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The calla lilies are a beautiful genus of flowers that have been enjoyed by people for centuries. The flower blooms from the top of a rather thick stem and sort of resembles trumpet shaped rolled paper, having a texture ranging from rather fleshy to wet autumn leaves. The botanic name of calla lily is Zantedeschia , is a genus of twenty-eight different species all native to the southern parts of Africa with a tropical climate, from South Africa up to Africa aligned with the northern point of Madagascar.

Calla lilies are native to South Africa. They are grown from rhizomes and once planted they keep spreading. It grows well on any kind of soil, provided there is a humid climate around. The word 'Calla' is Greek for beauty. They have strong mythological ties related to Hera, the wife of Zeus in Greek mythology and Venus in Roman mythology. Calla lily comes in quite a variety of colours such as yellow, dark purple, magenta, orange mustard, pink, purple but the most common are ivory white and is usually associated with purity and innocence. 

The symbolism in the calla lily meaning is its association with weddings as its whiteness is depicting purity and a reunion of hearts whereas its trumpet like shape is the symbol of a female body. White calla lilies are also symbol of magnificent beauty and innocence. White calla lilies are pure flowers. Divine, elegant, classy you name it, they are! Ideal for as hand bouquets, wedding arrangements, wedding bouquets, they are the right flower choice for delicate, pure brides. The calla lily can also work as a very beautiful to any office or home.

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