9 Creative Birthday Gift Ideas For Her

birthday gift for her

birthday gift for her

There is one special day out of the year where a woman desires to be pampered and loved, and that is on her birthday. Though traditional gifts will always be a classic, if you want to give something extra special, it takes just a tad bit more effort. Search for gifts from multitudes of online stores available literary at your finger tips. Florists in Singapore today are getting creative with birthday gifts too, some offer not just flower delivery but a plethora of floral gifts, crafts and customized arrangements. Look for florists that specializes in birthday gift delivery singapore.

Here are nine creative birthday gift ideas for that special lady in your life:


When it comes to giving birthday gifts to women, nothing much will go wrong with flowers. Women love flowers. And when it comes to that one important day of the year for her; her birthday – shower her with love and flowers. A proven combinating to making a day she will remember.

Find out the type of flowers and colours she likes. Get your florist to customised a stylist and lavish flower arrangement. Instead of the predictable hand bouquet, surprise her with a table arrangement. Save the hand bouquet for valentine’s day. A table arrangement still has it place in a women’s heart. It can be an elegant glass vase arrangement , a basket or a plate of stylishly hand crafted flower arrangement.

vase arrangement

tall vase arrangement

Table arrangement is both longer lasting and beautiful and can be placed conveniently on her desk at the office or at the coffee and dining table at home. Add a little jazz and uniqueness into the vase arrangement with perhaps a ‘bronze’ rose instead of the usual red or pink roses. Something special for a special lady on her birthday.

table flower arrangement

table flower arrangement with bronze roses

Books / eBooks

If she is an avid reader, you can be sure that a book or an ebook will be thrilling to receive. Though some may argue, the smell of ink and paper is part of the reading experience, ebooks have a place to those who appreciates the convenience of able to download their favourite titles from online bookstores at the fraction of the paperback cost. Unlike tablets and smartphone, ebooks (eg. Amazon’s kindle), they are light weight and easy on the eye with battery life lasting for several days.

ebook as birthday gift

ebook as birthday gift

Once you have decided which to get, add that extra personal touch by writing a dedication inside and pairing it with a bouquet of her favourite flowers. Your local florist would be able to wrap the book and attached a corsage like bouquet as a lovely gift set.

fresh flowers wrapped on a gift

fresh flowers wrapped on a gift

Maybe she mentioned her favourite childhood or adolescent book and you can help her teleport to the past by searching for it and buying it. That’s an easy way to add a special sentimental touch to a simple book!

if eBooks are not her thing, try to purchase hardcover books over paperbacks, for more durability and nicer presentation. You can choose to wrap it up with newspaper or a white gift wrapper with personal handwritten notes too.

Bouquet of balloons

Who doesn’t love the cheerful vibe of a bunch of balloons? Balloons are a very versatile gift and can give that creative touch for a wonderful birthday surprise.

Fill about twenty balloons with helium and tie off pictures along the string or one at each end for a path of memories to follow. You can also fill the balloons with flower petals or other small items that will make them visually beautiful and when popped, create a romantic scene.

Large balloons in shape of numbers can be given for specific birthday ages and tied off with a decorated box of momentos or flowers. Another fun idea is to have a birthday balloon planted on an adorable hand crafted minion arranged with fresh flowers – guaranteed to draw smiles across the room.

birthday basket of flowers

minion arranged with fresh flowers with birthday balloon.


Almost all women will appreciate the gift of new clothes. If you know her size, buy a cute summer dress as a gift for her to wear before a day out. You can also choose other styles of clothing, such as an exercise outfit, and invite her for a brisk walk the next day.

The creativity is all yours and you can let loose your imagination for the clothing to have an extra special meaning. Wrap a box with the clothes you chose and leave it as a surprise with a small bushel of flowers on the bed, living room or elsewhere.

flowers on gift wrap

flowers on gift wrap

Personalized Gift Basket

If that special person enjoys the finer things in life. A customized gift basket or gourmet hamper that comes with luxurious fine chocolates or premium tea label or an expensive bottle of wine or champagne arranged in a basket of exotic fresh flowers spells good taste and class.

fine tea gift set with flowers

fine tea gift set with flowers

Champagne gift basket

Champagne gift basket

If she’s into healthy food, there are now a wide range of organic food and snacks that your florist can easily put together in a ‘thoughtful’ basket of food packages adorn with beautiful fresh flowers.

healthy food gift basket

healthy food gift basket

Potted herbs or succulents

For ladies who enjoy nature walks and plants, there is the idea of buying potted herbs or succulents. The potted herbs or spices are also a useful gift for those who love to cook. They will always have a fresh supply available to spice up any dish. Potted succulents or flowers will bring a colourful touch to any home.

succulent plants

succulent plants

Flower vase

Another tip is to personalize the pots that you give. You can hand paint them or order personalized pots from a local business. Put photographs and some heartfelt words on certain pots and this will add a creative edge to your gift.

A special mug for cuppas

If she enjoys a daily cuppa, you can always prepare a cuppa gift box. All it takes is a beautiful box and buying the ingredients: mug, coffee, marshmallows, a classy spoon maybe.

coffee gift set with flowers

coffee gift set with flowers

Wrap the box and present it to her with some flowers. This idea can also be tweaked in order to present her with the perfect edible gift box such as: dried beef kit, chocolate covered fruit, and more.

Spa day gift box

Who does not like a spa day? Making a quick gift box with a few spa essentials will give her a chance to pamper herself whenever she wants.

spa gift voucher

spa gift voucher

You can add a variety of items depending on the occasion. Give her sweet smelling, relaxing, or energizing smells. You can include any of these items: soap, essential oils, candles, body wash, bubble bath solutions, wine, a wine glass, a natural loofah, lotion, exfoliating tools and more.

Wrap up the box or put it in a basket, buy some flowers, and you have yourself a personal and creative birthday gift for your lady. Remember, many florists offers birthday gift delivery singapore.


The old saying that it is the thought that counts is right on point. Finding a creative present does not have to be hard if you know the person in question. Ask her friends and family for hints if you are confused or cannot think of that something special. Remember, a thoughtful gift is what she will take to heart. Birthdays are a once a year affair, is ok to splurge a little more than usual to remind her she is being thought of. There are some things money just can’t buy.

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