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Flowers For Grand Opening

Flowers for grand opening are the hallmark of the birth of a brand new business venture in many industries, especially in both corporate and retail contexts. Opening ceremony flower stands are also given on special events such as corporate functions, inaugurations, book launching events, wine tasting event, etc.  Be it a new store, expansion, a revamp or an event, one will often notice multiple congratulations on grand opening flower stands adorning the doorstep on their opening day. Indeed, one can ascertain that there is a fresh place in the vicinity when they see—or even smell—these arrangements.

Filled with awe and splendour, these opening ceremony flower stands flaunt a wide variety of flowers and colours with a delightful aroma. Beyond the outlook, grand opening flower arrangements hold significant meaning, and are highly sought-after products of a long-standing tradition. For years, delivering flowers to someone upon their commencement is a congratulatory gesture. Different flowers in the arrangement symbolize various well-wishes, and convey your admiration and unwavering support to the giftee, regardless of your physical presence.

In this category, we have a wide range of flower stands available, specially curated just for you. They are suitable for any occasion, from small launch parties to grand opening ceremonies and events. For more information, these FAQs—and if required, our friendly florists—will help you make the best purchase.


1. How Are The Prices Of Flowers For Grand Opening Stand?

On the top right corner, there are 2 options to view our category in your most preferred way.

You may click on ‘Price (Low > High)’, to see our flower arrangements with the prices available presented in an ascending manner. Similarly, click on ‘Price (High > Low)’ to see our flower arrangements with the prices available presented in a descending manner.

As we constantly ensure that our flower arrangements are affordable and reasonably priced, you will be able to find something that suits your budget. If you would like something grand and majestic, arrangements like the Admiration, Glorious, Masterpiece and so many more will reward your giftees with a breathtaking view. Standing around 1.7m - 1.8m tall, their appearances usually exhibit a pleasing assortment of exotic flowers.

If you want an arrangement concentrated mostly with a certain flower type, see the Achievement (gerberas), Glory (anthuriums), Aspiration (roses) and Rising Sun (sunflowers). Like their names suggest, the flowers represent these values well.

If you are invited to a grand opening ceremony then these grand opening flowers: Jewel, Plentitude, Royal Highness, will complement their endeavours with their classy yet stylish facades.

Celebrate their creativity with Overflowing Success, Overflowing Success: Grand Flower Stand, Minion Flower Stand and Entrepreneurial Pedigree. As you can see, their outlooks are indeed an ingenious metaphor of creativity! For something bubbly, go for grand opening flowers with balloons like the Congratulatory Flowers and Best Wishes.

Nonetheless, purchasing any of our arrangements makes for a very thoughtful gesture especially when you are unable to personally attend the ceremony that you have been invited to!


2. Why Are Most Opening Ceremony Flower Stands Red In Theme?

This stems from traditional Chinese influence, where people of Chinese descent deem red an auspicious colour. They believe that the colour brings many good tidings such as prosperity (often expressed as “Huat Ah!”), happiness, and favour. Hence, red is highly relevant in Grand Openings, where these implied blessings are warmly welcomed.

To ensure our flower stands are abundant with flowers rich in—or close to—the well-loved hue, each and every flower is meticulously chosen and hand-crafted into the arrangements. These include roses, anthuriums and sunflowers. However, we also have flower stands with more flowers of other colours eg. lilac, blue and white. (See Tucker, Royal Highness, Always Successful)


3. What Are The Popular Flowers For Opening Ceremonies?

 Essentially, the flowers for new business opening have positive meanings. Let’s explore what some of the most popularly used flowers represent:

Click each name for a surprise recommendation!

Sunflower - longevity, optimism, rise of a new beginning, steadfast, joy

Anthurium - a hearty welcome, admiration, good health, abundance

Bird of Paradise - success, soaring to greater heights, excellence

Gerbera - passion, appreciation, inspiration, a good role model

Roses - congratulations, elegance, respect, courage, impassioned zeal

With such uplifting well-wishes, our flowers are perfect for celebrating new ventures.


4. What Congratulations Message Should I Write?

When you purchase flowers for grand opening from our website, you will be asked to include a gift message when you checkout from our online store. This message will be printed, inserted and be delivered together with the flower arrangement. Click here for 30 Congratulations Messages sample for opening businesses. You can write these messages when you make your purchase on this website at the checkout page. Once successfully paid, the flowers will be delivered within the date and time selected.


5. When Should I Send Opening Ceremony Flower Stands?

Rest assured we are committed to preparing quality order(s) according to your preferred time window. As such, we highly recommend placing your orders soonest possible. Better yet, placed it when you received the invitation to attend such an event. Opening flower stands are usually delivered on the SAME day of the opening ceremony and typically just before the official start time of the ceremony. provides same day flower delivery anywhere in Singapore every day including Sundays and public holidays.


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