why men should continue to give flowers even after marriage

why men should continue to give flowers even after marriage

The sight, aroma and touch of a bouquet of flowers melts a ladies’ heart. Men know this and that is why they will give their favorite lady a lovely arrangement of flowers during courtship days. The blend of happy colours and sysmatrical shapes of the blooms represents fresh new life of spring and new hope. A thoughtful bouquet enhances the individual blooms when set against fillers and complementary leaves. It is a sampling of creation at its best. It conveys the message that the lady recipient is lovely, is worthy and is loved.

When a lady is loved for who she is during courtship days, surely she is even more appreciated after marriage. She has to adjust to a new home and the responsibilities that come with managing a household. When babies arrive, these are a totally awesome and new experience to take care of. A lady gives of her time, her heart and her soul in raising children. She has to do all this even while continuing to nurture a relationship with her husband.

So husbands can do their part by showering the love of their life with words of kindness, thoughtful deeds, loving caresses and massages, the gift of creatively arranged bouquet of flowers. Schedule in time to go on a date to tell her how amazing she is, how much you grow deeper in your love for her. Keep the flames burning. There is no reason why romance can’t continue after the wedding and arrival of babies.

Guest Blogger: Audrey Phung- Aug 2014.

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