by Jerry

Have you ever wondered why flowers since time immemorial still make the world’s best gift today? What is it about flowers that make people want to constantly associate themselves with?

People & Flowers

Flowers and us


The intrinsic nature of flowers – the fact that flowers are not everlasting; they wither and die, reminds us that life is such and is worth cherishing every moment of it especially those special ones. Nothing last forever in this world except time. We live only once in this life, for every good moment that comes by, we are compelled to celebrate it. It is in our innate nature to want to do so. Simply because we are by nature somehow pre-programmed to subconsciously know that special moments are unique and they will not occur exactly the same way again. To make these special moments last, we celebrate them so that they own a place in our memories for years to come.

flowers bond people together

Special bond between people and flowers


There is another draw to flowers that other gifts don’t come close to match. Humans reconcile flowers to be part of this world of evolution. The fact that when we look at flowers, the colour, the bloom and their fragileness, our inner sanctum of our being triggers that unexplained sense of joy, delight and hope. Even at times of sorrow and hurt, flowers are nature’s way of reminding us that life is precious, life is beautiful and we should treasure it and make the best of it. The beautiful blossoms of flowers give us a sense of wonder, a sense of hope, telling us there will always be sunshine after the rain and that exciting times await us.

flowers heal

flowers heal


Flowers ignites our sense of love and passion. It is precisely the nature of flowers, that women are drawn to. The enchanting beauty, colours and smell of flowers trigger a string of emotions, the collective joy, love, care and hope flowers represents. They serve as a voice to conveying our hearts’ desire and feelings in ways words cant. If a picture tells a thousand words, flowers tell a million.

flowers bond people together

flowers bond people together

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