The Chinese Lunar New Year or Chinese New Year is without a doubt one of the most important celebrations in Singapore. This is in part due to the large Chinese population residing here in Singapore.

This Chinese new year is the year of the Pig. And many Chinese families are already sprucing up their homes by adding fresh flowers and plants. Why? Because flower blossoms are believed to bring fortune and prosperity, according to the Chinese saying 花開富貴 (“blossom flowers bring wealth”). That is why flowery plants available from your local florists store – such as the pussy willow, anthoriums, cymbidiums, marigold, chrysanthemums, peonies and the tangerine tree make up the most popular favourites.

Take a walk down any street in Singapore during this festive new year and you’ll be treated to the non-stop chant of cymbals and the barrage of fireworks booming. Also, the Lunar New Year is a time where celebrants literally paint the town red. From red decor to traditional Chinese costumes, the colour red symbolizes prosperity and luck which is especially important to the Chinese.

However, Chinese New Year is not all mandarin oranges, red packets, hampers and ladies in cheongsams. Here, we delve into the history that goes behind the Chinese Lunar New Year.

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