At the mere mention of ‘hipster’, one can picture a sashaying woman donning an oversized top and ripped shorts, pinching the edge of her sunglasses with a smirk, simply the epitome of stylish. Meanwhile the mainstream or old fashioned trail behind, deemed unable to find their unique style like the former.

hipster florist

hipster florist

Despite all that exaggeration, it’s not entirely untrue; it seems the younger generation find anything labelled ‘hipster’ more appealing. Bouquets carrying that air of sophistication are sure to gather admiring glances and of course, the likes on one’s Instagram. Hop onto the bandwagon and you’ll find yourself immersed in splashes of rainbow colours, unicorn vibes, and galaxy patterns, even finding Korean styles imbedded in sweet bouquets that many show off on social media.

Youths are easily drawn in by anything hipster, not wanting to fall into the monotony of mainstream trends, instead hoping to seem unique; don’t even try to deny it! Well, young florists have heard their call for something more distinct, and style their lovely flower bundles according to the trends they so desire. Using pastel flowers, pale DIY wrapping paper, burlap, kraft paper, netting and giving bouquets an air of rusticism turns their art intoinstaworthy works.

Being unwilling to conform also means young florists use a large variety of flowers, many which traditional florists might not use. Are chrysanthemums doomed to be mere funeral flowers? Are white and pastel flowers the only ones to accompany a bride down the aisle? That doesn’t seem to be the case any more, if those new to the florist scene have anything to say about it. Even succulents and fruits have a part to play in their new, exotic bouquets, breathing new life into typical flower arrangement styles. Such deviation from the norm has been welcomed by flower lovers everywhere, and have attracted crowds to appreciate the art of flower arrangement.

But that doesn’t mean old school has to be kicked to the curb. Traditional florists have integrated the styles hipsters appreciate into their own work, and their bouquets are just as amazing as any other. With their experience in the field, there are a lot more than the effort that goes into a stylish arrangement, and their flowers are sure to be your picture perfect gift. Merging your typical professional touch and the hipster trends of today, they are able to maintain the beauty of bouquets yet infuse modern elements into their art. With such a poignant combination of past and present, what better way would you rather have your bouquet?

Then again, one cannot let the passion of both types of florists and flower shops go unnoticed either. Behind the rosy glow of floristry is hours of hard work and pricked hands and even to the point of making sure that the ‘flower delivery‘ services are delivered promptly to the recipients. Though times may change, florists have learnt to adapt accordingly and stay nimble ready to respond to the consumers’ demands. Whether hipster or traditional, young or old have their own unique traits that everyone can appreciate. Whatever your reason for buying flowers, just know that every bouquet comes with a loving touch and well thought, crafted by the people who have an unlimited love for flowers!

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