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24Hrs City Florist – A Truely Unique Singapore Florist

True to it’s name, 24Hrs City Florist is a florist located in central Singapore within the garden city of Singapore that provides 24hr flower delivery services anywhere in the island nation.

So what makes 24hrs City Florist so unique? Well, to start off, this is probably the only flower shop in Singapore with a physical storefront that opens and operates daily from 9am to next day 6am consistently throughout the year. This is especially convenient for those who are in need of floral gifts when most florists in Singapore are closed.


Similarly, their floral services are available on Sundays and public holidays. Yes, that includes Christmas and Chinese New Year too. For those who had the experience of wanting a floral arrangement during these holidays would appreciate how useful and important their service can be.

Hence, it comes as no surprise, that 24Hrs City Florist has been featured in various publications which includes an article entitled “Sleepless In Singapare” in the Sunday Times on 11 Nov 2016 as one of the retailers in Singapore offering late night serices.

sleepless in singapore

Besides their long opening hours, 24Hrs City Florist offers a very wide range of fresh floral arrangements and I am not talking about just in quantity but also in variety, styles and designs.

Again, when it comes to uniqueness, 24Hrs City Florist creates ‘character arrangements’ depicting well known characters such as Minion, Cookie Monster, Elmo, Angry Bird, Spongebox Squarepants, Hello Kitty, Pokeball and many more using fresh floral! It doesn’t come as a surprise that this flower shop was singled out and was featured in local Chinese Variety show called ‘Bengpire’ in Aug 2016 as one of the interesting retailers offering not just services past mid night but also unique character bouquets in Singapore. Their full range of character-bouquets can be found here.

Spongebob Squarepants
Spongebob Squarepants

Although 24Hrs City Florist is known for her after office hour services and character-arrangements, did you know, this flower shop was initially a specialist florist for funeral flower arrangements. Their history could be traced back as early as 2000 when their floral arrangements were mainly on candle table spray, flower bed, casket top, floral crosses and floral photo frames. There is no wonder why until today, this florist offers a wide range of sophistication of funeral and condolences floral arrangements not many other florists offer. A cursory look into their website revealed that they have a huge range of condolence floral arrangements from a simple floral condolence stand to a 1.5m long stretched floral arrangements to heart-shape condolence stands to memorial wreaths.

Memorial Wreath

24Hrs City Florist has been keeping up with trends too. In recent times, they have introduced an extensive range of Korean styled hand bouquets, Conical bouquets, and flowers-to-go floral carry bag and mini garden arrangement they called them ‘cherish box’.

Song Song Korean Style Hand Bouquets
Flowers-To-Go Floral Bags
Cherish Box – Fresh Floral Arrangement In A Box
Conical Bouquet

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