If 2020 has taught us anything, it is to learn how to find joy in the simple things, to appreciate the things around us that we used to miss out on, and to find the good in the bad. As Valentine’s Day 2021 draws close, while we certainly did not expect to yet again be celebrating this day under the cloud of the virus, we do hope that as we celebrate love, we will also remember the lessons we have learnt, and make the best out of the situation we are in. To help lift spirits up and get us all excited for the 14th of February, we have thought about five great reasons why Singapore is a great place to celebrate this special day!

Flowers can be delivered fast

Flower bouquets are just one of those things that are part of an unwritten rule about Valentine’s day. You may not have to give or receive one every year, but most couples, at some point in their relationship, would have conducted the exchange of flowers. The good thing about Singapore is the abundance of florists in each neighbourhood.  This makes it really easy to pick a florist that is near your destination, so that you can have a fuss-free episode of picking up the flowers on the way to your date.

online flower delivery

If you were to opt for a flower delivery, less road to travel also means you can rest assured that the flowers will very likely arrive in the hands of its rightful owner within the stipulated time frame.

After all, Valentine’s day is one of the busiest days of the year for florists. It will definitely help if their delivery destinations are closer together, which then translates into smoother deliveries and greater satisfaction for both the delivery driver and the customers! Finally, Singapore being a bustling city full of activity, means that there are shops that will provide 24 hour valentine’s day flower delivery to all locations. This is in fact a luxury that not every country has – many countries usually will see most of their shops close past dinner time!

(Almost) predictable sunny weather

While other countries are currently in the depth of winter, us here at Singapore have perfect picnic weather to look forward to! Other than the (slightly more than) occasional rainy showers that bestow us, we are blessed with beautiful sunny days for the most part of the year. That’s a huge plus for couples looking to plan a romantic outdoorsy date, for you will not have to worry too much about bad weather and spoiled plans! Even if the skies were to suddenly turn dark, there will always be sheltered places nearby as easy alternatives. Who knew that our perpetual sunny weather that we’ve given so much hate to could actually be such a blessing!

Everything is in close vicinity of one another

Parks, restaurants, movie theatres are all near each other – couples can go from one activity to the next without much travel time. This allows you to plan a whole day itinerary without having the better half of it being taken up by time on the road. More specifically, living in a city with everything in close proximity means we have the luxury of going from the thrill of outdoorsy activities to the comfort of indoor dining in no time, without having to worry about packing enough food and water to last us a day like we have to in other bigger countries. Hop from a picnic at Bishan Park to a movie at Junction 8, or transition from a hike at any of our nature trails to a satisfying brunch at nearby cafes. Secondly, couples are at most a 1.5h mrt/bus ride away from each other, no matter which part of the island you are coming from. This makes it more possible to meet and have a short date together after work, especially for those who don’t have the luxury of spending the whole day with each other. Less travel time also means more time with each other, a definite positive when life’s as hectic as it already is!


Living in the city sure has its perks! If you and your partner are the type of couple that would very much enjoy a Netflix-and-chill kind of Valentine’s, Singapore has an abundance of hotels available for a relaxing staycation treat. In addition, given the accessibility of our small island, there truly is no real ‘bad’ location in Singapore – a nice hotel with sufficient convenience does not have to cost you an arm and a leg here. Given the impossibility of overseas travel as of now, staycations are also a great way to feel as if one were on vacation. In fact, a staycation has the added benefit of being on familiar home ground, which means you are able to plan your day’s itinerary with much accuracy. While we may be used to lamenting that Singapore’s small size makes it boring, having good knowledge of where everything is will actually give us the comfort of familiarity when we’re trying to keep to a schedule. No one really wants the anxiety of uncertainty when trying to impress our date, do we? Read more about what do women want for Valentine’s day .

Good, cheap food

If you’re already planning to break the bank with gifts, lucky for you as Singapore has easily accessible hawker food that is kind on the pocket and satisfying for the palate! Celebrate and mark this year with the recent successful inscription of Hawker Culture in Singapore into UNESCO Representative List of the Intangible Cultural of Humanity. sumptuous meal can easily be had at less than $10 a person. We really got to count our blessings here, for a simple meal out could cost upwards of double of that in many other countries. As nice as an expensive night out could be, we must say that being able to celebrate the day just as amazingly in an economical manner does feel good on the wallet and soul.

We certainly hope that we’ve shown you how our little island home can be a great place for Valentine’s, and that there certainly is a way to find the good in the bad. Have a great Valentine’s everyone!

written by Engracia

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