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How to make your partner feel special on Valentine’s Day

14th February. Valentine’s Day.

It’s the day of the year where florists are busy arranging bouquets of red roses, boxes of heart-shaped chocolates are snatched off the shelves and reservations are made at fancy restaurants. Bouquet delivery Singapore are all planned. It may come across as a cliché date to some, but to many couples worldwide, Valentine’s Day is the day to make your partner feel special and wanted.

Synonymous with the word “love”, Valentine’s Day is a day of celebration where lovers express their love for each other by exchanging gifts, sending flower bouquets and greeting cards. While we surely know of the occasion, do we know the history and significance of the occasion? Read on to find out.

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Celebrating Lunar New Year in Singapore

The Chinese Lunar New Year or Chinese New Year is without a doubt one of the most important celebrations in Singapore. This is in part due to the large Chinese population residing here in Singapore.

This Chinese new year is the year of the Pig. And many Chinese families are already sprucing up their homes by adding fresh flowers and plants. Why? Because flower blossoms are believed to bring fortune and prosperity, according to the Chinese saying 花開富貴 (“blossom flowers bring wealth”). That is why flowery plants available from your local florists store – such as the pussy willow, anthoriums, cymbidiums, marigold, chrysanthemums, peonies and the tangerine tree make up the most popular favourites.

Take a walk down any street in Singapore during this festive new year and you’ll be treated to the non-stop chant of cymbals and the barrage of fireworks booming. Also, the Lunar New Year is a time where celebrants literally paint the town red. From red decor to traditional Chinese costumes, the colour red symbolizes prosperity and luck which is especially important to the Chinese.

However, Chinese New Year is not all mandarin oranges, red packets, hampers and ladies in cheongsams. Here, we delve into the history that goes behind the Chinese Lunar New Year.

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Our Adopted Charity Organization

children society

children society

At 24Hrs City Florist, we believe in growing and nurturing the seeds of our future – children. We want to do our part in caring for disadvantaged children and are very honoured to be a the Participating Enterprise for the Society’s 1000 Enterprises for Children-in-Need fund-raising programme. We started adopting Singapore Children Society as our charity organization since 2013 by joining the ‘pixel heart’ campaign which was discontinued. We have decided to participate in The 1000 Enterprises for children in need.

Certificate from Singapore Children Society

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What bouquets do millennials in Singapore really want?

According to Wikipedia, millennials (also known as Gen Y), are the generational demographic cohort following Gen X and preceding Gen Z. It’s no secret that millennials have very different preferences in terms of lifestyle and purchasing habits, so an interesting question would be whether they still like receiving a flower delivery and what bouquets do they really want?

Do they still visit florists for bouquet delivery Singapore? We get to the root of the question by asking millennials themselves through the platform most commonly associated with them – social media (Instagram, facebook, twitter). Some of the answers from the total sample pool of 30 Singaporean millennials might shock you.

flower bouquet

To start off, one might want to clarify what the definition of the term “millennial is”. Simply put, there’s no fixed age to define who can be termed a “Millennial” but most agree that the term applies to individuals who reached adulthood around the turn of the 21st century. Those aged 35 and below can be considered millennials as well, making it a rather broad range. When one thinks of millennials, some characteristic traits attached to them that comes to mind would be more open-minded, self-expressive, upbeat and also more selfish. This could stem from their upbringing in a more liberal and open society as compared to the past but also mainly due to the societal habits and technological developments that have shaped their perceptions growing up.

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How To Wrap A Simple Rose Bouquet

It is that time of the year again where love is in the air, flowers and roses bloom to the tune of love songs and ballads. For those who wish to go that extra mile to wrap their own valentine’s day bouquet instead of buying one from the florist, here is a video showing how to wrap a rose bouquet using kraft paper.

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