There’s a scene in No Strings Attached which I often go back to whenever I’m in need of some rom-com goodness. In this bit, Emma, a headstrong doctor who disdains romance makes it very clear that she does not want flowers on her first date with Adam, a young chap who is head over heels in love with her. As instructed, Adam does not show up with flowers. Instead, the well-decked lad presents a carrot bouquet and cheekily says, “you said no flowers.” Emma chuckles and is undeniably impressed. Look close enough and you can even see her fierce exterior crack for a split second as she coyly breaks into a blush. A genuine and common reaction upon receiving a flower delivery or in this case a carrot delivery.

The Romance

It wouldn’t be a stretch to claim that this moment has set the bar high for romance – not only because it is goofy and memorable, but because it perfectly encapsulates what it means to be in love. A carrot bouquet in any other context would be absurd, let alone romantic. Yet for a couple who are best friends before lovers and laugh uncontrollably at their own inside jokes, the carrot bouquet aptly reflects Emma’s aversion to cliches and embodies the light-hearted and raw dynamic the couple shares. This scene also reminded me of a dialogue from The Office which perfectly summarises my thoughts – “sometimes the gift is really about the gesture – what it means instead of what it is.” Maybe that’s the best part about being in love or sharing a connection with anyone – it allows you to create your own little world with another person and depending on your shared experiences, the most unassuming items suddenly are bestowed with meaning. Love breathes in a new lease of life into things – perhaps that’s why it feels as magical as it does. Maybe that’s also why I have a Sunflower petal tightly tucked into the pages of an old notebook whose pages have yellowed and become crisp. The sunflower was from the first bouquet I received from my special someone. The story isn’t swoon worthy or anywhere near a rom-com, but it’s sweet enough and one that we often laugh about every now and then. 


While I’m not a huge fan of flowers, I do have a soft spot for Sunflowers. To me, they’re like little Suns in themselves and make everything seem brighter. In fact, when I’m having a bad day I buy a Sunflower for myself or walk down the longer route home so that I can pass by my favourite florist and marvel at the Sunflowers on display. The feeling of warmth I receive from them is simply indescribable. My boyfriend, who was still my friend then, knew about this. He’d often joke about how cliche I was and roll his eyes whenever I mentioned how having a Sunflower valley would be a dream come true. 

Throughout Junior College, we had feelings for one another but hadn’t expressed it yet. There was a palpable connection and I knew it was only a matter of time before we had to word our emotions. I was hoping that after A Levels, he’d ask me out to the school prom, so that it could be the juncture where we’d let each other know how we truly feel. However, thoughts about him and prom took a backseat when A levels rolled around. I was busy burying myself in test papers and books. Needless to say, stress levels were sky high. Soon enough though, the nightmare was coming to an end. I was down to the last paper before freedom. All I was focused on was getting the final paper done and dusted. As a routine, I would come to school an hour early to do one last revision before each paper. That day was no different. However, as I headed to my locker to collect my notes I was met with something unexpected.

Bouquet of Flowers

sunflower bouquet

My eyes widened in surprise and my heart began thumping. In my locker was a Sunflower bouquet with some of the brightest Sunflowers I’d ever seen. On the bouquet was also a tiny note which read “You’re my Sunflower. I know this is nowhere close to a Sunflower valley but it’s a start. All the best for your last paper and before you step out of the exam hall later, would you mind answering one last question ? …. Will you go to prom with me ?” Not to be dramatic, but in that moment my heart truly skipped a beat. Given that I did not see this coming, I was all the more flabbergasted. I broke into a huge smile and a wave of relief rode over me. 

sunflower bouquet with bear and balloon

Needless to say, my paper that day went very well. The Sunflower bouquet marked a new journey for the both of us. Now, every time we celebrate each other’s birthday or anniversary, a Sunflower definitely is part of the arrangement. We joke about how each Sunflower is a step closer to actually owning a Sunflower valley one day. Maybe it’s a little cheesy, but I would not have wanted it any other way. Love, and maybe a Sunflower bouquet from the person you love, can truly make the world go round. 

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Written by: Srinidhi

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