Month: January 2023

Flower Symbolism In Traditional Chinese Culture

Flowers have played a significant role in traditional Chinese culture since ancient times. Intricately woven in their literature, art and even festivals, it has been a recurring theme. There is also rich symbolism associated with different types of flowers. With Chinese New Year fast approaching, do you know what different flowers symbolise and what are appropriate flower deliveries to send during various Chinese festivals? Read on to find out more.

The Chinese culture in particular is a bit more sensitive when it comes to gifting of flowers during occasions. Giving the right type of flower is important and it could be considered offensive if the wrong type of flower or colour is gifted. Below are five types of flowers contain immense significance as well:

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What are Cappuccino Roses?

cappuccino rose bouquet

Cappuccino roses are charming due to their romantic combination of dusty pink, beige brown hues with a slight hint of raspberry pink on the edges of its petals. It’s interesting colour combination makes it unique compared to other colours of popular roses such as the classic red rose or pretty pink roses. Cappuccino rose bouquets are also exceptionally popular for wedding designs and bridal bouquets as it makes a great flower bouquet for those who love earthy and neutral colour palettes with a hint of rustic romance.

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