As flowers with not only a unique petal structure but also one that has a long-bearing history behind it, there is no surprise that tulips are one of the world’s most intriguing and well-known blooms. That’s perhaps why tulip bouquets are much sought after all around the world.  Originally found in Central Asia, first cultivated in Turkey and later found fame in the Netherlands, this spring blooming flower is nothing short of well travelled. Commonly recognized for its large and showy look, tulips also stand out with its generally warm colours, ranging from red and yellow to pink and purple. Beautiful to receive in a bouquet as they are comforting to watch in an open field, these flowers are sweet and cheerful ones that would not fail to brighten up days.

The Time to Gift Tulips

Although tulips often thrive better in cooler surroundings and environments, they still make wonderful gifts and fitting bouquets in the hotter climate of Singapore. After all, no one said flowers can only be given or delivered during the sunny days.

Match your hot drinks and sweaters with a bouquet of tulips to add to the warmness and coziness you are looking for. Whether it is an intimate home visit to your loved ones during the rainy season or a breezy day out with your friends or special someone when the wind is picking up its pace, browsing through the searches for “Tulips Bouquet Singapore” is as fitting as it is going to be a lovely addition.

To give your loved ones a beautiful tulip bouquet is not held under any form of rules, neither does it require any reason. There is nothing wrong with a “Just because”, so don’t worry about the timing, don’t fret about the occasion. Just let the tulips work its charm.

The Beauty of Tulip Bouquets 

50 Stalks of Tulips

We all know that diamonds shine even brighter in the rough. Similarly, the bright warm colours of tulips is going to look its best with neutral or lighter-toned packaging and wrappings. Whether it is brown, white or even some shades of yellow, pink or purple, the beauty of your tulip choices are going to shine no matter.

If you are looking to spice things up, why not consider mixing other flowers along as well? Perhaps some Iris, or maybe try something bolder with roses; the options are more than just aplenty.

tulip bouquet

Of course, you can also always rely on your florist tulips online, with their best picks of your bouquets and gifts. Opt for flower delivery in Singapore or a tulip bouquet delivery or a pick up from their shops – you are bound to receive only the best results.

Meaning of Tulips

Tulips are generally linked to cheerfulness because of its warm and comforting looks. Additionally, these flowers also symbolize the perfect love due to a romantic Turkish legend tied to its origins. While each colour all hold different meanings and symbolism.As such, the frequent association of this notion of joy and love also bloomed its title “Paradise on Earth”, as coined by the Turks.

What does a bouquet of tulips say? 

  1. “Better days are coming”

Good days are not always guaranteed but neither are bad days forever. Though rarely the direct solution to solving your loved ones’ problems, giving a bouquet of flowers can however be a reason for them to smile that day. The warm colours of a tulip is a form of provided comfort and their early flowering season in spring is an indication to the new beginnings that are to follow. Moreover, as prized flowers in Netherlands that represent the fleeting of time, gifting a bouquet of tulips is also a way of suggesting that the troubled times are temporary and the better days are arriving.

  • “Forgive Me”

No one is perfect and neither can we avoid making mistakes. However, what really matters ultimately is how we express our apologies. Yellow tulips are not just a cheerful embodiment of sunshine, but it also is a way of asking for forgiveness from whoever we have hurt or affected. Additionally, white tulips also represent purity to restore the calm during moments of tension. Along with communication to relief such bygones, sincerity is also best served in a bouquet of bright tulips to soften the present anger and frustration.

  • “I thought of you”

The best flowers are given not on the most romantic day nor with the priciest picks, but rather with the simplest of purpose. Just like the occasional thoughts and daydreams that come to our minds randomly, sending flowers to those we love can be out of the sole reason of just because. Whether it is orange ones for the warmth felt with those who make us feel at home, yellow ones for the joy experienced with our friends or red ones for the blissful love we receive from our significant other, there’s nothing more lovely than gifting a bouquet of tulips to the people we hold dear to our heart simply because of a thought.   

Written by: Yu Han

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