If, like me, you’ve ever wondered why the number of happy bouquet receivers seen on Instagram does not match the number of people you see carrying bouquets around on the streets and on public transport, then it’s likely because we aren’t attuned to how commonplace bouquet delivery is in Singapore. Given how small our country is, flower delivery in Singapore makes the perfect sense because it means flowers are kept fresh and efficient delivery times are met. The option of islandwide delivery also saves one from having to lug a massive bouquet on board trains and buses (and attract curious stares in the process). Most importantly, with how busy people are, bouquet delivery saves one from having to take time out from work to personally collect and deliver the bouquet.

Of course, there are certain occasions that a personal delivery is appreciated or more efficient, especially if you’re already going to meet the receiver in person, like in the case of a get-well-soon bouquet. But bouquet deliveries have worked wonders for many other common occasions, with the most popular ones being surprises and large-scale events. A 24 hour flower delivery service is perfect for that twelve midnight birthday surprise, and a scheduled bouquet delivery for a friend’s wedding saves the hassle of collecting the goods when there is already so much else to prepare for on the big day. Anniversaries and valentine’s days are also greatly spiced up with unexpected bouquet deliveries at the workplace, and sets the tone right for that date night later on. If you unfortunately find yourself in the situation of having forgotten a special day, same day deliveries will definitely be a much-appreciated lifesaver. Finally, for more solemn occasions like a funeral, employing a delivery service will seem more professional than turning up with a floral casket in your hands.

mix flower bouquet

We do however understand that delivering the bouquet yourself could sometimes also be a way to make the gift more personal. But if time and occasion does not permit, don’t let that derail you from personalising other aspects of the gift. From our experience, the contents of the bouquet itself usually can already do wonders in terms of personalising the gift. Make the bouquet do the talking for you, and leave the rest to us.

mix flowers bouquet
chocolate bouquet

Given how generic bouquets can potentially be, how might we make it more personal? One might be taken aback if they were to know the endless possibility of things that people can arrange into bouquets. Gone are the days where bouquets were synonymous with flowers – at 24hr City Florist, you will find all sorts of wondrous bouquet designs, from the classic flowers, to exotic and contemporary bouquets, to chocolate, beer, soft toys, and even food. Really, the toughest thing you have to do here is choose! If in the event that you already have a design in mind and cannot find it in store, we are all ears – if we have the flowers in stock, we will be more than happy to discuss your ideas with you.

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Even though we did just say that bouquets nowadays come in all shapes and sizes, we still felt it wouldn’t be right to write an article without touching ground with the most timeliness and classic form of bouquet – the flower bouquet. Flowers are just an amazingly versatile gift form, in part largely due to their endless capacity to communicate various thoughts and feelings. The more astute ones might even be aware of the language of flowers from historical times, otherwise known as floriography. It was a language developed in the 17th Century, as one of the only means for the women of that time to send secret messages to lovers and friends. Today, the language of flowers is still very much rooted in those original connotations created years ago, but with some modern day adjustments of course. At our humble florist shop, we take pride in helping our customers express themselves through this beautiful language. From fresh flowers to preserved ones and even dabbling in exotic blooms, we wish to help you find something that can perfectly capture your message to your receiver.

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Some popular flowers that have weathered the test of time are the roses, carnations, tulips and orchids. You can hardly go wrong with these outstanding blooms as the centrepiece of a bouquet. If you fancy something a little more unique, consider these spray-painted blush-coloured roses or rainbow roses [insert links]. In recent times, dried and preserved flowers have started gaining traction as well, either as the main arrangement or as supporting flowers. They add an interesting texture to the arrangement, and can definitely last longer than fresh flowers. If you’re going for a hassle free gift that can withstand the test of time, then a preserved flower bouquet might well be the right choice. Apart from changing the flower type, consider various presentation forms such as vases and hampers to add a little difference to your gift. Have no worries about the delivery of such items – we can ensure they get sent over just as well as traditional bouquets do.

quirky bouquet

With flower bouquets becoming more commonplace, many have also started thinking out of the box to make their bouquet stand out. In fact, many of our quirky and character bouquet ideas were borne from creative customers whom we’ve had the pleasure of working with in the past! One of our florists even once gamely took on a customer’s request to arrange a giant minion flower stand – read here [insert link] to find out how it was done! Indeed, from adorable cartoon arrangements, to soft toy-centred bouquets, and even a hot air balloon flower basket [insert link], there really is little limit to what creativity can achieve.

fruits bouquet

Apart from quirky bouquets (character bouquet) , you might have come across another trending bouquet type – food bouquets. And what an apt bouquet for Singaporeans, if we do say so ourselves. Check out this bouquet of 99 pieces of strawberries – a gift many would surely love to receive just before lunch time! From chocolate to alcohol to fruits, pretty much anything that can be packaged can be arranged into a food bouquet. Furthermore, Singapore’s small size means delivery timings are kept relatively short, which ensures that food bouquets can be safely delivered without much worry about the chocolate melting or the wine spoiling.

We hope this short piece has given you some insight into the choices that are possible with bouquet delivery in Singapore. A good florist and delivery service can help to ensure that your entire gift-giving experience is a seamless one, so that you can focus on the aspects that the delivery person cannot help you to achieve.

Written by Engracia Loh

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