Ah yes.. Valentine’s Season is here again! One of the most important time for all florists around the globe – no difference for 24hrs city florist too. Valentine’s season means multitudes of planning, preparations and training.

In January, we typically recruit students particularly from those who had just completed their A-level exams to join our ‘Valentine Project Team’. We welcome all students (in some circumstances, adults too) who have the love and passion for flowers and eager to learn how to care and arrange fresh cut flowers. The criteria is simple – and that is able to work from 10 Feb to 15 Feb (at least 8 hours a day).

Proudly showing off their bouquets

Proudly showing off their bouquets

Having fun while at work

florists at work

florists at work

ensuring all orders are accounted for

serving customers

after a long day's work

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florist team 2017

florist team 2017

fellow colleagues & friends

fellow colleagues & friends


In years past, we have recruited many students. Some had even stayed on and continued to work part time during their undergraduate studies in universities. We have seen waves of project teams that came through our doors over the past years – we take pleasure to share with you their experiences working with 24hrscityflorist at part of the valentine project team below:


Sharing Of Experiences Working at 24Hrs City Florist

After freshly graduating from Junior College, I was eager to find a part-time job that allowed me to surround myself with florals and dapple in floral arrangements. What made me choose 24hrsCityFlorist was its welcoming and nurturing environment that it exudes. Despite having little to no experience in professional floral arrangement, 24hrs was kind enough to organise a special training workshop to teach us the art of making a hand bouquet. Daphne and Daisy (senior florists) were extremely patient and encouraging, which made the workshop an enjoyable one!

During my time involved in the Valentine’s Day Project, I witnessed the lively workplace dynamics where not a single moment was dull. There was good camaraderie between co-workers and welfare amongst the company. Their generosity surprised me as refreshments were made available during working hours, ensuring that no one was working with an empty tummy!

In addition, I was grateful to be given the space of exploration when we were told to do our own freestyle bouquet. It made me fall deeper in love with floristry as I mixed different textures of foliage and visuals to convey a mood of my desire.

Most importantly, I admire the dedication that they place into their craft. Fresh flowers are delivered multiple times in a day and are taken care of by conditioning them. They also run quality checks to ensure that their products meet a qualified standard.

Overall, the short week that I have spent there was so enriching and fulfilling that I have decided to extend my time at 24hrsCityFlorist!

~ Chloe Foo

Working here during the lead-up to Valentine’s Day has proven to be a fruitful experience, where I got to practice many interesting skills such as bouquet making. The work environment is lively, with friendly coworkers lifting the mood despite the hectic period. While tiring, working here has been very fulfilling.

~ Natasha Chew , JC Student

Working @24hrscityflorist is a unique experience you won’t get anywhere else and I definitely recommend that you try it out if you’re interested.

Don’t be daunted if you don’t have much knowledge on floral arrangements or bouquets; the senior florists and staff are encouraging and you’ll also have the support of the team you’ll be working with.

You’ll get the chance to handle various types of flowers (my personal favourite are Eustomas) and learn how to condition them. At 24 Hrs City Florist you may even get the chance to do freestyle designs of your own bouquets and exercise your creativity.

Going into this job, I was initially worried about whether I could cope with the demands of working at a florist shop during the hectic period that is the Valentine’s Day week. However, I was pleasantly surprised by the working environment (and the refreshments provided) that made the long working hours not just bearable, but also fun and enjoyable!

~ Lois Kok, JC Student

GraceSigning up as a temporary assistant for Valentine’s 2018 at 24hrs was a completely spontaneous decision, but one I’ll never regret. In the midst of scraping thorns off buckets of roses and laughing over silly stories with Jerry and the florists, I found myself falling in love with the little gem of a shop that is 24hrs. In fact, I loved my experience so much that I decided to stay for another seven months!

I’ll always remember 24hrs fondly as the cozy little workshop on Lavender Street bursting at the seams with fresh flowers, but none as lovely as the team of wonderful florists who make pure flower magic in endless vases, bouquets and baskets. Thank you for all the happy Saturday afternoons, for teaching me everything I know about the art of floristry and for being the best part time job I’ll ever have!

~ Grace Hu, Student @  University of Oxford

EmilyWorking as an assistant florist in 24Hrs City Florist has given me an opportunity to embark on my passion for flower arrangement.

Despite having no prior experience in flower arranging, 24Hrs city florist provided me with on-the-job training such as proper conditioning of flowers and acquiring the skills to arrange various types of bouquets. The guidance has greatly increased my knowledge of flowers and confidence in flower arrangement.

24hrs city florist has greatly broadened my skills, deepened my passion for flower arrangement and overcome various challenges to meet customers’ needs efficiently.
~ Emily Chung, Economics Student at NUS.

Working at 24hrCityFlorist as part of their Valentine’s Day Team was such an enjoyable experience.

Being surrounded by beautiful flowers as we worked definitely felt amazing and I am really grateful to have been given the opportunity to learn how to care for the different types of flowers. My favourite part was learning how to arrange simple bouquets. We even had the chance to let our creativity flow with some freestyle bouquets which were really fun to make!

Having no experience with floral arrangements or caring for flowers, I was initially quite afraid that I would not be able to meet the demands of the job. Thankfully, the staff were extremely patient when guiding us, encouraging us every step of the way. I felt extremely comfortable and happy working at 24hrCityFlorist as everyone was friendly, welcoming, ready to help and took really good care of us.

My time with 24hrCityFlorist was a short one, but was nonetheless fulfilling and rewarding as I have really learnt so much from working with the people here. It was such an eye-opening experience to see the amount of work and effort that was put into every bouquet and how the team managed the crazy number of orders during this busy period. Many thanks to the team for the smiles and joy we shared amidst the hectic Valentine’s period!

~ Shermaine Yeo, JC.

UmairahMy time at 24hrs city florist was a short but rewarding one. I’ve learnt how to keep the care for flowers as well as other valuable skills such as time-management and collaborative team effort.

My colleagues were friendly and reliable and explained things clearly when i needed help. I enjoyed making hand bouquets and learned how to make variety of them, ranging from single stalks rose to making a dozen stalk bouquet. Although being a student assistant was somewhat tiring, nevertheless it was definitely a fulfilling and enriching experience for me.

~ Umairah, Architecture Student at NUS.

ValerieHello my colleagues and potential colleagues if you’re reading this ^.^ Welcome to the big family of 24hrscityflorist. I chanced upon the part time job as florist apprentice when i ran a job search online. Jerry is the one rare bosses who do not mind employees who do not have any background in floristry since training is hard work. Instead, he looked out for people with passion and love for flowers.

I was full of apprehension on my first day but it all went away cos Jerry, Belle and Lynn are the most patient people on earth and I’m grateful to them. They taught me the basics of clearing and looking after flowers, floral arrangements and different wrappings with a smile always.

Did I mention I started off with ZERO experience? but over three months under their guidance, I learnt to make three roses bouquet to six, nine, 12 and 24. I also learnt to make interesting bear bouquets and puppy bouquets.

Valentine’s Day was also an eye opener as I met many part timers like me and everyone cooperating happily to finish the delivery and walk in orders. There is a sense of accomplishment when you see people buying your bouquets handmade with love and knowing you made someone smile today.

I really enjoy my work here and look forward to learning more!! Thank you for making me feel like I have another home outside my home. Hahahahaa

~ Valerie Early Childhood Teacher – loves everything cute.

FebbyWorking at 24hrs during valentine’s season has been a pleasant experience. First, the staff there are friendly and willing to teach. I have learnt quite a lot about the basics of flower arrangement, symmetry and aesthetics from my week there.

This is pretty considerable taking into account the fact that I have never undergone any formal training in this area prior to starting this short part time job. Second, the hours are very manageable. We all had two meal breaks every day. Our employer was also very generous with the provision of refreshments, which I greatly appreciated because this was not something I had expected at all.

Throughout my week, I never had to work overtime and on some days, I was even dismissed earlier than the stipulated time. Overall, I enjoyed this experience and would definitely recommend this place to my peers.

~ Febby, Material Science Student at NTU

IsabelIt was a very good learning and hands-on experience working in 24hrs city florist. I was able to gain insights and exposure to floral arrangement through the workshop and during the Valentine’s day period.

~ Isabel, Nursing Student at NUS

ArttiAn educational journey was my time in 24hr florist. I remember my first day working as an assistant florist, i didn’t know anything more than the name of flowers and the enthusiasm to learn. With the guidance of all my senior florists i can now say i can de-thorn, cut and arrange flowers and greenery to make decorative displays, matching it with containers, ribbons, boxes and other accessories.

I helped my customers to select the best kind of flowers for any occasion. If you enjoy being around flowers, plants and gifts and you like working with customers to help make their events and floral arrangements special and willing to learn new skills this is the place.

Thank you everyone here who made this memorable and fun one.

~ Vanessa Artii – Makeup Artist

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