Baby’s Breath Bouquet

A flower so gentile and fragile. Simple yet majestic. A cluster of long straight stems that branch out to show off tiny white buds of flowers that, together, form a lacy cloud. With the rise in popularity of the concept of Cottagecore (romanticised agricultural lifestyle), Baby’s Breath flowers are here to stay as a crowd favourite. Especially with its versatile nature, the flower gives much room for artistic freedom. Its simplicity allows it to be a great bouquet filler – it provides the bouquet with good volume while allowing the main flowers to shine. It is also intricate enough to be the main star of the show. Baby’s breath bouquets are certainly one of florists’ more  popular flower delivery in Singapore. Apart from bouquets, it is also easy to dry and preserve these flowers for different pieces of artwork such as simple bookmarks to larger items like resin jewellery. There is just no limit to what we can do with these flowers.

The Origins

baby's breath

Baby’s Breath originates from Eurasia, Africa, Australia, and the Pacific Islands. Baby’s Breath belongs to the genus, Gypsophila, under the carnation family, Caryophyllaceae. Gypsophila translates to the love of gypsum – a mineral found in soil that makes it thick and heavy, optimal for Baby’s Breaths to thrive. Under the umbrella of Gypsophila, there are different species. But for the sake of simplicity, There are two varieties we are more familiar with most popular varieties in the floral industry are the Gypsophila Xlence and Gypsophila Million Stars. Their popularity lies in the ease of handling these delicate flowers. Their strong stems allow them to be easily arranged into bouquets without any damage. Their difference lies in the size of their blooms as well as their scents. Gypsophila Million Stars, as its name suggests, has numerous tiny (4 to 6 mm) blooms. On the other hand, Gypsophila Xlence has lesser, but larger blooms – each with a diameter of 5 to 10 mm. Furthermore, the two varieties differ in their scent – since Gypsophila Million Stars has a milder scent as compared to Gypsophila Xlence.


The love for Baby’s Breath dates way back to the Victorian Era, where it was a staple variety. In Victorian Floriography, Baby’s Breaths symbolized everlasting love and purity. The people of Great Britain greatly appreciated the flower for its simplistic aesthetic as well as the beautiful meaning of everlasting love and thus it was widely used for wedding bouquets since the Victorian Era. The flowers have an airy and billowy effect – with its branches that carry hundreds of small and delicate white flowers with a diameter of less than an inch. The effect closely associates with babies’ innocence. This association with babies is further emphasised since it is named after its scent – yes! Baby’s Breath does smell like babies’ breath. The scent is subtle and hence may not be noticeable to those less sensitive to smell. In any case, the scent is easily masked by other flowers or even essential oils should you find yourself in a situation where you find the smell unbearable.


coloured baby's breath

Why baby’s breath bouquet is popular as gifts ? cos a beautifully presented baby’s breath bouquet not just ‘Take her breath away...‘ but also as a reminder that ‘Life is not measured by the breaths you take but by the moments that take your breath away”.

While we can mask the scent of Baby’s Breath, we can also vary the colours of the flower since it can hold up very well to dye. Florists dye baby’s breaths to present different well-wishes according to the occasion. Pink represents femininity, red represents passion, blue represents peace, violet represents royalty, green represents good health, orange represents optimism and yellow represents joy. The original Baby’s Breath is white in colour and represents purity. While the white Baby’s Breath is easy to pair with other flowers in a bouquet, the ease of dying these flowers allows it to match any bouquet for every occasion! There are indeed many ways this flower remains appealing.

big baby's breath bouquet

As the name suggests, baby’s breath bouquet is a hand tied bouquet arranged entirely with baby’s breath flowers only. Baby’s Breath flowers besides their natural white colour, they are popularly dyed with a kaleidoscope of colours and wrapped in various styles. One baby’s breath bouquet that is highly sought after not just for its flowers and colours but also for its size is the product called ‘Baby’s Breath Big Bouquet’ code 2509 , one of our biggest bouquet offered online. Arranged with a two-tone pastel blue and pink wrappers draws all attention. Naturally, it is the perfect hand bouquet if you are looking to impress your special someone! This big fluffy cloud of rainbow Baby’s Breaths is bound to put a smile on the recipient’s face. This awe-inspiring bouquet is best for special occasions like Valentine’s Day, Birthdays, and even for apologies or simply just to impress someone. The size of the bouquet is enough to represent the overwhelming emotions in your heart!

baby's breath bouquets

Next, we have the best-seller – Baby’s Breath Bouquet. This hand bouquet is smaller in size as compared to the Baby’s Breath Big Bouquet but it has its own charm! Baby’s Breath dyed to form an ombre of pink-purple-blue wrapped in a sleek black wrapping sheet. The contrast between the hues and the black sheet allows this Korean-styled bouquet to shine ever-so-brightly. This bouquet is a go-to for any occasion – graduation or a friend’s birthday. It is also perfect for Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day as Baby’s Breath is a symbol of pure everlasting love after all.

heart shaped baby's breath bouquet

Last but not least, my personal favourite, Heartful. This hand bouquet has freshly dyed Baby’s Breath dyed different shades of pink and red, arranged into an ombre heart, and wrapped in an elegant white wrapping sheet. It requires a whole lot of work, yet we would say it is worth every bit of effort and time! As the name suggests, this bouquet is perfect for representing your heart and expressing love for the people around you. Be it Valentine’s Day, anniversaries, confessions, or even proposals, this bouquet is handy for any occasion!

With its embodiment of everlasting love and the amount of effort put into the arrangement of these delicate flowers, Baby’s Breath is, indeed, a great gesture of love and appreciation for the ones you cherish!



written by Michelle Ang

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