At 24Hrs City Florist, we take great care in making sure that your flowers evoke emotions and convey your heartfelt feelings that go beyond words. We thought that compiling a list of 20 frequently asked questions based on our many years of experience in floristry, we can help you in your quest to find the right bouquet, make more informed flower choices and bring a joyful gift to your loved ones. We certainly hope this information would come in handy for you!

1. When can I gift someone flowers?

Flowers are one of the most ‘universal’ gift. Flowers can be presented as a gift in a variety of occasions such as weddings, anniversaries, funerals, graduations, and many more. While flowers generally can be given on numerous occasions, it makes good sense to also consider the personality of the recipient as well. Flowers or flower bouquets are also often used to convey many different messages and emotions such as “I’m sorry”, “Will you marry me”, “Get well soon”, just to name a few. Whatever the reason, flowers are one of the most readily accepted gift throughout the ages and they will remain so for many years to come.

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