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Graduation is a milestone in life's long journey of formal education and is one of the most significant events in one's life. Is the rite of passage to the ‘real’ world. Whether we acknowledge it or not, it marks one's achievement and in a paper chase nation like Singapore, graduation day is a significant day espeically for parents, family members and friends. 

During this graduation season, instagram and facebook are flooded with postings of graduates with their scrolls and flower bouquets, gleaming in joy and delight with their proud parents and siblings and friends. 

Flowers add that extra cheer and magical delightness during graduating moments. Graduation flowers bring more colour and draw more smiles. And they cast a lovely hue to any photos, pictures or event video.

Cheerful flower bouquets such as the sunflower bouquets and gerberas bouquets often are most common flowers for graduation bouquets. However, more creative graduation bouquets are becoming popular too. The more creative graduation bouquets includes sunflower bouquets arranged with graduation soft toys, quirky bouquets  arranged in popular Disney cartoons or popular characters wearing mortar hats and tassels – all these little add ons inject that little extra amusement. Other flowers such as hydrengea and baby's breath bouquets are also popular flower bouquets captured during graduation moments. 24Hrs City Florist is a Singapore based florist offering an extensive selection hand bouquets that are suits every budget.


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