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Singaporeans aren’t exactly the poetic type, even if our hearts are in the right places. When it comes to romance, we might have a different approach, but nevertheless, all we want is something endearing to send to our loved ones. What does the average awkward Singaporean do to make up for his lack of courting skills?

You end up with a combination of local phrases with your typical romantic musings, with a dash of humour as well. When people say Singaporeans love their food, they weren’t kidding; our love has seeped into our pickup lines, so we won’t be having trouble in our love lives anytime soon. Here are some of our delectable selections of romantic phrases!

‘You’re the egg to my prata. Without you, I’m kosong.’

‘Skip the sambal chilli, because you’re hot enough for me.’

‘Are you mee goreng? Because you got mee goreng crazy.’

‘People call me Kopi-O, because I’m hot, sweet, and I’ll keep you up all night.’
‘Be the condensed milk to my Kopi because you make life so much sweeter.’
Our train services may not exactly be up to speed, but our romance isn’t as slow and broken! It’s easy to pass the time while trapped in unfortunate situations with a couple of puns, and maybe get a date or two as well.

‘MRT always stuck in the tunnel but at least you’re also stuck in my heart.’

‘Whenever I see you, my heart goes Bedok, Bedok.’

‘If you are Marsiling, I am your fan.’

‘Only Eunos how much I love you’

‘Are you an EZ-link card reader? Because I really want to tap that.

Not forgetting these romantic and playful phrases that only Singaporeans will get, of course! There’s a bit of wit and a lot of teasing in each and every one of these cute lines!

‘Are you a parking ticket, because you have fine written all over you.’

‘You blossom like a flower; I so stunned like vegetable!’

‘Please be the metal cable to my cable car!’

‘Are you Orchard? ‘Cos I’ve got my ION you.’
‘Is your name Hui Ting? Because I’ve been hui ting for you all my life.’
If you’ve got a young lady with you who isn’t too pleased about that argument you just had, you can always turn on your attentive and romantic side with these magic words.
‘Let’s go shopping – I’ll pay.’

With those few words, you’ll no doubt be saved from her wrath. What a perfect time to get some flowers for her too!

Who says we can’t be hopeless romantics? We think that these quirky lines are more than sufficient to prove that we can be real flirts when we want to. You could even slap one of these lines on one of our beautiful bouquets ordered from an Singapore Florist, and bring a smile or a giggle to the lucky recipient! Up your flirting game with these teasing phrases and you’ll be on the best date you’ve ever had (or even get lucky). Try them out today!

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