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Radiant Bouquet..

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Boston Blooms..

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Sparks Fly..

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Midnight in Paris..

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Rainbow Trio..

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Absolute Charm..

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Feverish Red..

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Flower Box Balloon..

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Flower Bouquet And Rose Bouquet For Love & Romance Occasions


Love & Romance can be expressed in a myriad of different methods, but the most timeless and most treasured will always remain the classic flower bouquet. Roses are the most common choice of flower you want to convey love and romance. the most universal symbols is the red rose. It represents true love. 24hrs City Florist provide same day flower delivery anywhere in Singapore from Mondays to Sundays and public holidays too. We delivery bouquets of flower everyday in Singapore.  Below are some of the most frequently asked questions when selecting a bouquet of flowers.

1. How long will the flowers last?

It depends on the type of flowers included in the bouquet, where they are kept or treated. Typically, like the tropical climate we have in Singapore, most flower bouquets last 2-5 days. Roses generally last up to 2 days before the petals start to wilt and 3 to 5 days before the petals start to loosen and drop. Again, these are just a general guide.

2. Do I need to remove the wrapper when I receive the flower bouquet?

Most bouquet flowers are wrapped with water soaked cotton at the stems. While you do not need to remove the wrapping paper immediately when you receive the bouquet, flowers that are taken out of their wrappers, trimmed and put into a vase of water generally would last longer. 

3. What do I do to prolong the life of the flowers?

There are simple ways to prolong the life of flowers: 
1) Use a clean vase
2) Use fresh tap water
3) Add flower food with the right amount of water
4) Remove leaves from the stem
5) Cut 2-5cm off the stem and cut at an angle
You can also read up on more ways on how to make fresh flowers last longer here. 

4. Which flowers last the longest? 

While it's always sad to see fresh flowers wilt, certain flower types last longer. 
Peonies – 3 to 7 days
Sunflowers – 3 to 7 days
Carnations – 5 to 10 days
Lilies – 5 to 7 days
Orchids – 5 to 10 days
Chrysanthemums – 7 to 10 days.
Note: these are general estimates and also dependant on whether the flowers received are at which stage of their bloom. Eg. Lilies will last much longer if they are received in a bud form however the trade-off is, one may not see the beauty of their blooms upon receiving the arrangement.

5. Can I dry and preserve the fresh flowers after they wilt?

Not all flowers are suitable for drying.  For example, lilies generally cannot be dried. They will wilt and their petals will turn brown, shrink and drop. There are numerous ways to dry flowers. These include air drying, microwave drying, pressing, dipping in wax and using silica gel. You can choose your preferred metal. You may visit this link for a detailed step-by-step explanation on how to dry flowers. Also click here to read about the difference between naturally dried and preserved flowers.

6. Which colour or flower type is appropriate for an Anniversary? 

There’s no one preferred flower type for Anniversaries. Pick a flower that is symbolic of your relationship or of a cherished memory. Alternatively, opt for flowers which she prefers in her favourite colour. 
For a fail-safe option, you can go for a rose bouquet (bright red to represent passionate or pink to represent eternal love). Its grace and elegance makes it a great gift for someone who you want to feel special and loved. Here is a general guide to selecting flowers and their colours

7. What bouquet should I gift my platonic friend, who happens to be a girl? 

Generally, yellow is symbolic of friendship so you could consider yellow-themed bouquets that include flowers such as sunflowers, yellow roses or more contemporary bouquets. Alternatively, if you’re looking to gift your friend something more special, you can also send her a quirky bouquet which would make a fun gift. 

8. Which are the more popular trending romantic bouquets now?

Rustic flowers such as blush coloured bouquets and elegant roses are trending. However, you can always opt for classic options such as red roses.  

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