How To Create Blue Roses – Infographic

How to create blue roses

Blue rose symbolizes love, prosperity or immortality. It is much sought after partly because they do not exist in nature. There are genetically modified blue roses however, the easier and cheapest way to attain blue roses for floral arrangements and gifts are either by spray or dye.

Below are the steps to create blue rose by dyeing. The main advantage of dyeing roses is when done properly, the colour spreads out more uniformly all over the petals. As oppose to spray, one may miss out or not able to completely cover the inner layers of the petals.

The intensity of blue varies depending of how the roses are prepared. This include whether the roses are being soaked in water before the dyeing process and the type of ‘blue’ dye used and the mix of dye to water ratio.

infographic- how to create blue roses

infographic – how to create blue roses

Note: Powder blue dye used is Design Master Absorbit – Ice Blue. Absorbit Is a stem powdered dye for colouring blossoms from the inside uut. Each ounce of concentrated powder makes a gallon of colour. Absorbit dye can be used for other types of flowers including poms, carnations and even baby’s breath.
In Singapore, you may get them from the master distributor, Kim Soon at Arab Street.

Here are some of the FAQ we gathered from our youtube video:

Q1: How much of the dye should we add?
A1: There are instructions on the label pasted on powdered dye container. The ratio of dye to water much dependant on how intense the colour blue you want. But do take into account, the thicker the viscosity the more difficult the blue dye is going to be absorbed.

Q2: After rose gets it colour is it Possible to maintain the rose for sometime or it can’t be watered anymore ?
A2: It takes aboout a half a day to dye the roses, there after you may cut the stems and treat them like any other natural roses – meaning the roses need to kept in water.

Q3: How long will they live for though?
A3: Similar to A2 – after the dyeing process , the rose will last as long as any fresh cut roses.

Q4: Are there other colour you can dye a rose?
A4: Yes, the floral powered dye comes in a variety of colours, eg. burgundy red, hot pink, purple, etc.

Q5: How do you get roses that havent been soaked in water?
A5: Typically when you buy them from the grower/supplier, asked them for those roses that are not already soaked in water.

Q6: will it work using food coloring?
A6: We have not tried with food colouring, but technically it should work. We would recommend the flower dye.

Q7: From where can I get the floral powdered dye?
A7: Master Design is from USA – Try or

Q8: Does the color gonna last forever?
A8: Yes the colour will remain until the rose withers

Q9: What other flowers can we dye blue?
A9: You can use this same method on carnations, poms and even baby’s breath.

Q10: I tried it and after 36 hours my roses are still white with only blue spots?
A10: This happens if the roses used have been submerged into water for a very long time before they are dyed. Or the colour mixture of the dye is not right. You can read more about blue roses in Wikipedia.

Q11: Where are blue roses for sale ?
A11: We have a wide range of blue rose bouquets for sale in our webstore. please visit:

Q12: What is blue roses meaning?
A12: The blue roses are flowers to convey a message of mystery, enchantment, charm, uniqueness and a sense of the impossible. Blue can also symbolize new beginnings or a new awakening. You can read more about blue roses in Wikipedia

Blue rose bouquet

Blue Rose Bouquet

blue rose bouquet with rustic wrapping

blue rose bouquet with rustic wrapping

Blue Carnations

Dyed Blue Carnations & Dyed Blue Baby’s Breath

5 Long Lasting Flowers

by Yuka from

It is a known fact that cut flowers eventually wilt and die, much to the disappointment of everyone. However, did you know that there are some cut flowers that actually last longer than others? Below is a list of five longest-lasting flowers that are sure to amaze you.

1. Chrysanthemums
Chrysanthemums are commonly yellow, although there are other popular colours such as yellow, red, white and pink. Some may be surprised to learn that a single head of chrysanthemum is made up of a bunch of numerous flowers. It can survive up to three weeks, proving that it is indeed a good buy.

2. Cymbidium Orchids
Dubbed the “King of Orchids” , cymbidium orchids are more tolerant to the cold and are found in many colours, shapes and sizes. Besides being famous for its beauty, the cymbidium orchid is a popular among customers due to its long lifespan of two to three weeks.

3. Proteas
Proteas originate from South Africa and have many varieties ranging from different sizes and shapes. The Proteas “Juliet” has modified leaves called bracts instead of petals, which surround the tiny florets, creating a wonderful art piece just by itself. They can last to three weeks or more.

4. Alstroemerias
This flower, commonly known as the Peruvian Lily, can be found in a typical flower shop all year round. It comes in a number of colours, and there will be a few blooms on each stem. This flower can last up to two weeks or even longer, hence are popular among customers.

5. Carnations
Carnations hold many different meanings for each colour, from red to pink to yellow to green. The pink carnations are conventionally given to mothers on Mothers’ Day and signify a mother’s love. There are three different types of carnations- spray, large-flowered, and dwarf-flowered. They can last up to two weeks after being cut.
Of course, all flowers require a daily change of water and a clean vase rid of bacteria. Try to avoid exposing the flowers to heat as they will dry out. Take these precautions and steps, and you will be able to enjoy the beauty of your flowers for a longer time.


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Father’s Day Today – 20 June 2010

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