Month: March 2019

Starting A Career In Floristry

Do you ever daydream about spending your days surrounded by beautiful varieties of spray roses, perennial flowers and rows of rustic floral vases laden with fresh blooms? Does the sight and smell of hanging dried flower bouquets bring you immense joy? Do you derive great satisfaction from applying your flower arranging knowledge and artistic flair to create stunning floral designs? Pursuing a career in floristry is one of those romantic jobs many people dream of. Who doesn’t want to work in an environment imbued with a sense of calm, serenity and cheerfulness that encourages a sense of creativity?

We are often approached by creative individuals curious to find out the best way to commence a career in floristry; hence, this blog post will be dedicated to offering some valuable advice on the topic. Having passion for flowers and a knack for design alone might not be enough to help you succeed in this field. The floral industry is always evolving and innovating; many floral retailers are using technology to enhance their customer experience and flower delivery services in order to remain competitive in an on-demand economy. Thus, it would be beneficial to keep abreast of the latest industry trends while constantly looking for new inspiration to inform and update the flower arrangement designs that you create.

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The Significance Of Flowers In The Indian Culture

You might not know this, but India is a country full of colours. Colours play an important part in every Indian household. For example, all the colourful and rich spices which they use for cooking, their clothing such as saree and suits are very colourful, even their Gods wear colour attire such as lord Shiva, Krishna and so on, their festivals includes a lot of colours such as Holi and even the flowers which they use of prayers (also known as “pooja”) and also for cooking are of wide range and colourful. Yes! Flowers can be used for cooking which you will get to know as you read this article.

Let me specifically tell you how flowers, something most of us tend to associate with gifts, florists and romance only which seems very underrated in most of the countries, play a significant role in the Indian Cultures.

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The Best Graduation Gifts New Grads Will Love

Graduation is a big deal. Be it graduating from high school, college or even finishing post-graduate education – it is a day of celebration to commemorate the graduate’s hard work and effort.

And when it comes to getting gifts for someone you care about who is graduating, you want it to be memorable, unique and special. As many would say, a gift that fits the occasion. More often than not, happy graduates are pictured holding huge flower bouquets, stuffed toys and other items which their family and friends bought from the florist in Singapore to give them on their special day.

At a loss about what to get? Read on to get ideas on what gifts you can get (that are bound to impress).

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