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What Is Funeral Casket Flowers?

Funeral Casket Flowers

Funeral casket flowers are a beautiful way to pay tribute to the life of a loved one who has passed away. The tradition of adorning a casket with flowers dates back centuries and has become an important aspect of many funeral and memorial services.

When it comes to funeral casket flowers, there are several different types of arrangements to choose from. Each type of arrangement can be tailored to suit the personality and preferences of the deceased, as well as the wishes of the family.

casket flower spray
all white flowers funeral casket flower spray

The most popular type of funeral casket flower arrangement is the casket flower spray arranged with lilies and roses. A casket spray is a large, ornate arrangement that sits on top of the casket. It is usually the centrepiece of the funeral flower display and is comprised of various types of flowers and foliage. The casket spray can be designed to reflect the personality and preferences of the deceased, and can be customized with different types of flowers and colours.

Another popular option for funeral casket flowers is the casket top. This arrangement sits on top of the casket and can be designed to suit the preferences of the family. It can be simple or elaborate, depending on the desired level of decoration.

When it comes to funeral flower arrangements, casket sprays and casket tops are two of the most popular choices. While both are designed to be placed on top of a casket during a funeral or memorial service, there are some key differences between the two.

Casket Spray

casket spray
funeral casket flower spray with white lilies and red roses

A casket spray, as the name suggests, is a large spray of flowers that is placed directly on top of the casket. These arrangements are typically long and narrow, and they can be made up of a variety of different flowers and greenery. Casket sprays can be customized to fit the preferences and personality of the deceased, and they are often designed with a particular theme or colour scheme in mind. Some of our popular casket sprays are shown below:

casket flower spray casket flower spray with lilies and roses Casket Top casket spray with lilies and pink roses and orchids


Casket Top

casket top flowers
casket top flowers

On the other hand, a casket top is a smaller floral arrangement that is placed on the lid of the casket. These arrangements are typically more compact and round in shape, and they may include a mix of flowers and greenery, or they may focus on a single type of flower. Casket tops are often used in conjunction with other floral arrangements, such as a casket spray or standing spray.

casket flower top casket top arranged with ivory roses with blue baby’s breath Casket Top Flower casket top arranged with lilac and pink roses and white lilies

One of the main differences between casket sprays and casket tops is their size and shape. Casket sprays are typically larger and more elongated, while casket tops are smaller and more compact. Additionally, casket sprays are often placed directly on top of the casket, while casket tops may be positioned at the head or foot of the casket.

Ultimately, the choice between a casket spray and a casket top will depend on personal preference, budget, and the overall aesthetic of the funeral or memorial service. Some people prefer the grandeur and visual impact of a large casket spray, while others may opt for a more understated casket top. Whatever the choice, both options can serve as a beautiful and meaningful tribute to the life of a loved one.

casket spray

Casket sprays are a more popular and elegant way to honour the memory of a loved one during a funeral or memorial service. Traditionally, casket sprays are placed on top of the casket, but they can also be placed on the coffin top while it is being transported in the hearse or while it is being cremated. Cremation caskets are usually made of normal grade wood, as they’ll be burned together with the body and flowers when undergoing cremation.

Using a casket spray to decorate the coffin in the hearse can add a beautiful and personal touch to the funeral procession

casket flower in hearse

In conclusion, funeral casket flowers are an enduring tradition that offers a beautiful way to honour and remember loved ones. They are a symbol of remembrance and a way to express sympathy and condolences. The funeral casket flower arrangement is part of 24hrs city florist range of condolence flowers available for purchase and delivery anywhere in Singapore. It’s important to keep in mind the personality and preferences of the deceased, as well as the symbolism and meaning of the flowers used in the arrangement. With careful consideration, a funeral casket spray can become a touching tribute to a life well-lived.


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