoon characters, such as— but not limited to—Hello Kitty and Elmo. Other popular bouquets resemble a range of cute and adorable animals, creatures and popular characters which we’re sure will have you cooing.

Why choose a Quirky Bouquet?

Why choose a quirky bouquet, you may ask? Well, these bright cheery bouquets bursting with personality created from an attempt to infusing the difficult task or arranging fresh flowers to resembling a well like and recognized characte – sometimes that’s the kind of message you need to send to your recipient—whether for a loved one’s birthday, a baby shower, or even just to show that you’re thinking of them.

Furthermore, if you know your giftee is a fan of these popular characters, they’re definitely going to love these look-a-like bouquets, thus making our quirky flower bouquets a great and memorable gift. The characters we have chosen to mimic in our arrangements may also bring about memories of one’s childhood, and so these bouquets will take you and your giftee a trip down memory lane… and isn’t nostalgia such a lovely feeling?

Throw it all the way back to your toddler days with our Sesame Street bouquets, or the lovable Doraemon. For the 90’s kids, do you remember Pokemon? We offer both a Pokeball bouquet and the Pikachu, so you can say ‘I choose you!’ And we haven’t forgotten about the 2000s babies either, who can enjoy our Spongebob bouquet!

Of course, we keep up with the trends as well. Newer characters, such as the tiny yellow Minions from the hit movie series, Despicable Me, and Red Bird from the breakout mobile game Angry Birds are all available for your enjoyment!

Are you perhaps more classic or simple? Well, we have a variety of choices for you as well! Choose from a range of adorable creatures, such as bears, puppies, pigs and even the mythical unicorn. You could also tell someone that they make you smile with our simply Smiley arrangement— you can really send any kind of message with our collection of quirky bouquets!

Our florists strive to create and handcraft these character bouquets by using the freshest and most vivid flowers, such as chrysanthemum, carnations and baby’s breath. To make them look just like the real character, we go above and beyond to decorate these flowers, using paper cut-outs and other accessories like ribbons and baskets to finish off the whole arrangement.

What more can we say? Try injecting some fun into the traditional way of sending a flower bouquet, send a quirky bouquet. A quirky bouquet will tell your giftee that you’re thinking of them, that you know them well and show your vibrant energy and personality— all while being immensely fun to look at! Could gift-giving with that personal touch get any easier? We don’t think so! We are probably one of the very few local florist in Singapore that offers such an array of quirkiness in our bouquets.

Our Shop Outlet in Singapore

188 Race Course Road #01-03
Singapore 218612

Walk 2-min from Farrer Park MRT (Entrance of Exit F)
Drive via Roberts Lane from Serangoon Road

Tel: (65) 6396 4422

Biz. Registration No.: 52975378B