Why flower delivery in Singapore is more prevalent during pandemic

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While majority of industries have been devastatingly hit by the Covid-19 pandemic, the service delivery industry has chanced upon a silver lining amidst all this madness. For obvious reasons, the circuit breaker and reopening phases have brought about surges in demand for delivery services – be it for food, gifts or products, the entire society is crucially dependent on the provision of such delivery services to keep the cogs of society running as close to normal as possible. Flower delivery in Singapore is not an exception. Covid-19 in Singapore times have brought about a rising demand for flower deliveries, and this article shall review the reasons for this phenomenon, based on our humble perspective as a member of Singapore’s flower delivery industry.

Flower deliveries replace one’s attendance at events

The period of Singapore’s circuit breaker (7th Apr – 1st Jun) coincided with many public holidays – Good Friday, Labour day, Vesak day, and Hari Raya. Graduation season for some of our local universities also fell within this period. Since it was next to impossible to celebrate these special events, people naturally reverted to contactless gift deliveries to convey their well wishes. Even with the reopening phase that we are in now, there are still many necessary social distancing regulations in place. Hence even though events like marriage solemnizations and funerals were given the go ahead, persisting limits on the number of guests and visitors continued to generate a demand for flower delivery in Singapore. On our side, we saw a rise in demand for wedding flowers and condolence flower delivery and same day flower delivery, ranging from bouquets to hampers to condolence flowers. Amidst the imposed cessation on social interaction, the fact that people have found ways to still make things work is a pretty amazing and applaudable feat.

Hospital visits are limited

While it may seem that Covid-19 and its repercussions has taken the centre stage in our society, the reality is that life as it was before this pandemic is still ongoing in the background. People still fall sick, still get injured, still get hospitalized. The healthcare sector in Singapore, apart from being our frontline against this pandemic, are also still taking care of the usual flow of sick and injured people. Anyone who has been hospitalized before will tell you that it’s a lonely experience – you’re miserable, you’re scared, and there are strangers all around you. Sadly for many of today’s patients, restrictions on the number of allowed visitors means a hospital stay could become much worse than it should be. Flower delivery has therefore become a means for family members and friends to send their well wishes and hopefully bring some comfort and joy to the patient. While a bouquet definitely cannot substitute for the friendly face of a loved one, it can at least convey heartfelt intentions and brighten up a day in the hospital.

WFH made flowers a little more necessary than usual

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We’re sure many of you can relate when we say the precarious line that separates work and play has become thinner than ever. Working from home has made it increasingly difficult for employees to completely switch off from work, leading to longer working hours and more stressful work situations. This, coupled with the limited outlets for destressing especially during the circuit breaker period, is essentially a one-way route to a slew of new onset mental health problems amongst us. And people are definitely noticing this change – perhaps they observe their friends become more stressed out, or their parents spending increasingly longer hours at their desk. However it is, the resultant rise in flower and gift deliveries to the stressed out friend/parent is testament to people taking action against the common enemy that is work. Such a phenomenon is indeed quite nice to witness, for it is a reflection of the strong network of support that people have amongst themselves, and the effort people will take to care for those who matter.

Little surprise deliveries are the new norm

With the circuit breaker came along a very interesting observation – people were exchanging addresses way more frequently than ever before. It is as though we’ve gone back to the times before there were handphones and social media, and one’s only means of contacting somebody was to turn up…physically…at their door. This address exchange has a purpose though. With the halt in social activities, people were spending less on meet-ups and get-togethers, which meant they had more disposable income to spare. Not all the money went straight into the bank though, for people began sending surprise food, flower and gift deliveries to those friends whom they couldn’t meet. Things like Secret Santa lunches, where friends plan to order surprise meals for one another, were the drivers of these contactless gift exchanges. We don’t know about you, but receiving a pleasant little surprise delivery will definitely become the highlight of our day! This pandemic might have made WFH the new normal, but it has certainly also brought along with it some adorable perks that we hope are here to stay. If this article has inspired you to do the same for your friend or loved one, we provide 24 hour flower and gift delivery services and same day flower delivery to all of Singapore, so that you can fulfil those friendship duties wherever and whenever.

Online flower deliveries have become more popular during these difficult times. We’re certainly pleased that people are increasingly cognizant of the wonders a little flower delivery can do, and sure hope that this newfound appreciation for flowers is here to stay.

Written by: Engracia Loh

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  1. Waren Sy

    I’m sure knowing a local florist would be beneficial, since you might be able to get a discount. I always appreciate it when my husband sends me special flowers, but it’s an uncommon occurrence. This pandemic this is the best way to connect with people. Thank you very much for this article. Very helpful.

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